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Mrs. F. Mason North, '79 

Mrs. Norman F. Thompson, '80 

Mrs. William C. Lane, '91 


Mrs. Albert D. Mead, '87, President 

Miss Alice W. Hunt, '95, Vice-President 

Miss Helen M. Capron, '98, Recording Secretary 

Miss Lilian B. Miner, '88, Corresponding Secretary 
Miss Mary K. Conyngton, '94, Treasurer 


Mrs. F. Mason North, '79 
Mrs. Edwina S. Chadwick, '80 
Mrs. George S. Wright, '81 
Mrs. Richard C. Lake, '82 
Mrs. Charles E. Eaton, '83 
Miss Florence Bigelow, '84 
Miss Alice M. Allen, '85 
Miss Susan W. Peabody, '86 
Mrs. Denver J. Mackey, '87 
Miss Mary E. Cook, '88 
Miss Mary Banta, '89 
Miss Sarah J. Freeman, '90 
Mrs. Francis E. Pope, '91 

Miss M. Gertrude Cushing,^ 
Mrs. Jesse St. John, '93 
Miss Flora W. Davis, '94 
Mrs. Azel Ames, Jr., '95 
Miss Mary A. Dartt, '96 
Mrs. Samuel H. Ranck, '97 
Mrs. William C. Peebles, '98 
Mrs. Edwin M. Thayer, '99 
Miss Chloe Curtis, '00 
Miss Susan E. Hall, '01 
Miss Mary W. Brooks, '02 
Miss Mary B. Jenkins, '03 
Miss Faith H. Talcott, '04 





The meeting was called to order by the president, Elva 
Hulburd Young, '96. 

The Executive Board reported that invitations to the 
Alumnae luncheon were extended to non-giaduate members of 
Wellesley Clubs according to the previous ratio of one to each 
ten members, and announced the appointment of Clara R. 
Keene, '96, and Edith S. Tufts, '85, on the Historical Commit- 

The Historical Committee proposed that in consideration 
of the meagre collection of historical data all College concert 
programs and publications and all class data be filed each year 
for the use of the committee. 

The treasurer of the Shafer Memorial Fund reported, 
after deducting $1,068.00 for the framed portrait of President 
Shafer, a balance of $2,035.07. 

The Palmer Memorial Fund Committee announced $2,141.50 

The following amendment on membership (Art. II.) was 
adopted by the Association : 

The members of this Association shall be \ first, all persons 
who have received from Wellesley College the baccalaureate 
degree in any department ; second, all persons who have re- 
ceived from Wellesley College the Master's degree and who 
have applied for membership to the Executive Committee of the 

The recommendations proposed by the Executive Board 
were adopted: 

i. That beginning with 1904, the usual fo:m of the Register 
of the Alumnae Association shall be hereafter biennially pub- 
lished, and shall alternate with a published list of the addresses 
of only the graduating class, together with the customary pre- 
face of the Register. 

2. That on the payment of one dollar annually by a non- 
graduate, she shall be placed on the publishing list of the Asso- 
ciation to receive all printed matter of the Association and 
shall have her post-office address entered in the Alumnae Asso- 
ciation Register under a heading distinct from the alumnae. 

It was voted that the president of the Alumnae 
Association be empowered to appoint a committee of three to 
endeavor to raise money for a Wellesley College Alumnae Asso- 
ciation fellowship in conjunction with the College Settlements 
Association and the Association of Collegiate Alumnae. 

A resolution to perpetuate the memory of Mrs. Palmer in 
the records of the Alumnae Association was offered and 

The resolution was adopted that a Wenckebach Memorial 
Fund be established by the alumnae, that the interest of said 
fund be at the disposal of the German Department for books 
and music for the department, and that the chair be empowered to 
appoint a committee to raise funds. 

The following motion was adopted: 

An alumna requesting a room at a certain date during com- 
mencement week shall be considered as cancelling her order un- 
less she appears at that date by six o'clock in the evening, or 
gives notice before that hour that she desires the room to be 
held for her. 

Note. — Net amount delivered by Income Fund to Wellesley 
College, Aug. 1, 1903, $2,200.00. Amount paid Shafer Me- 
morial Fund, $241.00. 



JUNE 22, 1904. 

The meeting was called to order by the president, Elva 
Hulburd Young, '96. 

The Executive Board reported the preparation of questions 
to secure information concerning the alumnae, to be henceforth 
preserved in permanent form at the College, and suggested that 
the address given this spring at the College by the President 
of the Association become a precedent for a similar address 
each year to the graduating class at Wellesley, explaining the 
the work and objects of the Alumnae Association and the duties 
of membership. 

The College Settlements Committee reported through its 
Chairman, Emily B. Shultz, '94, that a sum had been raised 
slightly in excess of the required $200 for a joint fellowship 
with the College Settlements Association. The Association 
voted to accept this report with the recommendations: ( 1 ) that 
Wellesley help support a fellowship of $400; (2) that a new 
committee to secure funds, with the incoming Wellesley Alumnae 
Elector as chairman, be appointed by the Chair. 

Miss Miriam Hathaway, '97, was appointed the fifth mem- 
ber of the Hiscorical Committee. 

The treasurer of the Shafer Memorial Fund reported that 
by adding the balance on hand of $2,137.80 to the sum due this 
fiscal year from the Income Fund, the Shafer Memorial would 
then reach the required sum of $2,300. It was voted, there- 
fore, that the fund thus completed be paid over to the Col- 
lege, and its treasurer discharged. 

The Palmer Memorial Committee reported the amount of 
the year's subscriptions as $1339.25. It was voted, that the 

incoming Executive Board have charge of all alumnae contribu- 
tions to this fund during the coming year. 

The Wenckebach Memorial Committee reported a balance 
of $925.11. It was voted by the Association that on November, 
1904, this fund be paid over to Wellesley College like other 
permanent library funds. 

The election of Mrs. Bertha Palmer Lane, '91, to the trus- 
teeship for 1904-10 was announced. 

Miss Roxana H. Vivian, '94,was re-elected Alumna Editor 
of the Wellesley Magazine. 

It was voted to observe the custom of the past two years 
and extend Alumnae Luncheon invitations to two non-graduate 
representatives from each Wellesley Club. 

Officers of the Association for 1904-06 were elected as fol- 

Mrs. Ada Wing Mead, '87, President 

Miss Alice W. Hunt, '95, Vice-President 

Miss Helen M. Capron, '98, Recording Secretary 

Miss Lilian B. Miner, '88, Corresponding Secretary 

Miss Mary K. Conyngton, '94, Treasurer 

The following amendment to the constitution was proposed : 

To amend Section 6 of Article III by striking out the 
phrase, "of more than one year's standing", so that the first 
clause shall read: " The duties of the treasurer shall be to re- 
quest an annual subscription of one dollar from all members". 

It was voted that the Executive Board petition the College 
to place a room at the disposal of each class of ten 
years' standing or more, to be used as class headquarters during 
Commencement week. 

Note. — Net amount delivered by the Income Fund to 
Wellesley College, Aug. 1, 1904, $1,924.84. 



Wellesley College Alumnae Association 


Remembering the benefits we have received from our Alma 
Mater, we desire to extend the helpful associations of student life, 
and to maintain such relations to the college that we may effi- 
ciently aid in her upbuilding and strengthening to the end'thather 
usefulness may continually increase. In order to accomplish 
these purposes we bind ourselves together by the following Con- 
stitution : 

Article I. Name. 

This organization shall be called " The Alumnae Association 
of Wellesley College". 

Article II. Members. 

The members of this Association shall bejzrsf, all persons 
who have received from Wellesley College the baccalaureate de- 
gree in any department; second, all persons who have received 
from Wellesley College the Master's degree and who have ap- 
plied for membership to the Executive Committee of the Associa- 

Article III. Officers. 

Section i. The officers of the Association shall be President, 
Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary- 
and Treasurer. 

Sec. 2. The duties of the President shall be to preside at 
the annual meeting of the Association, to act as Chairman of the 
Executive Committee, to fill any vacancies occurring in the sub- 

ordinate offices, and to appoint from outside the Association an 
Auditor of Accounts. 

Sec. j. The duties of the Vice-President shall be to fulfil 
the duties of the President in case of the absence or disability of 
that officer, and to act as a member of the Executive Committee. 

Sec. 4. The duties of the Recording Secretary shall be to 
keep a permanent record of all proceedings of the Association, to 
read at each business meeting of the Association the minutes of 
the previous meeting, and to prepare an abstract of the same to 
be printed in the Register, to issue all orders upon the Treasury, 
and to act as a member of the Executive Committee. 

Sec. 5. The duties of the Corresponding Secretary shall b e 
to conduct all correspondence of the Association, to have charge 
of the printing of the Association, and to act as Chairman of the 
Committee on Registry, and to serve as a member of the Execu- 
tive Committee. 

Sec. 6. The duties of the Treasurer shall be to request an 
annual subscription of one dollar from a41 members of more than 
one year's standing, to have charge of all funds belonging to the 
Association, to keep an account of all dues, receipts and dis- 
bursements, to present an audited report of the same at each an- 
nual meeting, and to act as member of the Executive Committee. 

Article IV. Committees. 

Section 1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the 
officers of the Association, shall make all arrangements for annual 
meetings, shall prepare election tickets as hereafter designated, 
and shall attend to any other business not provided for by the 

Sec. 2. The Committee on Registry shall consist of the 
Corresponding Secretaries of all graduate classes, the Corre- 
sponding Secretary of the Association acting as Chairman, and 
shall have in charge the Alumnae Register, for which it shall duly 
collect all necessary data, providing at stated intervals for their 
tabulation, publication and distribution. 

Article V. Alumnae Day. 
The day immediately following Commencement shall be ob- 

^served as Alumnae Day, upon which the annual meeting of the 
Association shall be held at such hour and place as the Executive 
Committee may appoint. 

Article VI. Quorum. 
A quorum shall consist of fifty members of the Association. 

Article VII. Majority. 
The required majority for electing any officer, or for passing 
any motion, apart from an amendment to the constitution, shall 
consist of a two-thirds vote of the members present. 

Article VIII. Nominations. 
Section i. Nominations for office shall be made by the 
Executive Committee, who shall previously prepare and present 
to the Association two lists of candidates, whereupon any name 
may be erased, and any other substituted at the discretion of the 

Sec. 2. Committees shall be nominated by the Association, 
except when the appointment of such committees is executed by 
special vote to the President. 

Article IX. Elections. 

Section i. Officers. All the officers shall be chosen once in 
two years •, to serve for two years. All the officers shall be chosen 
by ballot. All officers shall retire from duty on the first of Sep- 
tember following the election of their successors. The fiscal year 
shall begin on September first. 

Sec. 2. Committees not appointed by the President shall be 
elected by acclamation. 

Article X. Amendments. 
Any proposed amendment of the constitution must be handed 
to the Recording Secretary, who shall present it to the Association. 
One year thereafter it may be adopted by a three-fourths vote. 


The following agreement with regard to the nomination of 
alumnae trustees was made by the trustees with a committee from 
the Alumnae Association, Oct. 29, 1892, and ratified by the As- 
sociation in June, 1893: 

Section 1. The alumnae trustees shall be three in number,. 
each to serve a term of six years, one to be elected each alternate 

Sec. 2. Graduates of seven years' standing, with the except 
tion of members of the college faculty^ shall be eligible as candi- 
dates for nomination to alumnae trusteeships. 

Sec. j. Graduates of three years' standing shall be qualified 
to vote for the nominees to alumnae trusteeships. 


Section 1. At the annual meeting of the Alumnae Association 
of the year preceding that in which a choice of an alumna trus- 
tee is to be made, a nominating committee of five shall be elected 
by ballot, from a list of ten names previously prepared by the 
Executive Committee, to hold office for two years and to have- 
charge of the arrangements of such choice. 

Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of this committee to suggest to 
the alumnae eligible to vote for trustees, names for nomination 
to the Board of Trustees in number equal to six times the number 
of vacancies to be filled, in addition to the name of the outgoing 
trustee eligible for re-election, and to circulate them by mail 
among the said alumnae. 

Sec. 3. A convenient form of ballot shall be sent with the- 
list of names, and each alumna shall be requested to return said 

1 1 

ballot to this committee, after having nominated by writing om 
said ballot the name of the person she desires to have nominated 
on the official ballot. 

Sec. 4. Together with the ballots for nomination shall be 
sent a brief statement of the residence, occupation, church connec- 
tion and public record of each candidate proposed by the com- 
mittee, with such other information as they deem appropriate. 

Sec. 5. The ballots for nomination shall be sent out before 
January 1st of the year in which the choice is to be made, and: 
shall be returned to the committee before March 1st. It shall 
then be the duty of the committee to count these ballots and to 
make up a ticket to be used in voting on the nominees of the 
alumnae; and the names of the two persons having the highest 
number of votes for nomination shall in order be placed on the 
ticket as nominees for the trusteeship of six years to be filled at 
that election. 

Sec. 6. If more than one trustee is to be elected, the num- 
ber of names on the official ballot is always to be at least two for 
each trustee to be chosen. 

Sec. 7. Additional nominations of candidates, which will 
also be?placed on the official ballot, may be made by certificate 
signed by not less than thirty alumnae eligible to vote for trus- 
tees. All such certificates must be addressed to and deposited 
with the chairman of the nominating committee before March 1 5th. 
Blank certificates may be had on application to the chairman. 

Sec. 8. A copy of this official ballot shall be mailed before 
April 1 st to each voting alumna who may cast her vote by mark- 
ing with a cross the name of the candidate of her choice and 
returning her ballot, signed with her name, before June 1st, to the 
chairman of the nominating committee, and such ballot shall be 
counted as if cast by the alumna in person; but no vote received 
after June'ist shall be counted. 

Sec. 9. The committee shall sort anjd count such votes,, 
checking the name of each voter before her ballot is accepted 
upon a complete list of persons then qualified to vote for alumnae 
trustees, and shall declare the result of the election before the 
first meeting "of the trustees in June. 


Sec. io. The names of the persons voted for and the num- 
ber of votes received for each person, shall be entered in words at 
length by said committee upon a record kept by them for that 
purpose, which shall be forthwith made up, signed and delivered 
by them to the Board of Trustees. 

The committee shall also report its proceedings in full at the 
Alumnae meeting immediately following the Commencement on 
which the election of trustees has been held. 

Sec. ii. The person who shall receive the highest number 
of votes shall be considered the choice of the alumnae for trus- 
tees as follows, to wit: — The one receiving the highest number of 
votes shall be considered the choice of the alumnae for the term 
of six years ; and in case any other vacancy or vacancies exist in 
the number of alumnse trustees, the persons voted for shall be 
declared chosen for such vacancy or vacancies according to the 
number of votes received by them, the person receiving the next 
highest number of votes being the alumnae choice for the vacant 
trusteeship, having the next longest term to run and so on. 

Sec. 12. In case, by reason of a tie, it shall be uncertain 
who shall be declared the choice of the alumnae, the Board of 
Trustees shall be requested to determine by vote which of the 
two receiving the same number of votes shall be declared elected. 

Sec. ij. In case of a vacancy in the number of the alumnae 
trustees caused by death or resignation, a new election shall be 
in order, the committee who served for the previous election hav- 
ing charge of the new election. 

Sec. 14. This motion shall take effect on its passage. 

Sec. 15. This method is subject to amendment upon previous 
notice and by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any 
regular annual meeting. 

Adopted June 1895, amended as above in 1896, in 1900 and 
in 1904. 


Boston — Miss Lydia W. Day, '01, Secretary, 

Buffalo — Miss Mary L. Danforth, '8i-'82, Secretary, 312 15 th 

St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Chicago — Miss Ethel D. Holmes, '01, Secretary. 
Cleveland — Mrs. Homer H. Johnson, '92, Secretary. 
Colorado — Miss Julia D. Ferris, '89, Secretary. 
Connecticut Valley — Miss Martha T. Waterman, '95, Secretary. 
Fitchburg — Miss Ruth C. Crosby, '04, Secretary. 
Minnesota — Miss M. Prudence Wyman, '84-'86, President, 2500 

Park Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
New York — Mrs. Charles H. Farnsworth, '87'-'9o, Secretary, 1230 

Amsterdam Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Philadelphia — Miss Mary H. Haines, '03, Secretary. 
Pittsburg — Miss Anna M. Steiner, '98-'oo, Secretary, 526 Church 

Ave., Allegheny, Pa. 
Rhode Island — (Organization not yet completed). 
Rochester — Miss Nellie G. Prescott, '97, Secretary. 
St. Louis — Miss Geneva Crumb, '97, Secretary. 
San Francisco — Mrs. Charles W. Willard, '93, Secretary. 
Southern California — Dr. Edith J. Claypole, Instructor '94- '99, 

Secretary, Grand Ave., Pasadena, Cal. 
Taunton — Miss Florence H. Stone, '99, Secretary. 
Washington — Miss Frida M. Raynal, '97, Secretary. 
Worcester — Miss Eleanor R. Conlon, '01, Secretary. 

*Note. Addresses of officers who are alumnae may be found 
in the "List of Members." 


When two addresses are given, it may be understood that the second is the 
permanent one. 

The star (*) indicate* the death of the alumna before whose name it is 

The dagger (t) indicates that the alumna before whose name it is placed 
lid not respond to the request for information. 

The double dagger (?) indicates that the alumna before whose name it is 
placed is not reached by letters sent to the appended address. 

]\'h> u no bcbccalaureate degree is given, B. A. is to be understood. 

Abbe, Mrs. Alanson J. (Louisa A. Eaton) 

375 Rock St., Fall River, Mass. 
Abbe, Elisabeth Frances, '88 ; M. A., 96; Ph. D., Yale, '03 

54. Pleasant St., Upham's Corner, Boston, Mass. 
Abbott, Mrs. Frederick C. (Annie L. Bushnell) 

Hendersonville, N. C; Charlotte. N. C. 
Abbott, Margaret Louise, '04 (Mrs. Ellis Spear) 
X Abbott, Rebecca Elizabeth, 'St, (Mrs. James F. Chase) 
Abbott, Ruth Beatrice, '04 

Wolfe Hall, Denver, Colo.; Ouray, Colo. 
Abbott, Ruth Elizabeth, '90 

107 Hobart Road, Newton Centre, Mass. 
Abell, Adelaide Mae, B. S., '94 

E. Northfield, Mass.; 19 Farrington Ave., Allston, Mass. 
Abercrombie, Corinne Afton, '00 (Mrs. Gentry Waldo) 
Adams, Alice Dana, '87; M. A., '96 

93 Hancock St., Auburndale, Mass. 
Adams, Amy Warren, '02 218 E. Foster St., Melrose, Mass. 
Adams, Cora Mabel, '03 Warren, Mass. 

Adams, Mrs. Dow J. (Frances E. Lofthus) 

Waterbury Centre, Vt. 
Adams, Mrs. Edwin G. (Mildred S. Elliot) 

629 Ridge St., Newark, N. J. 
Adams, Elizabeth Starbuck, '96 Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Adams, Mrs. Floyd H. (Evelyn E. Parkes) McMinnville, Ore. 
Adams, Mrs. Frank H. (Ethel Weaver) 

24 Marion St., Dedham, Mass. 
rAdams, Gertrude Florence, '82 (Mrs. James Fisher) 

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Can. 


Adams, Mrs. James L., Jr. (Ethel Mary Cobb) 

1334 S. Whittier St., Springfield, 111. 
Adams, Jeannie Scott, B. S., '87; B. A., '00; M. D., 

Woman's Med. Coll. of Pa., '91 (Mrs. A. A. MacLachlan) 
Adams, Mrs. Joseph M. (Alice E. Dalrymple) Ellsworth, Me. 
Adams, Marie Cooper, B. S., '94 (Mrs. John G. Ballord) 
Adams, Mary Coleman, '95 (Mrs. Malcolm A. Baker) 
Adams, Susan Louise, '04 91 Alanson St., Cleveland, O. 

Care William H. Elliott Dry Goods Co., Detroit, Mich. 
Adams, Mrs. Tullius J. (Mabel J. Smith) Randolph, Vt. 

Addeman, Grace Louise, '95 (Mrs. James Fentress) 
Adgate, Almeria Isabelle, '87 (Mrs. Charles F. Bailey) 
*Adgate, Harriet Warren, B. S., '83 (Mrs. Nelson B. Conant) 

Died 1887. 
Ahlers, Mrs. Louis A. E., '88 (Mary R. Gilman) 

1428 Wood Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Aiken, Mrs. Charles W 7 ., '91 (Emma M. Squires) 

115 Passaic St., Hackensack, N. J. 
Ainslie, Susan Belle, '03 

166 Marlborough Road, Flatbush, N. Y. 
Albee, Grace Clara, '94 42 Chestnut St., Melrose, Mass. 

Alberson, Jessie Andrews, '97 

909 4th Ave., Louisville, Ky.; New Philadelphia, O. 
Alden, Clara Louise, '97 ' 48 Queen St., Worcester, Mass. 

Alden, Mary Louise, '91 (Mrs. William P. Edwards) 
Aldrich, Alzora, '96; M. A., Radcliffe, '01, Westerly, R. I. 

Aldrich, Mrs. Charles S. (Helen P. Drake) 

Collins Ave., Troy, N. Y. 
Alexander, Mrs. Charles O. (Henrietta R. Page) 

3512 Hamilton St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Alexander, Mary Adelaide, B. S., '92 (Mrs. George H. Perkins) 
Algoe, Margaret Tracy, B. S., '88 713 Oak St., Flint, Mich. 
Allard, Elizabeth Laetitia, '93 Framingham Centre, Mass. 

Allen, Mrs. Albert E. (Elaine E. Jones) 

12 Owego St., Cortland, N. Y. 
Allen, Alice Maud, '85 

Dana Hall, Wellesley; 36 Washington Sq., Gloucester, Mass. 
Allen, Bessie Warner, '04 Riverpoint, R. I. 

tAllen, Jessie Edith, '87 North Grafton, Mass. 

Allen, Louise Woodward, '03 185 East St., Pittsfield, Mass. 
Allen, Lucy Branch, '97 184 West 135th St., New York, N. Y. 
Allen, Rosa Noyes, '94 Dryden, Me. 

Allen, Mrs. W. Orville (Eva E. Jackson) 

881 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 


Allison, Mrs. Burt McV., B. S-, '90 (Mary P. Young) 

960 Burton Ave., Avondale, Cincinnati, O- 
Almy, Maud Emerson, '98 2000 W. Genesee St., Syracuse, N.Y. 
Ambler, Frances Woodbury, '01 Concord, Mass; Natick, Mass, 
Ambler, Olive Caroline, '01 Needham, Mass. ; Natick, Mass. 
Ames, Alice Vivian, '86; M. A., '89 (Mrs. T. G. Winter) 
Ames, Mrs. Azel Jr., (Bertha L. Morrill) 

23 Crawford Place, Cleveland, (X 
Ames, Clara George, '83 (Mrs. Sumner Hayward) 
tAmes, Martha Mabelle, '00 

26 Easton St., Allston Dist., Boston, Mass. 
tAmes, Mary Edith, '98 Hazelton, Pa. ; Wellesley, Mass. 

t Anderson, Bertha Freeman, B. S., '93 

25 Stiles St., Elizabeth, N. J. 
t Anderson, Catherine Roberts, '01 

Robert College, Constantinople, Turkey. 
tAnderson, Katharine Freeman, '97 25 Stiles St., Elizabeth, N. J. 
fAnderson, Katharine Millicent, '00 20 Orton PL, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Anderson, Marion Wharton, B. S., '94 

Care H. L. Rollins, Wellesley, Mass. 
Anderson, Mary Frances, '03 95 Jason St., Arlington, Mass. 
fAnderson, Sarah Whitin, '04 Constantinople, Turkey. 

Anderson, Mrs. Willis A. (Clarimond E. Potter) 

517 Pythian Temple, Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Andrews, Annie Trowbridge, '81 Shelburne, Mass. 

Andrews, Catherine Emily, '01 ; M. A., Ohio State University, '03 

1 013 E. Broad St., Columbus, O. 
Andrews, Clara Louise, B. S., '86 (Mrs. William B. Hale) 
tAndrews, Elvira Kingsbury, '90 (Mrs. Wm. R. Barbour) 
Andrews, Grace, B. S., '90; M. A., Columbia, '99 ; Ph. D. Col- 
umbia, '01 47 Brevoort PI., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Andrews, Grace Allerton, '99 

Fairholm School, Peekskill, N. Y. ; Wellesley, Mass* 
Andrews, Kate Ferris, '93 Greensburg, Ind. ; Seymour, Ind. 

Andrews, Kate Rider, B. S., '87 

455 Exchange St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Angell, Lisbeth Gertrude, B. S., '94 

344 Ashland Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Appel, Elsie, '04 1527 Broadway, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Appleton, Mrs. Frank (Lena E. Follett) 

50 Main St., Pawtucket, R. L 
Armstrong, Elta Mae, '04 

125 N. nth St., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
tArmstrong, Mrs. James'E. (Lydia C. Auten) 

1 30 1 Springfield Ave., Urbana, 111.. 


Arnold, Alice Greene, B. S., 91 (Mrs. Charles E. Burbank) 
Arnold, Anna Louise, '90 (Mrs. Elmer C. Potter) 
Arnold, Bertha Frances, Knox Coll., '95; M. A., Wellesley, '99 
70 Howe St., New Haven, Conn.; 759 E. Main St., Gales- 
burg, 111. 
Arnold, Lucy Eldridge, '01 North Abington, Mass* 

fArnold, Margaret, '98 (Mrs. John D. E. Jones) 
Arnold, Maud Holdridge, '04 41 Waldo St., Pawtucket, R. I. 
Atkins, Helen Ludlow, '97 711 17th Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Atwood, Lottie, '03 1935 nth St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Atwood, Mrs. A. Wilson (Iza B. Skelton) 

296 6th Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Augsbury, Winifred, '95 (Mrs. Samuel C. Cook) 
tAumack, Alma Eveleth, '84; M. A., '87 Tom's River, N. J. 

fAumack, Luella, '90 Tom's River, N. J. 

* Austin, H. Lizzie, '81. Died 1896. 
Austin, Fannie Estelle, '95 (Mrs. David F. Kelly) 
Austin, Mary Alice, '98 
19 Baldwin St., Maiden, Mass. ; 44 Dover St., Wellesley, Mass. 
fAuten, Lydia Chapman, '95 (Mrs. James E. Armstrong) 
Auten, Nellie Mason, '98 ; M. A., Univ. of Chicago, '00 

Princeville, 111. 
Averill, Mrs. Jessie H. (Charlotte R. Keith) Campello, Mass* 
Avery, Myrtilla, '91 ; B. L. S., Univ. State of N. Y., '96 

1 Sprague Place, Albany, N. Y. 
Ayars, Mrs. David P. (Eugenia Gilman) 

157 Dana St., Wilkes Barre, Pa. 
Aydelott, Mrs. John C. (Mary L. Smith) 

339 Buena Vista Ave., Pekin, I1L 
Ayer, Ada Isadore, '80 (Mrs. Harry N. Hills) 
Ayer, Emily Caroline, '80 

I Shaw Univ., Raleigh, N. C. ; Cottage City, Mass. 
fAyers, Mary Stevens, '00 Dayton, O. 

Ayres, Alice Whipple, B. S., '8^ (Mrs. Benjamin D. Smith) 
*Babbitt, Mrs. Howard R. (Maud Hutchinson). Died 1899. 
Babcock, Annie Fuller, '02 5 Forest Ave., Natick, Mass. 

Babson, Mabel, '98 (Mrs. W. S. W. Raymond) 
Bach, Ethel Eden, '98 (Mrs. Charles Warner) 
Bacheler, Clementine Caroline, '80 The Misses Master's School, 
Dobbs Ferry, N. Y.; Norwich Town, Conn. 
Bacon, Agnes Latimer, '97 2316 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md. 
Bacon, Clara Latimer, '90; M. A., Univ. of Chicago, '04 

2316 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md. 
Bagnall, Mrs. Francis A. (Mary F. Taft) Adams, Mass* 

Bailey, Bertha, B. S., '88 Taconic School, Lakeville, Conn. 


Bailey, Mrs. Charles F., '87 (Almeria I. Adgate) R. F. D. 1, 

Hampton, Va. 
Bailey, Esther, '91 1172 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, Mass. 
Bailey, Florence Ethel, '00 Billerica, Mass. 

Bailey, Laura Gertrude, '98 St. Timothy's School, 

Catonsville, Md.; 181 Adelaide Ave., Providence, R. I. 
Baird, Minnie Lucinda, '93 Lee, Mass. 

Baird, Norah, '03 (Mrs. Joseph Foster) 

Baker, Alice Louise, '03 Hyattsville, Md. 

••Baker, Blanche Bigelow. '92 (Mrs. George T. Field) 
Baker, Clara Edith, '02 178 Church St., Middietown, Conn.; 
47 Elm St., Melrose Highlands, Mass. 
Baker, Mrs. Malcolm A. (Marv C. Adams) 

66 High St., Medford, Mass. 
Baker, Mary Georjean, B. S., '86 (Mrs. Albert N. Merrill) 
Baker, Mignon, '03 905 Main St., Canon City, Colo. 

Baker, Sibyl, '04 Marshall Seminary, Oak Lane, Philadelphia, 
Pa; 1728 Columbia Road, Washington, D. C. 
Balch, Harriet Elizabeth, B. S., '92 ; M. D., Woman's Med. 
Coll. of N. V. Infirmary, '97 State Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Baldasseroni, Mrs. Francesco A. (Ada M. Thompson) 

32-34 Tritone, Rome, Italy ; 158 Central Ave., Dover, N. H. 
Baldwin, Alice Cary, '90 34 Dana St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Baldwin, Mrs. Ernest H. (Annie M. Leonard) 160 Oak St., 
Taunton, Mass.; Worcester Academy, Worcester, Mass. 
Baldwin, Helen, '88 ; M. D., Woman's Med. Coll. of N. Y. In- 
firmary, '92 53 East 20th St., New York, N. Y. 
Baldwin, Louise Edgell, '99 (Mrs. F. W, Freeborn) 
Baldwin, Maria, '91 1404 Bolton St;, Baltimore, Md. 
Baldwin, Mrs. Martin T. (Edith R. Crapo) 

Empedrado 30, Havana, Cuba 
Ball, Helen Grace, '97 (Mrs. John G. Stone) 
Ball, Mrs. Herbert E. (Willietta Goddard) 

12 Catharine St., Worcester, Mass. 
Ball, Katharine Frances, '00 1 Myrtle Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 
Ball, Mary Louise, '80 (Mrs. Loren L. Morrison) 
Ballord, Elizabeth Webb, B. S., '87 

226 E. Locust St., Davenport, Iowa 
Ballord, Mrs. John G. (Marie C. Adams) 

2202 Bryant Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Ballou, Mrs. William J. (Anna M. Bingham) 

R. F. D., Hudson, N. H. 
Bancroft, Edith, '92 136 Oneida St. Utica, N. Y. ; 

25 Sanborn St., Reading, Mass. 


Bancroft, Mrs. Edward W. (Grace M. Dennison) 

24 Gardner St., Chelsea, Mass. 
Banes, Mrs. Robert C. (Margaret Wrenn) 

2021 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Banes, Mrs. Warner J. (Stella Wrenn) Haverford, Pa. 

tBankson, Mrs. John P. (Frances L. Woodford) 

42 1 1 Chester Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
jBanta, Effie, '91 144 St. James Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Banta, Mary, '89 144 St. James Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Barbour, Alice Maud, B. S., '93 

168 North State St., Ansonia, Conn. 
Barbour, Mary Smith, ! oo 22 Perkins St., West Newton, Mass. 
fBarbour, Mrs. William R. (Elvira K. Andrews) 

Putnam, Conn. 
Barker, Bertha Isabel, B. S., '91 

30 Lexington Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 
Barker, Mrs. Charles A. (Abbie P. Morse) 

7149 Euclid Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Barker, Clara Treadway, '89 (Mrs. W. S. Mclntire) 
fBarker, Emma Elizabeth, '98 52 Chestnut St., Albany, N. Y. 

Barker, Mary Louise, B. S., '93 (Mrs. Fred K. Chaffee) 
fBarker, Mary Louise, '99 (Mrs. H. P. D. Kingsbury) 
Barker, Sarah Gertrude, '95 

12 S. Catherine St., Plattsburg, N. Y. 
Barkwill, Faith Eivene, B. S., '93 (Mrs. John A. Jackson) 
Barkwill, Lucy Caroline, B. S., 94 

739 Genesee Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 
Barnard, Annie Chase, '97 (Mrs. Charles W. Delano) 
Barnefield, Florence May, '95 ; M. A., Brown, '99 

99 Summit St., Pawtucket, R. I. 
Barnes, Clare, '02 16 Cottage PL, Tarrytown, N. Y. 

Barnes, Lillian Corbett, '91 (Mrs. Albert R. Long) 
Barney, Mrs. Charles W. (Olive F. Smith) 

83 Linden St.,, New Bedford, Mass. 
Barr, Annie Leonora, '99 39 Church St., Belfast, Me. 

Barrett, Anne Louise, B. S., '87 (Mrs. Robert L. Hughes) 
Barrett, Helen Maria, '84 (Mrs. W. A. Montgomery) 
Barrett, Saidee Cornell, '03 24 W. 71st St., New York, N. Y. 
Barrett, Mrs. Storrs B. (Ida M. Clark) 

Yerkes Observatory, Williams Bay, Wis. 
Barron, Mary Grey, '02 Faribault, Minn. 

*Barrows, Amanda Evelyn, B. S., '85. Died 1901. 
Barrows, Mrs. Malcolm D. (Mary L. Norris) 

314 Main St., Melrose, Mass. 
Barrows, Marion Eugenia Huse, '86 (Mrs. Joseph S. Crehore) 


Barrows, Mary, '90 Huntington Chambers, Boston, Mass- 

Barstow, Mary Louise Conway, '&$ 

15 Westport Ave., Kansas City, Mo.; Gardiner, Me. 
Earth, Florence, '03 816 Kansas Ave., Atchison, Kas. 

Bartholomew, Elizabeth, B. S., '94 (Mrs. William H. Sayre, Jr.) 
fBartleson, Blanche, '96 (Mrs. J. H. Evans) 
Bartlett, Fanny Keokee, B. S., '93 (Mrs. C. W. French) 
Bartlett, Louise Esther, '98 (Mrs. C. E. Bradish, Jr.) 
Bartlett, Mary Russell, '79 7 Concord Sq., Boston, Mass, 

Bascom, Marion Alice, '01 Holden, Mass. 

Bass, Elisabeth, '03 Wilton, Me. 

Bass, Sarah Abalena, '90 815 2d Place, Plainfield, N. J. 

Batchelder, Grace Ermeise, '01 ; Doctor of Osteopathy, Mass. 

College of Osteopathy '03 (Mrs. G. C. Taplin) 
Batchelder, Josephine Harding, '96 Holliston, Mass. 

Bateman, Eliza Abiah, B. S., '94 Still River, Mass. 

Bates, Amy Winslow, '02 Marshfield Hills, Mass. 

Bates, Katharine Lee, '80; M. A., '91 

20 Howe St., Wellesley, Mass. 
Bates, Lottie Evelyn, '01 Lasell Seminary, Auburndale, Mass. 
Bates, Mrs. Nellie Page (Nellie F. Page) 

New York State Library, Albany, N. Y. 
Batt, Almira Laura, B. S., '91 Concord Junction, Mass. 

Batt, Edith Rosine, '03 181 S. Broadway, Tarrytown, N. Y. 
Batting, Bertha, '01 62 Gates Ave., Montclair, N. J. 

tBattison, Mabel Louise, '98 Wollaston, Mass. 

Baxter, Emily Poole, '97 61 Deering St., Portland, Me. 

Baxter, Harriet Marion, '97 (Mrs. Henry C. Ide) 
Baxter, Josephine Maynard, '98 Cocoanut Grove, Fla. 

Baxter, Madeleine Cummings, '01 

61 Deering St., Portland, Me. 

fBayless, Wilhelmine Kiameche, '00 (Mrs. Raymond S. Willis) 

Beach, Mrs. David N. (Dora Freeman) Bangor, Me. 

Beach, Louise Livingston, '99 (Mrs. L. C. Meeks) 

Beale, Alma Emerson, '91 ; M. D., Johns Hopkins Med. Sch. '00 

Schaghticoke, N. Y. 
Beale, Jennie Ritner, '96 The Holman School, 2204 Walnut St., 
Philadelphia, Pa.; 815 Corinthian Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Bean, Mrs. George F. (E. Maria Blodgett) 

130 Montvale Ave., Woburn, Mass. 
fBean, Ida May, '00 Oldtown, Me. 

Bean, Mary Louise, B. S., '88 

1657 Cambridge St., Cambridge, Mass, 
Bean, Mary Louise, B. S., '89 (Mrs. A. Conrad Jones) 

Bean, Mrs. Samuel C. (Mary Ellen Smith) 

North Andover, Mass. 
Bean, Mrs. William H. (Mary E. Stinson) 

319 Swede St., Norristown, Pa. 
Beard, Helen Willard, '02 Shelton, Conn. 

Beebe, Alice Geissler, '96 25 Grove St., Wellesley, Mass. 

Beecher, Elizabeth, '93 183 Genesee St., Auburn, N. Y. 

Beers, Jane Fitch, '00 

Walnut Hill, Natick, Mass.; Newtown, Conn. 
Belcher, Mrs. Arthur F. (Annie M. Smith) 

156 High St., Portland, Me. 
Belden, Mrs. Frank O. (Mary L. Burr) 

80 Chestnut St., Binghamton, N. Y. 
Belden, Gertrude, B. S., '83 (Mrs. E. B. Chestresmith) 
Belfield, Ada Marshall, '96 5738 Washington Ave., Chidago, III. 
Bell, Florence Ellen, '01 (Mrs. Gilbert Lovell) 
Bennett, Mrs. Anna F. (M. Anna Fuller) Lanesborough, Mass. 
Bennett, Claudia, B. S., '86 (Mrs. G. C. Frost) 
Bennett, Eleanor Margaret, '04 88 Lancaster St., Albany, N. Y. 
Bennett, Elizabeth Francis, '99 

566 Blue Hill Ave., Dorchester, Mass. 

Bennett, Emeline Sisson, B. S., '93 ; B. Pd., State Normal Coll., 

Albany, '98 88 Lancaster St., Albany, N. Y. 

Bennett, Florence Payson, '97 Westerly, R. I.; Wrentham, Mass. 

Bennett, Mrs. Frank E. (Lydia N. Lynch) 

8 Allston St., New Dorchester, Mass. 
frBennett, Helen Marie, '98 350 Williams St., Deadwood, S. D. 
Bensley, Agnes Hannah, '01 

124 Oak St., Binghamton, N. Y.; Springville, N. Y. 
Benson, Clara Manter, '95 Peacedale, R. I.: E. Carver, Mass. 
Benson, Sarah Clarissa White, '94 LaGrange, 111.; Gambier, O. 
Bentley, Vinnie Bertha, '97 1440 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Bentley, Mrs. Wray A. (Mabel E. Davison) Westfield, N. J. 
Berry, Mabel Chase, '00 East Derry, N. H. 

tBerryman, Julia, '01 Shelby ville, Ky. 

von Byersdorff, Mathilde, '00 223 Thayer St., Providence, R. I. 
Bigelow, Mrs. E. Victor (Carrie T. Hardwick) 

13 Belmont St., Lowell, Mass. 
Bigelow, Florence, '85 ; M. A. } '91 

Walnut Hill School, Natick, Mass. 
Bigelow, Gertrude, B. S., '93 Shattuck St., Natick, Mass- 

Bigelow, Mrs. Melville J. (Isabelle G. French) 

813 W. Lowell St., Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Bigelow, Sarah Antoinette, '93 

Hindman, Ky.; Waterville, N. Y. 


Billings, Mrs. Richard (May Merrill) 

255 W. 7 2d St., New York, N. Y« 
Bingham, Anna Mary. "98 (Mrs. William J. Ballou) 
"Bingham. Mary Allison, '79. Died 1S83. 

Birch, Blanche' Louise, '02 1231 31st St., Washington, D. C. 
Bird, Mrs. George E. (Harriet L. Williams) 

Yarmouthville, Me. 
Birtwell, Bessie, '04 15 8th St., X. E., Washington, D. C. 

Bisbee, Catherine Rossiter, '98 (Mrs. Carl M. Gates) 
Bisbee, Helen Mabel, '95 (Mrs. Benjamin W. Rideout) 
fc Bishop, Mrs. E. R. (Mary E. Meddick Nellis). Died 1900. 
Bishop, Mabel Lovett, '99 

1 98 Chemung St., Corning, X. Y.: Avon, Conn. 
Bissell, Grace Louise, '01 390 Lin wood Ave., Buffalo, X. Y. 
Bissell, Julia, "So: M. D., Woman's Med. Coll. of Pa., ; 93 

45 Hunnewell Ave.. X~ewton, Mass. 
Bixbv, Anne Locke, '98 (Mrs. Theodore Chamberim; 
Bixb'y. Sarah Hathaway, B. S., '94 (Mrs. A. M. Smith) 
Black, Maud Sawyer, '98 (Mrs. Wilmarth S. Buck) 
Black, Mrs. William T. (Belinda M. Bogardus) 

826 Gaston Ave., Fairmont, W. Ya. 
Blackburn, Judith Anne, '97 ( Mrs. Samuel H. Ranck) 
Blackmer, Anna Wood. ; oi Geneseo, X. Y.: Cortland, X. Y. 
Blake, Harriet Cummings, 'So (Mrs. F. J. Pingree) 
Blake, Harriet Manning, '94 

715 Corinthian Ave.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Blake, Mrs. Harrison G. (Lizzie B. Dodge; 

512 Main St., Woburn, Mass. 
Blakeslee, Elizabeth Louise, "ci 

317 X. Second St., Olean, N. Y. 
Blakeslee. Elizabeth Mary, '91 (Mrs. J. C. Tracy) 
Blakeslee, Mrs. William L. (Margaret M. Kittinger) 

46 X". X'orwood Ave., Buffalo, X. Y. 
rBIanchard, Abby Frances, '98 ( Mrs. Oliver W. Means) 
Blanchard, Augusta Hunt, '96: B. L.. Univ. of Cal., "'98 

964 1 8th St., Oakland, Cal. 
Blanchard, Edith Louise, '04 25 Dover St., Brockton, Mass. 
Blanchard, Rebekah George, '97 (Mrs. George D. Green) 
Blattner, Clara, '01 4163 Washington Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo. 
Blauvelt, Anna Hutton, B. S., '94 

117 Fifth Ave., W., Roselle, X. J. 

Blauvelt, Mary Taylor, '89 ; M. A., '92 Miss Porter's School, 

Farmington, Conn.: 117 Fifth Ave., W., Roselle, X. J. 

Blichfeldt, Mrs. E. H. (Eva G. Potter) Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

2 3 

Bliss, Mary Campbell, 9c '04 Wellesley College : 

; : '-." --. -: AV- \ .r;. : -..- ?-7 sie 
Blodgett, Eliza Maria, 81 ( Mrs. Geo. F. Be^ 
Blodgett, Grace Es telle, "93 ~ r - A : ; - 

* Blood, Mariana Williamson, "91. Died 1894. 
Boardman, Edith Sevt - jwd, '99 

3ag!ey Si a! Falls, R. I. 

frBoas. Margaretta Mack'in, '99 

> e., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Bock, Sarah Malinda, '91 

Bogardus, Belinda Miles, '96 ( Mrs. William T. Black) 
Bogart, Pbcebe Maj m 

ashingt: A". Y. 

Bogart, Sarah Helen, '99: M- A. Cohimb: 

2033 Washingt ; N- Y. 

Boies. Anna Lou.-t Mrs. Benj. F. Sbarpe; 

Bolard, Louise Edn2. . Irs. Charles H 

Bolton, Mrs. Charle :anwooc d Road, 

r:;;«:/.:.e ! .' : : ? ; _- : A .. -">. tAv ! ■;-.:: 
Eocd. -line FL 

Bonney. Adeline Lo:- -__ H Jr.) 

L . ;:.-. A t .,-..-. 1 ". 

: : : . A - E i^y. 

Boswell, Mary Louise, B. 5 . "94 

Bosworth. Anne Lacy, B. SL, t. of Gottir 

*99 Aieodore Fockc 

^Eirli-vrl'. Al::t G::-. :: ? 1 L.A V :" :- A "i .0*.- 
lege Kchlir 

A:_:A_r A.; r-rt.. ;.; "A- \-:.\\ ~ A:±r 

BoutwelL Mrs. Henr; 

■ - 5 1 - - ;-; 

: -. A - A l :- - ; 

264 M - - - 

- : -::. Veri 1:-::- :; 

1 52 in iervoort &- Y. 

Bowers, Be£ 

L:~ Its. --iry E-:~i. 1 - . -__ MA ; . Irani G. E I trrer 
Bowman. Caroline North rs. W. L 

1. : ■-- -. I-. > : r - Broadway. Somenrille. Mass. 

Bowman, Mabel Eir - .Vashington^ 

-omerrille, >: 
1 2 yd, Rebekah M.. 89 ( Mrs. Cha Died 1894. 

Boynton. Emily Ora. :_ 36 W. 51th Sf 


Boynton, Lucasta Josephine, '02 8 Abbott St., 

Weilesley, Mass.; 44 Pleasant St., Bradford, Mass. 
Boynton, Myra Louisa, '96 Florence, Mass. 

Boynton, Sybil Verona, '95 Woodstock, Vt. 

Bozeman, Mary, B. S., De Pauw Univ., '98 ; M. A., Weilesley, 

'00 (Mrs. Lilburn C. Fletchall) 
Brackett, Mrs- Elliott G. (Katharine F. Pedrick) 

166 Newbury St., Boston, Mass. 
Brackett, Grace Mason, B. S., '90 (Mrs. R. E. Lewis) 
Bradbury, Marion Elizabeth, "93 

296 Main St., Melrose, Mass. 
Bradish, Mrs. C. Eugene, Jr. (Louise E. Bartlett) 

2620 St. Mary's Ave., Omaha, Neb. 
Bradley, Mrs. Welcome W. (Margaret E. Hazen) 

2642 Grand Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
"frBradshaw, Mary Lockwood, '02 

172 W. College St., Oberlin, O. 

Brady, Mrs. Thomas. Jr. (Jane T. Smith) Brookhaven, Miss. 

tBragg, Mrs. Francis A. (Mary F. Davenport) Foxboro, Mass. 

Brainerd, Helen Katharine, '00 St. Albans, Vt. 

Braley, Elizabeth Williams, '86 

Ardmore, Pa.; 619 County St., New Bedford, Mass. 
Braley, Mrs. Henry H. (Luella Smith) Concord, Mass. 

Braley, Jessie Nelson, '98 

619 County St., New Bedford, Mass. 
Brandriff, Mrs. Charles (Lola E. Chapman) 

2603 N. Paulina St., Chicago, 111. 
Brandt, Lilian, '95; M. A., '01 105 E. 22d St., New York, N. Y. 
Brann, Ada, "6^ (Mrs. Frederick O. Darling) 
Braun, Mrs. Ralph M. (Grace A. Nutter) 

1 153 Race St., Denver, Col. 

Bray, Ella Williams, '90 Yarmouthport, Mass. 

Breckenridge, Sophonisba Preston, B. S., '88 ; Ph. M., Univ. of 

Chicago, '97 ; Ph. D., Univ. of Chicago, '01 ; J. D., Univ. 

of Chicago, '04 

Green Hall, Univ. of Chicago, 111.; Lexington, Ky. 
Breed, Florence Curtis, '99 

Weilesley College; 246 West Newton St., Boston, Mass. 
Breese, Jane Curtin, '04 East Downingtown, Pa. 

Brewer, Harriot, B. S., '86 (Mrs. Guy Sterling) 
Brewster, Alice Langdon, '89 State Model School, 

Trenton, N. J.; 21 Islington St., Portsmouth N. H. 
Brewster, Mary Jones, B. S., '83 ; M. D., Woman's Med. Coll. 
of Pa., '92 8 Bedford Terrace, Northampton, Mass. 

Brewster, Sophia Lewis, '80 (Mrs. Walter M. Taussig) 

2 5 

Bridge, Nora Springer, '02 82 W. 12 St., Fremont, Neb. 

Bridgman, Ruby Porter, '94 Hyde Park, Mass. 

tBriggs, Emily Elizabeth, B. S., '92; M. A., '01 Elmhurst, 

Long Island, N. Y.; 1265 Westminster St., Providence, R. I. 
*Briggs, Mrs. Francis Co (Mary A. Hawley). Died 1904. 
^Briggs, Helen LeRoy, '80 (Mrs. Carlton P. Mills). Died 1889 
Briggs, Jenny Sherman, '95 (Mrs. George D. Leavens) 
Briggs, Lucie Claflen, '99 (Mrs. C. A. Meader) 
fBrinkman, Christine Louise, '03 

3107 Harrison St., Kansas City, Mo. 
Broadwell, Anna Elliott, '86 (Mrs. C. P. Davidson) 
Brooks, xAbigail Antoinette, '92 (Mrs. J. N. Fleming) 
tBrooks, Emma Christy, '95 4643 Lake Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Brooks, Fannie Christine, '94 

Care H. P. Brooks, 65 Crawford Road, Cleveland, O. 
Brooks, Frances Eleanor, '98 12 Kent St., Brookline, Mass. 
Brooks, Mrs. Franklin E. (Sarah B. Coolidge^ 

Care House of Representatives, Washington, D. C; 

1324 N. Nevada Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Brooks, Henrietta St. Barbe, B. S., '91 Wellesley, Mass. 

Brooks, Ida May, '95 58 Merriman St., Bristol, Conn. 

Brooks, Josephine Damon, '95 27 E. Pratt St., 

Indianapolis, Ind.; 10 Abbott St., Wellesley, Mass. 

tBrooks, Lillian Carter, '90 Ashland, Mass. 

Brooks, Martha Nutting, '04 55 Essex Ave., Gloucester, Mass. 

Brooks, Mary Wallace, '02 

Washington Seminary, Washington, Pa.; Grafton, Ontario. 
Brotherton, Mary Myrtle, '97 (Mrs. Theodore M. Criley) 
Brown, Alice Starr, '03 819 N. Main St., Rockford, 111. 

Brown, Anna Robertson, '83 ; M. A., '88 ; Ph. D. Univ. of Pa., 

'92 (Mrs. Samuel McC. Lindsay) 
Brown, Anna Theodora, '8>8 (Mrs. E. E. Silver) 
Brown, Clara W T yckofT, '99 

235 Westminster St., Jacksonville, 111. 
Brown, Elizabeth Greenwood, '95 

28 Linnaean St., Cambridge, Mass. 
fBrown, Elizabeth Miles, '82 

23 Arlington Road, Woborn, Mass.; Concord, Mass. 
t Brown, Emily Frances, '90 Milwaukee Downer College, 

Milwaukee, Wis., Round Lake, N. Y. 
Brown, Emily Hunter, '96 (Mrs. Elwyn G. Preston) 
Brown, Emily Sophie, '04 StafTord Springs, Conn. 

Brown, Fannie Theodora, B. S., '88 ; M. A., '99 

St. Mary's Convent, Peekskill, N. Y. 

Brown, Mrs. Frank O. (Effie M. Colburn) 

116 W. Central St., Natick, Mass. 

♦Brown, Gertrude, '86. Died 1889. 

Brown, Harriet Hathaway, '97 Putnam, Conn. 

Brown, Ida Josephine, '79 Shaw University, 

Raleigh, N. C; 53 Court St., Bangor, Me. 

♦Brown, Lena Hill, B. S., '90 (Mrs. Elwyn G. Preston) 

Died 1895. 
Brown, Louise, '92 (Mrs. James D. Voorhees) 
Brown, Mary Agnes, '02 317 Campbell St., Williamsport, Pa, 
Brown, Mary Louise, B. S., '93 ; M. A., '03 

Dana Hall, Wellesley, Mass.; Round Lake, N. Y- 
tBrown, Mary Mabel, '90 (Mrs. H. E. Carpenter) 
Brown, Mrs. Mott D. (Emma K. Hicks) 

533 Third Ave., Upper Troy, N. Y.. 

♦Brown, Nellie Davis, '80 (Mrs. Thomas F. Giles). Died 1888. 

Brown, Nellie May, '98 5 Hollywood St., Worcester, Mass. 

Brown, Pearl Eleanore, '03 Rock City Falls, N. Y, 

Brown, Sara Mary, '02 

406 North St., Harrisburg, Pa.; Corry, Pa* 
Brown, Udetra Doty, '03 156 W. 80th St., New York, N. Y. 

tBrown, Mrs. Walter S. (Katherine F. Dill) 

5104. Willows Ave., Philadelphia, Pa, 
Brown, Mrs. Windsor A. (Maria L. Lincoln) 

160 Lincoln St., Worcester, Mass. 
Brownell, Lucy Pearce, '94 8 Whitfield Court, Newport, R. I. 
Bruce, Elinor Kimball, '92 (Mrs. Wm B. Snow) 
♦Bruce, Helen Elizabeth, '92. Died 1893. 
Bruce, Lillian Hortensia, '03 Y. W\ C. A., Savannah, Ga.; 

72 Woodland St., Worcester, Mass. 
Bryant, Mrs. Edward F. (Florence A. Runnels) 

Hotel Windermere, Chicago, 111. 
Bryden, Lucy Annette, '98 

219 1-2 E. North Ave., Baltimore, McL 
tBuck, Clara Fay, B. S., '92 114 Prospect St., Fall River, Mass, 
fBuck, Evelyn Mary, '00 Bucksport, Me. 

Buck, Mrs. Wilmarth S. (Maude S. Black) 

14 Couch St., Plattsburgh, N. Y. 
Buckham, Mrs. Matthew H. (Martha G. Tyler) 

28 University PL, Burlington, Vt. 
Buckley, Mrs. George D. ( Frances A. Hall) 

6 Amor St., Ponce, P. R. 
Buckley, Mrs. J. Henry (Theresa W. LaCroix) 

50 Ireson Ave., Lynn, Mass. 

2 7 

Buerger, Mrs. Franz G. E. (Mary E. Bowles) 

4216 Mercier St., Kansas City, M© 
*Buffington, Julia Stevens, B. S., '94V Died 1900. 
Buffum, Vryiing Wilder, '81 Winchester, N. H„ 

Buhlert, Helene Louise, '03 Simmons College., 

Boston, Mass.; 103 Gainsbpro St., Boston, Mass, 
Bull, Ernilie Grace, '99 192 Montgomery St., Newburgh, N. Y- 
Bullis, Martha Albourne, '96 401 Laurens St., Olean, N. Y. 
Bunting, Florence Mabelle, '02 

5 Stratford Road, Winchester, Mass. 
Burbank, Mrs. Charles E. (Alice G. Arnold) 

8 William St., Worcester, Mass.. 
Burbank, Jane Lord, '04 Danbury, Conn.; Saco, Me. 

fBurbank, Marjorie, ; oo Plympton, Mass, 

Burchard, Alice Webb. '97 Winnetka, III. 

Burditt, Carrie Mason, '04 (Mrs. John E. Parker) 
Burgess, Anne, '90 20 Whitney St., Portland, Me. 

Burgess, Anne Prince, B. S., '93 (Mrs. Leon M. Fobes) 

42 Cushman St., Portland, Me. 
Burgess, Sara Julia, '94 ; M. A., Radcliffe, '01 

Silver Creek, N. Y. 
Burk, Mrs. Frederic (Caroline Frear) 

156 De Long Ave., San Francisco, Cal. 
Burlingame, S. Lilian, '85 ; M. A., '89 

52 Fountain St., Worcester, Mass. 
tBurnett, Charlotte Frances, '96 

Grand Ave., Price Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio- 
tBurnett, Ethel Haddassah, '01 26 Prospect St., Natick, Mass. 
tBurnham, Gertrude Elizabeth, '97 

19 1 1 Elm St., Manchester, N. H. 
Burnham, Jessie Davenport,. '02 

264 Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Burns, Mrs. H. H. (Sarah B. Faunce) 

10 North St., Plymouth, Mass. 
Burns, Mrs. Randall W. (Bertha H. Clough) 

4914 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Burr, Helen Louise, '93 Abbot Academy, Andover, Mass. 

Burr, Mary Lillian, B. S., '91 (Mrs. Frank O. Belden) 
Burr, Mrs. Ralph H. (Theodora W. Dudley) 

72 Pearl St., Middletown, Conn. 
Burrell, Ellen Louisa, '8o W 7 ellesley College, Wellesley, Mass. 
Burroughs, Maude, '99 10 Riggs St., Gloucester, Mass.: 

34 Berkeley St., Somerville, Mass- 
Burrowes, Catharine, '87 Godfrey, Ilk 


Burrowes, Sarah, B. S., '94 

30 N. Mountain Ave., Montclair, N. J. 
Burt, Ada May, '04 Guilford, N. Y. 

Burt, Clara Maria, B. S., '92 ; M. A., Columbia, Univ., '99 

33 W. 130th St., New York, N. Y.; 912 W. 7th St., Plain- 
field, N. J. 
Burt, Mrs. George F. (Cornelia M. Janssen) 

15 Newton Ave., Westerly, R. I. 
Burt, Leah Mary, '99 269 Friendship St., Providence, R. I. 
Burton, Mrs. Chester O. (Mabel E. Scandlin) 

King Ave., City Island, New York, N. Y. 
Burton, Helen Mary, '99 10 18 Cass St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Burton, Mrs. Henry F. (Marian W. Perrin) 

4 Dartmouth, St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Burtt, Grace Lina, '00 Lowell St., Andover, Mass. 

Bushnell, Annie Louise, '84 (Mrs. Frederick C. Abbott) 
Buss, Alice Mary, '98 34 Academy St., Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Bussey, Frances Field, '01 

112 Claremont Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Butler, Cora Leila, '04 2636 Osage St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Butler, Edith Emerson, '96 ; M. A., Radcliffe, '03 

1 122 Commonwealth Ave., Brookline, Mass. 
Butman, Mabel, B. S., '87 21 Alpine St., Roxbury, Mass. 

Button, Helen Roberta, '04 

6350 German town Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Button, Jane Woddrop, '02 

6350 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Buttrick, Helen, '98 307 Wilder St., Lowell, Mass. 

Byers, Jane. Adee, '96 (Mrs. John Faissler) 
tByington, Mrs. Homer F. (Jeannette L. Gregory) 

5 West Ave., Norwalk, Conn. 
tByington, Margaret Frances, '00 

80 Pinckney St., Boston, Mass. 
Cady, Helen May, '99 ; M. A., '04 Mansfield, Mass. 

"Caldwell, Agnes Louise, '96 (Mrs. Charles J. Dunlap) 
Caldwell, Mrs. Francis C. (Louise T. Orton) 

401 W. Sixth Ave., Columbus, O. 
Caldwell, Mary Grace, '95; M. A., '04 Wellesley, Mass, 

:fc Callaway, Alice Rhinehart, '98 Denver, Colo. 

Cameron, Jessie, '00 46 Elm St., Worcester, Mass. 

Campbell, Alice Perkins, '95 (Mrs. Fred A. Wilson) 
Campbell, Elizabeth Ross, '02 

5356 Chew St., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 
€ ampbell, Frances Nickels, '84 (Mrs Frances C. Jewett) 

2 9 

tCampbell, Isabella, B. S., '94 

1 741 N St., Washiugton, D. C. 
Campbell, Mrs. James R. (Helen A. Howard) Newton, N. C. 
tCampbell, Rowena, '04 227 Angell St., Providence, R. I. 

Canfield, Marion, B. S., '94 (Mrs. Albert E. Hadlock) 
Cannon, Annie Jump, B. S., '84 

231 Huron Ave., Cambridge, Mass.; Dover, DeL 
Cannon, Clara Christabel, '03 

69 Stanley St., New Haven, Conn, 
Cannon, Mary Galpin, '95 26 Fayette St. 

Cambridge, Mass.; 40 Dwight Place, New Haven, Conn. 
Capen, Mary Warren,'98 

38 Greenough Ave., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 
Capron, Annie Hooker, '82 (Mrs. Lewis Kennedy Morse) 
Capron, Helen Mowry, '98 Stillwater, R. I. 

Capron B Maude Estelle, '96 130 Tremont St., 

Ansonia, Conn. ; 3 Smithfield Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. 
Carey, Alice Gertrude, '87 (Mrs. Edward C.Whitman) 
Carlisle, Anne Scott, '02 61 Howe Ave., Passaic, N. J. 

Carlton, Mrs. Frank T. (Mary B. Whitlock) 

67 Central St., Andover, Mass. 
Carman, Mrs. Albert P. (Maude W. Straight) 

908 W. California Ave., Urbana, 111. 
Carman, Mrs. John C. (Mary C. Little) 

2015 E. 20th Ave., Denver, Colo. 
Carpenter, Mrs. Ernest C. (Nettie J. Hale) 

150 W. Main St., Meriden, Conn, 
f Carpenter, Mrs. Harry E. (Mary M. Brown) 

Waverly, Mass. 

fCarpenter, Mrs. Reid (Clara P. Cornell) Mansfield, O. 

Carr, Grace Barrelle, '94 179 Main St., Amesbury Mass.; 

17 Orient Ave., Meirose, Mass. 
Carrier, Media Kate, '92 Reedley, Cah 

tCarter, Gertrude, '96 

Hankow, China ; 61 Church St., Montclair, N. J. 
Carter, Harriet Wilson, '97 321 E. 11 6th St., 

New York, N. Y. ; 31 Bartlet St., Andover, Mass. 
Carter, Mary Walker, '91 21 Park St., Montclair, N. J. 

Caryl, Christine, '95 5804 Rosalie Court, Chicago, 111. 

Case, Mrs. Christopher C. (Alice Clair Morrison) 

90 Windham St., Willimantic, Conn. 
*Cass, Mary Josephine Augusta, '80. Died 1889. 
JCastle, Mrs. Mabel Wing (Mabel R. Wing) 

5338 Washington Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Cate, Mrs. William E. (Florence G. Spring) Spencer, Mass. 


Cattell, Henrietta Maillard, '92 

Davenport, la. ; Deerfield, N. J. 
Chace, Elinor Sarah, B. S., '94 ; M. D., Johns Hopkins, '01 

373 N. Main St., Fall River, Mass. 
Chadwick, Mrs. Edwina S. (Edwina Shearn) Hickory, N. C. 
Chaffee, Mrs. Fred K. (Mary L. Barker) Pittsfield, Mass. 

Chamberlin, Helen Estelle, '04 

Susquehanna Institute, Towanda, Pa. ; Framingham, Mass. 
Chamberlin, Mrs. Theodore (Anne L. Bixby) 

Concord, Mass. 
\ Chambers, Helen Troth, B, S., '92 (Mrs. E. T. Roberts) 
Champlin, Mrs. Arthur P. (Frances L. Chapman) 

345 Spring St., Portland, Me. 

Champlin, Mabel Florence, '03 94 Comstock Ave., 

Providence R. I. ; R- F. D. Saunderstown, R. I. 

Chandler, Alice Etta, '99 Auburndale, Mass. 

Chandler, Anna Perkins, '98 

6 Highland Ave., Somerville, Mass. 
Chandler, Gertrude Abigail, '79 (Mrs. J. H. Wyckoff) 
tChandler, Helen Elizabeth, '97 Madura, S. India 

TChandler, Mrs. John S. (Henrietta S. Rendall) 

Madura, S. India 
Chapin, Grace Maude, '98 

360 Washington St., Monroe, Mich. ; Saxton's River, Vt. 
Chapin, Mary Ella, '95 (Mrs. Chas. A. Bowen) 
Chapman, Alice Darling, '04 

118 Cottage St., Buffalo, N. Y. ; Elyria, O. 
Chapman, Mrs. Arthur W. ( Frances K. Pullen) 

209 S. Euclid Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Chapman, Mrs. Charles H. ( Alice T. Hall ) Woodland, Wash. 
Chapman, Frances Louise, '97 (Mrs. Arthur P. Champlin) 
Chapman, Harriet Bardwell, '93 ; M. D., Cleveland Medical 
Coll., '96 3809 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Chapman, Jennie Buchanan, '82 (Mrs. H. C. Welles) 
Chapman, Lola Esther, '98 (Mrs. C. Brandriff) 
Chapman, Mrs. Robert, Jr. (Clarissa S. Hastings) 

19 Webster St., West Newton, Mass. 
Charlton, Mary Belle, '98 (Mrs. John A. Nobbie) 
Chase, Alice Elizabeth, 'oo 

516 Woodland Terrace, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Chase, Carolyn Louise, '00 Derry, N. H. 

Chase, Mrs. Frank H. (Mary H. McLean) 

1005 Chapin St., Beloit, Wis. 
Chase, Mrs. Frederic H. (Theodora Kyle) 

174 Bellevue St., W. Roxbury, Mass. 


(Chase, Mrs. James F. (Rebecca E. Abbott) Athens, Colo. 

Chase, Mary, '84 ; M, D., Woman's Med. Coll. of N. Y. Infir- 
mary, '87 (Mrs. Edward Kirkland) 
Chase, Mary Esther, '96 (Mrs. Harry C. Lockwood) 
tCheever, Annie Mabel, '97 4 Park St., North Attleboro, Mass. 
Cheney, Mrs. George F. (Emma A. Smith) St. Johnsbury, Vt. 
Cheney, Mrs. James L. (Minnie K. Rees) 

17 Irvington St., Cleveland, O. 
t Chester, Charlotte Emma, '93 

18 Bowlder Crescent, Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Chestresmith, Mrs. Edward B. (Gertrude Belden) 

1808 Beverly Road, Flatbush, L. I., N. Y. 
Child, Mary Lucy, '89 East Thetford, Vt. 

fChild, Susan Wade, '90 ; M. A., '97 53 Nahant St., Lynn, Mass. 
Childs, Alice Woolley, '98 (Mrs. Robert G. Dodge) 
Chipman, Ina Maria, '96 (Mrs. G. Wildes Smith) 
Christie, Marie Williamina, '96 9 Baker Road, Everett, Mass. 
Christy, Mrs. Jesse E. (Elizabeth M. Mayse) 

1920 Emmet St., Omaha, Neb. 
j Church, Bertha Elizabeth, '99 487 Haverhill St., Lawrence, Mass. 
Churchill, Mrs. David C. (Alice E. Harding) 

American Mission, Ahmednagar, India 
jChute, Annie Gertrude, '95 261 Highland St., Dedham, Mass. 
Clapp, Mrs. Harry L. (Louise G. Saxton) 

5403 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Clark, Mrs. Edward F. (Carrie M. Harbach) 

53 Washington St., North Attleboro, Mass. 
Clark, Eleanor, '04 Haverford, Pa. 

Clark, Emily Josephine, '82 ; M. A., '93 M. A., Columbia, '02 ; 
B. Ed., Teachers' Coll., '04 

160 Cambridge Ave., Macalister Park, St. Paul, Minn. 
Clark, Grace Bedell, '04 77 Johnson Park, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Clark, Ida Mary, '97 (Mrs. Storrs B. Barrett) 
Clark, Jennie Mae, '99, Pd. B., Albany Normal College, '01 

41 Vick Park B, Rochester, N. Y. 
fClark, Mabel, B. S., '92 Terryville, Conn. 

Clark, Mary Louise, '99 Copenhagen, N. Y. 

Clark, Maude Williston, '99 379 Central St., Auburndale, Mass. 
Clark, Rosamond, '03 107 Audubon Road, Boston, Mass. 

Clark, Wenona Laura, '01 (Mrs. Bernard Gibbs) 
tClarke, Harriet Belle, '96 Long Beach, Miss.; Princeton, 111. 
Clarke, Helen MacGregor, '90 

504 W. 1 12th St., New York, N. Y. 

tClarke, Kate Lobdell, B. S., '87 98 Mill St., Newport, R I. 

Clarke, Martha Elisabeth, '03 College Park, Md. 

3 2 

tClarke, Mary Franklin, '99 

36 Edgell St,, Gardiner, Mass.; 73 Main St., Webster, Mass. 
-[Clay, Blanche Louise, '92 26 Temple St., Mattapan, Mass. 

Clement, Alice Shillaber, B. S., '91 (Mrs. R. R. Truitt) 
Clifford, Edith, '03 (Mrs. John Albion Saxton) 
Clifton, Mrs. Charles E. (Harriet A. Merrill) 

3756 Grand Bl'd., Chicago, 111 
Close, Leila Katherine, '98 (Mrs. A. P. Harsch) 
Clough, Bertha Hubbard, B. S., '93 (Mrs. R. W. Burns) 
tClough, Nellora Harriet, '90 (Mrs. L. E. Martin) 
Clough, Ongola, '92 (Mrs. A. H. Curtis) 
Cloyes, Mrs. William E. (Grace E. Gruber) 

1044 Norwood Ave., Chicago, 111.. 
Coale, Helen Mill, '03 Tom's River, N. J. 

Cobb, Anne Eugenia, '96 Newton Centre, Mass. 

|Cobb, Mrs. Arthur T. (Catherine R. Collins) Vincennes, Ind. 
Cobb, Ethel Mary, '99 (Mrs. James L. Adams, jr.) 
Cobb, Mrs. Pharoah L. (Cora N. Crosby) 

Av. Balderas No. 3, Mexico D. F., Mexico 
Coburn, Claire Martha, '99 107 Pinckney St., Boston, Mass.; 

23 Oread Place, Worcester, Mass. 
Cocks, Florence Maud, '03 152 W. i32d St., New York, N. Y. 
Coddington, Gertrude Louisa, '90 (Mrs. William C. Stinson) 

342 Clifton Ave., Newark, N. J.- 
Cogswell, Mariana, ''90 

1 Norfolk Terrace, Wellesley, Mass.; Lakeport, N. H. 
Cohen, Fannie Sybil, '01 (Mrs. Sigmund Stern) 
Colburn, Erne May, '98 (Mrs. F. O. Brown) 

116 W. Central St., Natick, Mass. 
Colby, Annie Lavinia, '8o Fitzwilliam, N. H. 

tColby, Annie Wainwright, '96 

348 Manchester St., Manchester, N. H. 
Colby, Emma Florence, '00 Natick, Mass. 

Cole, Alice Ware, '02 2 Cole St., Beverly, Mass. 

Cole, Mrs. Frederic P. (Edith Dudley) 

1524 Cambridge St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Cole, Gertrude Poor, '01 1191 Washington St., West Newton, 

Mass.; School St., Peabody, Mass. 
Coleman, Mrs. Edson N. (Emily M. Robinson) 

1435 Fourth Ave., S., Fort Dodge, la. 
*Colles, Julia Nelson, '97 ; M. A., Smith, '00. Died 1903. 
tCollins, Catherine Ross, B. S., '94 (Mrs. Arthur T. Cobb) 

Collins, Mary Charlotte, '79 Southboro, Mass. 

tCollins, Mrs. Winfred B. (Helen A. Storer) 

The Campania, Akron, O 


fColman, Margaret Howe, 'oo Catherine Aiken School, 

Stamford, Conn.; 125 Pleasant St., Arlington, Mass. 
Colman, Mary Elizabeth, '04 125 Pleasant St., Arlington, Mass. 
Colt, Ella Chloe, '97 (Mrs. Harrison G. Fay) 
Coman, Mrs. Charles W. (Mary Meriam) 

828 E. Villa St., Pasadena, Cal. 
Conant, Charlotte Howard, '84 

Walnut Hill School, Natick, Mass. 
Conant, Martha Pike, B. S., '90; M. A., '95 Mt. Holyoke Col- 
lege, South Hadley, Mass. ; 14 High St., Greenfield, Mass. 
*Conant, Mrs. Nelson B. (Harriet W. Adgate). Died 1887. 
Conant, Mrs. David S. (Mary E. Jones) Bradford, Vt. 

Conant, Sarah Howard, B. S., '87 

526 W. 114th St., New York, N. Y. ; Thetford, Vt. 
Cone, Henriette, '84 (Mrs. Charles W. Marsh) 
Conklin, Clare Hart, '02 (Mrs. Ralph B. Treadway) 
Conklin, Mrs. Wm. B. (Sarah H. Groff) 

62 Hawthorne Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J. 
JConkling, Ermina, '85 

473 W. Golden Ave., Cripple Creek, Colo. 
Conlon, Eleanor Ruth, '01 129 Vernon St., Worcester, Mass. 
tConn, Mrs. Horace N. (Marion I. Smith) 

150 Montvale Ave., Woburn, Mass. 
Conner, Sara Katharine, '95 (Mrs. Howard Fisher) 
Conover, Elizabeth Dickson, '03 401 Salem Ave., Dayton, O. 
Constantine, Harriet Lucretia, '89 

Care G. P. Mason, Box 8, Charlestown, Mass. 
Converse, Florence, B. S., '93; M. A., '03 

6 Perry St., Brookline, Mass. 
Conyngton, Mary Katherine, '94; M. A., '99 

85 Congdon St., Providence, R. I. 
fCook, Bessie Lesquereux, '90 (Mrs. S. C. Kingsley) 
Cook, Caroline Jewell, '84; LL. B., Boston University, '99 

1 1 18 Tremont Bldg., Boston, Mass. 
Cook, Ella May, '85; M. A., Central Female College, '98 (Mrs. 

J. N. Hunter) 
Cook, Florence Vedder, '04 88 Johnson Park, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Cook, Grace Louise, '99 Wellesley, Mass. 

Cook, Ida May, '98 235 Greenwood Boulevard, Evanston, 111. 
Cook, Louise, B. S., '94 530 Hancock St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Cook, May Estelle, '89; M. A., Univ. of Chicago, '01 

721 Superior St., Oak Park, 111. 
Cook, Mary Imogene, '00 100 Park St., Montclair, N. J. 

Cook, Mrs. Samuel C. (Winifred Augsbury) 

852 2d Ave., Cedar Rapids, Ia» 

Blue Island, 111. 

South Framingham, 



: 454, Concord, 


F. E. 







Cook, Mrs. George P. (Mary A. Jenckes) 

10 Church St., Milford, Mass. 
Cooke, Harriet Louise, '&$ (Mrs. Roscoe Nelson) 
Cooke, Helen Fairman, '96 North Brookfield, Mass. 

Cooke, Juliette Montague, '02 (Mrs. Arthur H. Jones) 
Cooke, Marion Frances Eaton, 'oi 

4 Church St., Cortlandt, N. Y. ; North Brookfield, Mass. 
Cool. Jane Nobles, '98 
Coolidge, Florence Gertrude, '93 

92 Union Ave.. 
Coolidge, Minnie Louise, '99 
Coolidge, Sarah Brainerd, '85 (Mrs. 
Coombs, Alice Gertrude, '93 
Coombs, Grace Irving, B. S., '94 
Coonley, Mary Elien, '99 

78 Heberton Ave., Port Richmond, N. Y. 
Cooper, Mrs. Charles H. (Caroline A. Wheeler) 

222 Clark St., Mankato, Minn. 
Cooper, Edith Leila, B. S>, '88 (Mrs. S. K. Hartman) 
*Copeland, Leonora Howard, '99. Died 1901. 
$Corbin, Virginia Jemima, B. S., '94; Pd. B., Albany Normal 
College, '97 Oxford, N. Y. 

Cordley, Annie Minto, B. S., '87; M. A., Columbia, '03 

Glen Ridge, N. J. 
Corey, Helena May, '92 

13 Tirrell St., Worcester, Mass.; Sturbridge, Mass. 
tCornell, Clara Prentiss, '82 (Mrs. Reid Carpenter) 
Corson, Ellen Pawling, '97 ; M. D., Woman's Medical Coll. of 
Philadelphia, '03 (Mrs. Eben White) 

The Plymouth, Washington, D. C. 
Cottrell, Lucy Martin, '98 (Mrs. Clayton E. Shaw) 
fCoughlin, Ellen Martin, '02 

74 W. Union St., Wilkes Barre, Pa. 

Coulter, Annie May, '92 6 Cedar St., Clinton, Mass. 

fCoulter, Elva Carter, '94 117 South St., Bennington, Vt. ; 

2 Westminster Terrace, Boston, Mass. 
tCount, Clara Beardsley, '93 

Flotel Hamilton, Brockton, Mass. ; Ellenville, N. Y. 
Courser, Alice Bertha, '92 (Mrs. Bertha C. Hooper) 
Craig, Eliza Parker, '98 The Hollis, Newton, Mass. 

fCraig, Elizabeth, B. S., '91 230 Cherry St., Columbia, Pa. 

Craig, Mrs. Henry H. (Mary L. Dodd) Falmouth, Mass. 

Grain, Vennette Sweet, B. S., '88 (Mrs. C. N. Moller) 
Cramton, Ellen Brown, '00 Rutland, Vt. 

Crane, Maud Howard, '90 Homer, Cortland Co., N. Y. 

/ O / O &<JLS 


Crapo, Edith Ray, B. S., '94 (Mrs. M. T. Baldwin) 

Crawford, Mrs. Adriel A. (Lois E. Rigley) Owasso, Mich. 

Crawford, Lillian Moore, '92 

11 Massachusetts Ave., Worcester, Mass. 
Crawford, Mary Moore, '91 61 Clark St., Glen Ridge, N. J. 

Crehore, Mrs. Joseph S. (Marion E. H. Barrows) 

Lincolnville, Me.; 9 Holten St., Peabody, Mass. 
Criley, Mrs. Theodore M. (Mary M. Brotherton) 

Coates House, Kansas City, Mo. 
Crocker, Caroline Stodder, '87 (Mrs. O. J. Davies) 
Crocker, Grace Goodnow, '04 32 Lee St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Crocker, Mrs. Kendall F. (Amy F. Boutelie) 

55 Garnet St., Fitchburg, Mass. 
Crofut, Florence Sidette Marcy, '97 i M. A., 98 

25 N. Beacon St., Hartford, Conn. 
Croll, Mabel Elsie, '01 

437 High St., Burlington, N. J. ; Freeland, Pa. 
Cromack, Alice Prentiss, '00 

308 Washington St., Maiden, Mass. 
Crombie, Mary Haines, '03 Indiana, Pa. ; Oakmont, Pa. 

fCromwell, Isabelle, '79 (Mrs. Frank H. Snell) 
Crosby, Cora Nell, '97 (Mrs Pharoah L. Cobb) 
f Crosby, Harriet Frances, '00 Wilton, N. H. 

Crosby, Ruth Chadwick, '04 8 Pearl St., Fitchburg, Mass. 

Cross, Anna Foster, '00 107 Chestnut St., Gardner, Mass.: 

2 Webster St., Nashua, N. H. 
Cross, Mrs. Frank J. (Sophia A. Wells) 

5 Bigelow St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Cross, Mary Evelyn, '98 Care C. A. Cross, Fitchburg, Mass. 

Crouch, Flora Alice, B, S., '84 136 N. Central Ave., 

Austin, 111. 1 805 W. Perry St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Crouch, Harriet Elizabeth, B. S., '84 

Montclair High School, Montclair, N. J. 
Crowell, Mrs. Curtis R. (Elizabeth Wiggin) Durham, N. H. 
Crowell, Mrs. Martha Giltner (Martha M. Giltner) 

334 1 st St., Portland, Ore. 
Crownshield, Margaret, B. S., '87; Pd. M., N. Y. Univ. '96 

21 E. 46th St., New York, N. Y. ; Columbia, Pa. 
Crumb, Geneva, '97 5463 Maple Ave., St. Loais, Mo. 

*Cummings, Grace Mayland, '91. Died 1898. 
Cummings, Lucy Webster, '97 (Mrs. Henry C. Sanborn) 
Cunningham, Maud Marie, '97 219 Pine St., 

Holyoke, Mass.; 55 Richdale Ave., Somerville, Mass. 
Currier, Blanche, '97 208 Broadway, Methuen, Mass.; 

65 Temple St., Haverhill, Mass. 


Curtis, Mrs. Arthur H. (Ongola Clough) 

Tondiarpetta, Madras, India; 
Curtis, Chloe, 'oo 99 Pinckney St., Boston, Mass.; 

Brookfield Centre, Conn. 
Curtis, Mabel Gair, '90 829 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. 

fCurtiss, Mrs. Charles E. (Emma F. Purington) 

Clinton, Rock Co., Wis.; 1174 Millard Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Curtiss, Lillian Fay, '95 North Weymouth, Mass- 

Cushing, Ellen Maria, '96 10 Prospect St., Fitchburg, Mass. 
Cushing, Mary Gertrude, B. S., '92; M. A. '95 

Care C. B. Cushing, 85 Cedar St., New York, N. Y. 
Cushing, Mary Porter, B. S., '93 (Mrs. Harry K. Shatswell) 
*Cushman, Elizabeth Shurtleff, B. S., '84. Died 1886. 
Cushman, Ellen Maria, '01 63 Church St., Springfield, Mass. 3 
20 Mt. Pleasant St., St. Johnsbury, Vt. 
f Cushman, Marian Bartlett, '01 72 Jason St. Arlington, Mass. 
Cushman, Mrs. Robert (Elizabeth Little) 

41 Central Ave., Pawtucket, R. L 
Cushman, Susan Louise, '91 

77 S. Main St. Middleboro, Mass. 
# Cutler, Mrs. Henry F. (Harriet L. Ford). Died 1903. 
Cutler, Lucy Smith, '02 842 N. Main St., Rockford, 111. 

Cutler, Mary Helen, '88 32 Fern St., Auburndale, Mass. 

Dadmun, Frances May, '99; M. A., '01 Swarthmore College, 
Swarthmore, Pa. ; 47 Pleasant St. Marlborough, Mass. 
Daggett, Emma Carolyn, '99 20 Waldo St., Somerville, Mass. 
Dalrymple, Alice Edissa, '03 (Mrs. Joseph M. Adams) 
Dalzell, Martha Sophia, '98 (Mrs. Howard M. Whiting) 
tDame, Mrs. George H. (Grace A. Jenckes) 

211 Clinton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Damon, Agnes Whitman, '93 (Mrs. A. J. Wellington) 
Damon, Alice Bond, '98 South Framingham, Mass* 

Damon, Harriet Lincoln, B. S. '92 (Mrs. E. K. Taylor) 
Damon, Helen Gertrude, '98 275 Broadway, Arlington, Mass. 
♦Damon, Mary Bliss, '86; M. D., Woman's Med. Coll. of N. Y. 
Infirmary, '90. Died 1902. 
Damon, Ruth Stockbridge, B. S., '90 Plymouth, Mass. 

Dana, Hannah Little, '97 (Mrs. Frank H. Swan) 
Danforth, Grace Lillian, '04 428 Norwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Daniels, Mary Sharpe, '86; M. A., McMaster Univ., '94 

89 Carmei Way, Ocean Grove, N. J. 
Danielson, Alice Josephine, '04 Danielson, Conn. 

Danielson, Louise Whitmore, '91 Danielson, Conn. 

Danielson, Mary Louise, '91 (Mrs. Levi J.Goodrich) 
Darby, Anna Elizabeth, '04 Kokomo, Ind* 


Darling, Mrs. Frederick O. (Ada Brann) Greenfield, Mass. 

Darling, Kate Crosby, B. S., '83; M. A., '89 (Mrs. Wm. H. 

Darlington, Isabel, B. S., '86; LL. B., University of Pennsyl- 
vania, '97 West Chester, Pa. 
Dartt, Mary Abbie, '96 Springfield, Vt. 
i"Davenport, Mary Fullerton, '96 (Mrs. Francis A. Bragg) 
Davenport, Mary Olmstead, '00 

848 Myrtle Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 
Davidson, Mrs. Charles P. (Anna E. Broadwell) 

1525 Adams Ave., Sqranton, Pa. 
f Davidson, Janet Eliza, '92 (Mrs. J. W. Travell) 
JDavidson, Lilla Olive, '80 (Mrs. Geo. W. Patterson) 

Davidson, Mary Emily, '04 913 S. 49th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
fDavies, Mrs. Owen J. (Caroline S. Crocker) 

. 40 Astor St., Chicago, 111. 
fDavis, Annie Hamilton, '01 912 Western Ave., Allegheny, Pa. 
Davis, Bertha Eunice, '02 Box 99, South Framingham, Mass. 
Davis, Caroline Means, '97 

336 Humphrey St., New Haven, Conn. 
Davis, Florence Wadleigh, "94 

218 Park St., West Roxbury, Mass. 
Davis, Grace Evangeline, '98 

1 Norfolk Terrace, Wellesley, Mass. 
Davis, Helen Howard, '99 

336 Humphrey St., New Haven, Conn. 
Davis, Mrs. Henry A. (Sarah E. McCleery) Sewickley, Pa. 

Davis, Kathrina Mode, '01 

Fitchburg, Mass.; 29 Fulton St., Glens Falls, N. Y. 

JDavis, Mary Alice, '96 4621 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago. 111. 

Davis, Mary Craik, '01 1401 Washington St., W T aco, Tex. 

Davis, Olive, B. S., '86 Wellesley College ; Honeoye Falls, N. Y. 

fDavis, Mrs. Thomas B. (Apollonia A. Denkman) 

605 26th St., Rock Island, 111. 
■f Davison, Ellen Scott, B. S., '87 ; M. A., Western Reserve 
Univ., '94 1330 2d St., Louisville, Ky. 

Davison, Mabel Estelle, '95 (Mrs. W T . A. Bentley) 
Dawley, Mrs. Daniel L. (Emily T. Murdock) 

610 St. Anthony Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Day, Alice Frances, '88 (Mrs. P. J. D. Kuncz) 
Day, Lydia W T ard, '01 211 Newbury St., Boston, Mass. 

Day, Mrs. William H. (Julia H. Lyman) 

946 S. Union Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 
t"Dean, Cecil Helen, 'oi 105 Hawkins Ave., Braddock, Pa. 

*Dean, Florence, '91 (Mrs. Harlan P. Spaulding). Died 1904. 


Dean, Grace Mildred, '03 Tipton, Iowa- 

Dean, Maud Augusta, '84 (Mrs. Irving F. Symonds) 
Dean, Rosa, '90 (Mrs. J. B. Hann) 
tDeane, Bertha Louise, '87 22 Clinton St., Taunton, Mass. 

tDeBolt, Mrs. George W. (Mary W. Moderwell) 

Fairmount, W. Va. 
Decker, Mrs. Casper G. (Caroline F. Spencer) 

507 W. Water St., Elmira, N. Y. 

tDecker, Harriet Louise, '02 Convent Station, N. J. 

De Cou, Helena, '96 Dover, N. J. 

Degen, Jessie, '98 11 Summer St., Augusta, Me. 

tDegen, Mrs. John A. (Clare E. von Wettberg) 

Fort Leavenworth, Kas. 
DeLashmutt, Inez, B. S., '92 1121 6th Ave., Spokane, Wash. 
Delano, Mrs. Chas. W. (Annie C. Barnard) 

1 Lowell St., Worcester, Mass. 
tDelano, Mrs. Lewis P. (Elizabeth R. Snyder) 

412 McPherson Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
Dempsey, Mrs. Clarence H. (Susanne E. Goddard) 

St. Johnsbury, Vt. 
tDenfeld, Charlotte Sophia, '85 1231 Dean St. f 

Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 21 School St, Westboro, Mass. 
Denis, Adelaide, '87; M. A., Colorado College, '03 

318 E. Yampa St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Denis, Bertha, '84 415 W. 118th St., New York, N. Y. 

jDenison, Eva Mattocks, '95; M. A., '98 253 Church St.. 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; 13 Arlington PL, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Denison, Grace Mary, '95 (Mrs. R. K. Sheppard) 

fDenkmann, Apollonia Adelaide, '82; M. A., '87 (Mrs. Thomas 

B. Davis) 
tDenkman, Mathilde Catherine, '86 (Mrs. E. S. Wentworth) 
tDennis, Gertrude Lakin, '96 (Mrs. J. W. McKoan) 
Dennis, Helen, '95 ; M. D., Cornell Univ. Med. Coll., '00 

30 Central Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Dennis, Mary Pinneo, '93 (Mrs. Jesse St. John) 
Dennison, Grace Mabel, '97 (Mrs. Edward W. Bancroft) 
Denny, Florence, '04 (Mrs. W. G. Heliker) 
Derrin, Juliette Hart, '99 316 W. 5th St., Joplin, Mo. 

Devan, Mrs. Harriet B. Scoville (Harriet B. Scoville) 

Bedford Park, Stamford, Conn. 
DeVeny, Mary Matilda, B. S., '81, (Mrs. E. A. Wasson) 
Devol, Gertrude, '97 Waterman Hall, Sycamore, 111. ; Gambier, O. 
Dewar, Maude, '04 942 Michigan Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Dewey, Emma Grace, B. S., '85; M. A., 94; M. D., Johns 
Hopkins Univ., '03 n 23 W. State St., Jacksonville, I1L 


Dewey, Emma Grace, B. S., '93 

Harcourt PL, Gambier, O. ; 428 Park St., Owasso, Mich. 

Dewson, Mary Williams, '97 Adams St., Quincy, Mass. 

Dexter, Edith Delano, '95 Cornell University, 

Ithaca, N. Y. ; 148 Summer St., New Bedford, Mass. 

Deyo, Jennie Mabel, B. S., '93; M. L., Univ. of California, '04 

Pasadena, Cal* 
Dice, Mrs. Seth D. (Mary Little) 

36 W. Church St., Xenia, O. 
Dickie, Cecilia, '95 (Mrs. J. S. Sutherland) 
Dickinson, Sarah Elizabeth, B. S., ^8^ 

134 Lake View Ave., Jamestown, N. Y* 
tDill, Katharine Frick, B. S., '87 (Mrs. W. S. Brown) 
Dillingham, Mary Emma, '93 (Mrs. Walter F. Frear) 
tDimmick, Annie May, '97 

435 Clayton St., Montgomery, Ala^ 
Dingley, Anna Ladd, B. S., '89 291 Court St., Auburn, Me, 

Disque, Mary Margaretta, '97 124S. NegleyAve., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Dix, Elizabeth Elvira, '01 

827 Mississippi Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
tDixon, Alice Elizabeth, '87 (Mrs W. T. Rayner) 
Dixon, Ethel Mendenhall, '03 

Town and Country Club, 12 E. 2 2d St., New York, N. Y. 

Dixon, Lilian, '00 Taconic School, Lakeville, Conn~ 

Doak, Ethel Beatrice, '04 1502 N. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa.- 

tDoane, Bertha Leigh, '01 Webb City, Mo. 

Doane, Mrs. Samuel E. (Marion M. Jackman) 

18 East Boulevard, Cleveland, O. 
Dobbin, Flora Asenath, '03 Shushan, N. Y... 

Dodd, Mary Lydia, '98 ( Mrs. Henry H. Craig) 
Dodge, Grace Brown, B. S., '86 

87 Cottage St., New Bedford, Mass.. 
*Dodge, Mrs. Joseph H. (Elizabeth M. McGuire). Died 1903. 
Dodge, Lizzie Batchelder, '87 (Mrs. Harrison G. Blake) 
Dodge, Mabel Clara, '94 (Mrs. John B. Pratt) 
Dodge, Maud Amy, '88 

6 Jacques Ave., Worcester, Mass. ; Blue Hill, Me*. 
Dodge, Mrs. Robert G. (Alice W. Childs) 

2 Toppan's Lane. Newburyport, Mass. 
tDodge, Virginia, '92 (Mrs. Clarence A. Hough) 
Doggett, Mrs. Laurence L. (Carolyn G. Durgin) 

60 Northampton Ave., Springfield, Mass.. 
Dole, Blanche, '03 104 Pearl St., Fitchburg, Mass.. 

tDole, Dorothy Lees, B. S., '89 (Mrs. Benj. B. Holmes) 


Dolliver, Mrs. J. P. (Louise Pearsons) 

141 5 Mass. Ave., Washington, D. C. ; Fort Dodge, la. 
$Donner, Diamond, '01 

The McKay, Cor. 3d and Stark Sts., Portland, Ore. 
Doolittle, Mabel, B. S., '90 (Mrs. Malcolm S. Potter) 
Doonan, Caroline Margaret, 'oi Wellesley, Mass. 

*Doten, Mrs. Arthur (Ethel S. Norton). Died 1903. 
Doten, Mrs. Leonard S. (Mertie A. Emerson) 15 St. James Ave., 
Boston, Mass.; 395 S. Main St., Manchester, N. H. 
tDouglas, Mrs. Harry J. (Isabella Y. Miller) 

Box 193, Stamford, Conn. 
Douglas, Marion. '01 1906 Park Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Douglas, Vera Francina. '99 357 W. 55th St., New York, N. Y. 
Dow, Alice Osbom, B. S., '85 Colby Academy, 

New London, N. H. ; 20 Woburn St., Reading, Mass. 
*Do\v. Mrs. Henry A. T. (Mary C. Whitcher). Died 1902. 
Dow, Lucy jane, '92 30 Arch St., Springfield, Mass. 

Downey, Mary Blanche, '03 52 Piedmont St., Worcester, Mass. 
Dowst, Mrs. Henry P. (Margaret E. Starr) 

20 Marlboro St., Newton, Mass. 
Doyle, Sarah Leonard, '98 242 Saratoga St., Cohoes, N. Y. 

Drake, Helen Parker, B. S., '94 (Mrs, Charles S. Aldrich) 
Drake, Minnie Alice Rutherford, '88 

34 S. Genesee Ave., Cleveland, O. 
Dransfield, Alice Walbridge, '92 

13 Myrtle Hill Park, Rochester, N. Y. 
t Dransfield, Mary Louise, B. S., '90; M. A., Univ. of Colo., '97 

42 Birr St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Draper, Constance Barttelot, '02 (Mrs. Jay C, Howard) 
"}"Dresser, Caroline Muzzy, B. S. '91 (Mrs. Charles Witherle) 
Dresser, Mrs. Horatio W. (Alice M. Reed) 

73 Wendell St., Cambridge. Mass. 
Drew, Caroline Brooks, B. S. '89 902 Adams St., 

Wilmington, Del. ; 58 Silver St., Dover, N. H. 
Drew, Mrs. Wilbert S. (Maria A. Kneen) 

Macatawa, Mich.; 5531 Monroe Ave., Chicago, 111. 
tDrouet, Mrs. William C. (Florence E. Noyes) 

95 Highland Ave., Somerville, Mass. 
Drury, Ella Maria, '79 45 Monroe St., Roxbury, Mass. 

Dubois, Mary Tansen, B. S., '86 Napanoch, N. Y. 

Dudley, Mr... s E. (Harriet A. Nourse) 

35 Chapin Ave., Providence, R. I. 
Dudley, Edith, '97 ( Mrs. Frederick P. Cole) 

Dudley, Mary Judith, '83 (Mrs. S. I). Felker) 

Dudley, Sara J., B. S., '85 827 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 


t Dudley, Mrs. Roy B. (Jessie S. Munger) Clinton, N. Y. 

Dudley, Theodora Woodford, '91 (Mrs. Ralph H. Burr) 
Duncan, Grace Leigh, '91 29 E. 29th St., New York, N. Y. 

Dunlap, Mrs. Charles J. (Agnes L. Caldwell) 

45 Trinity Place, New Rochelle, N. Y. 
Dunlap, Kent Rolla, '90; M. A., Univ. of Pa., '93 (Mrs. E. E. 
Hagier) ( 

fDunn, Mrs. William S. (Annie L. Vinal) Westboro, Mass. 

Durfee, Adella Blanche, '02 (Mrs. John H. Heady) 
Durfee, Elizabeth Winants, '97 (Mrs. Frank M. Green) 
fDurflinger, Annie Laurie, B. S., '91 London, O. 

Durgin, Carolyn Gillespie, Oberiin, '90 ; M. A. Wellesley, '93 

( Mrs. Laurence L. Doggett) 
Durgin, Helen Juliette, '99 Bradford, Mass. 

Durstine, Florence Sarles, '01 

430 W. 1 1 6th St., New York, N. Y. 

Dutch, Marjorie Flemmings, 'oo Walnut Hill School, 

Natick, Mass. ; 132 Highland Ave., Winchester, Mass. 

Dutcher, Daisy Grimwoo<V °4 Hopedale, Mass. 

Dutcher, Mrs. Edward M. (Mary L. Pierce) 

35 Lmwood, Ave., Newton, N. J. 
Duxbury, Juliette Wheeler, '97 179 Central Ave., Dover, N. H. 
Dvvight, Catharine Harding, '01 113 Chene St., Detroit, Mien. 
Dwyer, Effie Fredlein, '86 (Mrs. Stanley H. Holmes) 
Dwyer, Elsie Marion, '84 Montclair, N. J.; Grafton, Mass. 

Dyson, Mrs. John R. (Mary Lauderbach) 

309 W. Diamond Ave., Hazelton, Pa. 
Eager, Helen Gertrude, '93 (Mrs. Vernon B. Swett) 
Eager, Ruth Isabel, '02 Forest Park Univ., 

St. Louis, Mo.; 292 Otis St., W. Newton, Mass. 
Eakin, Mrs. John A. (Jessie E. Morgan) Cresco, la. 

Early, Caroline Blakeman, '04 944 N. Main St., Rockford, 111. 
tEastman, Alice Bessie, '04 Townsend, Mass. ; Sutton, Mass. 
Eastman, Mrs. George P. (Alice G. Pettee) 

48 Highland Ave., Orange, N. J. 
^Eastman, Grace, B. S., '91 (Mrs. Adrian D. Stevenson). 

Died 1899 
Eastman, Mary Reed, B. S., '92 

198 Lancaster St., Albany, N. Y. 
Easton, Mrs. Frank T. (Emily Meader) 

Care F. T. Easton, Union Trust Bldg., Providence, R. I. 
*Easton, Ollie Amelia, '84 (Mrs. Spencer W. Narregang) 

Died 1894 
Eaton, Mrs. Charles E. (Emma Sherburne) 

Brewster, Cape Cod, Mass.; 19 Elm St., No. Woburn, Mass. 


Eaton, Mrs. Harold B. (Winona Tilton) 

7 Rockland St., Melrose Highlands, Mass. 
Eaton, Lelia Sophia, 'oo 240 Van Houten Ave., 

Passaic, N. J.; 18 Sawin St., Natick, Mass. 
Eaton. Louisa Adelaide, '83 (Mrs. Alanson J. Abbe) 
Eaton, Mary Pearl, '04 25 N. Jackson St., Butte, Mont.;. 

Care Mr. J. M. Walker, Walden, N. Y. 
Eaton, Susan Wilhelmina, B. S., '94 Danvers, Mass. 

Ebert, Mrs. Charles H. (Mary L. Roberts) 

166 W. Putnam Ave., Greenwich, Conn, 
Eddy, Mrs. Walter H. (Frances E. Hildreth) 

The Marconi, 2410 7th Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Edgerly, Mrs. J. Winslow (Sarah L. Swett) 

678 E. 136th St., New York, N. Y. 
Edgerton, Winifred Haring, '83 ; Ph. D., Columbia Univ. '86 

(Mrs. F. J. H. Merrill) 
Edgett, Grace Lawrence, '97 15 Westport Ave., 

Kansas City, Mo.; 329 Cabot St., Beverly, Mass,. 
tEdwards, Anne Katharine, '01 1304 Cass St., LaCrosse, Wis. 
t Edwards, Grace Louise, '03 Lisle, N. Y. 

Edwards, Grace Osborne, B. S., '94 ; B. L. S., Univ. of 111., '98 
Public Library, Superior, Wis.; 1304 Cass St., LaCrosse, Wis. 
Edwards, Louise Libby, B. S., '94 (Mrs. H. C. Fabyan) 
Edwards, Mary Adelaide, '89 (Mrs. H. K. Twitchell) 
Edwards, Mrs. William P. (Mary L. Alden) 

Oxford and Browning Roads, Newton Centre, Mass. 
Egelston, Pauline, '04 157 S. Main St., Gloversville, N. Y. 

*Egerton, Alice Gertrude, '81. Died 1886. 
fEginton, Sarah Louise, '96 (Mrs. H. C. Whiteheads 
tEggleston, Mrs. Oscar H. (Ada W. Sweet) 

West Mansfield, Mass 
Elbert, Mrs. Samuel G. (Ella Lavinia Smith) 

1 014 King St., Wilmington, Del. 
Eldridge, Emily Louise, '91 114 Congress St., Milford, Mass. 
Ellery, Florence Lincoln, '88 Saxton's River, Vt. 

♦Elliot, Marie Danforth, '81. Died 1886. 
Elliot, Mildred Sutherland, '00 (Mrs. Edwin G. Adams) 
Elliott, Katharine Reed, B. S., '92 Fairmount Sem., 

Washington, D. C. ; 37 Edson St., Boston, Mass. 
Ellis, Emma Rebecca, '04 Wellesley College ; Guilford, Me. 
Ellis, Mrs. Fred C. (Auguste M. Helmholtz) 

231 Ogden Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Ellis, Julia Ada, '84 Atlanta University, Atlanta, Ga. ; 

1 1 Wilson St., Natick, Mass. 


*Ellis, Mary Elvira, B. S., '86 (Mrs. Richard A. Searing) 

Died 189a 
Ells, Mrs. Benjamin F. (Marion A. Ely) 

1842 National Ave., Rockford, III. 
Ellsworth, Emily Orah Janvien, '98 

61 Park St., Exeter, N. H. 
|Ely, Amelia Maria, '98; M. A., '01 Dedham, Mass. 

Ely, Marion Angelina, '89 (Mrs. Benjamin F. Ells) 
Ely, May Violet^ B. S., '88 (Mrs. A. Mitchelson) 
Emerson, Adaline Eliza, '8o (Mrs. N. F. Thompson) 
Emerson, Alice Woodbury, '86 

Winsted, A, Conn. ; Methuen, Mass- 
Emerson, Carrie Lane, B. S., '89 (Mrs. George Mooney) 
Emerson, Clara Eliza, '91 89 Whalley Ave., New Haven, Conn. 
Emerson, Dora Bay, B. S., '92 ; M. A., Columbia Univ., '9^ 

(Mrs. Wm. M. Wheeler) 
Emerson, Harriet Elizabeth, '82 (Mrs. W. E. HinchlirT) 
Emerson, Lucy Constance, '96 Titusville, Pa- 

fEmerson, Mary Alice, '92 Norman Hall, Bridgewater, Mass. ; 

524 Tremont St., Boston, Mass.. 
tEmerson, Mary Josephine, B. S., '92 

410 W. 115th St., New York, N. . Y.. 
Emerson, Mertie Alice, '98 (Mrs. L. S. Doten) 
Emery, Annie Katharine, '87 

26 Brevoort Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
fEmery, Sara Sumner, '98 (Mrs. Claude U. Gilson) 
Emmett, Mary Ashton, '03 Peace Dale, R. L 

Emmons, Blanche Fay, '03 

202 E. Ellsworth St., Denver. Colo. 
Eno, Mary Catherine, '80 (Mrs. E. D. Russell) 
fEssex, Estelle Whitman, '82 Fall River, Mass. 

fEssex, Lydia Baker, '85 Fall River, Mass, 

Etzensperger, Emily Bertha, '04 

Box B, Foxboro, Mass. ; North Attleboro, Mass.. 
Evans, Elizabeth Girdler, '97 Care Department of Philos- 

ophy, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

*Evans, Emily Martha, B. S., '87. Died 1889. 
Evans, Florence, '02 Merion Station, Pa.- 

Evans, Harriet Viola, '97 Main St., Biadford, Mass. 

Evans, Mrs. James H. (Blanche Bartleson) 

E. 549 Liberty Ave., Lidgerwood Park, Spokane, Wash. 
Evans, Jessie, '96 Merion Station, Pa- 

Everett, Ethel Go! ding, '03 Dover, N. EL 

Everett, Ethel Metcalf, '01 12 Belmont St., Lowell, Mass.. 

Everett, Mabel Thompson, '01 12 Belmont St., Lowell, Mass„ 


Faber, Charlotte Alice, '02 ; M. A., Univ. of Wisconsin, '04 

61 Merriman St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Fabyan, Mrs. Harry C. (Louise L. Edwards) 

21 Sparhawk St.. Brighton, Mass. 
Fackenthai, Katharine, '95 (Mrs. Manfred Lilliefors) 
Faile, Cecilia Doyer, '01 

70 Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 
Fairbank, Helen, '79 (Mrs. Geo. R. R. Rivers) 
Fairbanks, Elsie Daniels, '98 

527 Hanover St. Manchester, N. H. 
Fairlie, Agnes Edmund, '00 

1035 E. Bay St., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Faissier, Mrs. John (Jane A. Byers) 

364 Chauncey St., Sycamore, 111. 
tFales, Abbie Maud, B. S., '88 (Mrs. Frederick C. Strong) 
Falk, Mrs. Otto H. (Elizabeth A. Vogel) 

480 Terrace Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
rFancher, Rose Iantha, B. S., '93 (Mrs. F. E. Gunnison) 
Fanning, Grace Merritt Winthrop, B. S., '91 

Care Dr. Fanning, Walter's Park, Pa. ; 177 Columbia 

Heights, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Farmer, Mrs. William H. (Grace E. Grenell) 

8 Draper Terrace, Montclair, N. J. 
Farnsworth, Harriet Maria, '87 (Mrs. E. L. Gulick) 
Farrar, Mrs. Preston C. (Edna V. Patterson) 

269 Marlborough Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Faince, Sarah Bradford, B. S., '83 (Mrs. Hiram H. Burns) 
% Favour, Florence, '99 19 Madison St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Fay. Mrs. Harrison G. (Ella C. Colt) 59 Centre St., 

Putnam, Conn. ; 55 Walnut St., Winsted, Cona. 
:£Feeny, Mildred, B. S., '93 (Mrs. C. P. Norcross) 
Feiss, Mrs Paul L. (Edith B. Lehman) 

37 Tilclen Ave., Cleveland, O. 
Felker, Mrs. Samuel D. (Mary J. Dudley) 

96 Wakefield St., Rochester, N. H. 

Fenton, Marion Elizabeth, '04 29 Yale St., Springfield, Mass. 

Fentress, Mrs. James, Jr. (Grace L. Addeman) Winnetka, 111. 

Ferguson, Eleanor Richard, '01 109 Laurel Ave., Ben Avon, Pa. 

' r Ferguson, Mrs. Robert H. (Carrie J. Newell) 

9 Dracut St., New Dorchester Sta., Boston, Mass. 
Fernald, Elizabeth Nute, '01 

81 Court St., Exeter, N. H.; Farmington, N. H. 
Ferrero, Mrs. Felice (Frances C. Lance) 

167 Dana St., Wilkes Barre, Pa. 


Ferris, Ermina, B. S., '92 ; A. M., Leland Stanford Univ. '97 

(Mrs. D. W. Murphy) 
Ferris, Julia Dayton, '89 920 E. 18th Ave., Denver, Colo.; 

721 Millard St., Saginaw, Mich, 
Field, Caroline Mabel, '89 94 Congress St., Milford, Mass. 

Field, Caroline Williams, '94 Primrose Hill, Belfast, Me. 

Field, Fanny, '04 11 24 Vine St., Denver, Colo, 

t Field, Mrs. George T. (Blanche B. Baker) North Platte, Neb. 
Field, Helen Blanche, '91 14 Somerset Ave., Taunton, Mass. 
Field, Mary Emily, '95 16 Omar Terrace, Newtonville, Mass. 
Field, Mrs. J. Howard (Lizzie Lee Jones) 

57 Arlington St., Brockton, Mass. 
Filler, Mrs. William H. (Kate C. Darling) 

307 4th St., Warren, Pa. 
Fine, May Margaret, '89 342 Nassau St., Princeton, N. J. 

Fink, Claudia Grugan, '04 Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Finlay, Mary, '98 153 Union St., Montclair, N. J. 

Finn, Jane Corwin, '97 Ivy Hall, Bridgeton, N. J. 

Finnigan, Annette, '94 n 16 Travis St., Houston, Tex. 

Fish, Mary Lucaster, B. S., '90 272 Main St., Brunswick, Me. 
Fishback, Myra Bessie, '04 Brookings, S. D. 

Fishel, Lillian Henrietta, B. S., '90 

Babylon, Long Island, N. Y. 
-fFisher, Mrs. James (Gertrude F. Adams) Address unknown. 
Fisher, Abby Smith, '97 (Mrs. Albert M. Shattuck) 
Fisher, Bessie Ellen, '98 Woods Hole, Mass. 

Fisher, Mrs. Howard (Sara K. Conner) 

The Mendota, Washington, D. C. 
Fisherdick, Florence Marion, '89 

539 Broad St., Meriden, Conn.; W T are, Mass. 
Fiske, Ellen Ware, '92 Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Fiske, Isabella Howe, '96 Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Fiske, Minnie Florence, '88 (Mrs. Edward C. Rawson) 
Fitch, Helen Morgan, '03 36 Linden St., Allston, Mass. 

Fitch, Mary Vinia, B. S., '90 (Mrs. Warren A. Fuller) 
Fithian, Mrs. Howard W. (Jennie Alida Hosford) 

23 Bank St., Bridgeton, N. J. 
Flagg, Mrs. Charles F. (Edna F. Pressy) 

no Emery St., Portland, Me. 
Flanders, Addie Eliza, '04 84 Burke St., Nashua, N. H. 

Fleming, Mrs. James N. (Abigail A. Brooks) 

255 Amesbury Ave., Cleveland, O. 
Fleming, Maude Ray, '01 (Mrs. Edward R. Gnade) 
Fletchall, Mrs. Lilburn C. (Mary Bozeman) Poseyville, Ind. 


Fletcher, Caroline Rebecca, '89 ; A. M., Radcliffe, '99 

Wellesley College ; 35 Blake St., N. Cambridge, Mass. 
Fletcher, Emma Belle, '01 5 S. 5th Ave., Marshalltown, la. 
Flournoy, Mary Ethalene, '93 Kirkwood, Mo. 

Flower, Daisy Olive, '97 1052 Upper 1st St., Evansville, Ind. 
Flower, Helen Marion, '98 

St. Paul's School, Walla Walla, Wash.; Deadwood, S. D. 
Flower, Mrs. Jewell (Agnes L. McFarland) 

149 Manhattan Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Floyd, Florence, B. S., '85 (Mrs. Frank W. Merriam) 
Flynn, Mrs. P. Henry (Elizabeth A. Trebein) 

131 N. Detroit St., Xenia, O. 
Fobes, Mrs. Leon M. (Annie Prince Burgess) 

42 Cushman St., Portland, Me. 
Focke, Mrs. Theodore M. (Annie L. Bosworth) 

57 Cornell St., Cleveland, O. 
Foley, Emily Howard, '93; Ph. D., Yale (Mrs. Allyn K.Fos- 
Fole), Florence, '97 Lincoln, 111. 

Follett, Lena Elizabeth, B. S., '89 (Mrs. Frank Appleton) 
Follett, Mary Pelton, '04 94 Hoffman Ave., Columbus, O. 

Fooks, Mary Rebecca, '02 Laurel, Del. 

Foote, Edna Bigelow, '00 1622 Oak Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Foote, Franc Estelle, '99 245 Culver Road, Rochester, N.Y. 
Foote, Sylvia, '89 ; M. A., Syracuse Univ., '96 ; Ph. D., Syra- 
cuse Univ., '97 (Mrs. James Gosnell) 
*Forbes, Florence Therese, '95. Died 1898. 
Forbes, Ruth Rogers, '02 409 6th Ave., La Grange, 111. 

Force, Maynard, '99 (Mrs. Edwin M. Thayer) 
Forcier, Lillian Ethel, '01 119 Milton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Ford, Amy Mable, '02 

411 6th Ave., Clinton, la.; 2303 Park Place, Evanston, 111. 
Ford, Grace Marie, '95 (Mrs. William H. Weimer, Jr.) 
*Ford, Harriet Louise, '84 (Mrs. Henry F. Cutler). Died 1903. 
Ford, Jennie Hilton, '91 237 N. Main St., Brockton, Mass. 

Foresman, Rebecca Bryan, '84 6335 Stewart Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Foss, Helen, B. S., '94 ; M. A., Univ. of Pennsylvania, '03 

2043 Arch St., Philadeldhia, Pa. 
Foster, Mrs. Allyn K. ( Emily H. Foley) Cornwall, Conn. 

tFoster, Eliza Ophelia, B. S., '93 (Mrs. V. E. L. Verley) 
Foster, Harriet Minerva, '83 (Mrs. J. G. Moore) 
Foster, Mrs. Joseph (Norah Baird) 

603 Washington Ave. S., Lansing, Mich. 
Foster, Louise Benson, '04 259 Essex St., Beverly, Mass. 

Foster, Mary Eugenia, '03 Wellesley, Mass.; Glendale, O. 


Foster, Sarah Phoebe, '98 428 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Foster, Winifred Smith, B. S., '93 ; M. D., Boston, Univ., '97 

672 14th St., Oakland, Cal. 
Fowler, Nellie Luther, '98 1 School St., Newport, R. I. 

Fowler, Mrs. Orlando J. (Lillian Louise Haynes) 

23 Arthur St., Binghamton, N. Y. 

Fox, Edith, '04 631 Burns Ave., Wyoming, O. 

Fox, Helen Gertrude, '04 Milton Mills, N. H. 

Franklin, Alberta Mildred, '04 Atlantic Highlands, N. J.; 

245 Forest Ave., Morgantown, W. Va. 

tFraser, Georgine Zetelle, B. S., '90 

1708 Vine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Frazee, Grace Allen, '99 208 N. 7th St., Newark, N. J. 

Frear, Caroline, B. S., '93 ; A. M., Leland Stanford Jr., Uni- 
versity, '97 (Mrs. Frederic Burk) 
Frear, Mrs. Walter F. (Mary E. Dillingham) 

Box 473, Honolulu, I. H. 
Freeborn, Mrs. Faun W. ( Louise E. Baldwin) 366 Gaston Ave., 
Dallas, Tex.; 12 18 Pacific St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
tFreeman, Dora, '8o (Mrs. David N. Beach) 
Freeman, Lucy Jane, '97 ; M. A., Brown, '99 

98 Clay St., Central Falls, R. I. 
tFreeman, Madeline Hortense, B. S., '93 New London, Conn. 
Freeman, Martha, '04 143 W. Main St., Plymouth, Pa. 

Freeman, Sarah Jane, '01 

W T hittier Hall, 1230 Amsterdam Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Fremmer, Florence Helen, '04 

375 Haverhill St., Lawrence, Mass. 
French, Georgie Belle, '03 (Mrs. William Magenau) 
French, Grace Preston, '99 Lexington, Mass. 

French, Mrs. Charles W. (Fanny K. Bartlett) 

6442 Drexel Ave., Chicago, 111. 
French, Isabella Graham, 'S^ (Mrs. Melville J. Bigelow) 
Friday, Harriet Alice, B. S., '94 

524 Court St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Friday, Lucy Florence, '87 

318 Forest Road, Rowland Park, Md. 
Friend, Leah Berniece, '03 Ellsworth, Me. 

Frost, Carrie Gray, '92 (Mrs. William R. Hendy) 
Frost, Mrs. George C. (Claudia Bennett) 

829 South Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 
Frost, Mabel, '91 Weston, Mass. 

f Fuller, Blanche Louise, '87 

no St. James Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Fuller, Mary Anna, '84 (Mrs. Anna F. Bennett) 

4 8 

Fuller, Mrs. Warren A. (Mary V. Fitch) Glen Ridge, N. J. 
Fulton, Mrs. J. Gault (Gertrude L. Tinker) 

Anchorage, Jefferson Co., Ky. 
Furber, Mrs. George P. (Laura M. Parker) Concord, Mass, 
Furber, Jane Mayhew, '92 

769 Washington St., Brookline, JMass. 
tFyock, Alice May, '97 Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; Leavenworth, Kas. 
Gage, Gertrude Blair, '00 (Mrs. Hilleary L. Murray) 
Gage, Harriet Newell, '92 (Mrs. F. H. Osborn) 
Galbraith, Mary, '98 513 Henley St., Knoxville, Tenm 

fGallagher, Elizabeth Florence, '00 

25 St. Luke's Place, Montclair, N. J. 
Gamble, Alexandra McGill, '02 

15 Broad St., Plattsburgh, N. Y. 
Gamble, Eleanor Acheson McCulloch, '89 ; Ph. D., Cornell 
Univ., '98 

Wellesley College; 15 Broad St., Plattsburgh, N. Y.. 
Gamble, Kari Powers, '87 (Mrs. Neil McCoull) 
Gardner, Inez Josephine, '04 West Stoughton, Mass. 

Gardner, 7trs. E. LeRoy ( Clara .M. Keefe) Chester, Mass. 

Garwood, Helen, '98 Williamstown, N. J. 

Gates, Annette Chapin, '97 210 Augusta St., 

San Antonio, Tex.; 17 Court Sq., Milford, Mass. 
*Gates, Bertha Anna, '89 Died 1889. 
Gates, Mrs. Carl M. (Catherine R. Bisbee) 

16 Beach St., Saco, Me. 
tGates, Mrs. Charles W. (Mary Elizabeth Hayden) 

Franklin, Franklin Co., Vt. 
Gaule, Mrs. Justus (Alice Leonard) 

Zurichbergstrasse 124, Zurich, Switzerland 
Geib, Mrs. Frank (Julia A. Hill) 54 Centre St., Ashtabula, O. 
Gentry, Adda May, Knox College, '95 ; M. A., Wellesley, '98 

(Mrs. J. E. George) 
Genung, Anna Meeker, '96 506 Grand Ave., Asbury Park, N. J. 
George, Mrs. Andrew J. (Alice N. Vant) 

26 Thorndike St., Brookline, Mass. 
George, Mrs. J. E. (Adda M. Gentry) Evanston, 111. 

George, Nancy Caroline, '88 Mendon, Mass. 

Gerber, Laura Emilie, '04 834 Farragut St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Gere, Louisa Brewster, '89 1161 Amsterdam Ave. 7 

New York, N. Y.; 211 E. Broadway, Fulton, N. Y. 
tGerould, Mrs. John H. (Adah M. Hasbrook) Hanover, N. H. 
Gerry, Mrs. Philip F. (Margarita Spaulding) 

1 319 Yale St., Washington, D. C* 
*Getty, Kate A., '82 Died 1885. 


Geyer, Emma Lena, 5 oo 113 North Ave., Dayton, O. 

Gibbs, Mrs. Bernard (Wenona L. Clarke) Madison, Me. 

Gibbs, Ethel Nye, 'oi (Mrs. Harry E. Sprague) 
Gibson, Mrs. John S. (Harriet Winrleld) 

77 Washington Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Gidman, Thusa Lindsley, '98 

60 Elm St., Rockville, Conn.; Preston City, Conn. 
Gilchrist, Norma Lucile, '04 Laurens, la* 

*Giles, Mrs. T. F. (Nellie D. Brown.) Died 1888. 
Gilligan, Maud Estelle, '03 

Box 56, Northfield, Vt.; 44 Pond St., Natick, Mass. 
Gillmore, Jennie Amelia, '85 (Mrs. R. W. Knott) 
Gilman, Mrs. Alfred A. (Gertrude Carter) Hankow, China 
Gilman, Eugenia, '88 (Mrs. David P. Ayars) 
Gilman, Mary Russell, '88 (Mrs. L. A. E. Ahlers) 
Gilmore, Mrs. Jonathan M. (Marion Wilcox) 

Pittsfield, Mass, 
Gilpin, Grace Bennett, '98 108 John St., Newport, R. L 

tGilson, Mrs. Claude U. (Sara S. Emery) 

9 School St., Saco, Me.. 
tGilson, Mary Barnett, '99 

313 Beatty St., East End, Pittsburg, Pa. 
Giltner, Martha Matilda, '85 (Mrs. Martha Giltner Crowell) 
Gladding, Gladys, '04 Norwich, N. Y. 

Gladding, Grace, '04 Norwich, N. Y. 

Glass, Cleona Minerva Adaline, '94 

244 Church St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Gleason, Katherine Florence, '91 ; A. M., Univ. of Cal., '97 

564 S. 2d St., San Jose', Cal. 
Glidden, Julia Frances, '83 (Mrs. Frank E. McCoy) 
Glover, Ethel Adelia, '90; Ph. D., Univ. of Chicago, '98 

(Mrs. Henry R. Hatfield) 
Glover, Mabel Stanley, B. S., '92 (Mrs. Franklin P. Mail) 
Gnade, Mrs. Edward R. (Maude R. Fleming) 

211 Lincoln St., Oil City, Pa. 
Godard, Nellie, B. S., '86 54 Meeting St., Charleston, S. C. 
Goddard, Harriet, '02 205 E. 9th St., Plainfield, N. J. 

Goddard, Marie Anthony, '03 Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Goddard, Martha Freeman, B. S., '92 Morris High School, 

1 66th St. and Boston Road, New York, N. Y.; 34 Shattuck 
St., Worcester, Mass. 
Goddard, Susanne Ella, '95 (Mrs. Clarence H. Dempsey) 
Goddard, Willietta, '87 (Mrs. Herbert E. Ball) 
Godfrey, Grace, '96 Milford, Mass. 

Godfrey, Mabel Lee, '90 (Mrs. Lyman B. Swormstedt) 


<k>ff, Jessie Bence, '04 68 Prospect St., Fall River, Mass. 

*Gold, Alice Tracy, '83 (Mrs. Franz U. von Puttkamer) 

Died 1890. 
Goldthwait, Mary Susan, '97 ; M. A., '01 Marblehead, Mass. 
Goodale, Charlotte Atkinson, '98 (Mrs. Henry A. Kimball) 
Goodell, Agnes Mehitabel, '95 Wellesley, Mass. 

Goodloe, Abhie Carter, B. S., '89 

1068 3d Ave., Louisville, Ky. 
Goodrich, Mrs. Charles G. (Annie Y. Shortle) 

433 4th St., Marietta, O. 
Goodrich, Charlotte, '95 

53 Market St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; Lee, Mass. 
.Goodrich, Mrs. Levi J. (Mary Louise Danielson) 

Toppenish, Yakima Co., Wash. 
' Goodwin, Jessie Sargent, '03 22 Boynton St., Worcester, Mass. 
Goodwin, Maryette, '88 (Mrs. D. J. Mackey) 
Goodwin, Ruth Sharpless, '98 

3926 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Goodwin, Mrs. William D. (Minnie R. Prentice) 

45 Forest PL, Pittsfleld, Mass. 
Gordon, Mrs. Charles (F. Opal Watson) Three Oakes, Mich. 
tGordon, Helen Maria, '97 (Mrs. Claudius E. Harrell) 
Gordon, Mary Geraldine, '00 2849 May St., Cincinnati, O. 

Gordon, Mary Pratt, '02 105 Cherry St., Towanda, Pa. 

Gosnell, Mrs. James (Sylvia Foote) 

37 Rowley St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Gouinlock, Margaret Matilda, '02 

255 Jefferson St., Hartford, Conn. ; W T arsaw, N. Y. 
Gowans, Emily Camilla, B. S., '90 (Mrs. F. G. Sikes) 
fGraff, Elfie, '97 1527 N. 20th St., Philadelphia, Pa. ; 

52 Main St., New London, Conn. 
Greathead, Alice Maud, '01 

Norton, Mass. ; 519 Broadway, Lowell, Mass. 
Green, Clara Louise, '04 

32 Broadhead Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. 
*Green, Cornelia Elizabeth, '92 Died 1901. 
Green, Eleanor Burges, '92 14 John St., Providence, R. I. 

Green, Ella Weld, '99 32 Broadhead Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. 
Green, Mrs. Frank M. (Elizabeth W. Durfee) 

3020 Irving PL, Washington, D. C. 
(ireen, Mrs. George D. (Rebekah G. Blanchard) 

Lock Haven, Pa. 
Green, Julia Minerva, B. S., '93 ; M. D., Boston Univ., '98 

1738 N St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

5 1 

Green, Laura Caroline, '93 

Penn. Coll. for Women, Pittsburg, Pa. ; Granville, O. 

Green, Lucile, '02 55 N. Clinton Ave., Trenton, N. J. 

fGreen, Mrs. William W. (Annie Sawyer) Holbrook, Mass. 

Greenbank, Charlotte Hart, '90 Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

fGreene, Elsa, '03 12 12 Turner PI., Jacksonville, 111. 

Greene, Fannie Bradley, '94 

University of Tokyo, Japan ; CJrbana, 111. 
Greene, Rebecca Trott, B. S., '85 Palo Alto, Cal. 

Greene, Susie Ray, '83 (Mrs. A. E. Scoville) 
Greenman, Elizabeth, '92 28 Rockland St., Roxbury, Mass. 
Greenwood, Helen Evangeline, '96 

5 Benefit Terrace, Worcester, Mass, 

[Gregory, Edith Holmes, '87 Beverly, N. J. 

Gregory, Emily Ray, '85 ; M. A. Univ. of Pa., '95 ; Ph. D., 

Univ. of Chicago, '99 Wells College, 

Aurora, N. Y. ; 501 S. 42d St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Gregory, Emma Helena, '91 ; M. A., Brown Univ., '01 

29 Ann St., Providence, R. I. 
[Gregory, Jeannette Lindsley, '02 (Mrs. Homer F. Byington) 
Grenell, Ethelwyn, '98 

120 W. Alexandrine Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Grenell, Grace Eliza, '93 (Mrs. William H. Farmer) 
Grieve, Lucia C. Graeme, '83 ; M. A., '93 ; Ph. D., Columbia, '98 

50 Heck Ave., Ocean Grove, N. J. 
Griffin, Blanche Spalding, '98 (Mrs. William A. Adams) 
Griffith, Mrs. Josephine, B. S., '88 

Chatauqua, N. Y.; 5656 Washington Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Grindley, Mrs. W. H. (Susan M. Taylor) 

Parkfields, Tittensor, Staffordshire, England 
Griswold, Martha Townsend, '99 

10 Prospect St., Jamestown, N. Y. 
Groff, Sarah Hogate, '90 (Mrs. W. B. Conklin) 
Gross, Mrs. Henry J. (Alice W. Norcross) 

23 May St., Worcester, Mass. 
Grosvenor, Euretta Gordon, '00 Abington, Conn. 

fGrover, Helen Louise, '02 

Peace Dale, R. I.; 15 Maple St., Arlington, Mass. 
Gruber, Grace Edith, '92 (Mrs. W T illiam E. Cloyes) 
Guffey, Pauletta, '92 5200 Liberty Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Guild, Mrs. Marion P. (Marion L. Pelton) Care Miss G. I. 
Pelton, Denison House, 93 Tyler St., Boston, Mass. 
Gulick, Mrs. Edward L. (Harriet M. Farnsworth) 

Hanover, N. H. 
Gunn, Mary Inez, '01 Uxbridge, Mass. 


fGunnison, Mrs. Frederick E. (Rose I. Fancher) 

12G0 Pacific St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
tGurney, Marion Lane, '88 

East Side House, Church of the Redeemer, New York, N. Y. 
Gutterson, Mrs. George P. (Lillian B. Peavey) 

7 Charles St., Nashua, N. H. 
Guy, Eva Marguerite, '97 Mechanicsburg, O. 

Guy, Mrs. Matthew E. (Artemisia Stone) 

273 River St., Dayton, O. 
tHadley, Sarah Louise, '96 

Vassar Coll., Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; South Canterbury, Conn. 
Hadlock, Mrs. Albert E. (Marion Canfield) 

16 Tyson St., New Brighton, S. I., N. Y. 
Hagler, Mrs. Elmer E. (Kent Rolla Dunlap) 

Hagler Bldg., Springfield, 111. 
Haines, Lillian French, '97 

Rochester, N. H.; North Hampton, N. H. 
Haines, Mary Howell, '03 5433 Wayne Ave., Germantown, Pa. 
Haines, Rachel Sharp, '02 5433 Wayne Ave., Germantown, Pa. 
Hale, Nettie Jane, '90 (Mrs. Ernest C. Carpenter) 
Hale, Mrs. William B. (Clara L. Andrews) 

455 Exchange St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Hall, Alice Tripp, '81 ; M. D., Woman's Med. Coll. of Pa., '86 

(Mrs. C. H. Chapman) 
Hall, Amelia Avery, '85 ; M. A., '96 

Walnut Hill, Natick, Mass.; Westerly, R. I. 
Hall, Edith Louise, B. S., '88 (Mrs. H. M. Lufkin) 
Hall, Mrs. Edward T. (Mary Young) Titusville, Pa. 

Hall, Flora Appleton, B. S., '91 (Mrs. Edwin S. Martin) 
Hall, Frances Ada, '01 (Mrs. G. D. Buckley) 
Hall, Gertrude Maude, '97 28 Milton St., Lawrence, Mass. 

Hall, Helen Louise, '03 

North Brookfield, Mass.; 917 W. 5th St., Plainfield, N. J. 
Hall, Henrietta, '81 Marshfield Hills, Mass. 

fHall, Jessie Graham, '98 ; Ph. C, Univ. of Mich., '99 

928 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Hall, Mary Hardwick, '02 

484 Washington St., Dorchester, Mass. 
Hall, Minnie Arabella, '80 ; M. A., Brown Univ., '00 

417 Pine St., Providence, R. I. 
Hall, Mrs. Nathaniel C. (Harriet R. Lance) Old Lyme, Conn. 
Hall, Oriana Phillips, '00 

1558 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 
fHall, Rena Maud, '00 10 Chapin St., Brattleboro, Vt. 


Hall, Sarah Evelyn, '79 

Northfield Seminary, East Northfield, Mass. 
Hall, Susan Eliza, '01 820 Princess St., Wilmington, N. C. 

Hall, Mrs. Walter A. (Lucile C. Reynolds) 

71 Whiting St., Lynn, Mass. 
Hallam, Daisy Isabelle, '91 Centralia, 111. 

fHallam, Florence Mary, '96 

204 Crawford Ave., Dixon, 111.; Centralia, 111. 
Halley, Helen Jeanette, '04 Rapid City, S. D. 

*Halsey, Charlotte Elizabeth, '90 Died 1897. 
Halsey, Florence, '00 North Paterson, N. J. 

Halter, Laura Matilda, '84 (Mrs. Charles Sigel, Jr.) 
Ham, Caroline Jane, '98 41 Oakes St., Everett, Mass. 

Ham, Emily Hersey, '93 Hollidaysburg, Pa.; Malabar, Fla. 
Ham, Julia Marion, '03 

29 Fisher St., Dover, N. H.; Malabar, Fla. 
Hamblet, Mary Lucia, '98 120 Federal St., Salem, Mass. 

Hamilton, Anna May, '90 

5746 Howe St., Pittsburgh, Pa.; 70 Elm St., Wakefield, Mass. 
Hamilton, Florence Burton, '00 (Mrs. John D. Leggett) 
Hamlin, Alice Julia, '93 ; Ph. D., Cornell, '96 (Mrs. E. L. 

Hammond, Eleanor Mabelle, '04 Silver Creek, N. Y. 

Hand, Charlotte Chapman, '92 

505 Jefferson Ave., Scranton, Pa. 
Hand, Harriet Jessup, '87 505 Jefferson Ave., Scranton, Pa. 
Hann, Mrs, Jay B. (Rosa Dean) 

417 Indian St., Bellingham, Wash. 

Hanna, Genevieve Clark, '03 E. Main St., Bradford, Pa. 

Hannahs, Laura Edna, '03 31 Roseville Ave., Newark, N. j. 

fHannum, Grace Loomis, '98 Cazenovia, N. Y. 

fHannum, Louise Morris, B. S., '91 ; Ph. D., Cornell, '94 

Greeley, Colo. 
Harbach, Carrie May, '00 (Mrs. E. Foster Clark) 
tHardee, Elisabeth Bailey, B. S., '94 Albemarle Chambers, 

Albemarle St., Boston, Mass.: 214 Gwinnett St. E., Savan- 
nah, Ga. 
Harding, Alice Elizabeth, '00 (Mrs. David C. Churchill) 
Harding, Mrs. Chester, (Flora Krum) 18 16 Belmont Ave., 

Washington, D. C; Care War Dept., Washington, D. C. 
Hardon, Margaret, B. S., '92 (Mrs. J. H. Wright) 
Hardwick, Carrie Theodosia, '93 (Mrs. E. V. Bigelow) 
fHardy, Henrietta Eliza, '90 26 High St., Springfield, Mass.; 

54 Lake St., Arlington, Mass. 
*Hardy, Nellie Maria, '85 Died 1889. 


Harlow, Sarah Havens, B. S., '91 ; M. A., Columbia Univ., 'of 
Norfolk, Conn.; 25 Stewart PL, Nyack-on-Hudson, N. Y. 
Harper, Mrs. Alexander (Bertha L. Sisson) 

2596 Ashland Ave., Ravenswood, Chicago, 111.; 

Bristol, Conn. 
t Harper, Mrs. Charles T. (Cora Stickney) 

Belleview, Marion Co., Fla. 
Harper, Mrs. Edward T. (Susan A. Hosford) 

730 W. Adams St., Chicago, 111. 
fHarrell, Mrs. Claudius E. (Helen M. Gordon) 

150 5th Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Harrington, Helen, '02 1650 Grant Ave., Denver, Colo. 

tHarrington, Mrs. Frank W. ( Carrie L. Park) 

188 Park Ave., Warren, CL 
Harriman, Mary Frances, B. S., '85 (Mrs. C. A. Severance) 
Harris, Edith, B. S., '87 ; M. D., Woman's Medical College of 

Pa., '90 (Dr. Edith H. Schad) 
Harrison, Lucy Hayden, '02 

The Peachtree Road, Atlanta, Ga. 
Harsch, Mrs. A. P. (Leila K. Close) 

The Monticeilo, Toledo, (X 
Hart, Ruth Spencer, '04 

50 Buckingham Ave., Waterbury, Conn. 
Harte, Mrs. Charles R. (Helen L. Wilder) 

165 York St., New Haven, Conn* 
Hartman, Mrs. Sydney K. (Edith L. Cooper) 

315 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y. 
Hartt, Mrs. Rollin L. (Jessie C. Knight) 

160 Lake View Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 
tHartwell, Lucy, B. S., '93 (Mrs. John H. Hearding) 
*Hartwell, Rachel Rutherford, B. S., '91 (Mrs. George J. 
Pfeiffer) Died 1905. 
Hartwell, Mrs. Shattuck O. (Kate A. Hitchcock) 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Harwood, Harriet Diantha, B. S., '92 (Mrs. Joseph B. Lyman) 

tHasbrook, Adah May, '96 (Mrs. J. H. Gerould) 

tHaseltine, Annie Mabel, '95 247 Stout St., Portland, Ore. 

Haskell, Jessica Josephine, '02 Hallowell, Me. 

Haskell, Mary Elizabeth, '97 314 Marlboro St., Boston, Mass. 

t Haskell, Willa Louise, '83 (Mrs. Henry T. Higgins) 

Hastings, Clarissa Smith, '©4 (Mrs. Robert Chapman, Jr.) 
t Hastings, Florence Emily, '97 Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Hastings, Florence Nathalie, '02 (Mrs. Byron H. Stebbins) 
Hastings, Gertrude Lucia, '03 13 Park Ave., Natick, Mass. 
Hatch, Ella Louise, B. S., '89 (Mrs. Alexander Lewis) 


Hatch, Mrs. George F. (Mary Millard) 

199 Park St., West Roxbury, Mass. 
Hatch, Zoe Russell, '03 500 E. 5th St., Jamestown, N. Y. 

Hatfield, Mrs. Henry R. (Ethel A. Glover) Berkeley, Cal. 

Hathaway, Candace Eveleen, B. S., '87 ; M. A., Brown Uni- 
versity, '03 n Sherman Ave., Glens Falls, N. Y. 
Hathaway, Evangeline, '90 4 Ashburton PL, Boston, Mass.; 

172 Coyle St., Woodfords, Me. 
Hathaway, Miriam, '97 

Wellesley College ; Middleborough, Mass. 
Hatton, Angie, '88 (Mrs. James Cleland Hume) 
tHawes, Mabel Cary, '91 Hingham, Mass. 

tHawkes, Susanna Whitney, '89 

35 High St., New Haven, Conn.- 
Hawkins, Mrs. Laurence A. (Florence Kellogg) 

22 Front St., Schenectady, N. Y. 

tHawks, Helen Almira, '87 Greenfield, Mass. 

tHawks, Minnie Ellen, '96 BardwelTs Ferry, Mass. 

Hawley, Adaline Foote, '8i St. Margaret's School,. 

Waterbury, Conn.; Farmington, Conn. 

*Hawley, Mary Augusta, B. S., '92 (Mrs. F. C. Briggs) 

Died 1904.. 
tHawley, Mary Pope, '97 40 Newhall St., Maiden, Mass*. 

Hawley, Susan Sheldon, B. S., '94 (Mrs. Fred S. Knight) 
Hayden, Mary Elizabeth, B. S. '86 (Mrs. C. W. Gates) 
Hayes, Mabel Annie, '93 (Mrs. Everett L. Johnson) 
Hayford, Mrs. Ernest L, (Mary L. Knowlton) 

926 Monroe St., Chicago, I1L 
*Haynes, Elizabeth, '96 Died 1897. 
Haynes, Lillian Louise, '90 (Mrs. O. J. Fowler) 
Hayward, Dora Shearer, '02 

64 Locust Hill Ave,, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Hayward, Emeline Place, B. S., '91 (Mrs. Edmund Y. Rob- 
Hayward, Josephine Lemira, '98 

148 High St., Taunton, Mass.. 
Hayward Mrs. Sumner (Clara G. Ames) 

84 East Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 
Hazletine, Alice Isabel, '00 220 Winsor St., Jamestown, N. Y- 
Hazletine, Elizabeth Hallock, Vassar, '97 ; M. A., Welles- 
ley, '00 College for Women, Columbia, S. C. ; 

226 Winsor St., Jamestown, N. Y. 
Hazletine, Margaret Nickerson, '01 32 Cedar St., Belfast, Me. 
Hazel tine, Mary Emogene, B. S., '91 

7 Allen St., Jamestown, N. Y». 


Hazen, Margaret Ellen, '91 (Mrs. Welcome W. Bradley) 
Hazlewood, Charlotte Williams, '91 

161 Allen Ave., Lynn, Mass. 
Heady, Mrs. John H. (Adella B. Durfee) 

165 W. Franklin St., Shelbyville, lnd 

fHearding, Mrs. John H. (Lucy Hartwell) Eveleth, Minn. 

Hefferan, Mary, '96 ; M. A., '98 ; Ph. D., Univ. of Chicago, '03 

Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, 111. ; Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Hegeman, Lucy Moyer, '03 

Care J. A. Hegeman, 170 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 
Heilig, Lucy Belle, '95 (Mrs. Arnold Livermore) 
Heinz, Flora Hermine, '04 

Nettelbeck Strasse 20 x , Berlin, Germany 
Heliker, Mrs. W. G. (Florence Denny) 

537 N. Broadway, Seattle, Wash. 
tHeller, Mrs. Russell M. (Edith Sturgis) 

5318 Washington Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Helmer, Clara Seymour, B. S., '93 (Mrs. William P. Merrill) 
Helmholz, Auguste Marie, '01 (Mrs. Fred C. Ellis) 
Helming, Mrs. Oscar C. (Joanna S. Parker) Nutley, N. J. 

Hemingway, Marjorie Belle, '00 (Mrs. F. O. von Pfister) 
Hemperley, M. Amelia, '81 (Mrs. J. C. Hockenberry) 
Henderson, Annie May, '94 1372 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 
Henderson, Mrs. Frank L. (Gertrude P. Spalding) 

372 W^alton Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
Henderson, May Dale, B. S., '85 (Mrs. George L. Van Alen) 
Hendy, Mrs. William R. (Carrie G. Frost) 

Western Springs, III. 
Henning, Anna Atkins, '02 394 S. Centre St., Pottsville, Pa. 
"f Henry, Ada Marie, "96 342 Bates Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

t Henry, Margaret Young, '97 ; M. A., New York Univ., '99 

7 Magnolia Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 
*Hensel, Mrs. Charles A. (Rebekah M. Boyd) Died 1894. 
Herbert, Edith Emmeline, '99 

24 Shepard St., Cambridge, Mass. 

i"Herr, Charlotte Bronte, '00 The Rectory, 

Dillon, Mont.; 224 S. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park, 111. 

Herrick, Mary Abbe, '94 28 Putnam St., Danvers, Mass. 

Herrick, Mrs. Newton J. (Flora M. West) 

19 Reed St., Canajoharie, N. Y. 
Herrick, Mrs. Paul B. (Eleanor N. Kellogg) Kenwood, N. Y. 
Hershey, Frances Genevieve, '96 (Mrs. Jesse C. Moore) 
Hershey, Marie, '03 609 Ave. B, Sterling III. 

•Hewett, Mary Seaver, '99 Bridgewater, Mass. 

Hewitt, Florence Hamilton, '04 Portsmouth, N. H. 


Hewitt, Helen Frances, '01 ; Pd. B., Albany Normal Coll., '02 

61 Grove- St., Tonawanda, N. Y.; 563 Broadway, Saratoga, 

N. Y. 

Hewitt, Julia Ann Wood, '03 R. F. D. 1, Norwich, Conn. 

Hewitt, Margaret Louise, '97 280 Garside St., Newark, N. J. 

Hewitt, Nancy, '00 232 N. Walter St., 

Albuquerque, New Mex. ; Hiawatha, Kas. 

Hibbard, Helen Ruth, '94 Tryon N. C. 

Hibbs, Laura Gerhard, '03 Riverton, N. J. 

^Hickok, Gennie, B. S., '90 (Mrs. Charles A. Jennison) 

Died 1900. 
Hicks, Emma Kate, '89 (Mrs. Mott D. Brown) 
Hicks, Florence Chapman, '03 161 7 Beverly Road, 

Flatbush, N. Y.; 93 Pleasant St., Arlington, Mass. 
Hicks, Mrs. Frederick C. (Verna E. Sheldon) 

Wellesley Hills, Mass.; Univ. of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, O. 

Hidden, Flora Etta, '90 61 Dana St., Cambridge, Mass. 

tHiggins, Mrs. Henry T. (WillaL. Haskell) 97 Queen's Gate, 

London, S. W.; or Garryhinch, Portarlington, Ireland 

Hildreth, Frances Elizabeth, '95 (Mrs. W. H. Eddy) 

Hill, Mrs. Charles (Edith E. Tuxbury) 

183 Christiana St., N. Tonawanda, N. Y. 
Hill, Helen Bassett, B. S., '92 3520 Lake Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Hill, Helen Florence, '02 

Kingston, R. I.; 60 Willow St., Dedham, Mass. 
Hill, Julia Annie, '99* (Mrs. Frank J. Geib) 
Hill, Margaret, '84; M. A., '91 (Mrs. W. S. Irons) 
Hill, Mary Brigham, '93 ; M. A., Radcliffe, '97 

247 Bellevue St., Newton, Mass. 
Hill, Nettie Isabel, '99 Indian Orchard, Mass. 

Hill, Nina Madeleine, '04 Box 224, Ayer, Mass. 

Hill, Mrs. William B. (Elise A. Weyerhaeuser) 

Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Hill, Winifred Emily, '95 (Mrs. George A. Sargent) 
f Hillemeier, Carrie May, '01 ; M. A., Columbia, '02 

103 W. Sidney Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Hills, Mrs. Harry N. (Ada I. Ayer) Gambier, O. 

Hilton, Mrs. Henry H. (Charlotte T. Sibley) 

5634 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Hinchliff, Mrs. William E. (Harriet E. Emerson) 

436 N. Main St., Rockford, 111. 
"Hinkley, Mrs. John A. (Mary E. Tolford) Died 1900. 
Hinman, Mrs. Edgar L. (Alice J. Hamlin) 

State University, Lincoln, Neb. 
Hippen, Alma Hermina, B. S., '94 (Mrs. D. C. Smith, Jr.) 


Hires, Linda Smith, '03 Merion, Pa. 

tHiscox, Elizabeth Martin, '97 

227 Elmwood Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Hitch, Mary French, '90 105 Elm St., New Bedford, Mass. 

Hitchcock, Elizabeth, '99 102 Rice St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Hitchcock, Kate Wellman, B. S., '85 (Mrs. S. O. Hartwell) 
fHoar, Mrs. Samuel (Helen P. Wadleigh) Concord, Mass. 

Hobbs, Charlotte Elizabeth, '02 Lovell, Me. 

Hockenberry, Mrs. J. C. (M. Amelia Hemperley) 

State Normal School, California, Pa. 
Hocker, Mattie Morrison, B. S., '93 (Mrs. Burris A. Jenkins) 
tHodgdon, Bertha, '91 66 Middle St., Portsmouth, N. H* 

Hoge, Grace Machir, '98 Woodsdale, Wheeling, W. Va, 

Hoge, Rachel Schofield, '98 (Mrs. Francis J. Savage) 
tHoghton, Ella Sharpies, B. S., '93 

325 W. 13th St., Pueblo, Colo.; Delavan, 111. 
tHoghton, Stella Irving, B. S., '93 (Mrs. Wellington D. Wayne) 

Delavan, I1L 
*Holbrook, Agnes Sinclair, B. S., '92 Died 1896. 

Holbrook, Alice Marion, '97 Moorestown, N. J.; Sutton, Mass.. 
tHoIbrook, Bertha, B. S., '86 (Mrs. Charles T. Moffett) 
Holbrook, Elizabeth Lowell, '97 

9 Fairfield St., Salem, Mass. 
Holbrook, Mrs. Evans (Joanna B. Oliver) 

252 E. 62d St., Chicago, Ilk 
Holbrook, Flora Emily, '03 

151 W. Broad St., Westerly, R. I.; Sutton, Mass. 
Holden, Mrs. Adam P. (Harriet S. Sawyer) 

473 N. State St., W. Concord, N. H». 

Holden, Mrs. F. H. (Mary H. Jefferds) Huntington, Conn. 

Holder, Helen Zulette, '97 12 Park St., Lynn, Mass, 

tHolland, Dorothy Stebbins, '99 Wellesley, Mass.. 

JHolley, Margaret Josephine, '90 ; M. A., '96 

670 Broad St., Selma, Ala- 
Holliday, Alice, '02 719 Grand Ave., Laramie, Wyo. 

Hollis, Mrs. Charles B. (Edith M. Jones) 

15 Grove St., Natick, Mass. 
tHolmes, Mrs. Benjamin B. (Dorothy L. Dole) 

701 1 17th Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
tHolmes, Ethel Dimmitt, '01 4569 Okenwald Ave., Chicago, Ilk 
Holmes, Helen Weston, B. S., '90 

262 Court St., Plymouth, Mass. 
Holmes, Katherine Shirley, '97 (Mrs. C. S. Meek) 
Holmes, Mary Elizabeth, '92 

Mt. Holyoke College, S. Hadley, Mass.; Mystic, Conn. 


Holmes, Mary Herbert, B. S., '94 ; M. A., '98 Holm-Clif*. 

Manomet, Mass.; 117 Woodruff Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Holmes, Mary Wisner, '03 Windom Institute* 

Montevideo, Minn.; 1732 Clifton PL, Minneapolis, Minn,, 

Holmes, Mrs. Stanley H. (Effie F. Dwyer) 

61 Columbus Ave., Haverhill, Mass- 
Holt, Carrie Maude, '03 

Wellesley College ; Saxtons River, Vt. 
Homer, Florence Elizabeth, B. S., '86 

1012 Hinman Ave., Evanston, Ill- 
Hooper, Mrs. Bertha C. (A. Bertha Courser) Dover, N. H,. 
Hoopes, Emily, '97 405 N. Franklin St., West Chester, Pa- 
$Hoopes, Florence, '93 

Sisterhood of St. John the Baptist, New York, N. Y~ 
Hopkins, Mary Alden, 'oo 54 Ohio St., Bangor, Me, 

fHorton, Katharine Eloise, '90 Windsor Locks, Conn. 

Hosford, Jennie Alida, '82 (Mrs. Howard W. Fithian) 
Hosford, Susan Amy, '82 (Mrs. Edward T. Harper) 
Hotz, Katharine Emma, '02 Morton Grove, 111., 

t Hough, Mrs. Clarence A. (Virginia Dodge) Glencoe, I1L 

Houghton, Grace May, '04 

Columbia Institute, Columbia, Tenn.; Grafton, Mass*- 
tHoward, Mrs. Arthur L. (Emily Stewart) 

4 Potter Park, Cambridge, Mass*. 
Howard, Ethel Lorette, '96 16 West St., Worcester, Mass.. 

Howard, Helen Augusta, '85 (Mrs. James R. Campbell) 
Howard, Mrs. Jay C. (Constance B. Draper) 

4632 London Road, Duluth, Minn., 
t Howard, Mrs. Robert G. (Clara A. Sizer) 

1424 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O- 
Howe, Alice Clara, '95 Concord, Mass.; Fayville, Mass- 

Howe, Delarue Kipling, B. S., '93 

70 W. nth St., New York, N. Y.; Roselle, N. J. 
Howe, Mrs. George E. (Nellie M. Wright) 

114 Washington Ave., Cambridge, Mass* 

fHowe, Gertrude, '85 238 High St., Newburyport, Mass. 

Howe, Harriette Wilder, '89 Normal Institute, Hampton, Va. 

Howe, Mary Ware, B. S., '88 (Mrs. Michael Strauss) 

Howe, Rose Delle, '87 ; M. D., Woman's Medical Col 1. of 

Pa., '91 (Mrs. William B. Jameson) 
Howell, Caroline Louise, '98 

950 Marcy Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y„ 

tHowland, Edith Archer, '97 Springfield, Mass.; 

1648 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass- 


~f Hoyt, Amelia Huntington, '96 Houghton Seminary, 

Clinton, N. Y.; 2 Hillside Place, Danbury, Conn. 
Hoyt, Beryl Anna, '01 (Mrs. L. B. Spinney) 
Hoyt, Elizabeth Guild, '91 ; M. A., '93 

40 Humboldt Ave., Providence, R. I. 
Hoyt, Fanny Brackett, B. S., '85 (Mrs. G. H. Rockwood) 

328 N. East Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Hoyt, Frances Graham, '98 (Mrs. Robert W. Lewis) 
Hoyt, Mary Osborn, '89 ; M. D., Hahnemann Med. College 

of Chicago, '94 Keokuk, la. 

Hoyt, Sophia Olive, '96 R. F. D. 1, Portsmouth, N. H. 

Hubbard, Ethel Daniels, '99 Wellesley, Mass. 

Hubbard, Florence Mildred, '98 Geneva, N. Y. 

Hubbs, Gertrude Heberd, '01 

36 Washington Ave., Evansville, Ind. 
Hughes, Florence Vermilye, B. S., '87 (Mrs. John F. Mead) 
Hughes, Frances Laura, 02 Ferry Hall, Lake Forest, 111. 

Hughes, Mrs. Robert L. (Anne L. Barrett) 

1239 Berteau Ave., Irving Park, Chicago, 111. 
fHull, Mary Scott, '03 245 W. 104th St, New York, N. Y. 

tHume, Elizabeth Norris, '00 (Mrs. Byron Hunsberger) 
• Hume, Hannah, '00 (Mrs. Theodore S. Lee) 
Hume, -Mrs. James Cleland (Angie Hatton) 

2007 Grand Ave., Des Moines, la. 
Hume, Ruth Peabody, '97 ; M. D., Woman's Med. College of 
Penn., '02 

Ahmednagar, India ; 133 Wall St., New Haven, Conn. 
Humphrey, Mrs. George R. (Marion P. Ross) 

Box 131, Ipswich, Mass. 
tHunsberger, Mrs. Byron (Elizabeth N. Hume) 

Marathi, India 
*Hunt, Abby Otis, '00 Died 1903. 

Hunt, Alice Windsor, '95 152 Irving Ave., Providence, R. I. 
Hunt, Bessie Newton, '02 

Northboro, Mass.; Barre Station, Mass. 
Hunt, Helen Hastings, '98 321 Brackett St., Portland, Me. 
Hunt, Myrtle Chapman, '03 

621 E. Washington St., Portland, Ore. 
Hunter, Mrs. James N. (Ella M. Cook) 

Quinlan, Hunt Co., Tex. 
Hunter, Louise, '04 5125 Jefferson Ave., Chicago, III. 

Huntington, Cornelia Strong, '95 Milton, Mass. 

Huntington, Ruth Lawrence, '04 Milton, Mass, 

Huntington, Susan Dickinson, '00 

206 Broadway, Norwich, Conn. 


Huntington, Theresa Lyman, '96 

Euphrates College, Harpoot, Turkey; Milton, Mass*. 
Hurd, Mrs. John (Emilie W. Porter) 

39 Aldworth St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 
Hurlburt, Mary Frelinghuysen, B. S., '87 ; M. A., '93 

34 Harrison Ave., Northampton, Mass.; 6 Washington St., 
Bloomfield, N. J. 
Hurll, Estelle May, '82 ; M. A., '92 

41 Morgan St., New Bedford, Mass. 
Hussey, Laura Mandana, '04 

507 Pacific Electric Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 
tHussey, Mary Anthony, '99 17 W. 94th St., New York, N. Y. 
tHutcheson, Louise, '97 5 Willow St., Stamford, Conn, 

j Hutchinson, Mrs. John O. (L. Claribel Merrill) 

814 Main St., Waltham, Mass. 
*Hutchinson, Maud, B. S., '92 (Mrs. Howard R. Babbitt) 

Died 1899. 

Hutsinpillar, Florence Windsor, '04 21 Lenox PL, 

New Britain, Conn.; 45 N. 5th St., Ironton, O. 

Hutsinpillar, Jessie, '02 45 N. 5th St., Ironton, O. 

fHyatt, Bertha Evelyn, '96 ; B. L. S., Univ. State, of N. Y., 'oi 

Library of Congress, Washington, D. C; 358 Madison 

Ave., Albany, N. Y. 

Hyde, Mrs. George T. (Mary Reppert) 

Cor. Quaker and Hazel Sts., Sewickley, Pa. 
fHyde, Mabel Harriet, '02 32 Cutler St., Morristown, N. J. 
Ide, Mrs. Henry C. (Harriet M. Baxter) Mclndoe Falls, Vt. 
Ihlder, Rebecca, '02 (Mrs. Walter Rapp) 

Irish, Charlotte Dallas, '93 6906 Penn Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Irons, Mrs. Walter S. (Margaret Hill) 

336 Benefit St., Providence, R. I. 
Irwin, Edith Coelia, '98 15 Lake Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Isham, Mary Keyt, '94 ; M. A., Univ. of Cincinnati, '98 ; M.D., 
Laura Memorial College, Cincinnati, '03 

849 Oak St., Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, O. 
Jack, Emma Rosamond, B. S., '91 

834 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Jackman, Marion Maynard, '98 (Mrs. S. L. Doane) 
t Jackson, Alice Rebecca, B. S., '91 Bronxville, N. Y. 

Jackson, Bertha Christine, '94 

16 Ruggles St., Westboro, Mass. 
Jackson, Eva Ellen, '99 (Mrs. Wm. O. Allen) 
Jackson, Grace Elizabeth, '91 Foster Hall, Univ. of Chicago. 
Chicago, 111.; 223 Breckenridge St., Fort Wayne, Ind, 


Jackson, Mrs. John A. (Faith E. Barkwill) 

86 Cornell St., Cleveland, O. 
t Jackson, Mrs. Walter D. (Helen L. Nourse) 

556 Main St., Waltham, Mass. 
Jacobs, Blanche Sanborn, '96 54 Whittier St., Andover, Mass. 
** Jacobus, Caroline Whitley, '95 Died 1896. 

James, Edith Myra, '90 (Mrs. Alvin S. Wheeler) 
-f James, Gertrude, '89 370 14th St., Portland, Ore. 

James, Helen, '95 (Mrs. A. M. O'Brien) 
Jameson, Mrs. W. B. (Rose D. Howe) 

407 York Road, Jenkintown, Pa. 
Janssen, Cornelia Marie, '96 (Mrs* Geo. F. Burt) 
tjarvis, Grace Elizabeth, '95 120 W. Grand St., Elizabeth, N. J. 

Jefferds, Mary Hazeltine, '84 (Mrs. F. A. Holden) 
f Jenckes, Grace Adella, '88 (Mrs. G. H. Dame) 
Jenckes, Mary Anna, '81 (Mrs. George P. Cooke) 
Jenkins, Mrs. Burris A. (Mattie M. Hocker) 

Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky. 
Jenkins, Mary Beltzhoover, '03 

303 S. Rankin St., Natchez, Miss. 
tjenks, Anna Belle, '90 Norwich, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

Jenks, Mary Leslie, '89 (Mrs. Hartstein W. Page) 
Jennings, Mrs. Charles J. (Edith H. Warren) 

413 Hillside Ave., Jamaica, N. Y. 
*Jennison, Mrs. Charles A. (Gennie Hickok) Died 1900. 
Jessup, Maude Louise Stanton, '04 

Nogales, Ariz.; 317 Main St., Penn Yan, N. Y. 
Jewett, Mrs. Frances C. (Frances N. Campbell) 

Cherryfield, Me. 
Jewett, Helen Matilda, '84 (Mrs. C. S. Young) 
f Johansen, Mareon Christine, '04 Natick, Mass. 

Johnson, Bessie Helen, '96 38 S. Bow St., Milford, Mass, 

Johnson, Beulah Proctor, '04 

98 W. Central St., Natick, Mass. 
Johnson, Emily Strong, '97 109 Luzerne Ave., Pittston, Pa. 
Johnson, Mrs. Everett L. (Mabel A. Hayes) 

16 Kneeland St., Maiden, Mass. 
t Johnson, Mrs. George E. (Alice E. Williams) 

Univ. School, Cleveland, O. 
Johnson, Mrs. Henry (Frances M. Robinson) 

256 Main St., Brunswick, Me. 
Johnson, Mrs. Homer H. (Louise Pope) 

Euclid Heights, Cleveland, O. 
t Johnson, Mrs. Roswell H. (Mary E. Simonds) 

435 Warren St., Madison, Wis. 


Johnson, Susie Gary, 'oo 84 Grove St., Auburndale, Mass. 

*Jones, Mrs. Albert M. (Mary A. Woodward) Died 1902. 
Jones, Alice Cynthia, '83 (Mrs. William R. Towne) 
Jones, Alice Mabel, '93 (Mrs. Wm. E. Shedd) 
Jones, Mrs. A. Conrad (Mary L. Bean) 

125 4th Ave., Conshohocken, Pa. 
Jones, Mrs. Arthur H. (Juliette M. Cooke) 

816 S. 3d St., Mankato, Minn. 
*Jones, Clara Alice, '8o Died 1880. 

Jones, Edith La Rue, '95 29 Carpenter St., Germantown, Pa. 
Jones, Edith Marion, '03 (Mrs. Charles B. Hollis) 
Jones, Mrs. Edward B. (Louise Tayler) 

The Woodley, Washington, D. C. 
Jones, Elizabeth Elaine, '98 (Mrs. A. E. Allen) 
Jones, Elizabeth Sarah, '84 ; Ph. B., Univ. of Chicago, '98 

1801 Pine St., Philapelphia, Pa. 
tjones, Ethel Anna, B. S., '93 South Charleston, O. 

Jones, Mrs. Frederick H. (Mary N. Tyler) 

26 Summit Ave., Wakefield, Mass. 
| Jones, Gertrude, '95 18 E. Park St., Newark, N. J. 

Jones, Harriet Louise, B. S., '91 

212 Crossman St., Jamestown, N. Y. 
t Jones, Mrs. John D. E. (Margaret Arnold) 

49 Humboldt Ave., Providence, R. I. 
Jones, Katharine Payne, '85 

220 N. Main St., Brockton, Mass. 
Jones, Katharine Scovell, '99 (Mrs. Irwin Rew) 
Jones, Laura Amelia, '82 ; M. A., '91 

46 Nonantum St., Newton, Mass. 
Jones, Laura Hamblett, '93 (Mrs. Stephen M. Miller) 
Jones, Lizzie Lee, '91 (Mrs. J. Howard Field) 
Jones, Mary Ellen, B. S., '89 (Mrs. David S. Conant) 
Jones, Mary Lilian Chittenden, '95 422 S. 42d St., 

Philadelphia, Pa.; 632 Sassafras St., Erie, Pa. 
Judd, Annie Louise, '99 ( Mrs. Augustus B. Palmer) 
Judson, Edith, '94 (Mrs. Frank Kidde) 

Kahn, Irene, '96 413 N. Six St., St. Joseph, Mo. 

Kampman, Carol, '02 45 Sandford Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 

Karslake, Christine, '90 (Mrs. F. Howard Lerch) 
Keefe, Clara Maria, '88 (Mrs. E. LeRoy Gardner) 
Keene, Clara Rebecca, '96 41 Murdock St., Brighton, Mass. 
Keepers, Alice May, '00 (Mrs. Fred R. Le Roy) 
f Keith, Bettie, '93 121 2 Alabama St., Selma, Ala. 

Keith, Charlotte Ray, '87 (Mrs. Jessie H. Averill) 
Keller, Maud Ryland, '92 ; M. A., '96 Wellesley, Mass. 


Kelley, Mrs. Seth W. (Clara L. Nichols) 

7 Winn St., Woburn, Mass~ 
Kellogg, Alice Welch, '94 ; B. A., Univ. Cape of Good Hope r 

'99 (Mrs. C. N. Millard) 
Kellogg, Eleanor Neva, '94 (Mrs. Paul B. Herrick) 
Kellogg, Florence, '99 (Mrs. Laurence A. Hawkins) 
Kellogg, Mrs. George A. (H. Louise Williams) 

Glastonbury, Conn. 
Kellogg, May Evelyn, '96 55 Pomeroy Ave., Pittsfield, Mass. 
t Kelly, Bernice Oliver, '99 Lebanon, Ky. 

Kelly, Mrs. David F. (Fannie E. Austin) 

238th St., Woodlawn, New York, N. Y.- 
Kelly, Jeannette Sage, '04 

120 E. Cliveden Ave., Mount Airy, Pa. 
Kelly, Sarah Wilson, '02 Millbury, Mass.; N. Raynham, Mass. 
Kelsey, Helen Marian, '95 156 5th Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Kendall, Evangeline, '96 Dunstable, Mass. 

Kendrick, Eliza Hall, '85 ; Ph. D., Boston Univ., '05 

45 Hunnewell Ave., Newton, Mass. 
Kenny, Mrs. William S. (Annie H. Peaks) 

5126 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Kerr, Annie Couper, '96 243 Hamilton Ave., Paterson, N. J. 
Kidde, Mrs. Frank (Edith Judson) Montclair, N. J. 

tKilburn, Grace, '84 26 S., Main St., Rutland, Vt. 

Killpartrick, Mary Harriet, '99 609 Stevens St., Lowell, Mass. 
Kimball, Mrs. Albert B. (Geraldine B. Longley) 

35 Clarendon St., Springfield, Mass. 
Kimball, Mrs. Henry A. (Charlotte A. Goodale) 

44 S. Main St., Concord, N. H. 
jKimball, Mabel Howard, '01 Box 238, E. Bridgewater, Mass.; 

26 Brooks Ave., Newtonville, Mass. 
King, Anna Patterson, '99 Rhodes PL, New Castle, Pa. 

King, Clara Titus, '01 19 Hillside Ave., Summit, N. J. 

King, Elizabeth Edwards, '97 

184 W. 135th St., New York, N. Y-.; Trumansburg, N. Y. 
King, Florence, '00 Trumansburg, N. Y. 

King, Mrs. Horace F. (Ella E. Snow) 

333 Main St., West Springfield, Mass. 
fKingsbury, Mrs. Homer P. D. (Mary Louise Barker) 

Redlands, Cal. 
Kingsley, Blanche Frances, '98 207 Newbury St., Boston, Mass. 
Kingsley, Mrs. Frank W. (Mary Z. Miller) 

17 Henshaw Ave., Northampton, Mass. 
tKingsley, Mrs. Sherman C. (Bessie L. Cook) 

4 Eleanor St., Allston, Mass. 


Kinney, Marian, '04 Claremont, Cal. 

Kirkland, Mrs. Edward (Mary Chase) 

17 Henry St., Bellows Falls, Vt. 
Kirkpatrick, Alice May, '99 212 Ashmont St., Boston, Mass. 
Kirkpatrick, Jessie, B. S., '86 (Mrs. John A. Marshall) 
Kitchell, Helen Matilda, B. S., '82 (Mrs. Richard C. Lake) 
Kitchen, Ida Webb, '04 

449 Locust Ave., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Kittinger, Margaret Mary, '96 (Mrs. W. L. Blakeslee) 
Kittredge, Elizabeth Morrill, '02 ; M. A., '04 

Int. Latitude Observatory, Gaithersburg, Md.; Dover, Me. 
Klemm, Clara Louisa, '01 806 N. Main St., Bloomington, 111. 
Klingenhagen, Anna Marie, '02 

Care Mrs. F. Lanman, Plymouth, Mass. 
Knaebel, Mrs. Ernest (Cornelia Park) 

1040 Josephine St., Denver, Colo. 
tKnapp, Fannie Agnes, '90 n 20 Queen Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
Knapp, Frances Louise, '02 

East Northrield, Mass,; Lebanon, N. H. 
Kneen, Maria Alice, '93 ; M. A., '96 (Mrs. Wilbert S. Drew) 
Knight, Mrs. Fred S. (Susan S. Hawley) 

45 Western Ave., Brattleboro, Vt* 
Knight, Jessie Clark, '97 (Mrs. Rollin L. Hartt) 
Knodel, Catherine Fredreka, '03 North Hoosick, N. Y.; 

121 S. Broadway, Irvington~on-Hudson, N. Y. 
Knott, Mrs. Richard W. (Jennie A. Gillmore) 

127 E. Gray St., Louisville, Ky, 
Knowlton, Mary Lucinda, '88 (Mrs. Ernest L. Hayford) 
tKnox, Alice Dana, '00 (Mrs. Rolof B. Stanley) 

Knox, Maryal, 'oi Pelham Manor, N. Y. 

tKohlmetz, Mrs. George W. (Alice G. Bothwell) 

99 Lawnview Ave., Cleveland, O. 
tKohn, Stella, '04 634 18th St., Rock Island, 111. 

Kramer, Estella Cinq Mars, '04 

1 15 1 Logan Ave., Denver, Colo. 
tKrecker, Ada May, '95 317 Earlham Terrace, 

Philadelphia, Pa.; 23 W. 42d St., New York, N. Y. 
Kriger, Mrs. Frederick W. (Betsey Spencer) 

32 E. 3d St., Corning, N. Y„ 
Krohn, Mrs. William O. (Hattie B. Weaver) 

6536 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111* 
Krum, Flora, '95 (Mrs. Chester Harding) 
Kruse, Clara Mathilde, B. S., '94 (Mrs. Fred N. Rogers) 
Kiihl, Angelina Sutphen, '03 i Somerville, N. J. 


Kuntz, Mrs. Peter J. D. (Alice F. Day) 

27 Boerum Ave., Flushing, L. I., N. Y. 
Kyle, Theodora, '91 (Mrs. Frederic H. Chase) 
LaCroix, Theresa Ward, '03 (Mrs. J. Henry Buckley) 
*Ladd, Edith Helen, '97 Died 1904. 

Laird, Eleanor May, '99 5915 Wellesley Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Laird, Grace Narcissa, '97 20 Gardner St., Worcester, Mass. 
Lake, Mrs. Richard C. (Helen M. Kitchell) 

1708 Ridge Ave., Evanston, 111. 
Lambie, Janet McClelland, '04 

1027 Locust St., Allegheny, Pa. 
Lampman, Mabel, '85 Perrysburg, Wood Co., O. 

Lance, Frances Cornelia, '92 ; M. A., '00 (Mrs. Felice 

Lance, Harriet Rose, '95 (Mrs. Nathaniel C. Hall) 
Lance, Julia Edith, '00 167 Dana St., Wilkes Barre, Pa. 

Lance, Marian Eno, '95 167 Dana St., Wilkes Barre, Pa. 

Landis, May Virginia, '03 103° 2 2d St., San Diego, Cal. 

Lane, Amy Sanders, '96 

10 10 Hoyt Ave., Saginaw, Mich.; Hadley, Mass. 
Lane, Katharine Jane, '90 65 Crawford St., Roxbury, Mass. 
Lane, Mrs. William C. (Bertha Palmer) 

19 Oxford St., Cambridge, Mass. 
*Langford, Louise Penrield, '83 Died 1890. 
JLanghorne, Agnes Swinton, '00 

916 Putnam Ave., Plainfieid, N. J. 
Larned, Lizzie Maria, '82 

Milton, Mass. ; 12 Mayfield St., Worcester, Mass. 
fLarnerd, Mary Cook, B. S., 93 (Mrs. David Lyman) 

LaRose, Anna Viola, '84 (Mrs. Walter A. Osmer) 
JLathrop, Frances Eliza, '01 

49th St. and Warwick Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 
Lathrop, Ruth Webster, '83 ; M. D., Woman's Medical Coll. 
of Pa., '91 1807 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lauder, Margaret, '92 67 West St., South Norwalk, Conn. 

Lauderbach, Mary, '99 (Mrs. John R. Dyson) 
Lauderburn, Mary Delia, B. S., '90 Wellesley, Mass. 

tLaughlin, Gail, '94 ; L.L. B., Cornell Univ., '98 

Box 323 Helena, Mont.; Box 430, Portland, Me. 
Lawrence, Mrs. Frank L. (Mary R. Lunt) 

502 W. 151st St., New York, N. Y. 
Lawson, Alice Rebecca, '04 21 Addison St., Gloucester, Mass. 
Leach, Elizabeth Dwight, '90 The Misses Hebb's School, 

Wilmington, Del.; Randolph, Mass. 
Learoyd, Mabel Woodbury, '94 122 Pine St., Danvers, Mass. 


Leatherbee, Florence Kinmouth, '95 

908 Beacon St., Newton Centre, Mass. 
Leavens, Mrs. George D. (Jennie S. Briggs) 

Box 121, Grafton, Mass. 
Leavens, Mary Agnes, '01 49 Elmore St., Roxbury, Mass. 

Lebus, Bertha, B. S., '91 417 Henne Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Lebus, Leona, B. S., '89 ; M. D., Johns Hopkins, '00 

417 Henne Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Ledyard, Alethea, '95 (Mrs. Alexander Sharp) 
Lee, Christabel, '88 (Mrs. Philo P. Safford) 
fLee, Mrs. Henry N. (Ermina Conkling) 

473 W. Golden Ave., Cripple Creek, Colo. 
Lee, Marjorie, '04 Hotel Balmoral, New York, N. Y. 

Lee, Mrs. Theodore S. (Hannah Hume) 

Wai, Satara District, India ; 133 Wall St., New Haven, Conn. 
Lee, Rosaline, '02 (Mrs. A. P. Merrill) 
Lees, Mabel Winifred, '95 (Mrs. H. B. Williams) 
Lemngwell, Lucia Dodge, '89 Montclair, N. J. 

Leggett, Mrs. John D. (Florence B. Hamilton) 

West New Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y. 
Lehman, Edith Blanche, '00 (Mrs. Paul L. Feiss) 
fLemer, May, B. S., '94 213 S. Front St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Lennox, Jane Ray, '04 95 Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lennox, Sarah Elisabeth, '02 

95 Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Lentell, Mary Ethel, '00 

896 BoylstonSt, Newton Highlands, Mass. 
Leonard, Alice, '81 (Mrs. Justus Gaule) 
Leonard, Annie Maria, '95 (Mrs. Ernest H. Baldwin) 
Leonard, Florence Edith, '90 103 Monmouth St. 

Red Bank, N. J. ; 160 Oak St., Taunton, Mass. 
Leonard, Mrs. Gardner C. (Grace W. Sutherland) 

62 Willette St., Albany, N. Y. 
Leonard, Mabel Ella, '99; B. Pd., Albany Normal College 

103 Delaware Ave., Albany, N. Y. 
Lerch, Mrs. Frank H. (Christine Karslake) 

65 Genesee St., Lockport, N. Y. 
LeRoy, Mrs. Fred R. (Alice M. Keepers) 

122 12th Ave. E., Duluth, Wis. 
Lewin, Emily Cora, B. S., '83 

94 Cherry St., Fall River, Mass. 
$ Lewis, Mrs. Alexander (Ella Louise Hatch) 

904 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 
Lewis, Blanche Bancroft, '98 (Mrs. F. E. Mason) 
Lewis, Grace Edna, '02 Beaver Falls, N. Y. 


tLewis, Henrietta, '98 503 East St., Flint, Mich. 

Lewis, Mary Elizabeth, B. S., '91 University of Missouri, 

Columbia, Mo.; 233 N. Fountain Ave., Springfield, O. 

tLewis, Nellie Adelaide, '00 Catskill, N. Y. 

Lewis, Mrs. Nelson P. (Minnie R. MacLean) 

1511 Albemarle Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Lewis, Mrs. Robert E. (Grace M. Brackett) 

Care Y. M. C. A., Shanghai, China 
Lewis, Mrs. Robert W. (Frances G. Hoyt) 

609 Everett St., Portland, Ore. 
Libbey, Vinnietta June, B. S., '92 ; M. A., '93 

645 Giddings Ave., Cleveland, O. 
Libby, Alice May, '89 Magnolia, Mass. 

Libby, Frances Lucile, '93 N. Bridgton, Me.; Magnolia, Mass. 
Libby, Lillian Louise, '02 125 Academy St., Laconia, N. H. 
Lietman, Emma Mary, '99 905 Wooster St., Allegheny, Pa. 
Lilliefors, Mrs. Manfred (Katherine Fackenthal) 

Tyngsboro, Mass. 
Lilly, Sarah Ellen, B. S., '86 Shelbyville, Ky.; London, O. 

Lincoln, Blanche Adeline, '99 Box 82, Hingham, Mass. 

Lincoln, Lilian Haskell, '99 Box 82, Hingham, Mass. 

Lincoln, Maria Louise, '98 (Mrs. Windsor A. Brown) 
Lincoln, Mary Ward, B. S., '93 Box 180, Ridley Park, Pa. 

Lincoln, Ruth Pauline, '04 Norwich, N. Y. 

Lindsay, Mrs. Samuel McC. (Anna R. Brown) 

238 S. 38th St., Philadelphia, Pa, 
Lindsey, Mary Elizabeth, '98 

2649 Humboldt Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Lines, Mary Howell, '95 (Mrs. Aaron S. Oakford) 
fLinn, Catherine Lowrie, '04 Hotel Albert. Denver, Colo. 

Linscott, Anna May, '90 136 West Newton St., Boston, Mass. 
Linscott, Grace, '98 136 West Newton St., Boston, Mass. 

Lister, Anna Mary, '00 3827 Avenue P, Galveston, Tex. 

Lister, Helen Towsend, '02 3827 Avenue P, Galveston, Tex. 
Little, Elizabeth, '92 (Mrs. Robert Cushman) 
Little, Mary, '96 (Mrs. Seth D. Dice) 
Little, Mary Collette, '96 (Mrs. J. C. Carman) 
Little, Mary Viley, '03 547 Linden St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Lively, Mrs. Louis (Emery C. Tompkins) 

2618 Coliseum St., New Orleans, La. 
Livermore, Mrs. Arnold (Lucy Belle Heilig) 

Wellesley Hills, Mass. 
Livermore, Mrs. Arthur L. (Henrietta J. Wells) 

191 Palisade Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

6 9 

Locke, Anna Willard, '92 ; M. A., M. D., Univ. of Mich., '97 
109 W. 8 2 d St., New York, N. Y.; Nashua, N. H. 
Locke, Caroline Marion, '00 

198 Chenung St., Corning, N. Y.; Saxtons River, Vt. 
Locke, Eugenia, '03 

548 E. 4th St., S. Boston, Mass.; Hampton, N. H. 
Lockwood, Mrs. Harry C. (Mary E. Chase) 

Mount Pocono, Pa. 
Lodor, Una, B. S., '86 810 Carteret Ave., Trenton, N. J. 

Lofthus, Frances Eleanora, '82 (Mrs. Dow J. Adams) 
Logan, Alice Lyon, '01 1007 Lincoln Ave., Allegheny, Pa. 

Long, Mrs. Albert R. (Lillian C. Barnes) 

1 139 S. Los Robles Ave., Pasadena, Cal. 
Long, Edith Grier, '92 156 5th Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Longley, Bertha Elizabeth, B. S., '94 

3 Blaine Ave., Worcester, Mass. 
Longley, Geraidine Buffington, B. S., '92 (Mrs. A. B. Kim- 
Look, Clara Helen, B. S., '91 (Mrs. W. B. Nauts) 
Loomis, Jennie, B. S., '92 Windsor, Conn. 

fLoomis, Louise Ropes, '97 

Whitman College, Walla Walla, Wash. 
Loomis, Mary Louise, '03 34 Pine Woods, Troy, N. Y. 

Loop, Florence Estelle, '00 

Rochester, N. H. ; 212 South St., Pittsfield, Mass. 
*Lord, Annie Louise, B. S., '90 Died 1900. 
Lord, Elizabeth Little, '04 Box 493, Maynard, Mass. 

Lord, Kate Imogen, '03 Stafford Springs, Conn. 

Lord, Katharine Florence, '95 

433 s - Willard St., Burlington, Vt. 

fLorenzen, Clara Henrietta, '02 614 N. 5th St., 

Atchison, Kas.; 517 4th Ave., Clinton, la. 

Loudon, Eva, '96 Georgetown, O. 

Lovell, Mrs. Gilbert (Florence E. Bell) 

Am. Pres. Mission, Siangtau, Hanau, China 
Loveless, Mary Elizabeth, '83 

2042 5th Ave., New York, N. Y.; Skaneateles, N. Y. 

Lowe, Marion Wastell, '02 32 Dover St., W T ellesley, Mass. 

Lowther, Sarah Viola, '88 57 Broad St., Stamford, Conn. 

fLucas, Frances Henderson, '93 Friends School, 

Providence, R. I. ; 99 Glen Park PL, Cleveland, O. 

Lucas, Helen Eliza, '03 East Carver, Mass. 

tLuce, Alice Hanson, '83 ; Ph. D., Heidelberg, '96 

27 Luitpoldstrasse, Berlin, Germany 


Luff, Annie Vreeland, '04 

620 N. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park, I1L 
Lufkin, Mrs. H. M. (Edith Louisa Hall) 

617 Goodrich Ave., St. Paul, Minn- 
Lukens, Evangeline, '03 

105 E. 1 8th St., New York, N. Y. ; Oxford, N. J, 
Lukens, Gertrude, '04 

105 E. 1 8th St., New York, N. Y.; Oxford, N. J. 
Lum, Elizabeth Sherwood, '00 

The Castle, Tarrytown, N. Y.; Elizabeth, N. J. 
Lunt, Mary Riggs, '96 (Mrs. Frank L. Lawrence) 
*Lusk, Minnie Edith, '03 Died 1903. 
Luther, Edith Mary, '91 ; M. A., Univ. City of New York, '95, 

South Orange, N. J* 
Lyford, Marion Emily, '88 (Mrs. Charles E. Woodward) 
fLyman, Mrs. David (Mary C. Lamed) 

58 Social St., Woonsocket, R. L 
Lyman, Mrs. Joseph B. (Harriet D. Harwood) 

Barton Landing, Vt. 
Lyman, Julia Huntington/96 (Mrs. W. H. Day) 
fLynch, Mrs. J. Canning (Harriet C. Powe) 
Lynch, Lydia Nason, '99 (Mrs. F. E. Bennett) 
Lyon, Alice Grout, '02 (Mrs. Donald C. Scott) 
*Lyon, Laura, B. S., '88 (Mrs. Otis L. Williams) Died 1894. 
Lyon, Ruth, 04 Redlands, CaL 

MacAlarney, Emma Lenore, B. S., '92 

430 W. 118th St., New York, N. Y. 
Mc Arthur, Jane Eliza, B. S., '92 (Mrs. D. E. Owen) 
McCartney, Catherine Naomi, '03 

The Kirkwood, Des Moines, la. 
McAusland, Lulu Irene, '02 32 Warren St., Taunton, Mass. 
McCamant, Catharine, B. S., '87 Blair Hall, Blairstown, N. J. 
McCann, Mrs. P. Francis (Edith E. Wyllie) 

44 Fremont Ave., Chelsea, Mass. 
McCauley, Mrs. John W. (Nettie A. Parker) 

349 Monroe Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

McCauley, Mae Calista, B. S., '88 Stanley, N. Y. 

MacCaulley, Elizabeth, '01 811 West St., Wilmington, Del. 

McCaulley, Martha Gause, '92 ; M. A., '97 The Ridgeway, 

Wellesley, Mass.; 811 West St., Wilmington, Del. 

tMcChesney, Anna Kimber, '96 (Mrs. P. H. Smyth) 

tMcClary, Maud Emilie, '99 ' 1 Terrall St., Malone, N. Y.. 

McCleery, Sarah Elizabeth, '80 (Mrs. Henry A. Davis) 

McClure, Annie Bruce, '04 Paris, Ky. 

McClure, Annie Dixon, '02 Lake Forest, 111. 


McCord, Annie Elizabeth, '01 

1 1 19 Allegheny Ave., Allegheny, Pa.. 
McCord, Lettice, '03 Worth, Cook Co., 111. 

McCoul, Mrs. Neil (Kari Powers Gamble) 

27 Carroll St., Yonkers, N. Y. 
McCoy, Mrs. Frank E. (Julia Frances Glidden) 

Carthage, N. Y. 
McCoy, Louise Josephine, '79 ; M. A., '82 (Mrs. F. M. North) 
MacCrellish, Elizabeth, '02 39 N. Clinton Ave., Trenton, N. J. 
McCutcheon, Theodora Nye, '03 

16 Mayo Ave., Greenwich, Conn. 
fMacDonald, Eleanor Worthington, '04 Chillicothe, O. 

McDonald, Jessie Claire, B. S., '88 ; M. S., Columbian Uni- 
versity, '94 Miss Porter's School, Farmington, Conn. 
McDonald, Lilian Alice, '04 

Waverly, 111.; 738 Monroe St., Chicago, I1L 
MacDougall, Mrs. Donald (Ruth G. Strong) 

478 W. 146th St., New York, N. Y.; Bible House, New 

York, N. Y. 

McDowell, Louise Sherwood, '98 121 Harmon St., 

Warren Q.; 200 W. Garden St., Rome, N. Y. 

McDowell, Pauline, '96 447 Summer Ave., Newark, N. J. 

McDuffee, Frances Eliza, '97 

62 Sprague St., Maiden, Mass.; Box 502, Rochester, N. H^ 
McDuffee, Mabel, B. S., '93 

325 Columbia Road, Dorchester, Mass. 
McFadden, Mrs. William C. (Jennie B. Semple) 

357 7th Ave., Fargo, N. D. 
McFarland, Agnes Louise, '99 (Mrs. Jewell Flower) 
McFarland, Mrs. George B. (Mary I. Root) Bangkok, Siam. 
tMcFarland, Grace Rosina, '94 Cambridge, N. Y. 

McFarland, Martha Hill, '88; M. A., New York Univ., '01 

Rye Seminary, Rye, N. Y.; Cambridge, N. Y. 
McGowan, Mrs. Franklin S. (Helen A. Dempsey) 

no Dorchester Ave., Cleveland, O.. 
*McGuire, Elizabeth May, '94 (Mrs. Joseph H. Dodge) 

Died 1903- 
tMcGuire, Mrs. Horace, Jr. (Adeline L. Bonney) 

208 High St., Portland, Me. 
Machan, Mrs. George S. (Isabella D. Thompson) 

827 W. Macon St., Decatur, III. 
Mcllwain, Mary Caroline, '03 Saltsburg, Pa. 

Mclntire, Marcia Currier, '02 (Mrs. Harry O. Osborne) 
Mclntire, Mrs. William S. (Clara T. Barker) 

401 S. Orange St., Media, Pa 

7 2 

Mclver, Jennie Bond, B. S., '90 

178 Lincoln St., Worcester, Mass. 

tMcKearin, Jane Elizabeth, '04 Proctor, Vt. 

McKee, Leila Sarah, '86 ; Ph. D., Centre College, '92 (Mrs. 

James B. Welsh) 1006 Baltimore Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

McKee, Mrs. Thomas H. (Elizabeth Wylie) 

106 W. 105th St., New York, N. Y. 
*Mackey, Bessie Rutherford, '89 Died 1896. 
Mackey, Mrs. Denver J. (Maryette Goodwin) 

1204 Columbus Ave., Sandusky, O. 
McKinney, Mary Agnes, '03 

326 Frederick Ave., Sewickley, Pa. 
McKnight, Nannie Jacobs, '87 ; M. A., Columbian Univ., '97 
3037 Dumbarton Ave., Washington, D. C. 
fMcKoan, Mrs. John W. (Gertrude L. Dennis) 

26 Lincoln St., Worcester, Mass. 
MacLachlan, Mrs. Alexander A. (Jeannie S. Adams) 

200 North Ave. W., Allegheny, Pa. 
McLaury, Anna, B. S., '86 Fredonia, N. Y. 

McLauthlin, Sara Louise, '03 230 Clifton St., Maiden, Mass. 
McLean, Mary Hollands, '96 (Mrs. Frank H. Chase) 
McLean, Minnie Rose, '79 (Mrs. N. P. Lewis) 
McLeod, Genevieve Rathbun, '98 

415 Burns Ave., W 7 yoming, O. 

f McLeod, Margaret, '04 W r yoming, O. 

McMaster, Mary Lena, B. S., '88 Greenwich, N. Y. 

MacMillan, Effie, '94 939 Beech Ave., Allegheny, Pa. 

MacMillan, Elisabeth Alexandra, '98 

939 Beech Ave., Allegheny, Pa. 
MacMillan, Helen, '94 939 Beech Ave., Allegheny, Pa. 

MacMillan, Mrs. Peter (Lilla J. Simonds) 

Bramble Brae, Rockport, Mass. 
McNair, Louise, '96 4244 McPherson Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

McNary, Sarah Jane, '90; M. A., New York Univ., '92; Ph. B., 
New York Univ., '03 State Normal School, 

Trenton, N. J.; 480 7th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
McNeil, Laila Adelaide, '01 13 Shailer St., Brookline, Mass. 
Macomber, Mrs. J. H. (Nellie A. Mower) 

8^ Loomis St., Burlington, Vt. 
tMcPherson, Mary, '93; M, A., Columbian Univ., '95 (Mrs. A. 

L. T. Schaper) 
tMcTaggart, Ethel, '04 35 Somerset St., Worcester, Mass. 

Macy, Katharine Haworth, '04 1 01 5 8th Ave., Grinnell, la. 
Maddocks, Caroline Shaw, '92 ; M. A., Univ. of Chicago, '95 

5622 Ellis Ave., Chicago, 111. 


Magenau, Mrs. William (Georgie B. French) 

Box 766, Fremont, Nebr. 
Magone, Sarah Louise, '89 90 Greene St., Ogdensburg, N. Y. 
Magoun, Mrs. Herbert W. (Martha R. Mann) 

70 Kirkland St., Cambridge, Mass. 
t Maine, Mary Talulah, '98 5 South St., Stamford, Conn. 

f Maine, Susan Florence, '86 (Mrs. E. O. Silver) 
Mall, Mrs. Franklin P. (Mabel S. Glover) 

200 E. Preston St., Baltimore, Md. 
Malone, Mary Olive, '98 724 Gennings St., Fort Worth, Tex. 
Manatt, Helen, '03 Calle Havana, Guines, Cuba 

*Mann, Carrie Alice, '93 Died 1905. 
Mann, Martha Roberts, B. S., '85 (Mrs. Herbert W. Magoun) 
Mann, Mrs. Paul B. (Ruth A. Paul) 

565 W. 113th St., New York, N. Y. ; Potsdam, N. Y. 
Manners, Mrs. Thomas R. (Frances L. Whittlesey) 

303 W. 89th St., New York, N. Y. 
fManning, Anna, '86; M. D., Woman's Med. Coll. of N. Y. In- 
firmary, '93 South Amboy, N. J. 
Manson, Mabel Augusta, '90 8 High St., Portsmouth, N. H. 
Manwaring, Elizabeth Wheeler, '02 

560 Noble Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 
March, Bertha, '95 ; M. A., '03 

4 Greenough Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 
Marden, Mrs. Philip S. (Florence S. Shirley) 

11 Fairview St., Lowell, Mass. 
Margesson, Helen Pearson, '96 

100 Melville Ave., New Dorchester, Mass. 
Marion, Mrs. Alexander M, (May S. Patterson) 

Room 1014, Union Station, Pittsburg, Pa. 
t Marks, Jeannette Augusta, '00 

Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass. 
Marland, Mary King, '03 Griffin, Ga. 

Marriott, Mrs. John (Cordelia C. Nevers) 

Britannia Barracks, Norwich, England 
IMarsh, Mrs. Charles W. ( Henriette Cone) 

1736 Missouri Ave., Kansas City, Mo.; Monroeville, O. 
Marsh, Florence Maud, '92 378 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111. 
IMarsh, Grace Bertha, B. S., '85 6 Washington PL, Chicago, 111. 
Marsh, Marion, '80; M. D., Woman's Med. Coll. of N. Y. In- 
firmary, '95 295 Woodward Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Marsh, Sarah Felton, '04 Danvers, Mass. 
Marshall, Charlotte Gordon, '98 251 Broad St., Newark, N. J. 
Marshall, Dora Evangeline, '00 

i736Buena Vista St., Allegheny, Pa.' 


Marshall, Mrs. John A. (Jessie Kirkpatrick) 

43 East St., Salt Lake City, IL 
Marshall, Myra Hatton Ames, '91 Wellesley, Mass. 

Marshall, Nina Lovering, '95 

340 W. 86th St., New York, N. Y. ; Metuchen, N. J. 
Marston, Charlotte Pauline, '02 32 Park St., Danvers, Mass. 
Marston, Mary Gilman, '03 12 10 Ash St., San Diego, Cal. 

Martin, Mrs. A. Edward (Bertha Stowe'll) Minturn, Colo. 

Martin. Mrs. Edward S. (Flora Appleton Hall) 

in Suffolk Road, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 
tMartin, Mrs. L. E. (Nellora H. Clough) 

Ongole, Madras Presidency, India. 
Martin, Mary GaiiJard, '98 37 Bee St., Charleston, S. C. 

Martin, Oriola Eleanor, '98 

435 Hanover St., Manchester, N. H.. 
Marvell, Harriet Tracy, '97 

243 Highland Ave., Fall River, Mass. 

Marvell, Mary Wilbur, B. S., '94; M. D., Johns Hopkins 

Univ., '00 Fall River, Mass. 

Marvin, Jessie Adams, '04 Meadville, Pa. 

Mason, Edna Sarah, '00 468 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 

IMason, Elizabeth Browning, '90 

1744 Oregon Ave., Washington, D. C. ; Herndon, la. 
Mason, Ella Sylvina, '00 

468 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass- 
Mason, Frances Belle, '99 

3400 Morgan St., St. Louis, Mo.; Boone, la* 
Mason, Mrs. Francis E. (Blanche B. Lewis) 

573 Broadway, Pawtucket, R. L; Hinsdale, N. H. 
Mason. Helen Raymond, '93 

99 Farmington Ave., Hartford, Conn.; St. Albans, Vt, 
Mason, Irene, '02 Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

South Boston, Mass. ; Metuchen, N. J. 
Mason, Marietta Read, '85 (Mrs. Marietta M. Newell) 
t Mather, Mrs. William T. (Mabel E. Nevins) 

2502 Nueces St., Austin, Tex.; Easthampton, Mass. 
Mathews, Anna Elisabeth, '97 (Mrs. Mathews-Richardson) 
tMathews, Inez Louise, '00 Marquette, Micru 

Mathews, Mattie Ernestine, '84 40 Pine St., Burlington, Vt. 
Mathews, May, '02 Hartley House, 413 W. 46th St.. 

New York, N. Y. ; 445 Ellison St., Paterson, N. J. 
Matteson, Flora Eliza, '82; L.L. b", Univ. of Minn., '93 (Mrs, 

Benjamin B. Sheffield) 
Mattoon, Abbie Antoinette, '87 1087 Boston Road f 

New York, N. Y. ; 21 Newbury St., West Somerville, Mass.. 


Mattoon, Laura Isabella, B. S., '94 160 W. 74th St^. 

New York, N, Y. ; 103 Mulberry St., Springfield, Mass, 
Maxwell, Lily Margaret, '0$ 372 Castle St., Geneva, N. Y 

Maxwell, Mary Agnes, '02 372 Castle St., Geneva, N. Y~ 

May, Edith, '97 7 Denton Road, Wellesley, Mass,. 

May, Eleanor Cushing, '03 205 W. 57th St., New York, N. Y. 
May, Florence Edith, B. S., '90 

Moorestown, N. J. ; Barre, Mass,. 
Mayse, Elizabeth Myrtilla, '92 (Mrs. Jesse E. Christy) 
Mead, Mrs, Albert D. (Ada G. Wing) 

283 Wayland Ave., Providence, R. I... 
Mead, Emma Augusta, '81 (Mrs. G. S. Wright) 
Mead, Mrs. John F. (Florence V. Hughes) Randolph, Vt, 

Meade, Edith Rickman, '97 241 St. James PL, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Meader, Mrs. Charles A. (Lucie C. Briggs) 

7 King St.. Taunton, Mass... 
Meader, Edith Ellen, '98 84 Clay St., Central Falls, R. I. 

Meader, Emily Isabel, '91 (Mrs. F. T. Easton) 
Means, Ellen Goodrich, '85; M. A., Columbia, '01 

43 S. Main St., West Hartford, Conn., 
t Means, Mrs. Oliver W. (Abby F. Blanchard) Enfield, Conn. 
*Meddick, Mary Emma, '85 (Mrs. Edwin R. Bishop) Died 190Q.. 
Meek, Mrs. Charles S. (Katherine S. Flolmes) 

1700 S. E St., Elwood, Ind. 
Meeks, Mrs. Ludlow C. (Louise L. Beach) 

Highland Park, New Brunswick, N. J» 
Meisenbach, Flilda, '00 2618 S. Grand Ave., St. Louis, Mo„ 

Mendenhall, Gertrude Whittier, B. S.,'85 Greensboro, N. C. 
Merchant, Clarinda, '92 Nassau, N. Y. 

Meredith, Mrs. Albert B. (Adelaide Spencer) Nutley, N. J. 

Meriam, Mary, '84 (Mrs. C. W. Cornan) 
Merriam, Mrs. Frank W. (Florence Floyd) 

304 Chemung St., Waverly, N. Y. 
Merriam, Ida Frances, '00 Sharon, Mass. 

Merrill, Mrs. A. P. (Rosaline Lee) 

82 Lowell St., Peabody, Mass- 
Merrill, Mrs. Albert N. (Mary G. Baker) 

1945 Putnam St., Toledo, O* 
tMerrill, Edith Moody, '98 Newburyport. Mass, 

Merrill, Mrs. Frederick J. H. (Winifred Edgerton) 

Highcliffe Hall, Park Hill, Yonkers, N. Y- 
Merrill Harriet Anna, '98 (Mrs. Charles E. Clifton) 
Merrill, Mrs. Harry (Harriet C. Stockman) 

13 Lincoln St., Exeter. N. H- 

7 6 

Merrill, Helen Abbot, '86; Ph. D., Yale, '03 

Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass. 
*Merrill, Jane Clara, '83 Died 1902. 

t Merrill, Josephine Martha, '99 Brownville, Me. 

t Merrill, Louise Claribel, '8 3 - M. D., Woman's Med. Coll. of 
N. Y. Infirmary, '87 (Mrs. John O. Hutchinson) 
Merrill, Margaret Bell, '99 191 5 14th St., 

Washington, D. C. ; 2 Western Ave., St. Johnsbury, Vt. 
Merrill, May, '95 (Mrs. Richard Billings) 
Merrill, Mrs. William P. (Clara S. Helmer) 

33 Aldine Sq., Chicago, 111. 
Merrow. Harriet Lathrop, B. S., '86; M. A., '93 

Kingston, R. I. 
Metcalf, Edith Ely, '80 51 Locust St., Chicago, 111. 

Metcalf, Mrs. Irving W. (Flora B. Mussey) 

70 S. Cedar Ave., Oberlin, O. 
Metcalf, Mabel Augusta, '03 93 Vernon St., Lowell, Mass. 

Metcalf, Marion, '8o Elyria, O. 

Metcalf, Maud, '00; M. A., '03 

128 Anawan Ave., West Roxbury, Mass. 
Metcalf, Mrs. Wilmot V. (Caroline G. Soule) 

Care Rev. Irving Metcalf, Oberlin, O. 
Meyer, Winifred, '96 Chauncey Hall School, 

Boston, Mass.; 64 Kirkland St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Middlebrook, Mrs. George H. (Charlotte E. Miller) 

133 E. 1 6th St., New York, N. Y. 
Millard. Mrs. C. N. (Alice W. Kellogg) 

837 Richmond Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Millard, Mary, B. S., '94; Pd. B., New York State Normal Col- 
lege, '98 (Mrs. George F. Hatch) 
Miller, Anne Kip, '02 309 E. 7th St., Plainfield, N. J. 

Miller, Charlotte Elizabeth, '91 (Mrs. G. -H. Middlebrook) 
Miller, Ernestine Lawrence, '03 Wellsboro, Pa. 

Miller, Grace, '95 Oak PL, Akron, O. 

Miller, Grace Metcalf, '00 

302 Washington Ave., Batavia, N. Y. ; LeRoy, N. Y. 
fMiller, Isabelle Youngs, '93 (Mrs. H. J. Douglas) 
fMiller, Mary Olive, '04 Mount Vernon, N. Y. 

Miller, Mary Sophia, B. S., '90 11 State St., Adrian, Mich. 
Miller, Mary Zahm, '99 (Mrs. Frank W. Kingsley) 

17 Llenshaw Ave., Northampton, Mass. 
Miller, Maud, '03 665 E. 22d St., Paterson, N. J. 

Miller, Mrs. Stephen M. (Laura H. Jones) 

35 3d Ave., Newark, N. J. 


Miller, Mrs. William J. (Alice H. Schouler) 

184 Commonwealth Ave., Cleveland, (X 

|Millett, Alice Lizzie, 'oo 336 Cabot St., Beverly, Mass* 

Milliken, Mrs. Richard D. (Grace Stockman) Saco, Me. 

*Mills, Mrs. Carlton P. (Helen L. Briggs) Died 1889. 

Mills, Emily Welch, '03 Northfield Seminary, 

East Northfield, Mass. ; 50 Chestnut St., Oneonta, N. Y. 

Mills, Margaret Callahan, '01 St. Agnes School, 

Albany, N. Y. ; 37 Highland Ave., Middletown, N. Y. 

Miner, Lilian Burleigh, '88; M. A., Brown Univ., '98 

547 Elmwood Ave., Providence, R. I. 
Mirick, Henrietta Amelia, '92 

325 Columbia Road, Dorchester, Mass. 
Mirick, Mary Halbert, '98 

541 Madison Ave., Scranton, Pa. ; Gilbertsville, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Ann Maria, B. S., '90 56 Reed St., Boston, Mass. 
Mitchell, Elizabeth Campbell, '95 (Mrs. H. E. Sheldon) 
Mitchell, Jane Potter, '90 (Mrs. Franklin N. Newell) 
Mitchell, Marion Sheffield, '94 Care Bishop Graves, 

St. John's College, Shanghai, China 
Mitchelson, Mrs. Ariel (May V. Ely) Tariffville, Conn. 

tModerweil, Mary Watson, B. S., '90 (Mrs. George W. DeBolt) 
MofTatt, Ethelwyn Fleming, B. S., '92 

69 Washington St., Cumberland, Md. 
fMoffett, Mrs. Charles T. (Bertha Holbrook) 

The Plaza, Chicago, 111. 
Moller, Mrs. Carl N. (Vennette S. Crain) 

1220 King St., La Crosse, Wis. 
Monroe, Eleanor Perrine, '04 

330 Gowen Ave., Mount Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Montague, Annie Sybil, '79; M. A., '82 

26 Fayette St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Montague, Mrs. Henry B. (Elizabeth Perry) 

48 Chapin St., Southbridge, Mass* 
Montgomery, Mrs. Frank H. (Caroline L. Williamson) 

5548 Woodland Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Montgomery, Mary Phillips, '02 19 White St., Taunton, Mass. 
Montgomery, Mary Williams, '96; Ph. D., Berlin, '01 

1321J- E. 19th St., New York, N. Y. 
tMontgomery, Roberta Helen, '97 (Mrs. William A. McKinney) 
Montgomery, Mrs. William A. (Helen M. Barrett) 

233 Westminster Road, Rochester, N. Y. 
tMooar, Agnes, '82 (Mrs. Bartholomew S. Noyes) 
Mooar, Edith, '99 (Mrs. H. M. Powell) 
Moody, Ethel Iona, '04 32 Winnemay St., Natick, Mass. 


".Moody, Ethel Maria, '99 National Cathedral School, 

Washington, D. C. ; East Northfield, Mass. 
..Moody, Lucy Boardman, '02 Beaver. Beaver Co., Pa. 

Mooney, Mrs. George (Carrie L. Emerson) 

1000 W. 4th St., Plainfield, N. J. 
Moore, Annie Kennedy, '93 

16 Melbourne Ave., Mamaroneck, N. Y. 
Moore, Edith Harriet, '00 173 Oakleigh Road, Newton, Mass. 
Moore, Emma Mabel, '99 76 Pearl St., Middletown, Conn.; 

191 Central St., Gardiner, Me. 
Moore, Florence Almera, '00 Talcottville, Conn. 

Moore, Harriet Isabelle, '96 

1 109 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill, Mass. 
Moore, Mrs. Hugh K. (Mary E. Tebbetts) Gorham, N. H. 

Moore, Mrs. Jessie C. (Frances G. Hershey) 

1808 Talbot Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Moore, Mrs. J. Gillespie (Harriet M. Foster) 

1640 Indiana Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Moore, Marie Louisa Fredrika, '98 37 Spring St., 

Springfield, 'Mass. ; 10 Front St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Moore, Rebecca Deming, '99 

320 Central St., Saugus, Mass. ; Calais, Me. 

Moore, Sabra Maude, '98 101 Halsey St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

More, Mrs. Charles H. (Louise E. Bolard) The Standish Arms, 

169 Columbia LXeights, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

'f More, Clara Stanton, '04 7 Soldiers PL, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Morgan, Mrs. Charles F. (Edith J. Norcross) 

16 Claremont St.. Worcester, Mass. 
Morgan, Effa Lena, '85 (Mrs. J. G. Tapper) 
Morgan, Grace Eveline, '96 Essex, Conn. 

Morgan, Jessie Ellen, '89 (Mrs. John A. Eakin) 
Morgan, Lillian Belle, '97 

315 N. Michigan Ave., Saginaw, W. Side, Mich. 
Morgan, Lucy Isabel, B. S., '92 (Mrs. Charles H. Wardw'ell) 
Moroney, Mary Josephine, '97 ; M. A., Brown University, '99 

209 Broadway, Pawtucket, R. I. 
Morrill, Bertha Lurene, '95 (Mrs. Azel Ames, Jr.) 
Morrill, Mrs. Charles H. (Mary E. W T ardwell) Hyannis, Mass. 
Morrill, Emma Abbott, '97 (Mrs. W. H. Snyder) 
Morrill, Lucia, '90; M. A., Columbia Univ., '98 

Conway Centre, N. H. 
Morrill, Ruth Eastman, '90 (Mrs. M. G. Starrett) 
Morris, Mrs. Ira N. (Constance L. Rothschild) 

3401 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 


Morris, Lucy Van Name, 'oo Care L. M. Cobb, 

East Seattle, Wash.; 34 Plymouth Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Morrison, Alice Claire, '02 (Mrs. Christopher C. Case) 
Morrison, Mrs. Loren L. (Mary L. Ball) 

206 S. 1st St., Rockford, 111. 
Morrow, Julie Mathilde, '04 17 W. 84th St., New York, N. Y. 
Morse, Abbie Parsons, '80 (Mrs. C. A. Barker) 
Morse, Caroline Boles, '84 25 High St., Methuen, Mass. 

Morse, Carolyn Louise, '00 (Mrs. Paul M. Rea) 
Morse, Katherine, B. S., '90 

93 Tyler St., Boston, Mass.; North Haverhill, N. H. 
Morse, Lelia Dyer, '03 (Mrs. Leon T. Wilson) 
Morse, Mrs. Lewis Kennedy (Annie H. Capron) 

Hotel Berkeley, Boston, Mass. ; Boxford, Mass. 
Morse, Minnie Adams, '91 ; M. A., '95 

3 Sargent St., Upham's Corner, Dorchester, Mass. 
Mortimer, Mrs. Edmund (Mignonette Smith) 

Charleston, S. C. ; Cor. Lockwood and Webster Aves., New 
Rochelle, N. Y. 
Moses, Josephine Abbey, '97 616 E. 7th St., Jamestown, N. Y. 
tMosman, Mary Caroline, B. S., '86 

2212 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale, Mass. 
Mothershead, Amy Morris, B. S., '91 221 South St., 

Morristown, N. J.; 530 Orchard St., Chicago, 111. 
Mott, Lucy Cleaveland, '96 

The Algonquin, Buffalo, N. Y. ; no Main St., Oneida, N. Y. 
*Moulton, Alice Lummus, '83 Died 1885. 
Moulton, Jennette Augusta, '94 

42 Lake Ave., Melrose, Mass.; Exeter, N. H. 
Mower, Nelle Augusta, B. S., '93 (Mrs. James H. Macomber) 
Mowry, Clara Bell, B. S., '89 (Mrs. W. G. Nicholas) 
Muller, Mrs. William A. (Kate I. Squire) 

231 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, Mass. 
Munger, Jessie I)., B. S., '87 

42 Washington Ave., Plainfleld, N. J. 
"t Munger, Jessie Strong, '97 (Mrs. Roy B. Dudley) 
Munroe, Evelyn Amelia, '97 

568 S. Main St., Woonsocket. R. I. 
Munroe, Florence Lydia, '93 8^ Round Hill, 

Northampton, Mass.; 43 Warren Ave., Woburn, Mass. 
Munson, Maud Antoinette, '95 235 Broad St., Sewickley, Pa. 
Murchie, Mrs. William A. (Mina De H. Rounds) Calais, Me. 
Murdoch, Emily Tylor, '83 (Mrs. D. L. Dawley) 
JVfurphy, Mrs. Daniel W. (Ermina Ferris) Hollywood, Cal. 


Murray, Mrs. Charles T. (Isabel Northey) 

28 Franklin St., Somerville, Mass. 
Murray, Mrs. Gilbert D. (Katharine M. Winton) 

436 Wyoming Ave., Scranton, Pa- 
Murray, Mrs. Hilleary L. (Gertrude B. Gage) 

1718 Logan Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Mussey, Flora B., '81 (Mrs. Irving W. Metcalf) 
*Myers, Mary Ann, '82 Died 1884. 
Myrick, Florence Hannah, B. S., '92 

The Ames, Binghamton, N. Y. 
Nachtmann, Mrs. Martin T. (Alice Newman) 

81 Lake Ave., Albany, N. Y. 
*Narregang, Mrs. S. W. (Ollie A. Easton) Died 1894. 
*Nash, Catherine Gertrude, '83 Died 1904. 
Nason, Mrs. Frank L. (Thalia A. Painter) West Haven, Conn. 
Nauts, Mrs. William B. (Clara H. Look) 

Univ. of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Neal, Mary Stowe, '99 2009 Military St., Port Huron, Mich. 

tNeedham, Mrs. E. L. (Bessie G. Pierce) Bethel, Spencer, Mass. 

*Nellis, Mrs. Alexander (Mary E. Meddick) See Mrs. Edwin 

R. Bishop Died 1900. 

Nelson, Kate Winthrop, '95 

13 W. Cedar St., Boston, Mass.; Calais, Me. 
Nelson, Mrs. Roscoe (Harriet L. Cook) Windsor, Conn. 

Nelson, Mrs. Wilbur ^'Nurella E. Phipps) 

121 Sylvan St., Rutherford, N. J. 
Neuhaser, Susan Watters, '03 11 Vernon St., Brookline, Mass. 
Nevers, Cordelia Caroline, '96 ; Cape of Good Hope Univ., '00 
(Mrs. John Marriott) 
tNevins, Mabel Elizabeth '87 (Mrs. W.illiam T. Mather) 
JNewcomb, Mary Douglas, B. S., '94 

37 Seely Ave., Chicago, 111.. 
Newell, Carrie Jane, '79 (Mrs. Robert H. Ferguson) 
Newell, Mrs. Franklin N. (Jennie P. Mitchell) 

12 Park St., Bradford, Mass. 
Newell, Mrs. Marietta M. (Marietta Read Mason) 

12 Creighton St., Providence, R. I. 
f-Newhall, Mary Louise, '99 Fairfield, Me. 

Newhart, Grace, '03 Hampshire Arms, Minneapolis, Minn. 

fNewkirk, Eliza Jacobus, '00 Wyncote, Pa, 

Newkirk, Ida Bell, '84 (Mrs. E. C. Sattley) 
Newman, Alice, B. S., '93 (Mrs. M. T. Nachtmann) 
Newman, Caroline Newcombe, '93 

1230 Amsterdam Ave., New York, N. Y. 


Newton, Abbie How, '04 

126 Huntington PL, Mt. Auburn, Cincinnati, O, 
Newton, Elsie Delight, '04 

126 Huntington PL, Mt. Auburn, Cincinnati, O. 
Newton, Mrs. James H. (Emily Norcross) 

159 Chestnut St., Holyoke, Mass. 
Nicholas, Mrs. W. G. (Clara Bell Mowry) 

1 901 Venango St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Nicholes, Sarah Grace, '94 

Neighborhood House, 1224 W. 67th St., Chicago, 111. 
Nichols, Mrs. Burton D. (Martha Stewart) 

1530 Bradley PL, Chicago, 11L 
Nichols, Clara Louise, '96 (Mrs. Seth W. Kelley) 
Nichols, Hester Deane, '84 ; M. A., '98 

High School, Asbury Park, N. J.; Assonet, Mass. 
Nickerson, Jessie Carver, '99 Searsport, Me. 

Nickerson, Marjorie Louise, '03 

27 Gardiner Park, Rochester, N. Y.; Milton, Mass. 
Nobbie, Mrs. John A. (Mary B. Charlton) 

175 Morgan St., Tonawanda, N. Y. 
Noble, Caroline Edna, '90 

Woodside Terrace, Springfield, Mass. 
Noble, Sarah Gibson, '02 

55 Fullerton Ave. S., Montclair, N. J. ... 
Noble, Willa Carey, '04 55 Fullerton Ave. S., Montclair, N. J. . 
Noera, Florence Anna, '03 

145 Hillside Ave., Waterbury, Conn. . 
Norcross, Alice Whitney, '95 (Mrs. Henry J. Gross) 
tNorcross, Mrs. C. P. (Mildred Feeny) 

The Pierpont, 47 W. 32d St., New York, N. Y. 
Norcross, Edith Janet, '00 (Mrs. Charles P. Morgan) 
Norcross, Emily, J 8o ; M A., 84 (Mrs. James H. Newton) 
Norcross, Mrs. William C. (Helen M. Womersley) 

Weliesley Hills, Mass. 
Norris, Mrs. Alfred E. (Edna Waldron) 

48 Babcock St., Brookline, Mass. 
Norris, Mary Livermore, '98 (Mrs. M. D. Barrows) 
North, Mrs. F. Mason (Louise J. McCoy) 

121 W. i22d St., New York, N. Y. 

North, Mary, '97 175 Park St., Montclair, N. J. 

Northey, Isabelle, '92 (Mrs. Charles T. Murray) 

Northup, Laura Harkness, '96 261 14th St., Portland, Ore. 

^Norton, Ethel Sturdivant, '99 (Mrs. A. C. Doten) Died 1903. 

^Norton, Mrs. Fred L. (Mary R. Russell) 

7 Haviland St., Boston, Mass, 


Norton, Lena Margaret, '82 (Mrs. A. M. Spangler) 
f Norton, Mrs. Richard (Edith White) 

American School for Classical Studies, 2 B. via Gaeta, 
Rome, Italy 
Nourse, Harriet Almira, '95 (Mrs. C. E. Dudley) 
fNourse, Helen Lucy, '89 (Mrs. Walter D. Jackson) 

Noxon, Mrs. John F. (Mary S. Wadhams) Pittsfieid, Mass. 
t Noyes, Mrs. Bartholomew S. (Agnes Mooar) 

264 Lee St., Oakland, Cal. 
Noyes, Bessie Browning '82 29 Albion St., 

Somerville, Mass.; American Mission, Madura, S. India 
Noyes, Ethel Wyman, '02 

60 Greenwood Ave., West Newton, Mass. 
f" Noyes, Florence Ethel, '00 (Mrs. William C. Drouet) 
Noyes, Mary Tucker, '87 Madura, Madura District, 

S. India; 144 Hancock St., Auburndale, Mass. 
tNusbickel, Tusanelda, '04 Lyons, N. Y. 

Nutter, Grace Alma, '96 (Mrs. Ralph M. Braun) 
Nye, Mary Lillian, '04 628 Washington St., Wellesley, Mass. 
Oakford, Mrs. Aaron S. (Mary H. Lines) 

405 Perry Ave., Peoria, 111. 
O'Brien, Mrs. Archibald M. (Helen James) 

4806 Trinity PL, West Philadelpia, Pa. 
Ogden, Adele, '04 

Welleslev College ; 3 Norfolk Terrace, Wellesley, Mass. 
t Oldham, Clara May, '86 (Mrs. T. S. O'Leary) 
tO'Leary, Mrs. T. S. (Clara M. Oldham) 

U. S. Naval Hospital, Yokohama, Japan 
Oliphant, Mary Ripley, 'oo Denver, Colo. 

Oliver, Joanna Blessing, '99 (Mrs. Evans Holbrook) 
Olsson, Anna Matilda, B. S., '90 ; M. S., Univ. of N. Y., '00 

139 Clinton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Opperman, Marie, Indiana Univ., '02 ; M. A. Wellesley, '03 

188 Chestnut St., New Britain, Conn.; Cochran, Ind. 
fOrbison, Julia Inez, '01 

Glenville, O. ; 516 S. Ohio Ave., Sidney, O. 
Ordway, Helen, '01 The St. James, Springfield, Mass. 

Orr, Anne Decker, '04 Oakmont, Pa. 

tOrr, Clem Winnie, B. S., '89 Spring St., between 

Morgan and Eslin Sts., Washington, D. C. 
Orr, Mary Edith '98 24 Tudor St., Chelsea, Mass. 

Orton, Louise Taft, '99 (Mrs. F. C. Caldwell) 
Orton, Mary Jennings, '90 (Mrs. Oliver P. Watts) 
Osborn, Emily, '04 4737 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Osborn, Mrs. Frank H. (Harriet N. Gage) Catskill, N. Y. 


tOsborn, Mary George, '92 ; M. A., Brown, '01 

Warren, R. L; Pawtucket, R. I. 

Osborne, Florence May, '02 Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Osborne, Mrs. Harry O. (Marcia C. Mclntire) 

33 Washington St., Peabody, Mass. 

Osgood, Stella Morris, '94 Pittsfield, N. H. 

Osmer, Mrs. W. A. (Anna V. La Rose) 

1823 Broadway, Logansport, Ind. 

Owen, Mrs. D. E. (Jane E. McArthur) 

4333 Larchwood Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Packer, Lulu Ella, '01 ' 138 E. 6th St., Plainfield, N. J. 

*Page, Ellen Augusta Giles, '8o Died 1884. 

Page, Mrs. Hartstein W. (Mary L. Jenks) Baldwin ville, Mass. 

Page, Henrietta Richardson, '03 (Mrs. Charles O. Alexander) 

Page, Katharine Rebecca, '03 Wellesley, Mass. 

Page, May, B. S., '01 12 10 S. Broadway, Leavenworth, Kas. 

Page, Nellie Frances, '83 ; Ph. D., Univ. of Wisconsin, '96 
(Mrs. Nellie Page Bates) 

Paige, Abbie Louise, '96 16 N. Pleasant St., Taunton, Mass. 

Paine, Mrs. Floward S. (Sarah M. Potter) Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Painter, Florence McMahon, '97 Sag Harbor, L. I., N. Y. 

Painter, Thalia Abigail, B„ S., '82 (Mrs. Frank L. Nason) 

Palen, Anna, '88 127 Harvey St., Germantown, Pa. 

*Palen, Frances, '90 Died 1899. 

Palmer, Mrs. Augustus B. (Annie L. Judd) Franklin, Mass. 

Palmer, Bertha, '91 ; M. A., '93 (Mrs. William C. Lane) 
fPalmer, Clara Augusta, '99 

43 Boston Ave., W. Medford, Mass.; W. Cornville, Me. 

Palmer, Elizabeth Hatch, '87 

Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; Ipswich, Mass. 

Palmer, Mary Louise, '86 (Mrs. G. E. Vincent) 

Pappenheimer, Minnie, '01 5 W. 82d St., New York, N. Y. 

Parfait, Mrs. Charles D. (Caroline F. Randolph) 

Front St. and Farragut Road, Plainfield, N. J. 
fPark, Carrie Lucy, '83 (Mrs. Frank W. Harrington) 

Park, Caroline Winthrop, '02 Wellesley, Mass. 

Park, Cornelia, '96 (Mrs. Ernest Knaebel) 
tPark, Mrs. Francis E. (Etta R. Parker) Stoneham, Mass. 

Park, Julia Ballantine, '01 Wellesley, Mass. 

tParker, Etta Richardson, '90 (Mrs. Francis E. Park) 

Parker, Helen Adams, '90 Fitzwilliam, N. H. 

Parker, Joanna Stoddard, '96 (Mrs. O. C. Helming) 

Parker, Mrs. John E. (Carrie M. Burditt) Pittsford, Vt. 

Parker, Laura Mabel, '88 (Mrs. G. P. Furber) 

Parker, Marion Frances, B. S., '91 (Mrs. William A. Perrin) 

Parker, Mary Eliza, '88 ; M. A., Univ. of Pa., '98 ; M. A. r 
Radcliffe, '99 909 Harrison St., Syracuse, N. Y.- r 

19 Cherry St., Gardner, Mass. 
Parker, Nettie Alice, '88 (Mrs. J. W. McCauley) 
Parker, Rena Deverd, '01 

Brookline, N. H.; 61 E. Pearl St., Nashua, N. HL 
Parkes, Evelyn Emma, '92 (Mrs. Floyd H. Adams) 
*Parkhurst, Harriet May, '97 Died 1900. 
Parkinson, Mrs. W. D. (Caroline N. Bowman) 

103 Lexington St., Waltham, Mass. 
fParlin, Marion Louise, '04 Natick, Mass. 

Parmenter, Esther, '02 Rowley, Mass. 

fParton, Mabel, '01 254 High St., Newburyport, Mass. 

*Paton, Ethel, '90 Died 1902. 
Patterson, Edna Violett, '98 (Mrs. P. C. Farrar) 
Patterson, Mrs. Frank F. (Annie M. Robinson) 

South Billerica, Mass* 
fPatterson, Mrs. George W. (Lilla O. Davidson) 

Randolph Centre, Vt. 
Patterson, Marian, '01 3 Lake View Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. 
Patterson, Mrs. Marcus J. (Mary E. Traversee) 

3234 W. 30th Ave., Denver, Colo. 
Patterson, May Stevens, B. S., '92 (Mrs. Alexander M. Marion) 
Paul, Ruth Atherton, '98 (Mrs. Paul B. Mann) 
Paul, Mrs. Sarah Woodman (Sarah H. Woodman) 

Kent PL, Summit, N. J. 
tPavey, Mary Susan, '93 Washington C. H., O. 

Peabody, Susan Wade, B. S., '86 

5515 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, Ill- 
Peaks, Annie Hamblen, '96 (Mrs. William S. Kenny) 
Peale, Elizabeth Hale, '95 Lock Haven, Pa. 

Peale, Harriet Alter, '85 (Mrs. Frank B. Towne) 
Pearce, Gertrude, '99 Cazenovia, N. Y. 

Pearmain, Mrs. Sumner B. (Alice W. Upton) 

388 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 
*Pearsons, Frances Taylor, '84 (Mrs. George A. Plimpton) 
Died 1900. 
Pearsons, Mary Louise, '89 (Mrs. J. P Dolliver) 
IPeavey, Lilian Bell, B. S., '93 (Mrs. G. P. Gutterson) 
*Peck, Angie Lacey, '90 Died 1891. 
Peck, Carolyn Johnson, '94 Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Peck, Helen Elizabeth, '04 Peace Dale, R. I. 

Peckham, Anna Brown, '93 ; M. A., Denison Univ., '01 

Denison Univ., Granville, O.; Kingston, R. I. 


Peckham, Elizabeth Bateman, '88 

14 Mt. Vernon St., Newport, R. I.; E. Northport, Me. 
tPeckham, Sarah Elizabeth, '95 

45 Brighton St., Providence, R. I. 
Pedrick, Katharine Francis, B. S., '89 (Mrs. E. G. Brackett) 
Peebles, Mrs. Wm. C. (Margaret D. Weed) 

615 W. Water St., Elmira, N. Y. 
Peirce, Harriet Maria, '8o (Mrs. E. H. Sanborn) 
Peirce, Millicent Louise, '94 (Mrs. J. T. Potter) 
Pell, Edith Augusta, '00 277 Clifton Ave., Newark, N. J. 

Pelton, Garnet Isabel, '97 Denison House, 

93 Tyler St., Boston, Mass.; Dedham, Mass. 
Pelton, Marion Laura, '80 (Mrs. Marion Pelton Guild) 
Pendleton, Ellen Fitz, '86; M. A., '91 

Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass. 
Pendleton, Fanny Thompson, '91 ; M. A., Cornell, '93 

35 School St., Westerly, R. I. 
Pennell, Ethel Adele, '98 23 Maple Terrace, Auburndale, Mass. 
Penniman, Sarah Ella, '93 ; M. A., '95 

488 Broadway, Lawrence, Mass. 
Pennington, Lydia Ordelia, B. S., '93 

2030 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O. 
Penny, Louise Townsend, '98 54 Park PL, Newark, N. J. 

Perkins, Bertha Glasier, '02 Topsfield, Mass. 

Perkins, Caroline Bright, '91 99 Weir St., Taunton, Mass. 

Perkins, Mrs. George H. (Mary A. Alexander) 

937 Main St., Woburn, Mass. 
Perkins, Mrs. George W. (Florence M. Tobey) 

136 Blue Hill Ave., Boston, Mass. 
*Perkins, Grace Hamilton, '94 Died 1900. 
Permar, Mrs. Bryan S. (Warrene R. Piper) 

830 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 
Perrin, Marian Williams, '91 (Mrs. H. F. Burton) 
Perrin, Mrs. William A. (Marion F. Parker) 

807 Auburn Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Perrine, Cora Belle, '91 

University of Chicago Library, Chicago, 111. 
Perry, Alice Elizabeth, '01 574 Marshall Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Perry, Mrs. Carroll (Grace H. Underwood) 

Garrison-on-Hudson, N. Y. 
Perry, Elizabeth, B. S., '93 (Mrs. Henry B. Montague) 
Perry, Grace, '8i Williamstown, Mass. 

Pershing, Mrs. John J. (H. Frances Warren) Tokyo, Japan 
Peters, Mrs. William F. (Emma A. Smith) See Mrs. George 
F. Cheney. 


fPeterson, Anna Katrina, B. S., '94 McGregor, la. 

fPetrie, Florence Estelle, '02 Ingram, Pa, 

Pertee, Alice Gardner, '87 (Mrs. George P. Eastman) 
Petty, Mary Maria, B. S., '85 

211 S. Ashe St., Greensboro, N. C.; Archdale, N. C. 
|Pew, Caroline Blanche, '91 Gloucester, Mass. 

Pfaltz, Annie Amelia, '82 

104 Gainsborough St., Boston, Mass. 
*Pfeiffer, Mrs. George (Rachel R. Hartwell) Died 1905. 
von Pfister, Mrs. Friedrich O. (Marjorie B. Hemingway) 

Care Pfister, Mayr & Co., Munich, Germany 
*Phelps, Julia Eastman, '95 Died 1898. 
Phemister, Grace, '99 The Emma Willard School, 

Troy, N. Y.; 152 Allston St., West Medford, Mass. 
Philbrick, Annie Brown, '02 

Wellesley College ; Rye Beach, N. H. 
Phillips, Alice Beaver, '04 

362 S. Franklin St., Wilkes Barre, Pa, 
Phillips, Anna Keyes, '86 (Mrs. Edwin F. See) 
Phillips, Mabelle Charlton, '00 

921 Madison Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 
t Phillips, Maude Gillette, '81 Hotel Majestic,. 

New York, N. Y.; Round Hill, Springfield, Mass. 
jPhinney, Emma Henrietta, '95 517 W. Market St., Akron, O. 
Phipps, Nurella Esther, '03 (Mrs. Wilbur Nelson) 
Piatt, Eulalie May, '01 Tunkhannock, Pa. 

Pierce, Alice Goddard, B. S., '92 765 Main St., 

Worcester, Mass.; 15 Knowles St., Newton Centre, Mass. 
f Pierce, Bessie Gray, '96 (Mrs. E. L. Needham) 
Pierce, Caroline Frances, '91 

Wellesley College ; 13 Hubbard Ave., Northampton, Mass. 
Pierce, Grace Annot, '91 Miss Metcalfe's School,, 

Tarry town, N. Y.; East Jaffrey, N. H. 
Pierce, Harriet Russell, B. S., '88 

20 Bowdoin St., Worcester, Mass. 
Pierce, Helen Adelaide, '91 122 Main St., Newton, N, J. 

Pierce, Louise Norris, '00 13 High St., Old Town, Me. 

Pierce, Mabel Lizzie, '04 1389 Harrison St., Oakland, Cah 
Pierce, Mary Elizabeth, '98 

144 Center St., West Haven, Conn.; South Britain, Conn. 
Pierce, Mary Lucy, '99 (Mrs. Edward M. Dutcher) 
Pike, Lillian Vida, B. S., '92 3908 Ellis Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Pingree, Mrs. Frederick J. (Harriet C. Blake) 

78 Chauncy St., Boston, Mass. 

8 7 

tPingrey, (Mrs.) Cora Edith Smith, '97 

Court St., White Plains, N. Y. 
Pinkham, Frances Ethel, B. S., '93 

64 Nahant St., Lynn, Mass. 
Pinkham, Mary Katharine, '97 64 Nahant St., Lynn, Mass. 
fPinney, Louise, B. S., '89 1355 Carroll Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Pinney, Myra Finette, '04 

504 N. La Fayette St., Valparaiso, Ind. 
Piper, Warrene Roby, '97 (Mrs. Bryan S. Permar) 
fPitcher, Pauline Meredith, '98 141 5 Pine St., Scranton, Pa. 
Pitkin, Caroline Estelle, '02 26 Jones St., 

New York, N. Y. ; 234 N. East Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Pitkin, Edith Winifred, '02 15 Fairbanks St., 

Brookline, Mass.; 702 Madison Ave., Albany, N. Y. 
Pitkin, Florence Emily, '02 234 N. East Ave., Oak Park, 111, 
Pitkin, Lillie May, '95 (Mrs. M. W. Wallace) 
Pitman, Anna Leila, '03 Lindenhurst, 

Brattleboro, Vt.; 208 Pleasant St., Laconia, N. H. 
Piatt, Bertha Diantha, '04 32 Grove Hill, New Britain, Conn. 
tPleasants, Emma Shaw, B. S., '90 Pottsvilie, Pa. 

^Plimpton, Mrs. George A. (Frances T. Pearsons) Died 1900. 
Plympton, Lucy Anabel, '00 Weilesley Hills, Mass. 

Pond, Nancy May, B. S., '93 ; B. L. S., New York State 
Library School, '96 Peck Library, Norwich, Conn. 

Pool, Lilian Edna, '87 1704 Chicago Ave., Evanston, Ill- 

Poor, Martha Viola, '03 

108 Carroll St., Portage, Wis.; Hillside, Me. 
fPoor, Nina Foster, '00 Belfast, Me. 

Pope, Anna Isabella, '00 

40 South Ave., Brockport, N. Y.; Spencer, Mass. 
Pope, Mrs. Francis E. (Ellen j. Wall) 

1015 Greenwood Blvd., Evanston, 111. 
Pope, Louise, '92 ; M. A., '00 (Mrs. H. H. Johnson) 
tPope, Louise Josephine, '94 

18 W. 25th St., New York, N. Y. ; Peace .Dale, Pv. L 
Porter, Bessie Preston, '01 19 Cherry St., Dan vers, Mass. 

Porter, Caroline Johnson, '99 

1820 Rittenhouse Sq., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Porter, Emilie Wheaton, '96 (Mrs. John Hurd) 
Porter, Mrs. George (Mary A. Walker) 

372 State St., Bridgeport, Conn. 

Porter, Grace Inez, '94 33 St. James Ave., Boston, Mass. 

fPorter, Katharine Marion, '97 106 Oak PL, Freeport, 111. 

t Porter, Mabel Anna, '91 (Mrs. J. F. Valentine) 

Post, Grace lone, '98 Redlands, Cal.; Catskill, N. Y. 


Potter, Clarimond Evangeline, B. S., '&$ ; M. A., Kalama- 
zoo, '99 (Mrs. Willis A. Anderson) 
Potter, Mrs. Elmer C. (Anna L. Arnold) 

913 Pleasant St., Worcester, Mass. 
Potter, Ethel Priscilla, '98 97 Ocean St., Dorchester, Mass. 
Potter. Eva Graham, '98 (Mrs. E. H. Blichfeldt) 
Potter, Mrs. James T. (Millicent L. Peirce) 

27 Wall St., North Adams, Mass. 
Potter, Mrs. Malcolm S. (Mabel Doolittle) 

62 Warren St., Glens Falls, N. Y. 
Potter, Marion Elizabeth, '04 185 S. nth St., Newark, N. J. 
Potter, Sarah Maria, '84 (Mrs. Howard S. Paine) 
Potwin, Clara Brewster, '84 

Summit School for Girls and Boys, Summit, N. J. 
f Powe, Harriet Caroline, '83 ; M. A., Univ. of Penn., '94 (Mrs. 
James C. Lynch) 
Powell, Mrs. H. Monford (Edith Mooar) 

1270 Bryden Road, Columbus, O. 
Powell, Mrs. Lyman P. (M. Gertrude Wilson) 

156 Elm St., Northampton, Mass. 
Power, Ethel Marion, '02 88 Pearl St., Middletown, Conn.; 

583 Broadway, South Boston, Mass. 
Pratt, Mrs. John B. (Mabel C. Dodge) 

46 Lincoln St., Montclair, N. J. 
Pratt, Marian Thompson, '99 21 Sanborn St., Reading, Mass. 
Prentice, Minnie Rebecca, '89 (Mrs. W. D. Goodwin) 
Prescott, Nellie Greta, '97 

99 S. Fitzhugh St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Pressey, Edna Frances, B. S., '94 (Mrs. Charles F. Flagg) 
Preston, Clara Frances, '89 53 Cross St., Nashua, N. H. 

Preston, Mrs. Elwyn G. (Emily H. Brown) 

40 Warren Ave., Woburn, Mass. 
*Preston, Mrs. Eiwyn G. (Lena H. Brown) Died 1895. 
Price, Ethelyn Mabel, '97 1340 Race St., Denver, Colo. 

Prichard, Eva Zitella, '98 Reading, Mass. 

Prior, Mary Davis, '95 13 Plympton St., Woburn, Mass. 

Pritchard, Sydna Ellen, '97 240 Elm St., Northampton, Mass. 

347 N. Main St., Brockton, Mass. 
Proctor, Lucy Bond, '04 33 Prospect Ave., Revere, Mass. 

Proctor, Marion Lois, '04 33 Prospect Ave., Revere, Mass. 
Prouty, Louise, '02 Trinity Court, Boston, Mass. 

Prouty, Sarah Helen, '04 Brookfield, Mass. 

Pryse, Nora Elizabeth, '04 Columbia, S. C; Beattyville, Ky. 
f Puffer, Isabel, B. S,, ; 9 [ Avon, Livingston Co., N. Y. 

tPuffer, Linda Dana, B. S., '91 Avon, Livingston Co., N. Y. 

8 9 

Pullen, Frances Kenney, '96 (Mrs. A. W. Chapman) 
Pullen, Nettie Garrett, B. S., '92 Shelbyville, Ky.; Paris, Ky. 
Pullin, Charlotte Isabel, '97 28 Lemon St., Newark, N. J. 

Pulsifer, Caroline Rust, '02 

6 Windermere Road, Dorchester, Mass.; Yarmouth, Mass. 
Purdy, Clara Rachel, '97 Sherburne, N. Y.; Ovid, N. Y. 

tPurington, Emma Frances, '85 (Mrs. C. E. Curtis) 
Putnam, Adeline, '99 ; M. A., Cornell, '02 Acadia Seminary, 
Wolfville, N. S.; 1482 Washington St., W. Newton, Mass. 
Putney, Ethel Winch, '02 Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

-♦von Puttkamer, Mrs. F. U. (Alice T. Gold) Died 1890. 
Quale, Helen Louise, '04 Silver Creek, N. Y. 

Quinby, Lillian Baker, '94 Westbrook, Me. 

Quint, Katharine Mordantt, '90 ; M. A., Dartmouth, '96 

Marion, Mass.; Cong. Library, Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 
Ragsdale, (Mrs.) Lena Moseley, 

Lexington, Ky.; Clarksville, Tenn. 
Ralph, Georgia Gertrude, '99 725 Ivy St., Allegheny, Pa. 

Ranck, Mrs. Samuel H. (Judith A. Blackburn) 

226 Terrace Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. 
.Rand, Mabel Florence, '96 

16 Berkeley St., Maiden, Mass.; W r hitman, Mass. 
Randall, Adelia Miner, '95 Pillsbury Academy, 

Owatonna, Minn.; 930 Henry St., Alton, 111. 
Randall, Elizabeth Alice, '97 (Mrs. Herbert R. Thurston) 
Randall, Julia Davenport, '97 930 Henry St., Alton, 111. 

Randall, Pearl Belle, '01 

324 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass.; Waterbury, Vt. 
Randolph, Caroline Fitz, '94 (Mrs. Charles D. Parfait) 
Randolph, Flora Albertine, '02 ; M. A., Stanford Univ., '03 

Stanford University, Cal. 
Randolph, Marion Fitz, B. S., '92 

741 E. Front St., Plainfield, N. J. 
Rapp, Mrs. Walter (Rebecca Ihlder) 

2427 Ingleside PL, Cincinnati, O. 
Rathbun, Mrs. Edward H. (Anna R. Wilkinson) 

Harris Ave., Woonsocket, R. I. 
Raven, Mrs. John H. (Elizabeth G. Strong) 

542 George St., New Brunswick, N. J. 
Rawson, Mrs. Edward C. (M. Florence Fiske) 

Holliston, Mass. 
Rawson, Sarah Ethel, '84 1 t Cherry St., Hudson, Mass. 

Raymond, Clare Stillman, '03 Lawrenceville, N. J. 

Raymond, Mrs. W. S. Winslow (Mabel Babson) 

156 Grand Ave., Dallas, Tex. 


Raynal, Frida Marie, '97 1626 Riggs PL, Washington, D. C 
tRayner, Mrs. William T. (Alice E. Dixon) 

513 Belmont Ave., Springfield, Mass, 
*Raynolds, Mrs. Edward V. (Elizabeth E. Watrous) 

Died 1900. 
Rea, Mrs. Paul M. (Carolyn L. Morse) 

College of Charleston, Charleston, S. C. 
Read, Katharine Bell, '99 

18 Westminster Ave., Roxbury, Mass. 
Reader, Louise Richmond, B. S., '88 

216 Appleton St., Lowell, Mass. 
Reardon, Mary Isabella, '02 

629 Washington St., Wellesley, Mass, 
Redfield, Josephine, B. S.,'91 

Glenview, Cook Co., 111.; 348 Ashland Blvd., Chicago, Ill- 
Reed, Alice Mae, '93 (Mrs. H. W. Dresser) 
*Reed, Florence Hortense, B, S., '85 Died 1887. 
tReed, Laura Lansing, '01 Clinton, N. Y„. 

Reed, Sallie, B. L., Ohio Wesleyan University, '86 ; B. S., '91 

(Mrs. Edward M. Semans) 
Rees, Minnie Kate, '86 (Mrs. James L. Cheney) 
Reeve, Alice Mason, '99 700 Cooper St., Camden, N. J.. 

. Reeve, Rachel Cooper, '00 (Mrs. Franklin B. Spear, Jr.) 
Reid, Mrs. George B. (Evangeline L. Sherwood) 

54 Worth St., New York, N. Y. 
Reid, Jessie, ''84 66 5th Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Reid, Julia Frances, '93 (Mrs. C. W. Willard) 
Rendall, Henrietta Sheldon '86 (Mrs. John S. Chandler) 
Reppert, Mary, '02 (Mrs. George T. Hyde) 
Rew, Mrs. Irwin (Katharine S. Jones) 

1 1 06 Oak Ave., Evanston, III. 
Reynolds, Lucile Carol, '99 (Mrs. Walter A. Hall) 
tRice, Harriet Alleyne, '87 ; M. D., Woman's Med. Coll. of 
N. Y. Infirmary, '91 335 Hull House, S. Halsted St., 

Chicago, 111.; 75 Spring St., Newport, R. L. 
*Rice, Mae Mcllwain, '02 Died 1903. 
Rich, Florence Eunice, '02 819 3d Ave. S., Fort Dodge, la. 

Richards, Clara Sheppard, '03 34 Grove St.,, 

Augusta, Me.; 31 Austin St., Newton ville, Mass. 
Richardson, Alice Marion, '90 

19 Franklin St., New London, Conn- 
Richardson, Mrs. Matthews-(Anna E. Matthews) 

Danielson, Conn. 
Richardson, Mary Tucker, '93 

403 7th St. S., Minneapolis, Minn» 

- 9 l 

Rickey, Grace Gertrude, '93 Athol Center, Mass, 

Rideout, Mrs. Benjamin W. (Helen M. Bisbee) 

Needham, Mass. 
fRidgeway, Helen Farrar, '00 

817 N. Tejon St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Rigley, Lois Eliza, '00 (Mrs. Adriel A. Crawford) 
Riley, Mary Gine, '04 1754. S St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Ring, Elsie Lenore, '04 Greystone, Ambler, Pa. 

Ring, Ruth Prentiss, '00 Greystone, Ambler, Pa. 

Ripley, Anne Robinson, '03 414 Maple Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Risdon Jeannette, '04 Ravenna, O. 

Ritchie, Emma Gibson, '97 (Mrs. S. C. Smith) 
Rivers, Mrs. George R. R. (Helen Fairbank) 

42 Concord Ave., Cambridge, Mass.; Milton, Mass. 
Robbins, Mrs. Edmund Y. (Emeline P. Hayward ) 

Princeton, N. J. 
Robbins, Phila Belle, '97 Wellesley, Mass. 

Robbins, Mrs. Walter (Louise B. Swift) 

504 Lee St., Evanston, 111. 
Roberts, Charlotte Fitch, '80 ; Ph. D., Yale Univ., ; 94 

Wellesley College; Greenfield, Mass. 
Roberts, Elsie Van Tine, '03 8^ E. 2d St., Corning, N. Y. 

tRoberts, Mrs. Erastus T. (Helen T. Chambers) 

104 Washington St., Titusville, Pa. 
Roberts, Mary Louise, ? 95-( Mrs. Charles H. Ebert) 
tRoberts, Sara Matlack, B. S., '91 (Mrs. Cornelius Weygandt) 
Robertson, Josephine Chester, '91 

Univ. of Chicago Library, Chicago, 111. 
Robinson, Annie May, '96 (Mrs. Frank F. Patterson) 
Robinson, Emily Maria, '86 (Mrs. E. N. Coleman) 
Robinson, Frances Maria, '79; M. A., '84 (Mrs. Henry 

Robinson, Mary Adelaide, '01 

118 Grand Ave., New Haven, Conn. 
Robinson, Sarah Gertrude, '82 Middleborough, Mass. 

fRobson, Cordelia Sarah, B. S., '89 

5140 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 
de Rochemont, Emilie, '89 Springfield High School, 

Springfield, Mass.; Box 261, Portsmouth, N. H. 
Rockwell, Mary, '00 240 West 5th St., Junction City, Kas. 

Rockwood, Emily Patterson, '00 Calais, Me. 

Rockwood, Mrs. George H. (Fanny B. Hoyt) 

328 N. East Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Rockwood, Marion, '98 

37 Court St., Houlton, Me.; Calais, Me.- 

9 3 

Rodgers, Caroline Josephine, '03 Chagrin Falls, O. 

Rodman, Cornelia Benedict, '01 Waterbury, Conn. 

t Rogers, Mrs. Arthur K. (Helen W. Rogers) 

Tarirrville, Conn. ; Alfred, N. Y. 
Rogers, Caroline Wright, '00 Wellesley Inn, Wellesley, Mass. 
Rogers, Cora Whittier, '98 

158 Main St., Amesbury, Mass.; Newburyport, Mass. 
Rogers, Cornelia Hephzibah Bulkley, '84; Ph. D., Yale, '94 
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; 360 John St., Bridge- 
port, Conn. 
Rogers, Ethel Ward, '95 (Mrs. Daniel Tyler) 
Rogers, Florence Sally, B. S., '94 

30 Brainard St., New London, Conn. 

Rogers, Frances Louise, State Univ. of Iowa, '93; M. A., 

Wellesley, '01 103 Woodlawn Ave., Burlington, la.; 

120 Market St., Iowa City, la. 
Rogers, Mrs. Fred N. (Clara M. Kruse) 

Care F. Kruse, Black Hawk, Colo. 

Rogers, Mrs. George B. (Elizabeth Slater) Exeter, N. H. 

t Rogers, Helen Worthington, '92 ; M. A., '93 (Mrs. A. K. 


Rogers. Isadore Cutler, 'oi South Sudbury, Mass. 

Rogers, Mary Louise, '98 ; M. A., Brown University, 

80 Clyde St., Pawtucket, R. I. 
fRollins, Florence Emma, '98 Stratham, N. H. 

fRollins, Hannah Evans, '97 Box 105, Dover, N. H. 

Rollins, Helen, '04 

Maryland College, Lutherville, Md.; Ellsworth, Me. 
Rood, Harriet Pelton, '8o Concord, Mass. 

*Root, Elizabeth Brodhead, '8o Died 1888. 
Root, Mary Ina, '88 (Mrs. G. B. McFarland) 
Rose, Charlotte Ellsworth, '88 (Mrs. R.C. Stanley) 
Rosencranz, Olive, '99 721 1st St., Evansville, Ind. 

Ross, Marion Pike, '01 (Mrs. George R. Humphrey) 
Rothfuss, Mrs. Oscar M. (Elizabeth C. Tuttle) 

78 E. 2d St., Corning, N. Y. 
Rothschild, Constance Lily, '96 (Mrs. Ira N. Morris) 
f Rounds, Dora Madeline, '96 

Livingston Park Seminary, Rochester, N. Y.; Calais, Me. 
Rounds, Edna Elizabeth, '01 ' 708 16th St., Des Moines, la. 
fRounds, Helen Norwood, '02 Calais, Me. 

Rounds, Mina DeHart, '87 (Mrs. W. A. Murchie) 
Rousmaniere, Frances Hall, '00 ; M. A., '04 

66 Chestnut St., Boston, Mass. 
Rowe, Alice Hunt, 'oo 37 Shaw St., West Newton, Mass. 


| Rowe, Edith, '03 Circleville, O. 

Rowe, Hettie Morgan, '97 281 Church St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

fRowell, Lucy Agnes, '92 101 Quarry St., Ithaca, N. Y.; 

Waterville, Oneida Co., N. Y. 
Ruddle, Elinor Frances, B. S., '93 East Mauch Chunk, Pa. 

Rudolph, Lucretia Augusta, '03 Canton, S. D. 

tRundlet, Mrs. Charles T. (Mabel F. Tower) 

490 Madison Ave., Albany, N. Y. 
Runnells, Florence Abbie, '83 (Mrs. E. F. Bryant) 
Russell, Cora Jeannette, '98 50 Pleasant St., Concord, N. H. 
Russell, Mrs. Eugene D. (Mary Catherine Eno) 

102 Beacon Hill Ave., Lynn, Mass. 
Russell, Florence, '03 Walnut Hill School, Natick, Mass.* 

43 Hillside Ave., Waterbury, Conn. 
tRussell, Mary Rebecca, '94 (Mrs. F. L. Norton) 
Safford, Mrs. P. P. (Christabel Lee) 

75 Manhattan Ave., Rochelle Park, New Rochelle, N. Y. 
Safford, Mrs. William E. (Clara L. Wade) 

The Marlborough, Washington, D. C; Andover, O. 
Sage, Pauline, 'or Mt. Auburn, Cincinnati, O. 

St. John, Mrs. Jesse (Mary P. Dennis) 

49 Ridge St., Orange, N. J. 
Salter, Mary Josephine, B. S., '94 

Hunter's Park, Duluth, Minn. 
Sanborn, Mrs. Edward H. (Harriet M. Pierce) 

39 Fishers Lane, Germantown, Pa. 
fSanborn, Ethel Louise, '02 

271 Washington Ave., Chelsea, Mass. 
Sanborn, Gertrude, '98 ^ Parsons St., West Newton, Mass. 
Sanborn, Helen Josephine, '84 

383 Broadway, Somerville, Mass. 
Sanborn, Mrs. Henry C. (Lucy W. Cummings) 

Franklin Falls, N. H. 
Sanderson, Edna May, '99 92 Central Ave., Albany, N. Y. 

Sanderson, Fannie Adams, B. S., '93 Littleton, Mass. 

Sanford, Alice Isabel, '03 46 Windham St., 

Willimantic, Conn.; West Torrington, Conn. 
Sanford, Mrs. Daniel S. (Annie B. Tomlinson) 

48 Allerton St., Brookline, Mass. 
Sapp, Mrs. Walter S. (Netta A. Stockwell) 

136 Wilbur St., Cleveland, O. 
Sargent, Mrs. George A. (Winifred E. Hill) 

339 Park Ave., Worcester, Mass. 
Sargent, Harriet Craven, '02 Graniteville, Mass. 

Sattley, Mrs. Elmer C. (Ida B. Newkirk) 

204 McKee Ave., Monessen, Pa. 


Saunders, Martha Sophia, B. S., '88 

15 Thames St., Newport, R. I. 
Savage, Mrs. Francis J. (Rachel S. Hoge) 

Lowry Bldg., St. Paul, Minn. 
Sawhill, Myra May, '02 339 Pacific Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Sawin, Harriette Fisher, '91 Lincoln, Mass. 

f Sawyer, Annie, '89 (Mrs. Wm. W. Green) 
Sawyer, Ella Louise, '04 West Boylston, Mass. 

Sawyer, Harriet Sophira, Boston Univ., '94 ; M. A., Wellesley, 

? oo (Mrs. Adam P. Holden) 
Sawyer, Mary Lizzie, '88 ; M. A., '93 

133 Florida St., Springfield, Mass. \ 
Saxton, Mrs. John A. (Edith Clifford) 

1628 State St., New Orleans, La. 
Saxton, Louise Grant, B. S., '91 (Mrs. H. L. Clapp) 
Sayre, Mrs. William H. (Elizabeth Bartholomew) 

Glen Ridge, N. J. 
Scandlin, Mabel Elliot, '93 (Mrs. C. O. Burton) 
Schad, Dr. Edith H. (Edith Harris) Bellefonte, Pa. 

Schaller, Lillian Emma, '98 

Millis, Mass.; 1© Schaller St., South Natick, Mass. 
fSchaper, Mrs. Alfred '(Mary McPherson) 

Thiergarten Strasse 476, Breslau, Germany 
Schenck, Martha, '04 3 OT 5 Lowell Blvd., Denver, Colo. 

Schleicher, Eleanor Herff, B. S., '93 

New Braunfels, Tex.; Cuero, Tex. 
fSchlesinger, Belle, '03 2805 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Schoolfield, Sue Franz, '04 750 Main St., Danville, Va. 

Schopperle, Gertrude Clara, '03 

54 Irving PL, Buffalo, N. Y.; 63 Grove Ave., Oil City, Pa. 
Schoonover, Adelaide Virginia, '98 

4 Green Ave. Madison, N. J. 
Schouler, Alice Heaton, '96 (Mrs. William J. Miller) 
Scott, Anna Margaret, '04 

509 Hansberry St., Germantown, Pa. 
Scott, Betty Bowden, '98 

3352 Perrysville Road, Allegheny, Pa. 
Scott, Mrs. Donald C. (Alice G. Lyon) Redlands, Cal. 

Scott, Katharine Bullock, '00 Lancaster, Mass. 

Scoville, Mrs. Augustus E. (Susan Ray Greene) 

82 Upham St., Melrose, Mass. 
Scoville, Harriet Beecher '83 (Mrs. Harriet B. S. Devan) 
Scribner, Bessie Blauche, '91 Laconia Public Library, 

Laconia, N. H.; Melvin Village, N. FL 


Scribner, Dora Anna, '89 

Fisk Univ., Nashville, Tenn.; Melvin Village, N. H. 
Scudder, Frances Anna, '86 (Mrs. Samuel H. Williams) 
^Searing, Mrs. Richard A. (Mary Elvira Ellis) Died 1890. 
Searle, Frances, '00 Babylon, N. Y. 

Searle, Mary, B. S., '87 The Brexton, Baltimore, Md. 

Searle, Susan Annette, '81 Kobe College, Kobe, Japan 

. Sears, Louise Page, '99 Box 17, Danvers, Mass. 

Sears, Rose Julia, '90 1371 Capouse Ave., 

Scranton, Pa.; 29 Plunkett St., Pittsfield, Mass. 
Seaton, Frances, '88 ; M. A., Cornell, '02 

103 Glen Park PL, Cleveland, O. 
Seaton, Sara, '96 103 Glen Park PL, Cleveland, O. 

See, Mrs. Edwin F. (Anna K. Phillips) 

368 Grand Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Seeley, Mrs. Boudinot, Jr. (Mayannah Woodward) 

113 W. 30th St., Wilmington, Del. 
Seelman, Hannah Elizabeth, '98 ; M. A., N. Y. Univ., '04 

466 9th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
tSeibert, Mrs. Robert S. (Gertrude A. Woodcock) 

Los Angeles, Cai. 
Seipp, Alma, '99 33°° Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Semans, Mrs. Edward M. (Sallie Reed) 

130 N. Franklin St., Delaware, O. 
Semple, Jennie Belle, B. S., '87 (Mrs. W. C. McFadden) 
Severance, Mrs. Cordenio A. (Mary F. Harriman) 

The Aberdeen, St. Paul, Minn. 
Severance, Maude Emily, '93 2 354 Kemper Lane, 

Cincinnati, O.; 72 N. Willard St., Burlington, Yt. 
Seward, Edna L' Estrange, '00 

n N. Mountain Ave., Montclair, N. J. 
Shackford Martha Hale, '96 ; Ph. D., Yale, '01 

Wellesley, Mass. 
Sharp, Mrs. Alexander (Alethea Ledyard) 

Barberton, O.; Mungo Junction, O. 
Sharpe, Mrs. Benjamin F. (Anna L. Boies) 

Greenwich,' Washington Co., N. Y. 
Shatswell, Mrs. Harry K. (Mary P. Gushing) Dedham, Mass. 
Shattuck, Mrs. Albert M. (Abby S. Fisher) 

21 High St., Worcester, Mass. 
*Shattuck, Laura Frances, '83 Died 1883. 
Shaw, Agnes Morton, '92 14 South St., Woburn, Mass. 

Shaw, Mrs. Clayton E. (Lucy M. Cottrell) 

Hoosick Falls, N. Y. 


Shaw, Clara Hathorne, '97 Green Hall, Univ. of Chicago^ 

Chicago, 111.; W. 2d St., Lexington, Ky. 

Shaw, Martha Cornelia, '00 39 Prangrestrasse f 

Dresden, Germany ; 436 Pacific Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

fShaw, Nellie Adele, '99 Greenville, Me. 

Shearn, Edwina, '8o (Mrs. Edwina S. Chadwick) 

Shedd, Mrs. William E. (Alice M. Jones) 

38 Ridge Ave., Newton Centre, Mass. 
Sheffield, Mrs. Benjamin B. (Flora E. Matteson) 

Faribault, Minn. 
Sheldon, Mrs. Henry E. (Elizabeth C. Mitchell) 

East Milton, Mass. 
Sheldon, Verna Evangeline, '85 (Mrs. Frederick C. Hicks) 
Shepherd, Minnie Alice, B. S., '93 Penn Yan, N. Y. 

Sheppard, Mrs. Robert K. (Grace M. Denison) 

Swarthmore, Pa. 
Sherburne, Alice Elizabeth, '97 73 Court St.,, 

Exeter, N. H.; 176 Salem St., Lawrence, Mass. 
Sherburne, Emma, '83 (Mrs. Charles E. Eaton) 
Sheridan, Katharine Elizabeth, '04 

Gladstone, Mich.; Wellesley Hills, Mass. 
Sherman, Tessica Louise, '01 

' St. Mary's College, Dallas, Tex.; Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Sherman, Myrtilla Jewell, '79 

Hampton Inst., Hampton, Va.; Brookfield, Mass. 
Sherman, Rose Elizabeth, '00 27' Pleasant St., 

Springfield, Mass.; 163 Dartmouth St., Lowell, Mass. 
Sherwin, Belle, B. S., '90 Winden, 

Willoughby, 0.; 1437 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O. 
Sherwin, Eleanor, '89 302 E. 2d St., Plainfield, N. J. 

Sherwood, Ethel Augusta, '01 

83 Hamilton Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 
Sherwood, Evangeline Lucille, B. S., '94 (Mrs. Geo. B. Reid) 
Sherwood, Grace Powers, '04 

Ridgely, Md.; 128 W. 12th St., New York, N. Y. 
jSherwood, Sarah Virginia, '96 

116 W. 123d St., New York, N. Y. 
Shirley, Florence Sophia, '95 (Mrs. Philip S. Marden) 
Shoemaker, Mary Elizabeth, '97 

78 W. Union St., Wilkes Barre, Pa. 
Shortle, Annie Young, '97 (Mrs. Charles Goodrich) 
Shultz, Emily Budd, '94 30 N. Mountain Ave., Montclair, N.J. 
Sibley, Charlotte Thorndike, '91 ; M. A., '94 (Mrs. H. H. 

Siebert, Anne Morris, '01 813 Bryden Road, Columbus, 0* 


Sigel, Mrs. Charles, Jr. (Laura M. Halter) 

1544 Fillmore St., Denver, Colo. 

Sikes, Mrs. Frederick G. (Emily C. Gowans) Evanston, 111. 

Sill, Annie Morgan, '80 Windsor, Conn. 

Silsby, Harriet Mabel, '03 15 Summer St., Rockland, Me. 

tSilver, Mrs. Edgar O. (Susan F. Maine) 

54 N. Arlington Ave., East Orange, N. J. 
Silver, Mrs. Elmer E. (Anna Theodora Brown) 

23 Arlington Road, Woburn, Mass. 
Silver, Georgia, '02 206 E. 46th St., Chicago, 111. 

Silverson, Wilhelmine Anna, '01 New Ulm, Minn. 

Silverthorne, Mary Eliza, '80 Nortbfield Seminary, 

East Northfield, Mass.; Gardner, Mass. 
fSimmons, Edith May, '98 90 Park St., 

Adams, Mass.; 705 Pearl St, Jopiin, Mo. 
Simmons, Margaret Breck, '95 Green End, Newport, R. I. 

Simonds, Lilia Jane, B. S., '93 (Mrs. P. McMillan) 
fSimonds, Mary Edith, '97 (Mrs. R. H. Johnson) 
Simpson, Grace Warren, '04 

1 149 Walnut St., Newton Highlands, Mass. 
Simrall, Josephine Price, B. S., '93 

328 Wallace Ave., Covington, Ky. 
Sims, Julia Isabelle, '93 42 Spruce St., Newark, N. J. 

Sinclair, Isabelle, Aiken, '90 211 W. Chelten Ave., 

Germantown, Pa.; 4 North Ave., Worcester, Mass. 
Sisson, Bertha Louise, '00 (Mrs. Alexander Harper) 
Sites, Elsie Maude, '99 12 Kent St., Brookline, Mass.; 

22 Church St., Middletown, Conn. 
fSizer, Clara Augusta, '96 (Mrs. Robert G. Howard) 
Skeele, Clara May, '84 Greenbush, Mass. 

Skelton, Iza Bernice, '95 (Mrs. A. Wilson Atwood) 
Skidmore, Anna Theodora, '94 Brookfield Centre, Conn. 

Skinner, Flora Atkins, '99 Westfield, N. Y. 

Slack, Elvira Jennie, '02 Bethel, Conn. 

Slater, Elizabeth, '88; M. A., '93 (Mrs. George B. Rogers) 
Slater, Ora Winona Louise, '94 Kent PL, Summit, N. J. 

Sloggett, Mrs. Henry D. (Lucy E. Wilcox) 

Lihue, Kauai, H. I. 

Smeallie, Flora Agnes, '87 (Mrs. F. M. Ward) 

Smedley, Lydia Martin, '02 Higbee School, 

Memphis, Tenn.; 194 South Ave., Bradford, Pa. 

Smith, Adelaide, B. S., '93 Huguenot College, Wellington, 

Cape Colony, S. Africa; 5348 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 

tSmith, Alice Faunce, '98 8 Mellen St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Smith, Annie Manson, B. S., '90 (Mrs. A. F. Belcher) 

9 8 

Smith, Arline Hapgood, '95 (Mrs. F. E. Bond) 

Smith, Mrs. Arthur M. (Sarah H. Bixby) Claremont, Cal. 

Smith, Belle Winifred, '03 

East Northneld, Mass.; Buckland, Mass. 
Smith, Mrs. Benjamin D. (Alice W. Ayres) 

101 Parsons St., Mankato, Minn. 
Smith, Bertha Eliza, '90 ; M. A., '96 

1 013 Ridge Row, Scranton, Pa. 

Smith, Bertha Harris, '00 362 S. Negley Ave., E. Pittsburg, Pa. 

Smith, Bessie Sargeant, '95 Weilesley, Mass. 

tSmith, Cora Ellen, B. S., '92 Middlebury, Vt. 

f Smith, Delia, B. S., '94 709 E. 50th St., Chicago, 111. 

Smith, Mrs. Dietrich C. (Alma H. Hippen) 

700 Washington St., Pekin, 111. 
Smith, Edna Gardner, '95 Centreville Station, N. Y. 

Smith, Ella Lavinia, '88 ; M. A., '92 (Mrs. S. G. Elbert) 
tSmith, Ellen Dean, '98 Alton, 111. 

Smith, Emma AnnelU, B. S., '87 (Mrs. George F. Cheney) 
Smith, Estelle Frances, '00 Fredericksburg, Tex. 

Smith, Eunice Cole, '98 Alton, 111. 

Smith, Florence Wheeler, '00 8 Mellen St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Smith, Floyd, '97 3°&7 Wyandotte St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Smith, Gertrude Bushnell, '95 14 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 
Smith, Mrs. G. Wildes (Ina M. Chipman) 

39 Putnam St., West Newton, Mass. 
Smith, Mrs. Harry H. (Millie R. Todd) 

1283 Bergen St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Smith, Harriet Maria, '01 61 Lime St., Newburyport, Mass. 
Smith, Mrs. Henry P. (Florence E. Soule) 

Abbott Road, Weilesley Hills, Mass. 
Smith, Jane Tullia, '99 (Mrs. Thomas Brady, Jr.) 
tSmith, Lavinia Dugan, '94 

Sisterhood of St. Margaret, Boston, Mass. 

tSmith, Lilian Rice, '95 826 Haskell Ave., Rockford, 111. 

Smith, Lillian Winslow, '02 Simsbury High School, 

Simsbury, Conn.; Weatogue, Conn. 
Smith, Louella, B. S., : 86 (Mrs. Henry H. Braley) 
{•Smith, Mabel, '95 40 Mt. Vernon St., Boston, Mass. 

Smith, Mabel Jeanette, '89 (Mrs. T. J. Adams) 
Smith, Marcia Henrietta, '98 Academy Inn, 

Dudley, Mass.; Brandon Road, Webster, Mass. 
Smith, Margaret Irene, '00 

319 Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
tSmith, Marion Ingalls, '87 (Mrs. Horace N. Conn) 
tSmith, Martha Marie, '98 Collinwood, O. 


Smith, Mary Caroline, '01; M. A., '03 

107 Munroe St., Roxbury, Mass. 
-Smith, Mary Ellen, '94 (Mrs. Samuel C. Bean, Jr. ; 
Smith, Mary Evelyn, '02 156 Porter St., Melrose, Mass. 

Smith, Mary Frazer, '96 Wellesley, Mass. 

Smith, Mary Louise, B. S., '92 (Mrs. J. C. Aydelottj 
Smith, May, '85 (Mrs. Herbert L. Willis) 
Smith, Mignonette, '98 (Mrs. Edmund Mortimer) 
Smith Miriam Adelle, '97 378 High St., Newark, N. J. 

Smith, Natalie Atkinson, '04 55 Elliot St., Watertown, Mass. 
Smith, Olive Franklin, '00 (Mrs. C. W. Barney) 
Smith, Mrs. Selden C. (Emily G. Ritchie) 

325 Sansome St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Smith, Mrs. William G. ^Martha C. Wilcox) 

332 Wisconsin Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Smouse, Daisy Alberta, '03 704 19th St., Des Moines, la. 

fSmyth, Mrs. Paul H. (Anna K. McChesney) 

525 Judson Ave., Evanston, 111. 
tSnell, Mrs. Frank H. (Isabel Cromwell) 

881 State St., New Haven, Conn. 
Snow, Ella Elizabeth, '98 (Mrs. H. F. King) 
Snow, Florence Baker, '04 

41 Nixon St., New Dorchester, Mass. 
Snow, Mrs. William B. (Elinor K. Bruce) 

106 Elm St., Stoneham, Mass. 
Snyder, Anna Elizabeth, '02 725 3d Ave., Cedar Rapids, la. 
tSnyder, Elizabeth, '96 (Mrs. L. P. Delano) 
Snyder, Mary Damaris, '02 (Mrs. Ralph S. Vinal) 
Snyder, Mrs. William H. (Emma A. Morrill) 

125 Penn Ave., Worcester, Mass. 
tSomes, Emily Gertrude, '93 Danielson, Conn. 

Sonna, Agatha Jean, '99 ; M. A., Columbia, '03 

216 S. 9th St., Boise, Ida. 
Soule, Caroline Graham, '80 (Mrs. W. V. Metcalf) 
Soule, Florence Evelyn, '90 (Mrs. H. P. Smith) 
Southard, Lydia, '99 

Wellesley College ; Pine St., Wellesley Hills, Mass. 
Southwick, Bertha Josephine, '00 

State Hospital, Taunton, Mass. 
Southworth, Inez Mabel, '02 West Stoughton, Mass. 

Southworth, Mary L., B. S., '87 Wabasha, Minn. 

Soutter, Caroline Campbell, '04 846 1st Ave., Cedar Rapids, la. 
Spalding, Gertrude Parker, B. S., '92 (Mrs. F. L. Henderson) 
Spalding, Margarita, B. S., '91 (Mrs. P. F. Gerry) 


Spangler, Mrs. Alpheus M. (Lena M. Norton) 

Mittineague, Mass. 
Spaulding, Edna Cecilia, '92 

2224 N St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
*Spaulding, Mrs. Harlan P. (Florence Dean) Died 1904. 
fSpaulding, Mabel Frances, '97 Mansfield, Mass. 

Spear, Mrs. Ellis (Margaret L. Abbott) 

14 Washington Hall, Trinity Court, Boston, Mass. 
Spear, Mrs. Franklin B., Jr. (Rachel C. Reeve) 

230 E. Ridge St., Marquette, Mich. 
Spear, Margaret Vivia, '99 576 Westford St., Lowell, Mass. 
Spencer, Adelaide, '97 (Mrs. A. B. Meredith) 
Spencer, Betsy, '&$ (Mrs. Frederick W. Kriger) 
Spencer, Caroline Fenton, '87 (Mrs. C. G. Decker) 
tSpencer, Mary Delphene, '01 Blodgett Mills, N. Y. 

Sperry, Ethel Meliscent, '00 21 Cooke St., Waterbury, Conn. 
Spink, Alice Gertrude, '02 150 S. Angell St., Providence, R. I. 
Spink, Mary, '99 ; M. A., Brown, '02 

150 S. Angell St., Providence, R. I. 
Spinney, Mrs. L. B. (Beryl A. Hoyt) Ames, la. 

Sprague, Grace Eliot Winthrop, '91 Hingharn Centre, Mass. 
Sprague, Mrs. Harry E. (Ethel N. Gibbs) 

5212 a Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 
Spring, Florence Gertrude, '97 (Mrs. W. E. Gate) 
Squier, Rosie Gardner, '99 Belvidere, 111.; Monson, Mass. 

Squire, Kate Irving, B. S., '83 (Mrs. W. A. Muller) 
Squires, Emma Maud, '91 (Mrs. C. W. Aiken) 
Stackhouse, Lucy Buchanan, '02 

Aldine. Hotel, Philadelphia, Pa.; Wallingford, Pa. 
Stahr, Helen Russell, '94 437 W. James St., Lancaster, Pa. 
Stanley, Mrs. Rolof B. (Alice D. Knox) 

Hotel Bristol, 122 W. 49th St., New York, N. Y. 
Stanley, Mrs. Rufus C. (Charlotte E. Rose) 

1010 College Ave., Elmira, N. Y. 
Stanton, Mary, '86 (Mrs. Henry W. Boutwell) 
Stanton, Theresa Burleigh, '92 

587 Union St., Manchester, N. H. 
fStanwood, Clara, '94 Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Stanwood, Ethel, '94 (Mrs. Charles K. Bolton) 
fStaples, Mrs. Charles J. (Mary Woodin) Cardillac, Mich. 

Stark, Elizabeth Allison, '95 38 Linnaean St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Starr, Margaret Evangeline, '97 (Mrs. Henry P. Dowst) 
Starrett, Mrs. Milton G. (Ruth Eastman Morrill) 

349 W. 85th St., New York, N. Y. 
Stearns, Edith Howe, '04 755 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 


Stebbins, Mrs. Byron H. (Florence N. Hastings) 

914 Mason St., Green Bay, Wis. 
Steele, Madeleine, '04 1525 Pearl St., Denver, Colo. 

tSteiner, Grace Elizabeth, '03 Allegheny, Pa. 

Stepanek, Beatrice, '95 ; M. A., Columbia, '02 

138 W. 4th St., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Stephenson, Mary Eleanor, '95 ; M. D., Woman's Med. Coll. 
of Philadelphia, '04 300 Stuyvesant Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Sterling, Mrs. Guy (Harriot Brewer) 

328 L St., Salt Lake City, Utah 
Stern, Elsie Langdon, '99; M. A., '02 725 3rd Ave., 

Cedar Rapids, la.; 157 Franklin St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Stern, Mrs. Sigmund (F. Sybil Cohen) 

3637 Central St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Sternberg, Amalie Anna Bernhardine, '91 (Mrs. G. W. Traut) 

Stevens, Alice Alvira, '91 Windsor, Vt. 

Stevens, Alice Vesta, '98 Wellesley, Mass. 

fStevens, Bertha May, '02 

4 5th St., Lowell, Mass.; Bartlett, N. H. 
Stevens, Mabel, B. S., '87 6 Midland Ave., Wellesley, Mass. 
Stevens, Margaret Osborn, '©4 Clinton, Conn. 

Stevens, Mary Lowe, '89 (Mrs. J. T. Whistler) 
*Stevenson, Mrs. Adrian D. (Grace Eastman) Died 1899. 
tStewart, Emily, '92 (Mrs. A. L. Howard) 
Stewart, Louise Greenwood, 'oi 

134 Highland Ave., Winchester, Mass. 
Stewart, Martha, '88 (Mrs. Burton D. Nichols) 
Stewart, Sara Elizabeth, B. S., '91 

Wellesley, Mass.; Gloversville, N. Y. 
tStickney, Cora, '8o (Mrs. Charles T. Harper) 
Stickney, Stella, '84 (Mrs. Alexander T. Van Laer) 
Stilwell, Grace Elizabeth, '02 

1900 Park Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Stimpson, Helen Josephine, '95 

19 Seaver St., Worcester, Mass. 
Stimson, Candace Catherine, B. S., '92 

277 Lexington Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Stinson (Rosa), Cornelia Irene, B. S., '91 

6607 Stewart Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Stinson, Mary Emily, B. S., '89 (Mrs. William H. Bean) 
Stinson, Mrs. William C. (Gertrude L. Coddington) 

342 Clifton Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Stockbridge, Anna Elvira, '80 (Mrs. John E. Tuttle) 
Stocking, Annie Woodman, '02 Care Cotrell & Leonard, 

Albany, N. Y.; Williamstown Station, Mass. 

Stockman, Grace, '99 (Mrs. Richard D. Milliken) 
Stockman, Harriet Currier, '98 (Mrs. Harry Merrill) 
Stockwell, Alice Webb, '04 38 N. Lime St., 

Lancaster, Pa.; 23 Orkney Road, Brookline, Mass. 
Stockwell, Vlarie Louise, '97 

23 Orkney Road, Brookline, Mass. 
Stockwell, Netta Augusta, '92 (Mrs. W. S. Sapp) 
Stoddard, Cora Frances, '96 East Brookfield, Mass* 

Stoddard, Lilian Northrop, '80 Cheshire, Conn. 

Stoker, Dora Delia, '03 435 Clay St., Topeka, Kas. 

Stone, Artemisia, B. S., '94 (Mrs. Matthew E. Guy) 
Stone, Florence Helen, '99 20 Cedar St., Taunton, Mass. 

Stone, Harriet, '89 ; B. S., Univ. of Chicago, '96 ; M. S., 
Univ. of Chicago, '97 335 2 Indiana Ave., Chicago, Ill- 

Stone, Mrs. John G. (Helen G. Ball) 

95 Hubbell Ave., Houghton, Mich. 
Stone, Isabelle, '90 ; M. S., Univ. of Chicago, '96 ; Ph. D.,. 
Univ. of Chicago, '97 Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Stone, Mary Grace, '89 2 W. 120th St., New York, N. Y. 

Storer, Helen Amanda, B. S., '90 (Mrs. W. B. Collins) 
Storm, Mary Brevoort, '02 East Orange, N. J. 

Storms, Kathrina Habberton, '00 604 1st St., Evansville, Ind. 
Storms, Sarah Jane, '87 5 M. A., Radcliffe, '94 

Buzzard's Bay, Mass. 
Stover, Marion Pauline, '95 National Park Seminary, 

Forest Glen, Md.; Bucksport, Me. 
Stowe, Annie Bigelow, '02 Caryville, Mass. 

Stowell, Bertha, B. S., '89 (Mrs. A. Edwin Martin) 
Straight, Bertha Knickerbocker, '97 Oak Park, 111., 

Straight, Maude Wheeler, '92 (Mrs. A. P. Carman) 
Stratton, Louise Sophronia, '99 (Mrs. W. R. Vaughn) 
Straus, Mrs. Michael (Mary Ware Howe) 

' Clarendon Hills, Du Page Co., Ill- 
Strong, Elizabeth Grier, '92 (Mrs. John H. Raven) 
tStrong, Mrs. Frederic C. (Abbie M. Fales) Winsted, Conn. 
Strong, Mary Comstock, B. S., '85 

Dobb's Ferry-on-Hudson, N. Y.; Cornwall-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Strong, Ruth Gage, '99 (Mrs. Donald MacDougall) 

Strum, Nellie Augusta, '03 34 1 E. 12th St., New York, N. Y. 

TStuart, Agnes Elizabeth, '84 Geneva, N. Y. 

Stuart, Genevieve, B. S., '91 Richmond, Me. 

TSturgis, Edith, '90; M. D., Univ. of Mich., '94 (Mrs. Russell 

M. Heller) V V 

Sturgis, Mabel Lyon, '02 Walnut Hill School, Natick, Mass- 


Sturtevant, Louise Martha, '99 ; Ch. B., Boston Univ., '02; 
M. D., Boston Univ., '03 

78 Columbus Ave., Somerville, Mass 
Sullivan, Bessie, '98 292 Clermont Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Sullivan, Frankie Elizabeth, '02 

26 Monmouth St., East Boston, Mass. 

fSullivan, Olive Willoughby, '03 Middleboro, Mass. 

Sumner, Helen Laura, '98 University of Wisconsin, 

Madison, Wis.; 1258 Grant Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Sutherland, Grace Watson, '99 (Mrs. G. C. Leonard) 

Sutherland, Mrs. J. S. (Cecilia Dickie) 

326 Gottingen St., Halifax, N. S. 
Swan, Mrs. Frank H. (Hannah L. Dana) 

144 Medway St., Providence, R. I. 
fSwasey, Annie Louise, '01 Cornish, Me. 

fSweet, Ada Whittier, '96 (Mrs. Oscar H. Eggleston) 
Sweetser, Josepha Virginia. '90 (Mrs. Frank W. Wheeler) 
Sweetser, Mrs. L. W. (Mabel P. Wall) 

308 Main St., Wakefield, Mass. 
Swett, Carlotta Mary, '96 ; M. D., Johns Hopkins Univ., 'or 

308 Hammond St., Bangor, Me. 
Swett, Sarah Lillian, '96 (Mrs. J. Winslow Edgerly) 
Swett, Mrs. Vernon B. (Helen Eager) 

594 Centre St., Newton, Mass. 
Swift, Louise Bradford, '90; M. A., Michigan Univ., '97 

(Mrs. W 7 alter Robbins) 
Swinton, Mrs. A. L. (Alma Williams) Ontonagon, Mich. 

Swormstedt, Mrs. Lyman B. (Mabel L. Godfrey) 

1455 14th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Sykes, Mabel, B. S., '91 438 E. 57th St., Chicago, 111. 

Sykes, Marion, '95 4 3$ E. 57th St., Chicago, 111. 

Symonds, Mrs. Irving F. (Maud A. Dean) 

14 Greene St., Somerville, Mass. 
Taft, Mary Field, '90 (Mrs. Francis A. Bagnall) 
Tait, Rilla Belle, '01 88 Pleasant St., Bradford. Pa. 

tTalcott, Donna Izola, '99 Woonsocket, R. I. 

Talcott, Faith Harriet, '04 Talcottville, Conn. 

Taplin, Mrs. George C. (Grace E. Batchelder ) 

1069 Boylston St., Boston, Mass 
Tapper, Mrs. J. G. (Effa L. Morgan) 1 16 College St., Elgin, 111. 
Tate, Mary Dotha, '04 71 Chestnut Ave , Waterburv, Conn. 
Taussig, Mrs. Walter M. (Sophia L. Brewster) 

191 Park Ave, Yonkers, N. V. 
Tayler, Lila, B. S., '93; M. A., Columbian Univ., '99 

1340 21st St., Washington, l>. C. 


Tayler, Louise, '96; M. S., Columbian Univ., '98 (Mrs. E. B. 
tTaylor, Delia Maria, '82 (Mrs. Lewis G. Whittelsey) 
Taylor, Edna Livingston, '04 627 Walnut St., McKeesport, Pa. 
Taylor, Elizabeth Caldwell, '04 

87 7th St. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Taylor, Esther Babcock, '03 

Pittsford, Vt.; East Bridgewater, Mass. 
Taylor, Mrs. Everitt K. (Harriet L. Damon) 

179 Irvington Ave., South Orange, N. J. 
tTaylor, Lucy, '03 

Columbia Inst., Columbia, Tenn.; Rochester, N. Y. 
Taylor, Marion Lee, '95 ; Pd. B., N. Y. State Normal, '01 

Tudor Hall School, Indianapolis, Ind. ; 362 Clinton Ave., 
Albany, N. Y. 
tTaylor, Maud Marion, B. S., '91 Elgin, III. 

Taylor, Nettie, '97 770 Halsey St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Taylor, Susan Meakin, '91 (Mrs. W. H. Grindley) 
Tebbetts, Mary Esther, '97 (Mrs. H. K. Moore) 
fTefft, Hannah Taylor, '89 117 Main St., Westerly, R. I. 

Tefft, Mary Abby, B. S., '89 

Hartshorn Memorial College, Richmond, Va. 
Teller, Emma Amelia, B. S., '89 (Mrs. Emma T. Tyler) 
Terry, Eva, '01 149 W. Cliff St., Somerville, N. J. ; 

Roanoke Ave., Riverhead, N. Y. 
fTerry, Frances Griswold, '03 

1 1 Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. 
Terwilliger, Mrs. Bert H. (Florence M. Tone) Ellenville, N. Y. 
Tewksbury, Edith Malcolm. '99 1 Brimblecom St., 

Lynn, Mass.; 51 N. Broadway, Tarry town, N. Y. 
Thalheimer, Elsie, '90 936 Marion Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

Thayer, Alice, '02 8 Claremont St., Worcester, Mass. 

Thayer, Bertha Jean, '04 23 Hampshire St., Everett, Mass. 
Thayer, Blanche Louise, '94 

Buffalo Seminary, Buffalo, N. Y. ; Warsaw, N. Y. 
Thayer, Mrs. Edwin M. (Maynard Force) 

Care Dr. J. T. Force, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Thayer, Essie Charlotte, '89. n West St., Milford, Mass. 

Thayer, Josephine, '92 u West St., Milford, Mass. 

Thayer, Miriam, '99 Braintree, Mass. 

Thomas, Bessie Burr, '99 9 8 Ash St., Brockton, Mass. 

tThomas, Helen Mary, '04 Greeley, Colo. 

tThomas, Lillian Adah, '97 

Box 424, or 118 Holroyd PL, Woodbury, N. J. 
tl homas, Mary Gertrude, '03 Quincy, Mass. 

Thomas, Prudence Emily, '96 11 Marble St., Roxbury, Mass. 
Thomas, Ruth Ellen, '02 

Groton, Mass.; n Marble St., Roxbury, Mass. 
Thompson, Ada Mary, B. S., '86 (Mrs. Francesco A. Baldass- 

Thompson, Isabella Dunning, "87 ; M. A., '05 (Mrs. George S. 

Thompson, Maud, '01 ; M. A., '02 

Care Dr. C. S. Thompson, 156 5th Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Thompson, Mrs. Norman F. (Adaline E. Emerson) 

1536 H?rlem Ave., Rockford, 111. 
Thomson, Edith Parker, '92 ; M. A., N. Y. Univ., '96 

337 Washington Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
% Thomson, Grace Fitzhugh, '90 

204 W. 78th St., New York, N. Y. 
Thorn, Sophia Lord, B. S., '92 Calhoun, Ala. 

Thorndike, Mrs. Henry A. (Mary A. Whitney) 

Auburndale, Mass. 
Thorpe, Josephine Emma, '95; M. A., '97 Fort Miller, N. Y. 
"t Thrall, Harriet Mulford, '03 Newton Centre, Mass. 

Thurston, Mrs. Herbert R. (Elizabeth A. Randall) 

1 01 Clark St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
tThwing, Mrs. Charles B. (Lucy C. White) 

696 N. Broad St., Galesburg, 111. 
Thyng, Mary Isabel, '97 

New Brighton, Colo.; 1340 Race St., Denver, Colo. 
Tibbals, Kate Watkins, '99; Ph. D., Univ. of Pa., '04 

175 Blossom St., Wellesley, Mass.; 29 Schenck Ave., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Tilton, Nellie Frances, '86 (Mrs. E. D. Warfield) 
Tilton, Winona, '03 (Mrs. Harold B. Eaton) 
Tinker, Gertrude Lynn, '88 (Mrs. J. Gault Fulton) 
Tobey, Florence Martin, '94 (Mrs. George W. Perkins) 
Todd, Alice Lovejoy, '95 Calais, Me. 

tTodd, Bertha May, '03 Aurora. 111. 

Todd, Betsey Maria, '03 

Westbrook Seminarv, Portland, Me. ; Calais, Me. 
Todd, Millie Rosaline, B. S., '91* (Mrs. Harry H. Smith) 
♦Tolford, Mary Elizabeth, '8^ ( Mrs - J ohn A - Hinkley) 

Died 1900. 

Tomkins, Sarah Graham, '02 

1904 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Tomlinson, Annie Bennett, B. S., '93 (Mrs. D. S. Santord) 
Tompkins, Emery Cooney, '96 (Mrs. Louis W. Lively) 
Tone, Florence May, B. S., '93 (Mrs Bert H. Tewilliger) 


Tooker, Mary Roberts, B. S., '93 

28 Evergreen PL, East Orange, N. J... 
Torrence, Ann Rebecca, '03 

Wellesley College; 522 S. Branson St., Marion, Ind. 
Torrey, Elizabeth Crosby, '03 

167 Tremont St., Boston, Mass.; Lakehurst, N. J. 
Torrison, Agnes Margarethe, '99 

1360 Michigan Ave., Manitowoc, Wis. 
f Tower, Mabel Frances, '99 (Mrs. Charles T. Rundlet) 
Towle, Elizabeth Angeline, '00 5 Pond St. r 

Nevvburyport, Mass. ; 45 Day Ave., Westiield, Mass. 
Towne, Mrs. Frank B. (Harriet A. Peale) 

23 Sycamore St., Holyoke, Mass. 
fTowne, Harriet Belle, '02 

235 Pearl St., Burlington, St. ; Drewsville, N. H. 
Towne, Mrs. William R. (Alice C. Jones) 

616 Perry Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
Townsend, Ellen Dutton, '94 

286 Dixwell Ave., New Haven, Conn. 
Townsend, Grace Beach, '96 

33 May St., Worcester, Mass.; Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Townsend, Marion Louise, '04 16 Pearl St., Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Townsend, Mary Louise, '96 Y. W. C. A., Trenton, N. J.; 

1017 Washington St., Cedar Falls, la. 

Tracey, Mrs. John C. (Elizabeth M. Blakeslee) 

345 Winthrop Ave., New Haven, Conn. 
Tracy, Abby Ruth, '00 25 Benefit St., Worcester, Mass. 

Tracy, Mary Clemmer, '94 Passaic, N. J.; Putnam, Conn. 

Traut, Mrs. George W. (Amalie A. B. Sternberg) 

New Britain, Conn. 
tTravell, Mrs. J. Willard (Janet E. Davidson) 

17 E. 1 2th St., New York, N. Y. 
Traversee, Mary Ellen, '89 (Mrs. M. J. Patterson) 
Treadway, Mrs. Ralph B. (Clare H. Conklin) 

223 Wisconsin Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Trebein, Bertha Eleanor, '97 

Augsburger Str. 75-76, Berlin, Germany; 
125 N. Detroit St., Xenia, O. 
Trebein, Elizabeth Ankeney, '93 (Mrs. P. Henry Flynn) 
Troy, Minnie Helen, '04 92 Vernon St., Worcester, Mass.. 

True, Blanche Lucinda, '02 Fargo College, Fargo, N. D. 

True, Edith Annette, '87 9 o Pond St., Natick, Mass. 

Truitt, Mrs. Robert R. (Alice S. Clement) 

41 Everett St., Newton Centre, Mass- 
♦Trumbull, Mary, '81 Died 1882. 

io 7 

*Tuck, Marie Louise, B. S., '83 Died 1902. 
Tucker, Mary Amanda, '88 70 Barnes St., Providence, R. L. 
Tuell, Annie Kimball, '96; M. A., '00 

Gilbert School, Winsted, Conn.; Milton, Mass- 
Tuell, Harriet Emily, '91 ; Ph. D., Cornell Univ., '94 

Milton, Mass- 
Tufts, Fdith Souther, '85 ; M. A., '95 

Wellesley College; 148 Locust St., Dover, N. H. 
Turner, Edith, '02 Geneva, 111- 

Turney, Elizabeth Mannen, '03 (Mrs. Robert H. Winn) 
Tuttle, Elizabeth Cordelia, '94 (Mrs. O. M. Rothfuss) 
fTuttle, Ella, '04 East Somerville, Mass. 

Tuttle, Mrs. John E. (Anna E. Stockbridge) Lincoln, Nebr^ 
Tuxbury, Alice Bosworth, 98 

324 Goundry St., North Tonawanda, N. Y. 
Tuxbury, Edith Eloise, B. S., '94 (Mrs. Charles Hill) 
Tuxbury, Luna Elizabeth, '97 

324 Goundry St., North Tonawanda, N. Y. 
Twitchell, Mrs. Herbert K. (Mary A. Edwards) 

153 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y... 
Tyler, Caroline Cadwell, B. S., '86 

17 12 Oregon Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Tyler, Mrs. Daniel (Ethel W. Rogers) 

109 Babcock St., Brookline, Mass.- 
Tyler, Mrs. Emma Teller (Emma A. Teller) 

915 8th Ave., Denver, Colo. 
Tyler, Julia Gardiner, '04 

115 E. Franklin St., Richmond, Va.; Williamsburg, Va- 
Tyler, Martha Goddard, '83 (Mrs. M. H. Buckham) 
Tyler, Mary Noyes, '90 (Mrs. Frederick H. Jones) 
Umlauf, Susan Cooper, '98 

7114 Boyer St., Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Underhill, Gertrude Emma, '98 21 Broad St., New York, N. Y. 
Underwood, Grace Hawley, B. S., '92 (Mrs. Carroll Perry) 
Upham, Lois Alice, '99 15 Avon PI., Arlington, Mass. 

Upham, Lucia Frances, '91 14 George St., Worcester, Mass. 
Upton, Alice Whittemore, 'Sy, M. A., '91 (Mrs. S. B. Pearmain) 
Vail, Anna Blair, '02 Blairstown, N. J 

Vail, Mary Gregory, '02 Blairstown, N. J. 

Valentine, Mrs. J. Forrest (Mabel A. Porter) 

29 Locust St., Danvers, Mass. 
Van Alen, Mrs. George L. (May Dale Henderson) 

Blackwood, N. ] 
tVan Allen, Mrs. Willard B. (Grace Woodin) Carthage, N. Y 


Van Laer, Mrs. Alexander T. (Stella Stickney) 

34 E. 57th St., New York, N. Y. 
Van Nuys, Annis, '03 1445 W. 6th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Vant, Alice Nelson, '86 (Mrs. Andrew J. George) 
Van Vliet, Jessie Louise, '85 ; M. A., Michigan Univ., '94. 

504 W. 1 1 2th St., New York, N. Y. 
Van Wagenen, Florence, '03 - Oxford, N. Y. 

Vaughan, Ethel Sophia, '04 628 Orville Ave., Kansas City, Kas. 
Vaughn, Mrs. William R. (Louise S. Stratton) 

881 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass.; 16 Cherry St., 
Fitchburg, Mass. 
tVerley, Mrs. Vincent E. L. (Eliza O. Foster) 

191 Thayer St., Providence, R. I. 
tVinal, Annie Louise, '94 (Mrs. William S. Dunn) 
Vinal, Mrs. Ralph S. (Mary D. Synder) 

61 Fletcher St., Winchester, Mass. 
Vincent, Mrs. George E. (Louise M. Palmer) 

5737 Lexington Ave., Chicago, III. 
Vinton, Ellen Amelia, B. S., '84 ; M. A., '97 

Brooklyn, Conn. ; 2508 19th St., Washington, D. C. 
Vivian, Roxana Hayw2rd, '94; Ph. D., Univ. of Penn., '01 

Wellesley College; 106 Gordon Ave., Hyde Park, Mass. 
Vogel, Elizabeth Auguste, '00 (Mrs. O. H. Falk) 
Voorhees, Cornelia Estelle, '00 

91 Quitman St., Newark, N. J. 
Voorhees, Mrs. James D. (Louise Brown) 

150 W. 59th St, New York, N. Y. 
Voorhees, Martha, '03 Baldwinsville, N. Y. 

Voorhees, Sophia, '95 Richmond Hill, Long Island, N. Y. 

Vose, Annie Morrill, '98 298 Granite St., Manchester, N. H. 
deVou, Mary Ruth, '92 131 1 Delaware Ave., Wilmington, Del. 
Wade, Clare Lyon, '90 (Mrs. William E. Safford) 
Wadhams, Mary Slosson, '85 (Mrs. John F. Noxon) 
fWadleigh, Helen Putnam, 97 (Mrs. Samuel Hoar) 
Wagner, Helena Corinne, '99 Water Valley, Miss. 

Waite, Elizabeth Richardson, '95 

Box 107, Drownville, R. I. ; North Sutton, N. H. 
Waite, Emma Forbes, '98 

18 Trowbridge Road, Worcester, Mass. 
Waldo, Mrs. Gentry (Corrinne A. Abercrombie) El Paso, Tex. 
tWaldron, Annie Maria, '00 5 Cumberland St., Portland, Me. 
Waldron, Edna, '99 (Mrs. Alfred E. Norris) 
Wales, Helen Louise, '04 

472 Broadway, Paterson, N. J. ; Stoughton, Mass. 


fWales, Hortense Eugenie, '97 ; M. A., '04 

29 St Germain St., Boston, Mass. ; Bridgton, Me. 
Walker, Mrs. Anna W. (Anna Hutchins Williams) 

62 Wellington Ave., Pittsfield, Mass. 
Walker, Clara Rosanna, '86 

33 E. 33d St., New York, N. Y.; Wellesley Hills, Mass. 
fWalker, Edith Gordon, '00 99 Jason St., Arlington, Mass. 

Walker, Florence Louise, '00 

Box 32, Santa Barbara, Cal. ; Westboro, Mass. 
Walker, Mary Abbie, '89 (Mrs. George Porter) 
Walker, May Cynthia, '8^ 

Baldwin, La. ; Wellesley Hills, Mass. 
Wall, Ellen Juliette, B. S., '91 (Mrs. Francis E. Pope) 
Wall, Mabel Persis, '97 (Mrs. L. W. Sweetser) 
Wallace, Elizabeth, B. S., '86 ; Eleve titulaire de l'Ecole des 
Hautes Etudes, Paris,. '97 

Beecher Hall, University of Chicago, 111. 
Wallace, Ida May, '90 141 Crafts St., 

Newtonville, Mass.; 36 Nahant St., Wakefield, Mass. 
Wallace, Mrs. Malcolm W. (L. May Pitkin) 

Desbarats Station, Algoma, Ontario, Can.; University Col- 
lege, Toronto, Can. 
Wallin, Caroline Elizabeth, '98 

Nutley, N. J. ; Gilbertsville, N. Y. 
Wallower, Clara, '02 (Mrs. H. M. Witman) 
fWalton, Clara Ann, B. S., '92 

Grand View Ave., Cedar Heights, Cleveland, O. 
Ward, Mrs. Frank M. (Flora A. Smeallie) 

316 S. Warren Ave., Big Rapids, Mich. 
Ward, Kate Morgan, '92; M. A., '93 

61 Livingston St., Brooklyn, X. Y. 
Wardwell, Mrs. Charles H. (Lucy Isabel Morgan) 

42 Plainfield St., Waban, Mass. 
Wardwell, Mary Elizabeth, '91 (Mrs. Charles H. Morrill) 
Ware, Gertrude May, '04 

472 Broadway, Paterson, N. J.; Hingham, Mass. 
t Warfield, Mrs. E. D. (Nellie F. Tilton) 

Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. 
Warfield, Eva Louise, '92 ' 30 Congress St., Milford, Mass. 
Warfield, Jane Elizabeth, '97 30 Congress St., Milford, Mass. 
Warfield, Ruby Edith, '03 Oakdalo. Mass. 

Warner, Mrs. Charles (Ethel E. Bach) 

1206 Rodney St., Wilmington, Pol- 
Warner, Susan Eleanor, '04 Montrose, Pa. 

Warren, Claire Louise, '95 711 N. Main St., Rockford, 111. 

Warren, Edith Hubbard, '90 (Mrs. C. J. Jennings) 
Warren, Helen Frances, '03 (Mrs. John J. Pershing) 
Wasson, Mrs. Edmund A. (Mary M. DeVeny) 

77 Milford Ave., Newark, N. J. 
t Waterman, Margaret Payson, '81 Gorham, Me. 

Waterman, Martha Tracy, '95 West Hartford, Conn. 

*Watrous, Elizabeth Eliot, '81 (Mrs. Edward V. Raynolds) 

Died 1900. 
Watson, Bertha Silliman, '04 

East Marion, N. Y. ; Colorado Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 
Watson, Florence Opal, '95 (Mrs. Charles Gordon) 
Watt. Emma Clifton, '98; M. A., Brown Univ., '04 

207 Atlantic Ave., Providence, R. I. 
Watts, Mrs. Oliver P. (Mary J. Orton) Thomaston, Me. 

Waxham, Marjorie Evelyn, '98 

Stanford Univ., Palo Alto, Cal. 
tWaymouth, Grace Cromwell, '95 

Harvard St., Cambridge, Mass. 
t Wayne, Mrs. Wellington D. (Stella I. Hoghton) 
Weakley, Rowena, '01 Shelby ville, Ky. 

Weakley, Mrs. William R. (Gertrude M. Willcox) 

Hiroshima, Japan 
Weatherbee, Caroline Louise, '04 198 Broadway, Bangor, Me. 
Weatherlow, Jane Knight, '91 197 Lancaster St., Albany, N. Y. 

89 State St., Senaca Falls, N. Y. 
Weaver, Ethel, '95 (Mrs. Frank H. Adams) 
Weaver, Hattie Brockway, B. S., '89 (Mrs. W. O. Krohn) 
Webb, Anna Foote, '82; M. A., '92 Fortuny 20, Madrid, Spain 
t Webber, Margaret Dee, '04 York Corner, Me.; Beverly, Mass. 
Webber, Maria Gilbert, '92 

279 Highland St., West Newton, Mass. 
Weber, Hilda Laurier, '03 1342 Forsyth Ave., Columbus, O. 
Webster, Frances Manuella, '04 

Linwood, Mass.; 12 Maple St., Auburn, N. Y. 
Webster, Mary Lurena, '91 122 Ohio St., Bangor, Me. 

Weed, Lilla, '02 Wellesley College; 

no W. Willow Grove Ave., Chestnut Hill/ Philadelphia, Pa. 
Weed, Margaret Delphine, '98 (Mrs. W. C. Peebles) 
Weed, Sarah Chamberlin, '95 

Albemarle Chambers, Albemarle St., Boston, Mass.; 

no W. Willow Grove Ave., Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Weimer, Mrs. William H., Jr. (Grace M. Ford) Rosemont, Pa. 

Weiss, Mollie, B. S., '90 Honesdale, Pa. 

tWelch, Alberta Maude, '85 612 E. 24th St., Paterson, N. J. 


Welch, Jeannette Cora, '8 9 ; Ph. D., Univ. of Chicago. 'q 7 • 

M. D , Univ. of Illinois, ° V ' 

514 Widdicomb Bldg., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

-Weld, Myra Fuller, '87 Am. Baptist Mission, Swatow, China 

Welles, Mrs. Hoadley C. (Jennie B. Chapman) 

674 Prospect Ave., Hartford, Conn. 
Wellington, Mrs. Arthur J. (Agnes W. Damon ) 

25 Wellington St., Arlington, Mass. 
Wellman, Mabel Thacher, '95 Rockford College. 

Rockford, III; 43 Bowdoin St., Newton Highlands, Mass'. 
fWells, Blanche Howard, '02 

2500 Stevens Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Wells, Dora, '84; M. A., Univ. of Chicago, '98 

5738 Monroe Ave., Chicago, 111.; 19 Loomis St., Mont- 
pelier, Vt. 
Wells, Emma Leslie, '95 5738 Monroe Ave., Chicago, III; 

10 Loomis St., Montpelier, Vt. 
Wells, Henrietta Jackson, '87; M. A., 92 (Mrs. A. L. 

Wells, Julia Franklin, '02 604 Colonial Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

i-Wells, Mabel, '96 

Moster Sarraulsgatan, III 2, Stockholm, Sweden 
Wells, Nellie Eugenia, '98 Glen Cove, N. Y.; Palmyra, N. Y. 
Wells, Sophia Adelaide, '81 (Mrs. Frank f. Cross) 
Welsh, Mrs. James B. (Leila S. McKee) 

1006 Baltimore Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 
Welsh, Mary Elizabeth, '85 

Berea College, Berea, Ky.; Boothbay, Me. 
Welton, Gertrude Webster, '03 47 Cooke St., Waterbury, Conn. 
Welty, Elizabeth Ball, '04 612 East Grove, Bloomington, 111. 
tWentworth, Mrs. Edward S. (Mathilde C. Denkmann) 

265 W. 81st St., New York, N. Y. 
West, Flora May, '91 (Mrs. Newton J. Herrick) 
*Westcott, Charlotte, '90 Died 1892. 

tWestfall, Bertha Grace, '00 Cambridge, N. Y. 

Weston, Mary Josephine, '99 705 4th St., Boone, la. 

Wetherbee, Bertha Coolidge, '99 777 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Wetherbee, Mrs. Charles G. (Amorette L. Winslow) 

47 Terrace Ave., Newton Highlands, Mass. 
Wetherbee, Mary Louise, '95 5 George St., Greenfield, Mass. 
tWetmore, Katharine Southworth, '97 

108 S. Fitzhugh St., Rochester, N. Y. 
tWetmore, Louise Southworth, '97 

108 S. Fitzhugh St., Rochester, N. Y. 
von Wettberg, Clare Elise, '97 (Mrs. John A. Degen) 

Weyerhaeuser, Elise Augusta, '82 ; M. A., '87 (Mrs. W. B, 
tWeygandt, Mrs. Cornelius (Sara M. Roberts) 

Wissahickon Ave., Germantown, Pa. 
Wheeler, Mrs. Alvin S. (Edith M. James) Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Wheeler, Caroline Antoinette, '80 (Mrs. Charles H. Cooper) 
Wheeler, Mrs. Frank W. (Josepha V. Sweetser) 

Wakefield, Mass. 
Wheeler, Hetty Shepard, '02 

Wellesley College; 390 Park PL, Bridgeport, Conn. 

t Wheeler, Margaret Love, '98 87 Perry St., Brookline, Mass. 

Wheeler, Mary Lydia, '89 154 E. 49th St., New York, N. Y. 

Wheeler, Mrs. William M. (Dora B. Emerson) Bronxville, N. Y. 

Whidden, Ednah Foster, '03 

238 N. Scoville Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
fWhipple, Laura Lydia, B. S., '93 

1401 E. 8th St., Kansas City, Mo. 
Whipple, Mary Ella, '79; M. A., '87 

18 Oread St., Worcester, Mass. 
Whistler, Mrs. John T. (Mary L. Stevens) Pendleton, Ore. 
Whitaker, Harriet Bancroft, '04 Tyngsborough, Mass. 

# Whitcher, Mary Celenda, '96 (Mrs. Henry A. T. Dow) 

Died 1902. 
W 7 hite, Mrs. Eben (Ellen P. Corson) 

The Plymouth, Washington, D. C. 
White, Edith, '93 (Mrs. Richard Norton) 

White, Effie Alene, '03 Sioux Rapids, la. 

*White, Elizabeth Sanderson, '86 Died 1903. 
White, Henrietta, '01 60 Bow St., Somerville, Mass. 

White, Lizzie Davis, '81 202 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass. 
t White, Lucy Blakeslee, '91 (Mrs. Charles B. Thwing) 
White, Lucy Elizabeth, '93 26 Villa Dupont, 

48 rue Pergolese, Paris, France; 1305 Forest Ave., Evans- 
ton, 111. 
tWhite, Rebecca Merritt, 'oo 1553 Beacon St., Brookline, Mass. 
tWhite, Mrs. H. C. (S. Louise Eginton) 

Fort Robinson, Nebr. ; Winchester, Ky. 
Whitehouse, Marion Shakespeare, '99 

212 Fairview, Pottsville, Pa. 
t Whiting, Alice Elizabeth, '00 252 Oak St., Holyoke, Mass. 

Whiting, Mrs. Howard M. (Martha S. Dalzell) 

Great Barrington, Mass. 
Whitley, Erminia Minerva, '01 

Northfield Sem., E. Northfield, Mass. ; Plattsburg, N. Y. 
Whitlock, Edith, '96 135 William St., Portland, Me.. 

XI 3 

Whitlock, Mary Blanche, B. S., '92 (Mrs. F. T. Carlton) 
Whitman, Mrs. Edward C. (Alice G. Carey) Canso, N. S. 

tWhitman, Helen, '01 Ingram Pa 

Whitney, Amy Isabel, '01 Thompson ville, Conn' 

Whitney, Celena Mower, '97 Ashburnham, Mass. 

Whitney, Charlotte Anita, B. S., '89 

^ :■ ; 925 Adeline St., Oakland, Cal. 

Whitney, Edith Irene, '03 327 State St., Springfield, Mass 

Whitney, Mary Adelaide, '97 (Mrs. H. A. Thorndike) 
Whitney, Ruth, ? o 3 .Harvard, Mass. 

JWhittelsey, Mrs. Lewis G. (Delia M. Taylor) 

814^- 8th Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
Whittlesey, Frances Louise, '84 (Mrs. T. R. Manners) 
Wholean, Mary Louise, '04 404 High St., Pottstown, Pa.; 

26 Kellogg St., Westfield, Mass. 
Wiggin, Elizabeth, '90 (Mrs. Curtis R. Crowell) 
Wiggin, Mary Christine, '85 

42 Summer St., New Bedford, Mass. 
Wilcox, Alice Mcintosh, '02 

22 Mitchell Ave., Waterbury, Conn. 
Wilcox, Elsie Hart, '01 Lihue, Kauai, H. I. 

Wilcox, Jessie Martha, B. S.,'84 

1 1 17 Columbus Ave., Sandusky, O. 
Wilcox, Lucy Etta, '00 (Mrs. Henry D. Sloggett) 
Wilcox, Marion Newell, B. S., '93 (Mrs. J. M. Gilmore) 
Wilcox, Martha Chapin, '95 (Mrs. W. G. Smith) 
tWilcox, Susan Elma, B. S., '89 723 N. 3d St., Springfield, 111. 
Wilder, Helen Louise, '95 (Mrs. C. R. Harte) 
Wilderman, Augusta Amanda, '02 

608 Mascoutah Ave., Belleville, 111. 
Wilkins, Eliza Gregory, '00; M. A., '04 Beach Institute, 

Savannah, Ga. ; 73 Spring St., Willimantic, Conn. 
Wilkins, Lewanna, B. S., '91 

1414 Bfnney St., Washington, D, C 
Wilkins, Lydia Kent, '96 1414 Binney St., Washington, 1). C. 
Wilkins, Zora Putnam, '04 Middleton, Mass. 

Wilkinson, Anna Reed, B. S., '92 (Mrs. E. H. Rathbun) 
tWilkinson, Edith, '88 ■ Seattle, Wash. 

^Wilkinson, Florence, '92 5630 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Wilkinson, Maud, '89 5630 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Willard, Mrs. Charles W. (Julia F. Reid) 

1263 Clay St., San Francisco, Cal 
Willcox, Gertrude May, B. S., '88 (Mrs. W. R. Weakley) 
Willcox, Harriet Brewster, '03 Forest Park University. 

St. Louis, Mo.; 512 Washington Blvd., Chicago, 111. 


Williams, Alice Charlotte, 'oo 17 W. Utica St. Buffalo, N. Y. 
tWilliams, Alice Elizabeth, B. S., '93 (Mrs. G. E.Johnson) 
Williams, Alma, '00 (Mrs. A. L. Swinton) 
Williams, Anna Hutchins, '87 (Mrs. A. W. Walker) 
Williams, Elsie Stow, '01 143 Urban St., 

Mt. Vernon, N. Y. ; 62 Wellington Ave., Pittsfield, Mass. 
Williams. Harriet Leonard, B. S., '85 (Mrs. G. E. Bird) 
Williams, Mrs. Harry B. (Mabel Lees) 

7 Norman Road, Newton Highlauds, Mass. 
Williams, Helen Louise, '01 (Mrs. G. A. Kellogg) 
j-Williams, Jane, '94 1725 N - Meridian St., 

Indianapolis, Ind. ; 189 Cedar St., Corning, N. Y. 
Williams, Mary Loomis, '97; B. D. Hartford Theol. Sem., '01 
1544 Broad St., Hartford, Conn.; Burnside, Conn. 
* Williams, Mrs. Otis L, (Laura Lyon) Died 1894. 
Williams, Mrs. Samuel H. (Frances A. Scudder) 

Glastonbury, Conn. 
Williams, Sarah Pamela, '92; M. A., Radcliffe, '99 

1 153 Boston Road, New York, N. Y. 

Wilkinson, Caroline Lucretia, '89; M. A., '94 (Mrs. F. H. 

Montgomery) 554-8 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Willis, Clara Lucretia, '96 55 Windsor Road, Waban, Mass. 

Willis, Mrs. Herbert L. (May Smith) 

1106 19th St., Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Willis, May Belle, '95 520 Columbus Ave., Boston, Mass. 

Willis, Mrs. Raymond S. (Wilhelmine K. Bayless) 

6 a Libertad 25, Orizaba, Vera Cruz, Mex. 
Wilson, Abby Evelyn, '97 Nahant, Mass. 

tWilson, Annie Florence, '96 Waterford, Me. 

Wilson, Mrs. Fred A. (Alice P. Campbell) Nahant, Mass. 

Wilson, Mrs. Leon T. (Lelia D. Morse) Putnam, Conn. 

fWilson, Lurena Louise, '03 3248 N. Main St., Fall River, Mass. 
Wilson, Mary Gertrude, '95 (Mrs. L. P. Powell) 
Wilson, Mary Mallalieu, '03 Windsor, Conn. 

Winegar, Anna Lillian, '92 Lawrence Park, Bronxville, N. Y. 
Winneld, Harriet, '87 ; M. A., Columbia, '96; Ph. D., Colum- 
bia, '99 (Mrs. J. S. Gibson) 
Wing, Ada Geneva, '87 ; M. A., Brown Univ., '96 (Mrs. A. D. 

Wing, Florence Annette, '92 

7 Hancock Ave., Lexington, Mass. 
tWing, Mabel Rosamond, '87 (Mrs. Mabel W. Castle) 
Winger, Helen, '02 Fortuny 20, Madrid, Spain 

Winn, Lora Buckman, '99 

8 Elmwood Ave., Winchester, Mass. 

Winn, Mrs. Robert H. (Lizzie M. Turney) 

Mount Sterling, Ky. 
Winslow, Amorette Leona, '88 (Mrs. C. G. Wetherbee) 
tWinston, Mary Ashby, '89 21 Bailey St., Everett, Mass. 

Winter, Mrs. Thomas G. (Alice V. Ames) 

418 Groveland Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Winton, Katharine May, B. S., '93 (Mrs. G. D. Murray) 
Wintringer, Mary Donaldson, '03 

580 Spruce St., Morgantown, W. Va.; Steubenville, O. 

Wise, Ruth Chester, '03 62 Prince St., West Newton, Mass. 

Witherle, Anna Cate, '96 Castine, Me. 

tWithele, Mrs. Charles (Caroline M. Dresser) Castine, Me. 

Witman, Mrs. Horace M. (Clara Wallower) 

1418 N. 2d St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Wolfson, Anna Estelle, '99 3032 Flora Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 
Womersley, Eliza Taggard, '87 

160 Monroe St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Womersley, Helen Mary, '80 (Mrs. W. C. Norcross) 
Wood, Alice Ida, B. S., '94; M. A., Columbia, '01 

Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; Bound Brook, N. J. 
Wood, Angie Fletcher, '96 Station A, Athol, Mass. 

W T ood, Elizabeth Merritt, '01 28 Temple Ave., Winthrop, Mass. 
Wood, Elizabeth Morris, '94 40 Laurel St., Somerville, Mass. 
tWood, Gertrude Pamilla, '97 (Mrs. J. A. Wright) 
Wood, Laura Augusta, '02 36 Hartford St., Roxbury, Mass. 
Wood, Louise Tyler, '98 65 Maple St., Hyde Park, Mass. 

Wood, Mabel, '99 473 Cumberland St., Portland, Me. 

Wood, Miriam Berry, '02 245 Webster Ave., Muskegon. Mich. 
Woodbury, Augusta, '03 13 Washington St., Beverly, Mass. 

f Woodbury, Clara Frances, '99 Carson City, Nev. 

Woodbury, Grace, '04 ^t> Summer St., Dorchester, Mass. 

Woodbury, Mabel Blanche, '92; M. A., '04 

Wheaton Seminary, Norton, Mass.; Holliston, Mass. 
IWoodcock, Gertrude Antoinette, B. S., '85 (Mrs. R. S. Seibert ) 
fWoodford, Frances Louise, B. S., '91 (Mrs. J. P. Bankson ) 

Woodin, Gertrude Lee, '92 941 S St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
fWoodin, Grace, '95 (Mrs. W. B. Van Allen) 
t Woodin, Mary, '96 (Mrs. C. J. Staples) 
Woodin, Mary Eastman, B. S., '90 1020 Prospect St.. 

Cleveland, O.; 36 Florentine Gardens, Springfield, Mass. 
Woodman, Anna Sophia, '89 Kent PI., Summit, N. J. 

Woodman, Sarah Hidden, '81 (Mrs. Sarah W. Paul) 
Woods, Bertha Ruth, '02 

North East, Pa.; 715 French St., Erie, Pa. 


Woods, Fannie Elizabeth, B. S., '87 ; M. A., Brown, '95 

Groton, Mass, 
Woods, Ida Elisabeth, '93 24 N. Main St., Natick, Mass. 

Woods, Matilda, '02 Rapid City, S. D. 

Woods, Teresa Mary,'oi 198 Meadow St., Naugatuck, Conn.; 

54 Federal St., Newburyport, Mass. 
Woodward, Mrs. Charles E. (Marion E. Lyford) 

41 5th St., Bangor, Me. 
fWoodward, Lucy Mary, '02 Watertown, Conn. 

*Woodward, Mary Adelaide, '96 (Mrs. A. M. Jones) Died 1902. 
Woodward, Mayannah, '03 (Mrs. Boudinot Seeley, Jr.) 
tWoolfolk, Ada Swallow, B. S., '91 

5540 Cornell Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Worthington, Euphemia Richardson, '04 

165 Pawling St., Troy, N. Y. 
fWray, Gertrude Wallace, '91 

439 Vine St., Johnstown, Pa.; Bellwood, Pa. 
Wrenn, Margaret, B. S., '91 (Mas. R. C. Banes) 
Wrenn, Stella, '88 (Mrs. W. J. Banes) 
tWright, Ada, '79 719 S. Warren St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Wright, Alice Lincoln, '97 ; Ph. D., Yale, '01 

128 York St., New Haven, Conn. 
Wright, Alma Gertrude, '8o (Mrs. Mason S. Stone) 
Wright, Edith Marian, 'oi Granger Place School, 

Canandaigua, N. Y.; 123 Washington Ave., Evansville, 
Wright, Mrs, George S. (Emma A. Mead) 

16 Garfield St., Watertown, Mass. 
Wright, Mrs. James H. (Margaret Hardon) 

28 Copley St., Newton, Mass. 
fWrigbt, Mrs. John A. (Gertrude P. Wood) Bellevue, O. 

Wright, Lucy, '00 

34 Rutland Sq., Boston, Mass.; Sandy Hook, Conn. 

tWright, Mabel, '00 422 Gold St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

tWright, Mary Swift, '92 334 W. Church St., Lock Haven, Pa. 

Wright, Nellie Maria, '84 (Mrs. G. E. Howe) 

Wyckoff, Mrs. John H. (Gertrude A. Chandler) Vellore, India 

Wyckoff, Sarah Delia, B. S., '94; M. D., Johns Hopkins, '99 

68 W. South St., Wilkes Barre, Pa. 
Wylie, Elizabeth, '97 (Mrs. Thomas H. McKee) 
Wyllie, Edith Evelyn, '96 (Mrs. P. Francis McCann) 
Yardley, Mary Martin, B. S.. '90 

575 Holly Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Yeater, Laura Jameson, '00; M. A., '00 Warrensburg, Mo. 
Yeaton, Lillian, '97 66£ N. State St., Concord, N. H. 


Young, Bertha Guiles, 'oo 1102 N. 2d St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Young, Mrs. Charles S. (Helen M. Jewett) 

37 Crescent Ave., Newton Centre, Mass. 
Young, Edith Caroline, '00 

Room 905, 156 5th Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Young, Elva Hulburd,' 9 6 ; M. A., '98; LL. B., Cornell, '98 

44 Dorchester St., Springfield, Mass. 
Young, Faith Louise, '99 

4958 Washington Ave., Chicago. 111. 
Young, Mabel Minerva, '98 ; M. A., Columbia, '99 

62 Wellington St., Worcester, Mass. 
Young, Mary, '95 (Mrs. E. T. Hall) 

Young, Mary Hale, B. S., '84 Dover, N. H. 

Young, Mary Newton, '93 Wolfboro, N. H.; Orange, Mass. 
Young, Mary Porterfield, B. S., '90 (Mrs. B. McV. Allison) 
Young, May Sophie, '95 Grafton Hall, 

Fond du Lac, Wis.; 2101 N. 5th St., Kansas City, Kas. 
di Zerega, Bertha Virginia, '01 926 Park Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 
Ziegler, Annie Elizabeth, '96 1 Ellis St., Roxbury, Mass. 


Adams, Mrs. William A. (Blanche S. Griffin) 

365 E. Chicago Ave., Chicago, 111.. 
Bennett, Mrs. Fred F. (Alice E. Whiting) 

252 Oak St., Holyoke, Mass. 
Carter, Gertrude, '96 (Mrs. Alfred A. Gilman) 
Child, Susan Wade, '90 ; M. A., '97 

262 Newbury St., Boston, Mass. 
Davies, Mrs. Owen J. (Caroline S. Crocker) 

49 Astor St., Chicago, 111. 
Emerson, Mary Alice, '92 Normal Hall,, 

Bridgewater, Mass.; 524 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 
Ferguson, Mrs. Robert H. (Carrie J. Newell) 

122 Melville Ave., Boston, Mass. 
Fleming, Maud Ray, '02 (Mrs. Edward R. Gnade) 
Hardee, Elisabeth Bailey, B. S., '94 

Park Gate, 12 Hemenway St., Boston, Mass. 
Hobart, Mrs. Edward (Mabel H. Kimball) 

Box 52, East Bridgewater, Mass. 
Kimball, Mabel Howard, '01 (Mrs. Edward Hobart) 
O'Leary, Mrs. T. S. (Clara M. Oldham) 

Norfolk Navy Yard, Norfolk, Va. 
Stone, Mrs. Mason S. (Alma G. Wright) Castleton, Vt. 

Weed, Sarah, '95 

Park Gate, 12 Hemenway St., Boston, Mass. 
Whiting, Alice Elizabeth, '00 (Mrs. Fred F. Bennett) 

Note. — Postals were received from the following alumnae 
after the pages had gone to press. The addresses in the List 
of Members are correct. 

Chandler, Mrs. John S. (Henrietta S.Rendall) 

Clark, Kate Lobdell, B. S., '87 

Clough, Nellora H. '90 (Mrs. Louis E. Martin) 

Lewis, Mrs. Alexander (Ella L. Hatch) 

Lewis, Henrietta, '98 


tAdgate, Sarah J., '79-'8o Farmington, Conn, 

t Allen, Jennie May, '97 J 99 (Mrs. Edward VV. Davidson) 
Allen, Mrs. Leon M. (Katherine A. Ballord) Kenihvorth, III. 
Andrews, Mrs. Walter E. (Mary E. Gray) 

6 Summit PL, Newburyport, Mass, 
Baker, Ruth Sears, '94 J 97 (Mrs. John T. Pratt) 
Baldwin, Mrs. Walter H. (Mary C. Crook) Highland Park, 111. 
Ballord, Katherine Augusta, '8i-'84 (Mrs. L. M. Allen) 
Barrett, Mrs. Frederic A. (Fannie M. Leavitt) 

91 Washington Park, Newtonville, Mass. 
Beach, Mrs. Edwin H. (Alice M. Turner) Randolph, Mass.. 
Beattie, Mary Isabella, '79-'8i,'86-'87 

223 North St., Rockford, III. 
Billmeyer, Mrs. George S. (Fannie E. Evans) 

225 E. Market St., York, Pa. 
Blackwood, Janet Lord, '93-'94 (Mrs. Arthur G. Dickson) 
Brainerd, Adeliza, '84-'85 (Mrs. Albert H. Chaffee) 
Brown, Mrs. George G. (Emma L. Tuttle) 

219 Rugby Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Calhoon, Mary Elise, '94 '96; B. S., Beaver College, '94 

Georgetown, Pa. 
Capron, Clara Day, '&$-'&$ 41 Willard St., Hartford, Conn. 
Carey, Eleanor Montgomery West, '8o-'8i (Mrs. Thomas 

Carmichael, Mrs. Thomas H. (Emily H. Leonard) 

7127 Germantown Ave., Thiladelphia, Pa. 
Chaffee, Mrs. Albert H. (Adeliza Brainerd) 

1 Hancock St., Worcester, Mass- 
Chase, Mrs. Benjamin W. (Margaret E. Olmsted) 

Box ^^, Dan vers, Mass. 
Coaney, Eleanor S., '82-'$3 46 Oakland' PI., Summit, N. J. 

Cole, Mrs. Edward B. (Adeline P. Dodge) Wenham, Mass. 
Coolidge, Mrs. Frank A. (Fanny A. Ober) 

24 Belair Ave., Wellesley, Mass- 

*See page 4, 2. 


Coolidge, Mary E., '76-'78 7 Hancock St., Worcester, Mass. 
Crook, Mary C, '88-'89 (Mrs. Walter H. Baldwin) 
Crandall, Mrs. Lathan A. (Nellie L. Hart) 

2200 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Danforth, Mary Henrietta, '75-'76 240 N. 2d St., Olean, N. Y. 
tDavidson, Mrs. Edward W. (Jennie M. Allen) 

New Rochelie, N. Y. 
Dickson, Mrs. Arthur G. (Janet L. Blackwood) 

902 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Dodge, Adeline Philbrick, '84-'86 (Mrs, Edward B. Cole) 
Earll, Mrs. Louise Harding, (Louise A. Harding) 

Otterbourne, Chevy Chase, Ind. 
Edgell, Harriet Greenwood, '82-'84 (Mrs. George H. Hey- 

Elder, Mrs. Albert H. (Mabel E. Morse) 

36 Erie Ave., Newton Highlands, Mass. 
Elling, Henrietta Mary, '94-'95 (Mrs. Phillip H. Gohn) 
Emerson, Mary, '8o-'83 (Mrs. Edward P. Lathrop) 
Evans, Fannie Edwards, '79-'8o (Mrs. George S. Billmeyer) 
Farley, Ethel Lillian, '93-'95 Farley, Mass. 

Farmer, Mary Elizabeth, 'jS-^jj Hotel del Prado, Chicago, 111. 
Foster, Millicent F., '8o-'83, '8 7 -'88 

Hokanum Park, Westport, Conn. 
Fowler, Minnie May, 'go-^i, '92-'93 (Mrs. John McDowell) 
Gibson, Mrs. Thomas (Eleanor M. W. Carey) 

164 Metcalf St., Ottawa, Can. 
Gilkey, Malina Anvers, '76-78, '8i-'82 

Library of Congress, Washington, D. C. 
Gohn, Mrs. Phillip H. (Henrietta M. Elling) Pony, Mont. 

Gray, Mary Estelle, '86-'9o (Mrs. Walter E. Andrews) 
Gregg, Kokomo Frances Leighton, '85^87 Pittsfield, N. H. 
tGriffin, Mrs. Henry L. (Lucy F. Pickering) 

39 High St., Bangor, Me. 
Hammond, Mrs. Elizabeth Welch (Elizabeth F. Welch) 

42 Vinal Ave., Somerville, Mass. 
Harding, Louise A., '8i-'82 (Mrs. Louise Harding Earll) 
Hart, Nellie Louise, '86-'89 (Mrs. Lathan A. Crandall) 
Haupt, Mrs. William K. (Rachel Sweatman) Died 1904. 
Healy, Maud, 'gO'V Warsaw, N. Y. 

Hey wood, Mrs. George H. (Harriet G. Edgell) 

Reservoir Hill, Gardner, Mass. 

t Hills, Julia Lucy, '86-'8 9 (Mrs. Thomas D. Whitney) 

Hinchliff, Alice Gertrude, 'S^'S-j, "88-'89 (Mrs. Edwin R. Lay) 

Hopkins, Mary Bonham, '92-' 9 3 9 Campbell St., Bath, N. Y. 

Kerr, Mrs. Walter C. (Lucy Lyon) Dougan Hills, S. I., N. Y. 


Lake, Gertrude, '78-'8o (Mrs. John T. Wheeler) 

Lath'rop, Mrs. Edward P. (Mary Emerson) Rockford, III. 

Lay, Mrs. Edwin R. (Alice G. Hinchliff) 

6 N. 2d St., Marshalltown, la. 
Leavitt, Fannie Maria, '88-'89, '91 -'93 (Mrs. Frederic A. 

Leonard, Emily Henrietta, '85-'89 (Mrs. Thomas H. Carmi- 

Longfellow, Julia Brown, '8i-'82 (Mrs. Henry H. Smith) 
Lyon, Lucy, '76-78 (Mrs. Walter C. Kerr) 
McCue, Evelyn, '8^88 (Mrs. Edward S. Wright) 
McDowell, Mrs. John (Minnie M. Fowler) 

726 2d Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Mason, Lucy Frances, '76-'77 (Mrs. William H. Rothwell) 
Mayhew, Abby Shaw, '&i-'&$,'84-'&$ 

504 Madison St., Madison, Wis. 
Miller, Adaline B., , 8i- , 82, , 8 3 -'84 Miller Place, N. Y. 

Miller, Adelaide, '89-V (Mrs. William H. Walker) 
Morse, Mabel Ernestine, '94-'98 (Mrs. Albert H. Elder) 
Munroe, Martha Adriene, '92-'94 

43 Warren Ave., Woburn, Mass. 
Nute, Marion, '9 1**93 ; M. D., Univ. of Mich., '97 

32 Mill St., Dorchester, Mass. 
Ober, Fanny A., '85-'89 (Mrs. Frank A. Coolidge) 
Olmsted, Margaret Elizabeth, '95 J 96 (Mrs. Benjamin W. 

Page, Hannah Rebecca, '9o-'92 Skowhegan, Me. 

f Patten, Ella Louise, , 8o-'82 ' Chevy Chase, Md. 

Pickering, Helen, '8$-'87 45 Austin St., Portsmouth, N. H. 
f Pickering, Lucy F., '75-'76 (Mrs. Henry L. Griffin) 
Potter, May Edwards, '82-'84 Brunswick, Me. 

Pratt, Mrs. John T. (Ruth S. Baker) 

275 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Prince, Lucinda W. (Mrs. John T. Prince) '9i-'93 

15 Temple St., West Newton, Mass. 
Robb, Emma S., '8 2 -'83 Galena, 111. 

Rothwell, Mrs. William H. (Lucy F. Mason) 

69 Longwood Ave., Brookline, Mass. 
fSchaller, Rosalie Louise, ^-V ' South Natick, Mass. 

Sherman, Mrs. George C. (Alice L. Taggart) Watertown, N. Y. 
Smith, xMrs. Henry H. (Julia B. Longfellow) 

43 Elm St., New Haven, Conn. 
Speai, Annie B., '82^83 (Mrs. William R. Taylor) 
Stone, May, '84-'87 1400 3d Ave., Louisville, Ky. 


Sweatman, Rachel, '79-'82 (Mrs. William K. Haupt) Died 

Taggart, Alice Lee, '8i-'83 (Mrs. George C. Sherman) 
Taylor, Mrs. William R. (Annie B. Spear) 

13 Prince St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Turner, Alice Montgomery, '75 J 77 (Mrs. Edwin H. Beach) 
Tuttle, Emma Lee, '8o-'82 (Mrs. George G. Brown) 
Van Eps, Grace Isabelle, J 86-'88 

Stratford Road, Schenectady, N. Y. 
Van Mater, Fanny Louise, '8o-'8i Marlboro, N. J. 

Walker, Mrs. William H. (Adelaide Miller) 

297 Sanford Ave., Flushing, L. I., N. Y. 
Wallace, Mrs. Joseph D. (Lucy B. E. Willcox) 

708 W. Park St., Champaign, Ill- 
Welch, Elizabeth Foster, '76^78 (Mrs. Elizabeth W. Ham- 
Wheeler, Mrs. John T. (Gertrude Lake) Chatham, N. Y. 

Whitney, Amy Augusta, '87-'88,'89-'9i 18 Huntington Ave., 
Boston, Mass.; 77 Mariner St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
t Whitney, Mrs. Thomas D. (Julia L. Hills) 

48 Gordon Terrace, Buena Park, Chicago, I1L 
W 7 illcox, Lucy Bertha Ely, '9o-'95 '■> B - L - s -> Univ. of 111., '00 

(Mrs. Joseph D. Wallace) 
Willett, Mrs. George F. (Edith M. Winslow) 

305 Walpole St., Norwood, Mass. 

Winslow, Edith Martha, ^o-^i (Mrs. George F. Willett) 

Wright, Mrs. Edward S. (Evelyn McCue) Gates Mills, O. 

W'yman, Lizzie A., '88-'89 67 Bartlett St., 

Andover, Mass.; 28 Auburn St., Concord, N. H* 


CLASS OF 1879. 

President^ Sarah Evelyn Hall 

Corresponding Secretary, Louise Josephine McCo^- 

Bartlett, Mary Russell 
''Bingham, Mary Allison 
Brown, Ida Josephine 
Chandler, Gertrude Abigail 
Collins, Mary Charlotte 
Cromwell, Isabelle 
Drury, Ella Maria 
Fairbank, Helen 
Hall, Sarah Evelyn 

McCoy, Louise Josephine 
McLean, Minnie Rose 
Montague, Annie Sybil 
Newell, Carrie Jane 
Robinson, Frances Maria 
Sherman, Myrtilla Jewell 
Wadleigh, Helen Putnam 
Whipple, Mary Ella 
Wright, Ada 

CLASS OF 1880. 

President, Katharine Lee Bates 

Corresponding Secretary, Ed win a Shears 

Ayer, Ada Isadore 
Ayer, Emily Caroline 
Bacheler, Clementine Caroline 
Ball, Mary Louise 
Bates, Katharine Lee 
Blake, Harriet Cummings 
Bowman, Caroline North 
Brewster, Sophia Lewis 

*Briggs, Helen Leroy 

*Brown, Nellie Davis 
Burrell, Ellen Louisa 

Marsh, Marion 
Metcalf, Edith Ely 
Metcalf, Marion 
Morse, Abbie Parsons 
Norcross, Emily 

*Page, Ellen Augusta Giles 
Peirce, Harriet Maria 
Pelton, Marion Laura 
Roberts, Charlotte Fitch 
Rood, Harriet Pelton 

*Root, Elizabeth Brodhead. 

F Cass, Mary Josephine Augusta Shearn, Edwina 

Colby, Annie Lavinia 
Davidson, Lilla Olive 
Emerson, Adaline Eliza 
Eno, Mary Catherine 
Freeman, Dora 
Hall, Minnie Arabella 
*Jones, Clara Alice 
McCleery, Sarah Elizabeth 

Wright, Alma Gertrude 

Sill, Annie Morgan 
Silverthorne, Mary Eliza 
Soule, Caroline Graham 
Stickney, Cora 
Stockbridge, Anna Elvira 
Stoddard, Lilian Northrop 
Wheeler, Caroline Antoinette 
Womersly, Helen Mary 

CLASS OF 1881. 

President, Grace Perry 

Corresponding Secretary, Emma Augusta Mead 

Andrews, Annie Trowbridge 
* Austin, H. Lizzie 
Blodgett, Eliza Maria 
Buffum, Vryling Wilder 
*Egerton, Alice Gertrude 
*Elliot, Marie Danforth 
Hall, Alice Tripp 
Hall, Henrietta 
Hawley, Adaline Foote 
Hemperly, M. Amelia 
Jenckes, Mary Anna 


Leonard, Alice 

Mead, Emma Augusta 

Mussey, Flora Belle 

Perry, Grace 

Phillips, Maud Gillette 

Searle, Susan Annette 
*Trumbull, Mary 

Waterman, Margaret Payson 
*Watrous, Elizabeth Eliot 

Wells, Sophia Adelaide 

White, Lizzie Davis 
Sarah Hidden 

CLASS OF 1882. 

President, Flora Eliza Matteson 

Corresponding Secretary, Helen Matilda Kitchell 

Adams, Gertrude Florence 
Brown, Elizabeth Miles 
Capron, Annie Hooker 
Chapman, Jennie Buchanan 
Clark, Emily Josephine 
Cornell, Clara Prentiss 
Denkman, Apollonia Adelaide 
"Emerson, Harriet Elizabeth 
Essex, Estelle Whitman 
'Getty, Kate A. 
Hosford, Jennie Alida 
Hosford, Susan Amy 
Hurll, Estelle May 
Jones, Laura Amelia 

Kitchell, Helen Matilda 
Larned, Lisbeth Maria 
Lofthus, Frances Elnora 
Matteson, Flora Eliza 
Mooar, Agnes 
*Myers, Mary Ann 
Norton, Lena Margaret 
Noyes, Bessie Browning 
Painter, Thalia Abigail 
Pfaltz, Annie Amelia 
Robinson, Sarah Gertrude 
Taylor, Delia Maria 
Webb, Anna Foote 
Weyerhaeuser, Elise Augusta 


*Tolford, Mary Elizabeth 

I2 5 
CLASS OF 1883. 

President, Isabella Graham French 

Corresponding Secretary, Emma Sherburne 

Abbott, Rebecca Elizabeth 
*Adgate, Harriet Warren 
Ames, Clara George 
Ayers, Alice Whipple 
Barstow, Mary Louise Conway 
Belden, Gertrude 
Brann, Ada 
Brewster, Mary Jones 
Brown, Anna Robertson 
Cooke, Harriet Louise 
Darling, Kate Crosby 
DeVeny, Mary Matilda 
Dickinson, Sarah Elizabeth 
Dudley, Mary Judith 
Eaton, Louisa Adelaide 
Edgerton, Winifred Haring 
Faunce, Sarah Bradford 
Foster, Harriet Minerva 
French, Isabella Graham 
Glidden, Julia Frances 
*Gold, Alice Tracy 
Greene, Susie Ray 
Grieve, Lucia C. Graeme 
Haskell, Willa Louise 

Jones, Alice Cynthia 
*Langford, Louise Penfield 

Lathrop, Ruth Webster 

Lewin, Emily Cora 

Loveless, Mary Elizabeth 

Luce, Alice Hanson 

Merrill, Louise Claribel 
^Merrill, Jane Clara 
*Moulton, Alice Lummus 

Murdoch, Emily Tylor 
*Nash, Catherine Gertrude 

Page, Nellie Frances 

Park, Carrie Lucy 

Potter, Clarimond Evangeline 

Runnells, Florence Abbie 

Scoville, Harriet Beecher 
*Shattuck, Laura Frances 

Sherburne, Emma 

Spencer, Betsy 

Squire, Kate Irving 
*Tuck, Marie Louise 

Tyler, Martha Goddard 

Upton, Alice Whittemore 

Walker, May Cynthia 


Easton, Ollie Amelia Rogers, Cornelia Hephzibah B. 

Skeele, Clara May 



.President, Edith Souther Tufts 

Corresponding Secretary, Florence Bigelow 

Aumack, Alma Eveleth 

Barrett, Helen Maria 

Bushnell, Annie Louise 

Campbell, Frances Nickels 

Cannon, Annie Jump 

Chase, Mary 

Conant, Charlotte Howard 

Cone, Henriette 

Cook, Caroline Jewell 

Crouch, Flora Alice 

Crouch, Harriet Elizabeth 
*Cushman, Elizabeth Shurtlerr 

Dean, Maud Augusta 

Denis, Bertha 

Dwyer, Elsie Marion 

Ellis, Julia Ada 
*Ford, Harriet Louise 

Foresman, Rebecca Bryan 

Fuller, Mary Anna 

Halter, Laura Matilda 

Hill, Margaret 

Jefferds, Mary Hazeltine 

Young, Mary Hale 


Jewett, Helen Matilda 
(ones, Elizabeth Sarah 
Kilburn, Grace 
La Rose, Anna Viola 
Mathews, Mattie Ernestine 
Meriam, Mary 
Morse, Caroline Boles 
Newkirk, Ida Bell 
Nichols, Hester Deane 
^Pearsons, Frances Taylor 
Potter, Sarah Maria 
Potwin, Clara Brewster 
Rawson, Sarah Ethel 
Reid, Jessie 

Sanborn, Helen Josephine 
Stickney, Stella 
Stuart, Agnes Elizabeth 
Vinton, Ellen Amelia 
Wells, Dora 

Whittlesey, Frances Louise 
Wilcox, Jessie Martha 
Wright, Nellie Maria 

Bigelow, Florence 
Boies, Anna Louise 
Conkling, Ermina 
Giltner, Martha Matilda 
Gregory, Emily Ray 
Hall, Amelia Avery 
Jones, Katharine Payne 

Mason, Marietta Read 
*Meddick, Mary Emma 
Peale, Harriet Alter 
Powe, Harriet Caroline 
Sheldon, Verna Evangeline 
Smith, May 
Tufts, Edith Souther 

CLASS OF 1885. 

President, Clara Louise Andrews 

Corresponding Secretary, Alice M. Allen 

Allen, Alice Maud 

*Barrows, Amanda Evelyn 
Burlingame, Sarah Lilian 
Cook, Ella May 
Coolidge, Sarah Brainerd 
Denfeld, Charlotte Sophia 
Dewey, Emma Grace 
Dow, Alice Osborn 
Dudley, Sara J. 
Essex, Lydia Baker 
Floyd, Florence 
Gillmore, Jennie Amelia 
Greene, Rebecca Trott 

*Hardy, Nellie Maria 
Harriman, Mary Frances 
Henderson, May Dale 
Hitchcock, Kate Wellman 
Howard, Helen Augusta 

Howe, Gertrude 
Hoyt, Fanny Brackett 
Kendrick, Eliza Hall 
Lampman, Mabel 
Mann, Martha Roberts 
Marsh, Grace Bertha 
Means, Ellen Goodrich 
Mendenhall, Gertrude Whittier 
Morgan, Effa Lena 
Petty, Mary Maria 
Purington, Emma Frances 
*Reed, Florence Hortense 
Strong, Mary Comstock 
Van Vliet, Jessie Louise 
Wadhams, Mary Slosson 
Welsh, Mary Elizabeth 
Wiggin, Mary Christine 
Williams, Harriet Leonard 
Gertrude Antoinette 


Andrews, Clara Louise 
Bissell, Julia 
Daniels, Mary Sharpe 
*Ellis, Mary Elvira 

Emerson, Alice Woodbury 
Godard, Nellie 
Holbrook, Bertha 
Scudder, Frances Anna 


CLASS OF 1886. 

President, Anna Elliott Broadwell 

Corresponding Secretary, Susan Wade Peabody 

Ames, Alice Vivian McLaury, Anna 

Baker, Mary Georjean Maine, Susan Florence 

Barrows, Marion Eugenia Huse Manning, Anna 

Bennett, Claudia 

Braley, Elizabeth Williams 

Brewer, Harriot 

Broadwell, Anna Elliott 
*Brown, Gertrude 
*Damon, Mary Bliss 

Darlington, Isabel 

Davis, Olive 

Merrill, Helen Abbot 
Merrow, Harriet Lathrop 
Mosman, Mary Caroline 
Oldham, Clara May 
Palmer, Mary Louise 
Peabody, Susan Wade 
Pendleton, Ellen Fitz 
Phillips, Anna Keyes 

Denkman, Mathilde Catherine Rees, Minnie Kate 

Dodge, Grace Brown 
Du Bois, Mary Jansen 
Dwyer, Erne Fredlein 
Hayden, Mary Elizabeth 
Homer, Florence Elizabeth 
Kirkpatrick, Jessie 
Lilly, Sarah Ellen 
Lodor, Una 
McKee, Leila Sarah 

Rendall, Henrietta -Shelton 
Robinson, Emily Maria 
Smith, Louella 
Stanton, Mary 
Thompson, Ada Mary 
Tilton, Nellie Frances 
Tyler, Caroline Cadwell 
Walker, Clara Rosanna 
Wallace, Elizabeth 

*White, Elizabeth Sanderson 


Adams, Alice Dana 
Andrews, Kate Rider 
Barrett, Anne Louise 
Clarke, Kate Lobdell 
Friday, Lucy Florence 
Goddard, Willietta 
Gregory, Edith Holmes 
Hand, Harriet Jessup 

Howe, Rose Delle 
Munger, Jessie Strong 
Noyes, Mary Tucker 
Pool, Lilian Edna 
Semple, Jennie Belle 
Smeallie, Flora Agnes 
Williams, Anna Hutchins 
Wing, Ada Geneva 

CLASS OF 1887. 

Vice-President, Edith Annette True 

Corresponding Secretary, Maryette Goodwin 

Adams, Jeannie Scott 
Adgate, Almeria Isabelle 
Allen, Jessie Edith 
Ballord, Elizabeth Webb 
Burrowes, Catherine 
Butman, Mabel 
Carey, Alice Gertrude 
Conant, Sarah Howard 
Cordley, Annie Minto 
Crocker, Caroline Stodder 
Crownshield, Margaret 
Davison, Ellen Scott 
Deane, Bertha Louise 
Denis, Adelaide 
Dill, Katharine Frick 
Dixon, Alice Elizabeth 
Dodge, Lizzie Batchelder 
Emery, Annie Katharine 
*Evans, Emily Martha 
Farnsworth, Harriet Maria 
Fuller, Blanche Louise 
Gamble, Kari Powers 
Harris, Edith 

Hathaway, Candace Eveleen 
Hawks, Helen Almira 
Hughes, Florence Vermilye 

Hurlburt, Mary Frelinghuysen 
Keith, Charlotte Ray 
McCamant, Catharine 
McKnight, Nannie Jacobs 
Mattoon, Abbie Antoinette 
Nevins, Mabel Elizabeth 
Palmer, Elizabeth Hatch 
Pettee, Alice Gardner 
Rice, Harriet Alleyne 
Rounds, Mina De Hart 
Searle, Mary 
Smith, Emma Annella 
Smith, Marion Ingalls 
Southworth, Mary L. 
Spencer, Caroline Fenton 
Stevens, Mabel 
Storms, Sarah Jane 
Thompson, Isabella Dunning 
True, Edith Annette 
Vant, Alice Nelson 
Weld, Myra Fuller 
Wells, Henrietta Jackson 
Winfield, Harriet 
Wing, Mabel Rosamond 
Womersley, Eliza Taggard 
Woods, Fannie Elizabeth 


Day, Alice Frances 
Ely, May Violet 
George, Nancy Caroline 
Gilman, Eugenia 
Goodwin, Maryette 

Keefe, Clara Maria 
Lowther, Sarah Viola 
*Lyon, Laura 
Parker, Laura Mabel 
Parker, Mary Eliza 

i 3 o 
CLASS OF 1888. 

President^ Christabel Lee 

Corresponding Secretary, May Estelle Cook: 

Abbe, Elisabeth Frances 
Algoe, Margaret Tracy 
Bailey, Bertha 
Baldwin, Helen 
Bean, Mary Louise 
Breckinridge, .Sophonisba P. 
Brown, Anna Theodora 
Brown, Fannie Theodora 
Cooper, Edith Leila 
Crain, Vennette Sweet 
Cutler, Mary Helen 
Dodge, Maud Amy 
Drake, Minnie Alice R. 
Ellery, Florence Lincoln 
Fales, Abbie Maud 
Fiske, Minnie Florence 
Oilman, Mary Russell 
Griffith, Josephine 
Gurney, Marion Lane 
Hall, Edith Louise 
Hatton, Angie 
Howe, Mary Ware 
Jenckes, Grace Adella 
Knowlton, Mary Lucinda 
Lee, Christabel 

Lyford, Marion Emily 
McCauley, Mae Calista 
McDonald, Jessie Claire 
McFarland, Martha Hill 
McMaster, Mary Lena 
Miner, Lilian Burleigh 
Palen, Anna 
Parker, Nettie Alice 
Peckham, Elizabeth Bateman 
Pierce, Harriet Russell 
Reader, Louise Richmond 
Root, Mary Ina 
Rose, Charlotte Ellsworth 
Saunders, Martha Sophia 
Sawyer, Mary Lizzie 
Seaton, Frances 
Slater, Elizabeth 
Smith, Ella Lavinia 
Stewart, Martha 
Tinker, Gertrude Lynn 
Tucker, Mary Amanda 
Wilkinson, Edith 
Willcox, Gertrude May 
W'inslow, Amorette Leona 
Wrenn, Stella 

five years course. 

Cook, May Estelle 
Ely, Marion Angelina 
Emerson, Carrie Lane 

Jenks, Mary Leslie 
*Westcott, Charlotte 
Wheeler, Mary Lydia 

CLASS OF [889. 

President, Mary Louise Bean 

Corresponding Secretary, Mary Banta 

Banta, Mary 

Barker, Clara Treadway 

Bean, Mary Louise 

Blauvelt, Mary Taylor 
*Boyd, Rebekah M. 

Brewster, Alice Langdon 

Child, Mary Lucy 

Constantine, Harriet Lucretia 

Dingley, Anna Ladd 

Dole, Dorothy Lees 

Drew, Caroline Brooks 

Edwards, Mary Adelaide 

Ferris, Julia Dayton 

Field, Caroline Mabel 

Fine, May Margaret 

Fisherdick, Florence Marion 

Fletcher, Caroline Rebecca 

Follett, Lena Elizabeth 

Foote, Sylvia 

Gamble, Eleanor Acheson M. 
*Gates, Bertha Anna 

Gere, Lovisa Brewster 

Goodloe, Abbie Carter 

Hatch, Ella Lovise 

Hawkes, Susanna Whitney 

Hicks, Emma Kate 

Howe, Harriette Wilder 

Hoyt, Mary Osborn 

James, Gertrude 

Jones, Mary Ellen 

Lebus, Leona 

Lefnngwell, Lucia Dodge 

Libby, Alice May 
*Mackey, Bessie Rutherford 

Magone, Sarah Louise 
Morgan, Jessie Ellen 
Mowry, Clara Bell 
Nourse, Helen Lucy 
Orr, Clem Winnie 
Pearsons, Mary Louise 
Pedrick Katharine Francis 
Pinney, Louise 
Prentice, Minnie Rebecca 
Preston, Clara Frances 
Robson, Cordelia Sarah 
de Rochemont, Emilie 
Sawyer, Annie 
Scribner, Dora Anna 
Sherwin, Eleanor 
Smith, Mabel Jeannette 
Stevens, Mary Lowe 
Stimson, Mary Emily 
Stone, Mary Grace 
Stowell, Bertha 
Tefft, Hannah Taylor 
Tefft, Mary Abby 
Teller, Emma Amelia 
Thayer, Essie Charlotte 
Traversee, Mary Ellen 
Walker, Mary Abbie 
Weaver, Hattie Brockway 
Welch, Jeannette Cora 
Whitney, Charlotte Anita 
Wilcox, Susan El ma 
Wilkinson, Maud 
Williamson, Caroline Lucretia 
Winston, Mary A shin- 
Woodman, Anna Sophia 


Abbott, Ruth Elizabeth 
Andrews, Grace 

Groff, Sarah Hogate 
Holmes, Helen Weston 


Horton, Katharine Eloise 
James, Edith Myra 
Lane, Katharine Jane 
Mitchell, Jane Potter 
*Paton, Ethel 
Pleasants, Emma Shaw 

Quint, Katharine Mordantt 
Soule, Florence Evelyn 
Stone, Isabella 
Storer, Helen Amanda 
Sturges, Edith 
Thalheimer, Elsie 

CLASS OF 1890 

Acting President, Mabel Gair Curtis 

Corresponding Secretary, Sarah Jane Freeman 

Andrews, Elvira Kingsbury 
Arnold, Anna Louise 
Aumack, Luella 
Bacon, Clara Latimer 
Baldwin, Alice Cary 
Barrows, Mary 
Bass, Sarah Abalena 
Bosworth, Anne Lucy 
Bothwell, Alice Gray 
Brackett, Grace Mason 
Bray, Ella Williams 
Brooks, Lillian Carter 
* Brown, Lena Hill 
Brown, Emily Frances 
Brown, Mary Mabel 
Burgess, Anne 
Child, Susan Wade 
Clarke, Helen MacGregor 
Clough, Nellora Harriet 
Coddington, Gertrude Louisa 
Cogswell, Mariana 
Conant, Martha Pike 
Cook, Bessie Lesquereux 
Crane, Maud Howard 
Curtis, Mabel Gair 
Damon, Ruth Stockbridge 
Dean, Rosa 
Doolittle, Mabel 

Dransfield, Mary Louise 
Dunlap, Kent Rolla 
Fish, Mary Lucasta 
Fishel, Lillian Henrietta 
Fitch, Mary Vinia 
Fraser, Georgine Zetelle 
Glover, Ethel Adelia 
Godfrey, Mabel Lee 
Gowans, Emily Camilla 
Greenbank, Charlotte Hart 
Hale, Nettie Jane 

*Halsey, Charlotte Elizabeth 
Hamilton, Anna May 
Hardy, Henrietta Eliza 
Hathaway, Evangeline 
Haynes, Lillian Louise 

*Hickok, Gennie 
Hidden, Flora Etta 
Hitch, Mary French 
Holley, Margaret Josephine 
Jenks, Anna Belle 
Karslake, Christine 
Knapp, Fannie Agnes 
Lauderburn, Mary Delia 
Leach, Elizabeth Dwight 
Leonard, Florence Edith 
LinsCott, Anna May 

*Lord, Annie Louise 


Mclver, Jennie Bond 

McNary, Sarah Jane 
Manson, Mabel Augusta 
Mason, Elizabeth Browning 
May, Florence Edith 
Miller, Mary Sophia 
Mitchell, Ann Maria 
Moderwell, Mary Watson 
Morrill, Lucia 
Morrill, Ruth Eastman 
Morse, Katherine 
Noble, Catherine Edna 
Olsson, Anna Matilda 
Orton, Mary Jennings 

*Palen, Frances 
Parker, Etta Richardson 
Parker, Helen Adams 

*Peck, Angie Lacey 
Richardson, Alice Marion 

Sears, Rose Julia 
Sherwin, Belle 
Sinclair, Isabelle Aiken 
Smith, Annie Manson 
Smith, Bertha Eliza 
Strong, Ruth Gage 
Sweetser, Josepha Virginia 
Swift, Louise Bradford 
Taft, Mary Field 
Thomson, Grace Fitzhugh 
Tyler, Mary Noyes 
Wade, Clare Lyon 
Wallace, Ida May 
Warren, Edith Hubbard 
Weiss, Mollie 
Wiggin, Abbie Elizabeth 
Woodin, Mary Eastman 
Yardley, Mary Martin 
Young, Mary Porterfield 


Bock, Sarah Malinda Freeman, Sarah Jane 

Dempsey, Helen Anne Hayward, Emeline Place 

Dresser,' Caroline Muzzy Luther, Edith Mary 

Field, Helen Blanche Pierce, Grace Arnot 

Stinson (Rosa), Cornelia Irene 

CLASS OF 1891 

JPresident, Bertha Palmer 

Corresponding Secretary, Ellen Juliette Wall 

Alden, Mary Louise 
Arnold, Alice Greene 
Avery, Myrtilla 
Bailey, Esther 
Baldwin, Maria 
Banta, Effie 
Barker, Bertha Isabel 
Barnes, Lillian Corbett 
Batt, Almira Laura 

Beale, Alma Emerson 
Blakeslee, Elizabeth Mary 
*Blood, Marianna Williamson 
Brooks, Henrietta St. Barbe 
Burr, Mary Lillian 
Carter, Mary Walker 
Clement, Alice Shillaber 
Craig, Elizabeth 
Crawford, Mary Moore 

r 34 

*Cummings, Grace Mayland 
Cushman, Susan Louise 
Danielson, Louise Whitmore 
Danielson, Mary Louise 

*Dean, Florence 
Dudley, Theodora Woodford 
Duncan, Grace Leigh 
Durflinger, Annie Laurie 

*Eastman, Grace 
Eldridge, Emily Louise 
Emerson, Clara Eliza 
Fanning, Grace Merritt W. 
Ford, Jennie Hilton 
Frost, Mabel 

Gleason, Katherine Florence 
Gregory, Emma Helena 
Hall, Flora Appleton 
Hallam, Daisy Isabelle 
Hannum, Louise Morris 
Harlow, Sarah Havens 

*Hartwell, Rachel Rutherford 
Hawes, Mabel Gary 
Hazeltine, Mary Emogene 
Hazen, Margaret Ellen 
Hazlewood, Charlotte Williams 
Hodgdon, Bertha 
Hoyt, Elizabeth Guild 
Jack, Emma Rosamond 
Jackson, Alice Rebecca 
Jackson, Grace Elizabeth 
Jones, Harriet Louise 
Jones, Lizzie Lee 
Kyle, Theodora 
Lebrus, Bertha 
Lewis, Mary Elizabeth 
Look, Clara Helen 
Meader, Emily Isabel 
Miller, Charlotte Elizabeth 
Morss, Minnie Adams 
Mothershead, Amy Morris 
Page, May 
Palmer, Bertha 

Parker, Marion Frances 
Pendleton, Fanny Thompso* 
Perkins, Caroline Bright 
Perrin, Marian Williams 
Perrine, Cora Belle 
Pew, Caroline Blanche 
Pierce, Caroline Frances 
Pierce, Helen Adelaide 
Porter, Mabel Anna 
Puffer, Isabel 
Puffer, Linda Dana 
Redfield, Josephine 
Reed, Sallie 
Roberts, Sara Matlack 
Robertson, Josephine Chester 
Sawin, Harriette Fisher 
Saxton, Louise Grant 
Scribner, Bessie Blanche 
Sibley, Charlotte Thorndike 
Spalding, Margarita 
Sprague, Grace Eliot Winthrop 
Squire, Emma Maud 
Sternberg, Amalie Anna B. 
Stevens, Alice Alvira 
Stewart, Sara Elizabeth 
Stuart, Genevieve 
Sykes, Mabel 
Taylor, Maud Marion 
Taylor, Susan Meakin 
Todd, Millie Rosaline 
Tuell, Harriet Emily 
Upham, Lucia Frances 
Wall, Ellen Juliette 
Wardwell, Mary Elizabeth 
Weatherlow, Jane Knight 
Webster, Mary Lurena 
West, Flora May 
White, Lucy Blakesle 
Wilkins, Lewanna 
Woodford, Frances Louise 
Woolfolk, Ada Swallow 
Wray, Gertrude Wallace 

Wrenn, Margaret 

CLASS OF 1892. 

President, Mary Alice Emerson 

Corresponding Secretary, Mary .Gertrude Gushing 

Alexander, Mary Adelaide 
Baker, Blanche Bigelow 
Balch, Harriet Elizabeth 
Bancroft, Edith 
Briggs, Emily Elizabeth 
Brooks, Abigail Antoinette 
Brown, Mary Louise 
Bruce, Elinor Kimball 
*Bruce, Helen Elizabeth 
Buck, Clara Fay 
Burt, Clara Maria 
Carrier, Media Kate 
Cattell, Henrietta Maillard 
Chambers, Helen Troth 
Clark, Mabel 
Clay, Blanche Louise 
Clough, Ongola 
Corey, Helena May 
Coulter, Annie May 
Courser Alice Bertha 
Crawford, Lillian Moore 
Cushing, Mary Gertrude 
Damon, Harriet Lincoln 
Davidson, Janet Eliza 
De Lashmutt, Inez 
Dodge, Virginia 
Dow, Lucy Jane 
Dransfield, Alice Walbridge 
Eastman, Mary Reed 
Elliott, Katharine Reed 
Emerson, Dora Bay 
Emerson, Mary Alice 
Emerson, Mary Josephine 
Ferris, Ermina 
Fiske, Ellen Ware 
Frost, Carrie Gray 
Furber, Jane Mayhew 
Gage, Harriet Newell 

Glover, Mabel Stanley 

Goddard, Martha Freeman 
*Green, Cornelia Elizabeth 

Green, Eleanor Burges 

Greenman, Elizabeth 

Gruber, Grace Edith 

GufTey, Pauletta 

Hand, Charlotte Chapman 

Hard on, Margaret 

Harwood, Harriet Diantha 
*Hawley, Mary Augusta 

Hill, Helen Bassett 
*Holbrook, Agnes Sinclair 

Holmes, Mary Elizabeth 
^Hutchinson, Maud 

Keller, Maude Ryland 

Lance, Frances Cornelia 

Lauder, Margaret 

Libbey, Vinnietta June 

Little, Elizabeth 

Locke, Anna Willard 

Long, Edith Grier 

Longley, Geraldine Bufnngtoo 

Loomis, Jennie 

McAlarney, Emma Lenore 

McArthur, jane Eliza 

McCaulley, Martha Gause 

Maddocks, Caroline Shaw 

Marsh, Florence Maud 

Mayse, Elizabeth My rt ill a 

Merchant, Clarinda 

Mirick, Henrietta Amelia 

Moffatt, Ethelwyn Fleming; 

Morgan, Lucy Isabel 

Myrick, Florence Hannah 

Northey, Isabelle 

Osborn, Mary George 

Parkes, Evelyn Emma 


Patterson, May Stevens 
Pierce, Alice Goddard 
Pike, Lillian Vida 
Pope, Louise 
Pullen, Nettie Garrett 
Randolph, Marion Fitz 
Rogers, Helen Worthington 
Rowell, Lucy Agnes 
Shaw, Agnes Morton 
Smith, Cora Ellen 
Smith, Mary Louise 
Spalding, Gertrude Parker 
Spaulding, Edna Cecilia 
Stanton, Theresa Burleigh 
Stewart, Emily 
Stimson, Candace Catherine 
Stockwell, Netta Augusta 
Straight, Maude Wheeler 


Strong, Elizabeth Grier 
Thayer, Josephine 
Thomson, Edith Parker 
Thorn, Sophia Lord 
Underwood, Grace Hawley 
de Vou, Mary Ruth 
Walton, Clara Ann 
Ward, Kate Morgan 
Warfield, Eva Louise 
Webber, Maria Gilbert 
Whitlock, Mary Blanche 
Wilkinson, Anna Reed 
Wilkinson, Florence 
Williams, Sarah Pamela 
Winegar, Anna Lilian 
Wing, Florence Annette 
Woodbury, Mabel Blanche 
Woodin, Gertrude Lee 
Mary Swift 

CLASS OF 1893. 

President, Emily Howard Foley 

Corresponding Secretary 

Mary Pinneo Dennis 

Allard, Elizabeth Laetitia 
Anderson, Bertha Freeman 
Andrews, Kate Ferris 
Baird, Minnie Lucinda 
Barbour, Alice Maud 
Barker, Mary Louise 
Barkwili, Faith Eivene 
Bartlett, Fannie Keokee 
Beecher, Elizabeth 
Bennett, Emeline Sisson 
Bigelow, Gertrude 
Bigelow, Sorah Antoinette 
Blod^ett, Grace Estelle 
Bradbury, Marion Elizabeth 
Brown, Mary Louise 
Burgess, Anne Prince 

Burr, Helen Louise 
Chapman, Harriet Bardwell 
Chester, Charlotte Emma 
Clough, Bertha Hubbard 
Converse, Florence 
Coolidge, Florence Gertrude 
Coombs, Alice Gertrude 
Count, Clara Beardsley 
Cushing, Mary Porter 
Damon, Agnes Whitman 
Dennis, Mary Pinneo 
Dewey, Emma G;ace 
Deyo, Jennie Mabel 
Dillingham, Mary Emma 
Eager, Helen Gertrude 
Fancher, Rose Iantha 


Feeny, Mildred 
Flournoy, Mary Ethalene 
Foley, Emily Howard 
Foster, Eliza Ophelia 
Foster, Winifred Smith 
Frear, Caroline 
Freeman, Madeline Hortense 
Green, Julia Minerva 
Green, Laura Caroline 
Grenell, Grace Eliza 
Ham, Emily Hersey 
Hamlin, Alice Julia 
Hardwick, Carrie Theodosia 
Hartwell, Lucy 
Hayes, Mabel Annie 
Heimer, Clara Seymour 
Hill, Mary Brigham 
Hocker, Mattie Morrison 
Hoghton, Ella Sharpies 
Hoghton, Stella Irving 
Hoopes, Florence 
Howe, Delarue Kipling 
Irish, Charlotte Dallas 
Jones, Alice Mabel 
Jones, Ethel Anna 
Jones, Laura Hamblett 
Keith, Bettie 
Kneen, Maria Alice 
Larned, Mary Cook 
Libby, Frances Lucile 
Lkicoln, Mary Ward 
Lucas, Frances Henderson 
McDuffee, Mabel 
McPherson, Mary 
# Mann, Carrie Alice 
Mason, Helen Raymond 
Miller, Isabelle Youngs 
Moore, Annie Kennedy 
Mower, Nelle Augusta 

Munroe, Florence Lydia 
Newman, Alice 
Newman, Caroline Newcombe 
Pavey, Mary Susan 
Peavey, Lilian Bell 
Peckham, Anna Brown 
Penniman, Sarah Ella 
Pennington, Lydia Ordelia 
Perry, Elizabeth 
Pinkham, Frances Ethel 
Pond, Nancy May 
Reed, Alice Mae 
Reid, Julia Frances 
Richardson, Mary Tucker 
Rickey, Grace Gertrude 
Ruddle, Elinor Frances 
Sanderson, Fannie Adams 
Scandlin, Mabel Elliot 
Schleicher, Eleanor Herff 
Severance, Maude Emily 
Shepherd, Minnie Alice 
Simonds, Lilla Jane 
Simrall, Josephine Price 
Sims, Julia Isabelle 
Smith, Adelaide 
Somes, Emily Gertrude 
Tayler, Li'ia 

Tomlinson, Annie Bennett 
Tone, Florence May 
Tooker, Mary Roberts 
Trebein, Elizabeth Ankeney 
Whipple, Laura Lydia 
White, Edith 
White, Lucy Elizabeth 
Wilcox, Marion Newell 
Williams, Alice Elizabeth 
Winton, Katharine May 
Woods, Ida Elisabeth 
Young, Mary Newton 

CLASS OF 1894. 

President, Lisbeth Gertrude Angell 

Corresponding Secretary, Florence Wadleigh Davis- 

Abell, Adelaide Mae 
Adams, Marie Cooper 
Albee, Grace Clara 
Allen, Rosa Noyes 
Anderson, Marion Wharton 
Angell, Lisbeth Gertrude 
Barkwell, Lucy Caroline 
Bartholomew, Elizabeth 
Bateman, Eliza Abiah 
Benson, Sarah Clarissa W. 
Bixby, Sarah Hathaway 
Blake, Harriet Manning 
Blauvelt, Anna Hutton 
Bonney, Adeline Lois 
Boswell, Mary Louise 
Bowles, Mary Emma 
Bridgman, Ruby Porter 
Brooks, Fannie Christine 
Brownell, Lucy Pearce 
*Bufnngton, Julia Stevens 
Burgess, Sarah Julia 
Burrowes, Sarah 
Campbell, Isabella 
Canfield, Marion 
Carr, Grace Barrelle 
Chace, Eleanor Sarah 
Collins, Catherine Rose 
Conyngton, Mary Katherine 
Cook, Louise 
Coombs, Grace Irving 
Corbin, Virginia Jemima 
Coulter, Fva Carter 
Crapo, Edith Ray 
Davis, Florence Wadleigh 
Dodge, Mabel Clara 
Drake, Helen Parker 
Eaton, Susan Wilhelmina 
Edwards, Grace Osborne 

Edwards, Louise Libby 
Field, Caroline Williams 
Finnigan, Annette 
Foss, Helen 
Friday, Harriet Alice 
Glass, Cieona Minerva A>. 
Greene, Fannie Bradley 
Hardee, Elisabeth B. 
Hawley, Susan Sheldon 
Henderson, Annie May 
Herrick, Mary Abbe 
Hibbard, Helen Ruth 
Hippen, Alma Hermina 
Holmes, Mary Herbert 
I sham, Mary Keyt 
Jackson, Bertha Christine- 
Judson, Edith 
Kellogg, Alice Welch 
Kellogg, Eleanor Neva 
Kruse, Clara Mathilde 
Laughlin, Gail 
Learoyd, Mabel W 7 oodbury 
Lemer, May 
Little, Mary Collette 
Longiey, Bertha Elizabeth 
McFarland, Grace Rosina 
*McGuire, Elizabeth May 
MacMillan, Effie" 
MacMiilan, Helen 
Marvell, Mary Wilbur 
Mattoon. Laura Isabella 
Millard, Mary 
Mitchell, Marion Sheffield 
Moulton, Jennette Augusta 
Newcomb, Mary Douglas 
Nicholes, Sarah Grace 
Osgood, Stella Morris 
Peck, Carolyn Johnson 


Peirce, Millicent Louise 
*Peikins, Grace Hamilton 
Peterson, Anna Katrina 
Pope, Louise Josephine 
Porter, Grace Inez 
Pressey, Edna Frances 
Quimby, Lillian Baker 
Randolph, Caroline Fitz 
Rogers, Florence Sally 
Russell, Mary Rebecca 
Salter, Mary Josephine 
Sherwood, Evangeline Lucille 
Shultz, Emily Budd 
Skidmore, Anna Theodora 
Slater, Ora Winona Louise 
Smith, Delia 
Smith, Lavinia Dugan 

Smith, Mary Ellen 
Stahr, Helen Russell 
Stanwood, Clara 
Stanwood, Ethel 
Stone, Artemisia 
Thayer, Blanche Louise- 
Tobey, Florence Martin 
Townsend, Ellen Dutton- 
Tracy, Mary Clemmer 
Tuttle, Elizabeth Cordelia. 
Tuxbury, Edith Eloise 
Vinal, Annie Louise 
Vivian, Roxana Hayward 
Williams, Jane 
W T ood, Alice Ida 
Wood, Elizabeth Morris 
Wyckoff, Sarah Delia 

CLASS OF 1895. 

President, Helen Marian Kelsey 

Corresponding Secretary, Bertha Lurene Morriljl 

Adams, Mary Coleman 
Addeman, Grace Louise 
Augsbury, Winifred 
Austin, Fannie Estelle 
Auten, Lydia Chapman 
Barker, Sarah Gertrude 
Barneneld, Florence May 
Benson, Clara Manter 
Bisbee, Helen Mabel 
Boardman, Edith Sever 
Boynton, Sybil Verona 
Brandt, Lilian 
Briggs, Jenny Sherman 
Brooks, Emma Christy 
Brooks, Ida May 
Brooks, Josephine Damon 
Brown, Elizabeth Greenwood 
Caldwell, Mary Grace 

Campbell, Alice Perkins 
Cannon, Mary Galpin 
Caryl, Christine 
Chapin, Mary Ella 
Chute, Annie Gertrude 
Conner, Sara Katharine 
Curtiss, Lillian Fay 
Davison, Mabel Estelle 
Denison, Eva Mattocks- 
Denison, Grace Mary 
Dennis, Helen 
Dexter, Edith Delano 
Dickie, Cecilia 
Fackenthal, Katharine 
Field, Mary Emily 
♦Forbes, Florence Therese 
Ford, Grace Marie 
Goddard, Susanne Ella 


•Goodell, Agnes Mehitabel 

Goodrich, Charlotte 

Haseltine, Annie Mabel 

Heilig, Lucy Belle 

Hildreth, Frances Elizabeth 

Hill, Winifred Emily 

Howe, Alice Clai;a 

Hunt, Alice Windsor 

Huntington, Cornelia Strong 
"Jacobus, Caroline Whitley 

James, Helen 

Jarvis, Grace Elizabeth 

Jones, Edith La Rue 

Jones, Gertrude 

Jones, Mary Lilian Chittenden 

Kelsey, Helen Marian 

Krecker, Ada May 

Krum, Flora 

Lance, Harriet Rose 

Lance, Marian Eno 

Leatherbee, Florence K. 

Ledyard, Alethea 

Lees, Mabel Winifred 

Leonard, Annie Maria 

Lines, Mary Howell 

Lord, Katharine Florence 

March, Bertha 

Marshall, Nina Lovering 

Merrill, May 

Miller, Grace 

Mitchell, Elizabeth Campbell 

Morrill, Bertha Lurene 

Munson, Maud Antoinette 

Nelson, Kate Winthrop 

Norcross, Alice Whitney 

Nourse, Harriet Almira 

Peale, Elizabeth Hale 

Peckham, Sarah Elizabeth 
*Phelps, Julia Eastman 

Phinney, Emma Henrietta 

Pitkin, Lillie May 

Prior, Mary Davis 
Randall, Adelia Miner 
Roberts, Mary Louise 
Rogers, Ethel Ward 
Shirley, Florence Sophia 
Simmons, Margaret Breck 
Shelton, Iza Bernice 
Smith, Arline Hapgood 
Smith, Bessie Sargeant 
Smith, Edna Gardner 
Smith, Gertrude Bushnell 
Smith, Lilian Rice 
Smith, Mabel 
Stark, Elizabeth Allison 
Stepanek, Beatrice 
Stephenson, Mary Eleanor 
Stimpson, Helen Josephine 
Stover, Marion Pauline 
Sykes, Marion 
Taylor, Marion Lee 
Thorpe, Josephine Emma 
Todd, Alice Love joy 
Voorhees, Sophia 
Waite, Elizabeth Richardson 
Warren, Claire Louise 
Waterman, Martha Tracy 
Watson, Florence Opal 
Waymouth, Grace Cromwell 
Weaver, Ethel 
Weed, Sarah Chamberlin 
Welch, Alberta Maude 
Wellman, Mabel Thacher 
Wells, Emma Leslie 
Wetherbee, Mary Louise 
Wilcox, Martha' Chapin 
Wilder, Helen Louise^ 
Willis, May Belle 
Wilson, Mary Gertrude 
Woodin, Grace 
Young, Mary 
Young, May Sophie 

CLASS OF 1896. 

President, Elva Hulburd Young 

Corresponding Secretary, Mary Abbie Dartt 

Adams, Elizabeth Starbuck Hadley, Sarah Louise 

Aldrich, Alzora Hallam, Florence Mary 

Bartleson, Blanche Hasbrook, Adah May 

Batchelder, Josephine Harding Hawks, Minnie Ellen 

Beale, Jennie Ritner 
Beebe, Alice Geissler 
Belfield, Ada Marshall 
Blanchard, Augusta Hunt 
Bogardus, Belinda Miles 
Boynton, Myra Louisa 
Brown, Emily Hunter 
Bullis, Martha Albourne 
Burnett, Charlotte Frances 
Butler, Edith Emerson 
Byers, JaneAdee 
Caldwell, Agnes Louise 
Capron, Maude Estelle 
Carter, Gertrude 
Chase, Mary Esther 
Chipman, Ina Maria 
Christie, Marie Williamina 
Clarke, Harriet Belle 
Cobb, Anne Eugenia 
Colby, Annie Wainwright 
Cooke, Helen Fairman 
Cushing, Ellen Maria 
Dartt, Mary Abbie 
Davenport, Mary Fullerton 
Davis, Mary Alice 
De Cou, Helena 
Dennis, Gertrude Lakin 
Eginton, Sarah Louise 
Emerson, Lucy Constance 
Evans, Jessie 
Fiske, Isabella Howe 
Genung, Anna Meeker 
Godfrey, Grace 

: Haynes, Elizabeth 
Hefferan, Mary 
Henry, Ada Marie 
Hershey, Frances Genevieve 
Howard, Ethel Lorette 
Hoyt, Amelia Huntington 
Hoyt, Sophia Olive 
Huntington, Theresa Lyman 
Hyatt, Bertha Evelyn 
Jacobs, Blanche Sanborn 
Janssen, Cornelia Marie 
Johnson, Bessie Helen 
Kahn, Irene 
Keene, Clara Rebecca 
Kellogg, May Evelyn 
Kendall, Evangeline 
Kerr, Annie Couper 
Kittinger, Margaret Mary 
Lane, Amy Sanders 
Little, Mary 
Loudon, Eva 
Lunt, Mary Riggs 
Lyman, Julia Huntington 
McChesney, Anna Kimber 
McDowell, Pauline 
McLean, Mary Hollands 
McNair, Louise 
Margesson, Helen Pearson 
Meyer, Winifred 
Montgomery, Mary Williams 
Moore, Harriette Isabelle 
Morgan, Grace Eveline 
Mott, Lucy Cleaveland 

Greenwood, Helen Evangeline Nevers, Cordelia Caroline 

I 4 2 

^Nichols, Clara Louise 
Northup, Laura Harkness 
Nutter, Grace Alma 
Paige, Abbie Louise 
Park, Cornelia 
Parker, Joanna Stoddard 
Peaks, Annie Hamblen 
Pierce, Bessie Gray 
Porter, Emilie Wheaton 
Pullen, Frances Kenney 
Rand, Mabel Florence 
Robinson, Annie May 
Rothschild, Constance Lily 
Rounds, Dora Madeline 
Schouler, Alice Heaton 
Seaton, Sara 

Shackford, Martha Hale 
Sherwood, Sarah Virginia 
Sizer, Clara Augusta 
Smith, Mary Frazer 
Snyder, Elizabeth 
Stoddard, Cora Frances 

Sweet, Ada Whittier 
Swett, Carlotta Mary 
Swett, Sarah Lillian 
Tayler, Louise 
Thomas, Prudence Emily 
Tompkins, Emery Cooney 
Townsend, Grace Beach 
Townsend, Mary Louise 
Tuell, Annie Kimball 
Wells, Mabel 

*Whitcher, Mary Celenda 
Whitlock, Edith 
Wilkins, Lydia Kent 
Willis, Clara Lucretia 
Wilson, Annie Florence 
Witherle, Anna Cate 
Wood, Angie Fletcher 
Woodin, Mary 

^Woodward, Mary Adelaide 
Wyllie, Edith Evelyn 
Young, Elva Hulburd 
Ziegler, Annie Elizabeth 

CLASS OF 1897. 

.President, Mary Williams Dewson 

Corresponding Secretary, Judith Anne Blackburn 

Alberson, Jessie Andrews 
Alden, Clara Louise 
Allen, Lucy Branch 
Anderson, Katharine Freeman 
Atkins, Helen Ludlow 
Bacon, Agnes Latimer 
Ball, Helen Grace 
Barnard, Annie Chase 
Baxter, Emily Poole 
Baxter, Harriet Marion 
Bennett, Florence Payson 
Bentley, Vinnie Bertha 
Blackburn, Judith Anne 

Blanchard, Rebekah George 
Boutelle, Amy Farwell 
Bowman, Mabel Emily 
Brotherton, Mary Myrtle 
Brown, Harriet Hathaway 
Burchard, Alice Webb 
Burnham, Gertrude Elizabeth 
Carter, Harriet Wilson 
Chandler, Helen Elizabeth 
Chapman, Frances Louise 
Cheever, Annie Mabel 
Clark, Ida Mary 
Colles, Julia Nelson 


•Colt, Ella Chloe 
Corson, Ellen Pawling 
Crofut, Florence Sidette M. 
Crosby, Cora Nell 
Crumb, Geneva 
Cummings, Lucy Webster 
Cunningham, Maud Marie 
Currier, Blanche 
Dana, Hannah Little 
Davis, Caroline Means 
Dennison, Grace Mabel 
Devol, Gertrude 
Dewson, Mary Williams 
Dimmick, Annie May 
Disque, Mary Margaretta 
Dudley, Edith 
Durfee, Elizabeth Winants 
Duxbury, Juliette Wheeler 
Edgett, Grace Lawrence 
Evans, Elizabeth Girdler 
Evans, Harriet Viola 
Finn, Jennie Corwin 
Fisher, Abby Smith 
Flower, Daisy Olive 
Foley, Florence 
Freeman, Lucy Jane 
Fyock, Alice May 
Gates, Annette Chapin 
Goldthwait, Mary Susan 
Gordon, Helen Maria 
Graff, Elfie 
Guy, Eva Marguerite 
Haines, Lillian French 
Hall, Gertrude Maude 
Haskell, Mary Elizabeth 
Hastings, Florence Emily 
Hathaway, Miriam 
Hawley, Mary Pope 
Henry, Margaret Young 
Hewitt, Margaret Louise 
Hiscox, Elizabeth Martin 
Holbrook, Alice Marion 
Holbrook, Elizabeth Lowell 
JHLolder, Helen Zulette 
Holmes, [Catherine Shirley 

Hoopes, Emily 
Howland, Edith Archer 
Hume, Ruth Peabody 
Hutcheson, Louise 
Johnson, Emily Strong 
King, Elizabeth Edwards 
Knight, Jessie Clark 

*Ladd, Edith Helen 
Laird, Grace Narcissa 
Loomis, Louise Ropes 
McDuffee, Frances Eliza 
Marvell, Harriet Tracy 
Mathews, Anna Elisabeth 
May, Edith 

Meade, Edith Ryckman 
Montgomery, Roberta Helen 
Morgan, Lillian Belle 
Moroney, Mary Josephine 
Morrill, Emma Abbott 
Moses, Josephine Abbey 
Munger, Jessie Strong 
Munroe, Evelyn Amelia 
North, Mary 
Painter, Florence McMahon 

*Parkhurst, Harriet May 
Pelton, Garnet Isabel 
Pingrey, Cora Edith Smith 
Pinkham, Mary Katharine 
Piper, Warrene Roby 
Porter, Katharine Marion 
Prescott, Nellie Greta 
Price, Ethelyn Mabel 
Pritchard, Sydna Ellen 
Pullin, Charlotte Isabel 
Purdy, Clara Rachel 
Randall, Elizabeth Alice 
Randall, Julia Davenport 
Raynal, Frida Marie 
Ritchie, Emma Gibson 
Robbins, Phila Belle 
Rollins, Hannah Evans 
Rowe, Hetty Morgan 
Shaw, Clara Hathorne 
Sherburne, Alice Elizabeth 
Shoemaker, Mary Elizabeth 


Shortle, Annie Young 
Simonds, Mary Edith 
Smith, Floyd 
Smith, Miriam Addle 
Spaulding, Mabel Frances 
Spencer, Adelaide 
Spring, Florence Gertrude 
Starr, Margaret Evangeline 
Stockwell, Marie Louise 
Straight, Bertha K. 
Taylor, Nettie 
Tebbetts, Mary Esther 
Thomas, Lillian Adah 
Thyng, Mary Isabel 
Trebein, Bertha Eleanor 

Tuxbury, Luna Elizabeth 
Wales, Hortense Eugenie 
Wall, Mabel Persis 
Warfield, Jane Elizabeth 
Wetmore, Katharine S. 
Wetmore, Louise Southwortk 
von Wettberg, Clare Elise 
Whitney, Celena Mower 
Whitney, Mary Adelaide 
Williams, Mary Loomis 
Wilson, Abby Evelyn 
Wood, Gertrude Pamilla 
Wright, Alice Lincoln 
Wylie, Elizabeth 
Yeaton, Lillian 

CLASS OF 1898. 

President, Edna Violett Patterson 

Corresponding Secretary, Margaret Delphine Weei> 

Almy, Maud Emerson 
Ames, Mary Edith 
Arnold, Margaret 
Austin, Mary Alice 
Aucen, Nellie Mason 
Babson, Mabel 
Bach, Ethel Eden 
Bailey, Laura Gertrude 
Barker, Emma Elizabeth 
Bartlett, Louise Esther 
Battison, Mabe! Louise 
Baxter, Josephine Maynard 
Bennett, Helen Marie 
Bingham, Anna Mary 
Bisbee, Catherine Rossiter 
Bixby, Anne Locke 
Black, Maude Sawyer 
Blanchard, Abby Frances 
Bolard, Louise Edna 
Braley, Jessie Nelson 

Brooks, Frances Eleanor 
Brown, Nellie May 
Bryden, Lucy Annette 
Buss, Alice Mary 
Buttrick, Helen 
Callaway, Alice Rhinehart 
Capen, Mary Warren 
Capron, Helen Mowry 
Chandler^ Anna Perkins 
Chapin, Grace Maude 
Chapman, Lola Esther 
Charlton, Mary Belle 
Childs, Alice Woolley 
Close, Leila Katherine 
Colburn, Effie May 
Cook, Ida May 
Cool, Jane Nobles 
Cottrell, Lucy Martin 
Craig, Eliza Parker 
Cross, Mary Evelyn 


Dalzell, Martha Sophia 
Damon, Alice Bond 
Damon, Helen Gertrude 
Davis, Grace Evangeline 
Degen, Jessie 
Dodd, Mary Lydia 
Doyle, Sarah Leonard 
Ellsworth, Emily Orah Janvien 
Ely, Amelia Maria 
Emerson, Mertie Alice 
Emery, Sara Sumner 
Fairbanks, Elsie Daniels 
Finlay, Mary 
Fisher, Bessie Ellen 
Flower, Helen Marion 
Foster, Sarah Phcebe 
Fowler, Nellie Luther 
Galbraith, Mary 
Garwood, Helen 
Gidman, Thusa Lindsley 
Gilpin, Grace Bennett 
Goodale, Charlotte Atkinson 
Goodwin, Ruth Sharpless 
Grenell, Ethelyn 
Griffin, Blanche Spalding 
Hall, Jessie Graham 
Ham, Caroline Jane 
Hamblet, Mary Lucia 
Hannum, Grace Loomis 
Hayward, Josephine Lemira 
Hoge, Grace Machir 
Hoge, Rachel Schofield 
Howell, Caroline Louise 
Hoyt, Frances Graham 
Hubbard, Florence Mildred 
Hunt, Helen Hastings 
Irwin, Edith Coelia 
Jackman, Marion Maynard 
Jones, Elizabeth Elaine 
Kingsley, Blanche Frances 
Lewis, Blanche Bancroft 
Lewis, Henrietta 
Lincoln, Maria Louise 
Lindsey, Mary Elizabeth 

Linscott, Grace 
MacMillan, Elizabeth A. 
McDowell, Louise Sherwood 
McLeod, Genevieve Rathbun 
Maine, Mary Talulah 
Malone, Mary Oiive 
Marshall, Charlotte Gordon 
Martin, Mary Gaillard 
Martin, Griola Eleanor 
Meader, Edith Ellen 
Merrill, Edith Moody 
Merrill, Harriet Anna 
Mirick, Mary Halbert 
Moore, Maria Louisa F. 
Moore, Sabra Maude 
Norris, Mary Livermore 
Orr, Mary Edith 
Patterson, Edna Violett 
Paul, Ruth Atherton 
Pennell, Ethel A dele 
Penny, Louise Townsend 
Pierce, Mary Elizabeth 
Pitcher, Pauline Meredith, 
Post, Grace lone 
Potter, Ethel Priscilla 
Potter, Eva Graham 
Prichard, Eva Zitella 
Rockwood, Marion 
Rogers, Cora Whittier 
Rogers, Mary Louise 
Rollins, Florence Emma 
Russell, Cora Jeannette 
Sanborn, Gertrude 
Schaller, Lillian P2mma 
Schoonover, Adelaide Virginia 
Scott, Betty Bowden 
Seelman, Hannah Elizabeth 
Simmons, Edith May 
Smith, Alice Faunce 
Smith, Ellen Dean 
Smith, Eunice Cole 
Smith, Marcia Henrietta. 
Smith, Martha Marie 
Smith, Mignonette 


Snow, Ella Elizabeth 
Stevens, Alice Vesta 
Stockman, Harriet Currier 
Sullivan, Bessie 
Sumner, Helen Laura 
Tuxbury, Alice Bosworth 
Umlauf, Susan Cooper 
Underhill, Gertrude Emma 
Vose. Annie Morrill 

Waite, Emma Forbes 
Wallin, Caroline Elizabeth 
Watt, Emma Clifton 
Waxham, Marjorie Evelyn 
Weed, Margaret Delphine 
Wells, Nellie Eugenia 
Wheeler, Margaret Love 
Wood, Louise Tyler 
Young, Mabel Minerva 


.President, Olive 


Corresponding Seaetary, 

Maynard Force 

Andrews, Grace Allerton 
Baldwin, Louise Edgell 
Barker, Mary Louise 
Barr, Annie Leonora 
Beach, Louise Livingston 
Bennett, Elizabeth Francis 
Bishop, Mabel Lovett 
Bliss, Mary Campbell 
Boas, Margaretta Macklin 
Bogart, Sarah Helen 
Booth, Alexina Gait 
Breed, Florence Curtis 
Briggs, Lucie Claflen 
Brown, Clara Wyckoff 
Bull, Emilie Grace 
Burroughs, Maude 
Burt, Leah Mary 
Burton, Helen *Mary 
Cady, Helen May 
Chandler, Alice Etta 
Church, Bertha Elizabeth 
Clark, Jennie Mac 
Clark, Mary Louise 
Clark, Maude Wiliiston 
Clarke, Mary Franklin 
<.'obb, Ethel Mary 

Coburn, Claire Martha 
Cook, Grace Louise 
Coolidge, Minnie Louise 
Coonley, Mary Ellen 
# Copeland, Leonora Howard 
Dadmun, Frances May 
Daggett, Emma Carolyn 
Davis, Helen Howard 
Derrin, Juliette Hart 
Douglas, Vera Francina 
Durgin, Helen Juliette 
Favour, Florence 
Foote, Franc Estelle 
Force, Maynard 
Frazee, Grace Allen 
French, Grace Preston 
Gilson, Mary Barnett 
Green, Ella Weld 
Griswold, Martha Towsend 
Herbert, Edith Emmeline 
Hewett, Mary Seaver 
Hill, Julia Annie 
Hill, Nettie Isabel 
Hitchcock, Elizabeth 
Holland, Dorothy Stebbias 
Hubbard, Ethel Daniels 


Hussey, Mary Anthony 
Jackson, Eva F.llen 
Jones, Katharine Scovell 
Judd, Annie Louise 
Kellogg, Florence 
Kelly, Bernice Oliver 
Killpartrick, Mary Harriet 
King, Anna Patterson 
Kirkpatrick, Alice May 
Laird, Eleanor May 
Lauderbach, Mary 
Leonard, Mabel Ella 
Lietman, Emma Mary 
Lincoln, Blanche Adeline 
Lincoln, Lilian Haskell 
Lynch, Lydia Nason 
McClary, Maud Emilie 
McFarland, Agnes Louise 
Mason, Frances Belle 
Merrill, Josephine Martha 
Merrill, Margaret Bell 
Miller, Mary Zahm 
Mooar, Edith 
Moody, Ethel Maria 
Moore, Emma Mabel 
Moore, Rebecca Deming 
Neal, Mary Stowe 
Newhall, Mary Louise 
Nickerson, Jessie Carver 
*Norton, Ethel Sturdivant 
Oliver, Joanna Blessing 
Orton, Louise Taft 
Palmer, Clara Augusta 
Pearce, Gertrude 
Phemister, Grace 
Pierce, Mary Lucy 
Porter, Caroline Johnson 
Pratt, Marian Thompson 
Putnam, Adeline 
Ralph, Georgia Gertrude 

Read, Katharine Bell 

Reeve, Alice Mason 

Reynolds, Lucile Carol 

Rosencranz, Olive 

Sanderson, Edna May 

Sears, Louise Page 

Seipp, Alma 

Shaw, Nellie Adele 

Sites, Elsie Maude 

Skinner, Flora Atkins 

Smith, Jane Tullia 

Sonna, Agatha Jean 

Southard, Lydia 

Spear, Margaret Vivia 

Spink, Mary 

Squier, Rosie Gardner 
Stern, Elsie Langdon 
Stockman, Grace 
Stone, Florence Helen 
Stratton, Louise Sophronia 

Sturtevant, Louise Martha 
Sutherland, Grace Watson 
Talcott, Donna Izola 
Tewksbury, Edith Malcolm 
Thayer, Miriam 
Thomas, Bessie Burr 
Tibbals, Kate Watkins 
Torrison, Agnes Margarethe 
Tower, Mabel Frances 
Upham, Lois Alice 
Wagner, Helena Corinne 
Waldron, Edna 
Weston, Mary Josephine 
Wetherbee, Bertha Coolidge 
Whitehouse, Marion S. 
Winn, Lora Buckman 
Woltson, Anna Kstelle 
Wood, Mabel 
Woodbury, Clara Frances 
Young, Faith Louise 

CLASS OF 1900. 

President, Hannah 


Corresponding Secretary 

Chloe Curtis 

Abercrombie, Corinne Afton 
Ames, Martha Mabelle 
Anderson, Katharine Millicent 
Ayres, Mary Stevens 
Bailey, Florence Ethel 
Ball, Katharine Frances 
Barbour, Mary Smith 
Bayless, Wilhelmine Kiameche 
Bean, Ida May 
Beers, Jane Fitch 
Berry, Mabel Chase 
von Beyersdorff, Mathilde 
Bowman, Ethel 
Biainerd, Helen Katharine 
Buck, Evelyn Mary 
Burbank, Marjorie 
Burtt, Grace Lina 
Byington, Margaret Frances 
Cameron, Jessie 
Chase, Alice Elizabeth 
Chase, Carolyn Louise 
Colby, Emma Florence 
Colman, Margaret Howe 
Cook, Mary Imogene 
Cramton, Ellen Brown 
Cromack, Alice Prentiss 
Crosby, Harriet Frances 
Cross, Anna Foster 
Curtis, Chloe 

Davenport, Mary Olmstead 
Dixon, Lilian 

Dutch, Marjorie Flemmings 
Eaton, Lelia Sophia 
Elliot, Mildred Sutherland 
Fairlie, Agnes Edmund 
Foote, Edna Bigelow 
Gage, Gertrude Blair 
Gallagher, Elizabeth Florence 

Geyer, Emma Lena 
Gordon, Mary Geraldine 
Grosvenor, Euretta Gordon 
Hall, Oriana Phillips 
Hall, Rena Maud 
Halsey, Florence 
Hamilton, Florence Burton 
Harbach, Carrie May 
Harding, Alice Elizabeth 
Hazeitine, Alice Isabel 
Hemingway, Marjorie Belle 
Herr, Charlotte Bronte 
Hewitt, Nancy 
Hopkins, Mary Alden 
Hume, Elizabeth Norris 
Hume, Hannah 
*Hunt, Abby Otis 
Huntington, Susan Dickinson 
Johnson, Susie Cary 
Keepers, Alice May 
King, Florence 
Knox, Alice Dana 
Lance, Julia Edith 
Langhorne, Agnes Swinton 
Lehman, Edith Blanche 
Lentell, Mary Ethel 
Lewis, Nellie Adelaide 
Lister, Anna Mary 
Locke, Caroline Marion 
Loop, Florence Estelle 
Lum, Elizabeth Sherwood 
Marks, jeanette Augusta 
Marshall, Dora Evangeline 
Mason, Edna Sarah 
Mason, Ella Sylvina 
Mathews, Inez Louise 
Meisenbach, Hilda 
Merriam, Ida Frances 


Metcalf, Maud 
Miller, Grace Metcalf 
Millett, Alice Lizzie 
Moore, Edith Harriet 
Moore, Florence Almera 
Morris, Lucy Van Name 
Morse, Carolyn Louise 
Newkirk, Eliza Jacobus 
Norcross, Edith Janet 
Noyes, Florence Ethel 
Oliphant, Mary Ripley 
Pell, Edith Augusta 
Phillips, Mabelle Charlton 
Pierce, Louise Morris 
Plympton, Lucy Anabel 
Poor, Nina Foster 
Pope, iVnna Isabella 
Reeve, Rachel Cooper 
Ridgway, Helen Farrar 
Rigley, Lois Eliza 
Ring, Ruth Prentiss 
Rockwell, Mary 
Rockwood, Emily Patterson 
Rogers, Caroline Wright 
Rousmaniere, Frances Hall 
Rowe, jUice Hunt 
Scott, Katharine Bullock 
Searie, Frances 
Seward, Edna L'Estrange 

Shaw, Martha Cornelia 
Sherman, Rose Elizabeth 
Sisson, Bertha Louise 
Smith, Bertha Harris 
Smith, Estelle Frances 
Smith, Florence Wheeler 
Smith, Margaret Irene 
Smith, Olive Franklin 
Southwick, Bertha Josephine 
Sperry, Ethel Meliscent 
Storms, Kathrina Habberton 
Towle, Elizabeth Angeline 
Tracy, Abby Ruth 
Vogel, Elisabeth Auguste 
Voorhees, Cornelia Estelle 
Waldron, Annie Maria 
Walker, Edith Gordon 
Walker, Florence Louise 
Westfall, Bertha Grace 
White, Rebecca Merritt 
Whiting, Alice Elizabeth 
Wilcox, Lucy Etta 
Wilkins, Eliza Gregory 
Williams, Alice Charlotte 
Williams, Alma 
Wright, Lucy 
Wright, Mabel 
Yeater, Laura Jameson 
Young, Bertha Guiles 

:ng, Edith Caroline 

CLASS OF 1901. 

.President, Margaret Callahan Mills 

Corresponding Secretary, SUSAN Eliza Hall 

Ambler, Frances Woodbury 
Ambler, Olive Caroline 
Anderson, Catherine Roberts 
Andrews, Catherine Emily 
Arnold, Lucy Eldridge 

Bascom, Marion Alice 
Batchelder, Grace Ermeise 
Bates, Lottie Evelyn 
Batting, Bertha 
Baxter, Madeleine Cummings 

1 S° 

Bell, Florence Ellen 
Bensley, Agnes Hannah 
Berryman, Julia 
Bissell, Grace Louise 
Blackmer, Anna Wood 
Blakeslee, Elizabeth Louise 
Blattner, Clara 
Bowers, Bessie Belle 
Burnett, Ethel Haddassah 
Bussey, Frances Field 
Clark, Wenona Laura 
Cohen, Fannie Sybil 
Cole, Gertrude Poor 
Conlon, Eleanor Ruth 
Cooke, Marion Frances Eaton 
Croll, Mabel Elsie 
Cushman, Ellen Maria 
Cushman, Marian Bartlett 
Davis, Annie Hamilton 
Davis, Kathrina Mode 
Davis, Mary Craik 
Day, Lydia Ward 
Dean, Cecil Helen 
Dix, Elizabeth Elvira 
Doane, Bertha Leigh 
Donner, Diamond 
Doonan, Caroline Margaret 
Douglas, Marion 
Durstine, Florence Sarles 
Dvvight, Catharine Harding 
Edwards, Anne Katharine 
Everett, Ethel Metcalf 
Everett, Mabel Thompson 
Faile, Cecelia Doyer 
Ferguson, Eleanor Richard 
Fern aid, Elizabeth Nute 
Fletcher, Emma Belle 
Forcier, Lillian Ethel 
Gibbs, Ethel Nye 
Greathead, Alice Maud 
Gunn, Mary Inez 
Hall, Frances Ada 
Hall, Susan Eliza 
Hazeltine, Margaret Nickerson 
Helmholz, Auguste Marie 

Hewitt, Helen Frances 
Hillemeier, Carrie May 
Holmes, Ethel Dimmitt 
Hoyt, Beryl Anna 
Hubbs, Gertrude Heberd 
Kimball, Mabel Howard 
King, Clara Titus 
Klemm, Clara Louise 
Knox, Maryal 
LathrcD, Frances Eliza 
Leavens, Mary Agnes 
Logan, Alice Lyon 
MacCaulley, Elizabeth 
McCord, Annie Elizabeth 
McNeil, Laila Adelaide 
Marshall, Myra Hatton Ames; 
Mills, Margaret Callahan 
Orbison, Julia Inez 
Ordway,' Helen 
Packer, Lulu Ella 
Pappenheimer, Minnie 
Park, Julia Ballantine 
Parker, Rena Deverd 
Barton, Mabel 
Patterson, Marian 
Perry, Alice Elizabeth 
Piatt, Eulalie Mae 
Porter, Bessie Preston 
Randall, Pearl Belle 
Reed, Laura Lansing 
Robinson, Mary Adelaide 
Rodman, Cornelia Benedict 
Rogers, Isadore Cutler 
Ross, Marion Pike 
Rounds, Edna Elizabeth 
Sage, Pauline 
Sherman, Jessica Louise 
Sherwood, Ethel Augusta 
Siebert, Anne Morris 
Silverson, Wilhelmine Anna- 
Smith, Harriet 
Smith, Mary Caroline 
Spencer, Mary Delphene 
Stewart, Louise Greenwood 
Swasey, Annie Louise 

I5 1 

Tait, Rilla Belle 
Terry, Eva 
Thompson, Maud 
Weakley, Rowena 
White, Henrietta 
Whitley, Erniinia Minerva 
Whitman, Helen 

Whitney, Amy Isabel 
Williams, Elsie Stow 
Williams, Helen Louise 
Wood, Elizabeth Merritt 
Woods, Teresa Mary 
Wright, Edith Marian 
di Zerega, Bertha Virginia 

CLASS OF 1902. 

President, May Mathews 

Cor? espo ndiug Secretary, Mary Wallace B rooks- 

Ac! am s, Amy Warren 
Babcock, Annie Fuller 
Baker, Clara Edith 
Barnes, Clare 
Barron, Mary Grey 
Bates, Amy Winslow 
Beard, Helen Willard 
Birch, Blanche Louise 
Bogart, Phoebe May 
Boynton, Lucasta Josephine 
Bradshaw, Mary Lockwood 
Bridge, Nora Springer 
Brooks, Mary Wallace 
Brown, Mary Agnes 
Brown, Sara Mary 
Bunting, Florence Mabelle 
Burnham, Jessie Davenport 
Button, Jane Woddrop 
Campbell, Elizabeth Ross 
Carlisle, Anne Scott 
Cole, Alice Ware 
Conklin, Clare Hart 
Cooke, Juliette Montague 
Coughlin, Ellen Martin 
Cutler, Lucy Smith 
Davis, Bertha Eunice 

Durfee, Adella Blanche 

Eager, Ruth Isabel 

Evans, Florence 

Faber, Charlotte Alice 

Fleming, Maude Ray 

Fooks, Mary Rebecca 

Forbes, Ruth Rogers 

Ford, Amy Mable 

Gamble, Alexandra McGill 

Goddard, Harriet 

Gordon, Mary Pratt 

Gouinlock, Matilda 

Green, Lucile 

Gregory, J< Lindsley 

Grove , 

Haines, i : harp 

Hall, Mai wick 


Harrison Hayden 

Haskell, Jessica Josephine 

Hastings, I Nathalie 

Hay ward, Dora Shea. 

Henning, Anna Atkins 

Hill, Helen Florence 

Hobbs, Charlotte Elizabeth 

Holliday, Alice 

Hotz, Katharine Emma 

Draper,' Constance Barttelot Hughes, Frances Laura 


Hunt, Bessie Newton 
Hutsinpillar Jessie 
Hyde, Mabel Harriet 
Ihlder, Rebecca 
Kampman, Carol 
Kelly, Sarah Wilson 
Kittredge, Elizabeth Morrill 
Klingenhagen, Anna Marie 
Knapp, Frances Louise 
Lee, Rosaline 
Lennox, Sarah Elisabeth 
Lewis, Grace Edna 
Libby, Lillian Louise 
Lister, Helen Townsend 
Lorenzen, Clara Henrietta 
Lowe, Marion Wastell 
Lyon, Alice Grout 
McAusland, Lulu Irene 
McClure, Annie Dixon 
MacCrellish, Elizabeth 
Mclntire, Marcia Currier 
Manwaring, Bessie Wheeler 
Marston, Charlotte Pauline 
Mason, Irene 
Mathews, May 
Maxwell, Mary Agnes 
Miller, Anne Kip 
Montgomery, Mary Phillips 
Moody, Lucy Boardrnan 
Morrison, Alice Claire 
Noble, Sarah Gibson 
Noyes, Ethel Wyman 
Osborne, Florence May 
Park, Caroline Winthrop 
Parmenter, Esther 
Perkins, Bertha Glasier 
Petrie, Florence Estelle 
Philbrick, Annie Brown 
Pitkin, Caroline Estelle 
Pitkin, Edith Winifred 
Pitkin, Florence Emily 
Power, Ethel Marion 
Prouty, Louise 
Pulsifer, Caroline Rust 
Putney, Ethel Winch 

Ragsdale, Lena Moseley 
Randolph, Flora Albertine 
Reardon, Mary Isabella 
Reppert, Mary 
*Rice, Mae McElwain 
Rich, Florence Eunice 
Rounds, Helen Norwood 
Sanborn, Ethel Louise 
Sargent, Harriet Craven 
Sawhill, Myra May 
Silver, Georgia 
Slack, Elvira Jennie 
Smedley, Lydia Martin 
Smith, Lillian Winslow 
Smith, Mary Evelyn 
Snyder, Anna Elizabeth 
Snyder, Mary Damaris 
Southworth, Inez Mabel 
Spink, Alice Gertrude 
Stackhouse, Lucy Buchanan 
Stevens, Bertha Mae 
Stilwell, Grace Elizabeth 
Stocking, Annie Woodman 
Storm, Mar}' Brevoort 
Stowe, Annie Bigelow 
Sturgis, Mabel Lyon 
Sullivan, Frankie Elizabeth 
Thayer, Alice 
Thomas, Ruth Ellen 
Tomkins, Sarah Graham 
Towne, Harriet Belle 
True, Blanche Lucinda 
Turner, Edith 
Vail, Anna Blair, 
Vail Mary Gregory 
Wallower, Clara 
Weed, Lilla 
Wells, Blanche Howard 
Wells, Julia Franklin 
Wheeler, Hetty Shepard 
Wilcox, Alice Mcintosh 
Wilcox, Elsie Hari 
Wilderman Augusta Amanda 
Winger, Helen 
Wood, Laura Augusta 


Wood, Miriam Berry 
Woods, Bertha Ruth 

Woods, Matilda 
Woodward, Lucy Mary 

CLASS OF 1903. 

President, Susan Belle Ainslie 

Corresponding Secretary, Mary Beltzhoover Jenkins 

Adams, Cora Mabel 
Ainslie, Susan Belle 
Allen, Louise Woodward 
Anderson, Mary Frances 
Atwood, Lottie 
Baird, Norah 
Baker, Alice Louise 
Baker, Mignon 
Barrett, Saidee Cornell 
Barth, Florence 
Bass, Elisabeth 
Batt, Edith Rosine 
Bowen, Vera Catherine 
Brinkman, Christine Louise 
Brown, Alice Starr 
Brown, Pearl Eleanore 
Brown, Udetta Doty 
Bruce, Lillian Hortensia 
Buhlert, Helene Louise 
Cannon, Clara Christabel 
Champlin, Mabel Florence 
Clark, Rosamond 
Clarke, Martha Elisabeth 
Clifford, Edith 
Coale, Helen Mill 
Cocks, Florence Maud 
Conover, Elizabeth Dickson 
Crombie, Mary Haines 
Dalrymple, Alice Edissa 
Dean, Grace Mildred 
Dixon, Ethel Mendenball 
Dobbin. Flora Asenatn 
Dole, Blanche 
Downey, Mary Blanche 

Edwards, Grace Louise 
Emmett, Mary Ashton 
Emmons, Blanche Fay 
Everett, Ethel Golding 
Fitch, Helen Morgan 
Foster, Mary Eugenia 
French, Georgie Belle 
Friend, Leah Berniece 
Gilligan, Maud Estelle 
Goddard, Marie Anthony 
Goodwin, Jessie Sargent 
Greene, Elsa 
Haines, Mary Howell 
Hall, Helen Louise 
Ham, Julia Marion 
Flanna, Genevieve Clark 
Hannahs, Laura Edna 
Hastings, Gertrude Lucia 
Hatch, Zoe Russell 
Hegeman, Lucy Moyer 
Hershey, Marie 
Hewitt, Julia Ann Wood 
Hibbs, Laura Gerhard 
Hicks, Florence Chapman 
Hires, Linda Smith 
Holbrook, Flora Emily 
Holmes, Mary Wisner 
Holt, Carrie Maude 
Hull, Mary Scott 
Hunt, Myrtle Chapman 
Jenkins, Mary Beltzhoover 
Jones, Edith Marion 
Knodel, Catherine Fredreka 
Kiihl, Angelina Sutphen 


LaCroix, Theresa Ward 
Landis, May Virginia 
Little, Mary Viley 
Locke, Eugenia 
Loomis, Mary Louise 
Lord, Kate Imogen 
Lucas, Helen Eliza 
Lukens, Evangeline 
*Lusk, Minnie Edith 
Macartney, Catherine Naomi 
McCord, Lettice 
McCutcheon, Theodora Nye 
Mcllwain, Mary Caroline 
McKinney, Mary Agnes 
McLauthlin, Sara Louise 
Manatt, Helen 
Marland, Mary King 
Marston, Mary Gilman 
Maxwell, Lily Margaret 
May, Eleanor, Cushing 
Metcalf, Mabel xAugusta 
Miller, Ernestine Lawrence 
Miller, Maud 
Mills, Emily Welch 
Morse, Lelia Dyer 
Neuhauser, Susan Watters 
Newhart, Grace 
Nickerson. Marjorie Louise 
Noera, Florence Anna 
Page, Henrietta Richardson 
Page, Katharine Rebecca 
Phipps, Nurella Esther 
Pitman, Anna Leila 
Poor, Martha Viola 
Raymond, Clare Stillman 
Richards, Clara Sheppard 
Ripley, Anne Robinson 
Roberts, Elsie Van Tine 
Rodgers, Caroline Josephine 
Rowe, Edith 


Rudolph, Lucretia Augusta- 
Russell, Florence 
Sanford, Alice Isabel 
Schlesinger, Belle 
Schopperle, Gertrude Clara 
Silsby, Harriet Mabel 
Smith, Belle Winifred 
Smouse, Daisy Alberta 
Steiner, Grace Elizabeth 
Stoker, Dora Delia 
Strum, Nellie Augusia 
Sullivan, Olive Willoughby 
Taylor, Esther Babcock 
Taylor, Lucy 
Terry, Frances Griswold 
Thomas, Mary Gertrude 
Thrall, Harriet Mulford 
Tilton, Winona 
Todd, Bertha May 
Todd, Betsey Maria 
Torrence, Ann Rebecca 
Torrey, Elizabeth Crosby 
Turney, Elizabeth Manners 
Van Nuys, Annis 
Van Wagenen, Florence 
Voorhees, Martha 
Warneld, Ruby Edith 
W 7 arren, Helen Frances 
Weber, Hilda Laurier 
Welton, Gertrude Webster 
Whidden, Ednah Foster 
White, Effie Alene 
Whitney, Edith Irene 
Whitney, Ruth 
Willcox, Harriet Brewster 
Wilson, Lurena Louise 
Wilson, Mary Mallalieu 
Wintringer, Mary Donaldson. 
Wise, Ruth Chester 
Woodbury, Augusta 

CLASS OF 1904. 

President, Anne Decker Orr 

Corresponding Secretary, Caroline Campbell Souttei 

Abbott, Margaret Louise 
Abbott, Ruth Beatrice 
Adams, Susan Louise 
Allen, Bessie Warner 
Anderson, Sarah Whitin 
Appel, Elsie 
Armstrong, Elta Mae 
Arnold, Maud Holdridge 
Baker, Sibyl 

Bennett, Eleanor Margaret 
Birtwell, Bessie 
Blanchard. Edith Louise 
Boynton, Emily Orincla 
Breese, Jane Curtin 
Brooks, Martha Nutting 
Brown, Emily Sophie 
Burbank, Jane Lord 
Burditt, Carrie Mason 
Burt, Ada May 
Butler, Cora Leila 
Button, Helen Roberta 
Campbell, Rowena 
Chamberlin, Helen Estelle 
Chapman, Alice Darling 
Clark, Eleanor 
Clark, Grace Bedell 
Colman, Mary Elizabeth 
Cook, Florence Vedder 
Crocker, Grace Goodnow 
Crosby, Ruth Chadwick 
Danforth, Grace Lillian 
Danielson, Alice Josephine 
Darby, Anna Elizabeth 
Davidson, Mary Emily 
Denny, Florence 
Dewar, Maude 
Doak, Ethel Beatrice 
Dutcher, Dais)/ Grimwood 

Early, Caroline Blakeman 
Eastman, Alice Bessie 
Eaton, Mary Pearl 
Egelston, Pauline 
Ellis, Emma Rebecca 
Etzensperger, Emily Bertha 
Fenton, Marion Elizabeth 
Field, Fanny 
Fink, Claudia Grugan 
Fishback, Myra Bessie 
Flanders, Addie Eliza 
Follett, Mary Pelton 
Foster, Louise Benson 
Fox, Edith 
Fox, Helen Gertrude 
Franklin, Alberta Mildred 
Freeman, Martha 
Fremmer, Florence Helen 
Gardner, Inez Josephine 
Gerber, Laura Em i lie 
Gilchrist, Lucile 
Gladding, Gladys 
Gladding, Grace 
Goff, Jessie Bence 
Green, Clara Louise 
Halley, Helen Jeanette 
Hammond, Eleanor Mabelle 
Hart, Ruth Spencer 
Hastings, Clarissa Smith 
Heinz, Flora Hermine 
Hewitt, Florence Hamilton 
Hill, Nina Madeleine 
Houghton, Grace May 
Hunter, Louise 
Huntington, Ruth Lawrence 
Hussey, Laura Mandana 
Hutsinpillar, Florence Windsor 
Jessup, Maud Louise Stanton 


Johansen, Mareon Christine 
Johnson, Beulah Proctor 
Kelly, Jeannette Sage 
Kinney, Marian 
Kitchen, Ida Webb 
Kohn, Stella 

Kramer, Estella Cinq Mars 
Lambie, Janet McClelland 
Lawson, Alice Rebecca 
Lee, Marjorie 
Lennox, Jane Ray 
Lincoln, Ruth Pauline 
Linn, Catherine Lowrie 
Lord, Elizabeth Little 
Luff, Annie Vreeland 
Lukens, Gertrude 
Lyon, Ruth 
McClure, xAnnie Bruce 
Mac-Donald, Eleanor W. 
IVjcDonald, Lilian Alice 
McKearin, Jane Elizabeth 
MacTeod, Margaret 
McTaggart, Ethel 
Macy. Katharine Haworth 
Marsh, Sarah Felton 
Marvin, Jessie Adams 
Miller, Mary Olive 
Monroe, Eleanor Perrine 
Moody, Ethel Iona 
More, Clara Stanton 
Morrow, Julie Mathilde 
Newton, Abbie How 
Newton, Elsie Delight 
Noble, Willa Carey 
Nusbickel, Tusanelda 
Nye, Mary Lilian 
Ogden, Adele 
Orr, Anne Decker 
Osborn, Emily 
Pari in. Marion Louise 
Peck, Helen Elizabeth 
Phillips, Alice Beaver 
Pierce, Mabel Lizzie 

Pinney, Myra Finette 
Piatt, Bertha Diantha 
Potter, Marion Elizabeth 
Proctor, Lucy Bond 
Proctor, Marion Lois 
Prouty, Sarah Helen 
Pryse, Nora Elizabeth 
Quale, Helen Louise 
Riley, Mary Gine 
Ring, Elsie Lenore 
Risdon, Jeannette 
Rollins, Helen 
Sawyer, Ella Louise 
Schoolfield, Sue Franz 
Schenck, Martha 
Scott, Anna Margaret 
Sheridan, Katharine Elizabeth 
Sherwood, Grace Powers 
Simpson, Grace Warren 
Smith, Natalie Atkinson 
Show, Florence Baker 
Soutter, Caroline Campbell 
Stearns, Edith Howe 
Steele, Madeleine 
Stevens, Margaret Osborn 
Stockwell, Alice Webb 
Talcott, Faith Harriet 
Tate, Mary Dotha 
Taylor, Edna Livingston 
Taylor, Elizabeth Caldwell 
Thayer, Bertha Jean 
Thomas^ Helen Mary 
Townsend, Marion Louise 
Troy, Minnie Helen 
Tuttle, Ella 
Tyler, Julia Gardiner 
Vaughan, Ethel Sophia 
Wales, Helen Louise 
Ware, Gertrude May 
Warner, Susan Eleanor 
Watson, Bertha Silliman 
Weatherbee, Caroline Louise 
Webber, Margaret Dee 


Webster, Frances Manuella Wholean, Mary Louise 
Welty, Elizabeth Ball Wilkins, Zora Putnam 

Whitaker, Harriet Bancroft Woodbury, Grace 
Worthington, Euphemia R. 


-Additions and Corrections 
Alumnae Trustees 

Method of Choosing 
Class Lists 
Condensed Reports 

Corresponding Secretaries 
List of Members 

Officers of Alumnae Association 
Wellesley Clubs . 







I I9-I22 


l 3 

Supplement to the Register 



Alumn/e Association 

Cbe providence press : 
Snow & Farnham Co., Printers, 

63 Washington Street. 



Mrs. William C. Lane, '91 

Mrs. F. Mason North, '79 

Mrs. Norman F. Thompson, '80 


Mrs. Albert D. Mead, '87, President. 

Mrs. Frank T. Easton, '91, Vice-President 

Miss Helen M. Capron, '98, Recording Secretary. 
Miss Lilian B. Miner, '88, Corresponding Secretary 
Miss Mary K. Conyngton, '94, Treasurer 


Mrs. F. Mason North, '79 Miss M. Gertrude Cushing, '92 
Mrs. Edwina S. Chadwick, '80 Mrs. Jesse St. John, '93 

Mrs. George S. Wright, '81 Miss Flora W. Davis, '94 

Mrs. Richard C. Lake, '82 Mrs. Azel Ames, Jr., '95 

Mrs. Charles E. Eaton, '83 Miss Mary A. Dartt, '96 

Miss Florence Bigelow, '84 Mrs. Samuel H. Ranck, '97 

Miss Alice M. Allen, '85 Mrs. William C. Peebles, '98 

Miss Susan W. Peabody, '86 Mrs. Edwin M. Thayer, '99 

Mrs. Denver J. Mackey, '87 Miss Chloe Curtis, '00 

Miss Mary E. Cook, '88 Miss Susan E. Hall, '01 

Miss Mary Banta, '89 Miss Mary W. Brooks, '02 

Miss Sarah J. Freeman, '90 Miss Mary B. Jenkins, '03 

Mrs. Francis E. Pope, '91 Miss Faith H. Talcott, '04 
Miss Olive L. Chapman, '05 




Wellesley College Alumnae Association 


Remembering the benefits we have received from our Alma 
Mater, we desire to extend the helpful associations of student 
life, and to maintain such relations to the college that we may 
efficiently aid in her upbuilding and strengthening to the end 
that her usefulness may continually increase. In order to ac- 
complish these purposes we bind ourselves together by the fol- 
lowing Constitution: 

Article I. Name. 

This organization shall be called "The Alumnae Association 
of Wellesley College." 

Article II. Members. 

The members of this Association shall be first, all persons 
who have received from Wellesley College the Baccalaureate 
degree in any department; second, all persons who have re- 
ceived from Wellesley College the Master's degree and who 
have applied for membership to the Executive Committee of 
the Association. 

Article III. Officers. 

Section i. The officers of the Association shall be Presi- 
dent, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding 
Secretary and Treasurer. 

Sec. 2. The duties of the President shall be to preside at 
the annual meeting of the Association, to act as Chairman of 
the Executive Committee, to fill any vacancies occurring in 

the subordinate offices, and to appoint from outside the Asso- 
ciation an Auditor of Accounts. 

Sec. 3. The duties of the Vice-President shall be to fulfill 
the duties of the President in case of the absence or disability 
of that officer, and to act as member of the Executive Com- 

Sec. 4. The duties of the Recording Secretary shall be to 
keep a permanent record of all proceedings of the Association, 
to read at each business meeting of the Association the min- 
utes of the previous meeting, and to prepare an abstract of 
the same to be printed in the Register, to issue all orders upon 
the Treasury, and to act as member of the Executive Com- 

Sec. 5. The duties of the Corresponding Secretary shall 
be to conduct all correspondence of the Association, to have 
charge of the printing of the Association, and to act as Chair- 
man of the Committee on Registry, and to serve as member 
of the Executive Committee. 

Sec. 6. The duties of the Treasurer shall be to request an 
annual subscription of one dollar from all members, to have 
charge of all funds belonging to the Association, to keep an 
account of all dues, receipts and disbursements, to present an 
audited report of the same at each annual meeting, and to act 
as member of the Executive Committee. 

Article IV. Committees. 

Section i. The Executive Committee shall consist of the 
officers of the Association, shall make all arrangements for an- 
nual meetings, shall prepare election tickets as hereafter desig- 
nated, and shall attend to any other business not provided for 
by the Constitution. 

Sec. 2. The Committee on Registry shall consist of the 
Corresponding Secretaries of all graduate classes, the Corre- 
sponding Secretary of the Association acting as Chairman, 
and shall have in charge the Alumnae Register, for which it 
shall duly collect all necessary data, providing at stated inter- 
vals for their tabulation, publication and distribution. 

Article V. Alumnae Day. 
The day immediately following Commencement shall be ob- 
served as Alumnae Day, upon which the annual meeting of the 
Association shall be held at such hour and place as the Execu- 
tive Committee may appoint. 

Article VI. Quorum. 
A quorum shall consist of fifty members of the Association. 

Article VII. Majority. 
The required majority for electing any officer, or for pass- 
ing any motion, apart from an amendment to the constitution, 
shall consist of a two-thirds vote of the members present. 

Article VIII. Nominations. 

Section i. Nominations for office shall be made by the 
Executive Committee, who shall previously prepare and pre- 
sent to the Association two lists of candidates, whereupon any 
name may be erased, and any other substituted at the discre- 
tion of the voter. 

Sec. 2. Committees shall be nominated by the Association, 
except when the appointment of such committees is entrusted 
by special vote to the President. 

Article IX. Elections. 

Section i. Officers. All the officers shall be chosen once 
in two years, to serve for two years. All the officers shall be 
chosen by ballot. All officers shall retire from duty on the 
first of September following the election of their successors. 
The fiscal year shall begin on September first. 

Sec. 2. Committees not appointed by the President shall 
be elected by acclamation. 

Article X. Amendments. 
Any proposed amendment of the constitution must be 
handed to the Recording Secretary, who shall present it to the 
Association. One year thereafter it may bo adopted by a 
three-fourths vote. 


The following agreement with regard to the nomination of 
alumnae trustees was made by the trustees with a committee 
from the Alumnae Association, Oct. 29, 1892, and ratified by 
the Association in June, 1893: 

Section i. The alumnae trustees shall be three in number, 
each to serve a term of six years, one to be elected each alter- 
nate year. 

Sec. 2. Graduates of seven years' standing, with the ex- 
ception of members of the college faculty, shall be eligible as 
candidates for nomination to alumnae trusteeships. 

Sec. 3. Graduates of three years' standing shall be quali- 
fied to vote for the nominees to alumnae trusteeships. 


Section I. At the annual meeting of the Alumnae Asso- 
ciation of the year preceding that in which a choice of an 
alumna trustee is to be made, a nominating committee of five 
shall be elected by ballot, from a list of ten names previously 
prepared by the Executive Committee, to hold office for two 
years and to have charge of the arrangements of such choice. 

Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of this committee to suggest to 
the alumnae eligible to vote for trustees, names for nomination 
to the Board of Trustees in number equal to six times the 
number of vacancies to be filled, in addition to the name of the 
outgoing trustee eligible for re-election, and to circulate them 
by mail among the said alumnae. 

Sec. 3. A convenient form of ballot shall be sent with the 
list of names, and each alumna shall be requested to return 
said ballot to this committee, after having nominated by writ- 

ing on said ballot the name of the person she desires to have 
nominated on the official ballot. 

Sec. 4. Together with the ballots for nomination shall be 
sent a brief statement of the residence, occupation, church con- 
nection and public record of each candidate proposed by the 
committee, with such other information as they deem appro- 

Sec. 5. The ballots for nomination shall be sent out before 
January 1st of the year in which the choice is to be made, and 
shall be returned to the committee before March 1st. It shall 
then be the duty of the committee to count these ballots and 
to make up a ticket to be used in voting on the nominees of 
the alumnse; and the names of the two persons having the 
highest number of votes for nomination shall in order be 
placed on the ticket as nominees for the trusteeship of six 
years to be filled at that election. 

Sec. 6. If more than one trustee is to be elected, the num- 
ber of names on the official ballot is always to be at least two 
for each trustee to be chosen. 

Sec. 7. Additional nominations of candidates, which will 
also be placed on the official ballot, may be made by certificate 
signed by not less than thirty alumnse eligible to vote for trus- 
tees. All such certificates must be addressed to and deposited 
with the chairman of the nominating committee before March 
15th. Blank certificates may be had on application to the 

Sec. 8. A copy of this official ballot shall be mailed before 
April 1st to each voting alumna who may cast her vote by 
marking with a cross the name of the candidate of her choice 
and returning her ballot, signed with her name, before June 
1 st, to the chairman of the nominating committee, and such 
ballot shall be counted as if cast by the alumna in person ; but 
no vote received after June 1st shall be counted. 

Sec. 9. The committee shall sort and count such votes. 
checking the name of each voter before her ballot is accepted, 
upon a complete list of persons then qualified to vote for 


alumnae trustees, and shall declare the result of the election be- 
fore the first meeting of the trustees in June. 

Sec. io. The names of the persons voted for and the num- 
ber of votes received for each person, shall be entered in 
words at length by said committee upon a record kept by them 
for that purpose, which shall be forthwith made up, signed 
and delivered by them to the Board of Trustees. 

The committee shall also report its proceedings in full at 
the Alumnae meeting immediately following the Commence- 
ment on which the election of trustees has been held. 

Sec. ii. The person who shall receive the highest number 
of votes shall be considered the choice of the alumnae for trus- 
tees as follows, to wit : The one receiving the highest number 
of votes shall be considered the choice of the alumnae for the 
term of six years; and in case any other vacancy or vacancies 
exist in the number of alumnae trustees, the persons voted 
for shall be declared chosen for such vacancy or vacancies 
according to the number of votes received by them, the person 
receiving the next highest number of votes being the alumnae 
choice for the vacant trusteeship, having the next longest term 
to run and so on. 

Sec. 12. In case, by reason of a tie, it shall be uncertain 
who shall be declared the choice of the alumnae, the Board of 
Trustees shall be requested to determine by vote which of the 
two receiving the same number of votes shall be declared 

Sec. 13. In case of a vacancy in the number of the alumnae 
trustees caused by death or resignation, a new election shall 
be in order, the committee who served for the previous elec- 
tion having charge of the new election. 

Sec. 14. This motion shall take effect on its passage. 

Sec. 15. This method is subject to amendment upon pre- 
vious notice and by a two-thirds vote of the members present 
at any regular annual meeting. 

Adopted June, 1895, amended as above in 1896, in 1900 and 
in 1904. 


Boston — Miss Lydia W. Day, '01, Secretary. 

Buffalo — Miss Mary L. Danforth, '8i-'82, Secretary, 312 15th 
St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Chicago — Miss Ethel D. Holmes, 'oi, Secretary. 

Cleveland — Mrs. Homer H. Johnson, 92, Secretary. 

Colorado — Miss Julia D. Ferris, '89, Secretary. 

Connecticut Valley — Miss Martha T. Waterman, '95, Secre- 

Fitchburg — Miss Ruth C. Crosby, '04, Secretary. 

Minnesota — Miss M. Prudence Wyman, , 84- , 86, President, 
2500 Park Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

New York — Mrs. Charles H. Farnsworth, '87-90, Secretary, 
1230 Amsterdam Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Philadelphia — Miss Mary H. Haines, '03, Secretary. 

Pittsburg — Miss Anna M. Steiner, f gS-oo, Secretary, 526 
Church Ave., Allegheny, Pa. 

Rhode Island — Miss Mary Spink, '99, Secretary. 

Rochester — Miss Nellie G. Prescott, '97, Secretary. 

St. Louis — Miss Geneva Crumb, '97, Secretary. 

San Francisco — Mrs. Charles W. Willard, '93, Secretary. 

Southern California — Dr. Edith J. Claypole, Instructor, '94- 
'99, Secretary, Grand Ave., Pasadena, Cal. 

Taunton — Miss Florence H. Stone, '99, Secretary. 

Washington — Miss Frida M. Raynal, '97, Secretary. 

Worcester — Miss Eleanor R. Conlou, 01, Secretary. 

* Note. Addresses of officers who are alumn?e may be found in the " List of Members." 



JUNE 28, 1905 

The meeting was called to order by the President, Mrs. Ada 
Wing Mead, '87. 

The Executive Board reported as follows : 

A. Additions to the Alumnae Association equipment. 

1. The gavel, presented by the Springfield Board of 1902- 

2. The Alumnae seal, presented by the Alumnae Trustees. 

B. Alumnae subscriptions. 

$700.00 was received from the first request, sent out in De- 
cember; and $250 from the second, issued the last of April. 

C. Non-graduate information. 

27 non-graduates sent one dollar each in response to the in- 
vitation to have their names placed on the publication list. 

D. Alumnae Register. 

Several radical changes were made in the Alumnae Register: 

1. In changing the form to one conforming with that 

of the other college publications. 

2. In printing the names of Alumnae in class lists as 

well as in the usual alphabetical list. 

E. Alumnae record slips. 

Blanks for Alumnae records were sent to all classes from 
1 879- 1 895 inclusive, except '79, '84, '89 and '94, to whom they 
had already been sent by the previous Board. About 950 were 
sent out and 500 were returned and handed over to the Chair- 
man of the Committee on Vital Statistics, Miss Case. 

Note. Since the Alumnae Association was formed in 1880, the meeting in 1905 is the 
twenty-fifth annual meeting. But, by a change in reckoning, continued since, the meeting in 
1889 was called the tenth annual meeting, and that in 1904 the twenty-fifth. The use of the new 
Alumna: seal renders the correction at this time advisable. 


F. Appointments. 

i. Vice-President of the Association in place of Miss Hunt 
(resigned because of intended absence in Europe) — Mrs. Em- 
ily Meader Easton, '91. 

2. Income Fund Committee — Miss Anna Palen, '88, Chair- 
man ; Miss Jennie R. Beale, '96, Corresponding Secretary ; 
new member, Miss Mary Tyler, '97-'98, Recording Secretary. 

3. Fifth member of the Historical Committee— Edith M. 
Kingsbury, 1905. 

4. Wellesley Alumnae Elector of the College Settlements 
Association and Chairman of the Fellowship Committee to 
serve as W. C. A. A. member of the Committee of Award- 
Miss Emily Poole Baxter, '97. 

G. Formation of a Rhode Island Wellesley Club of 38 mem- 
bers, May 27, at the suggestion of the Executive Board. 

The Income Fund Committee submitted a report which may 
be found on page 1 5 of this Supplement. 

The Historical Committee submitted a report which may be 
found on page 20 of this Supplement. 

On motion of Mrs. North, '79, it was voted: 

That the Historical Committee be requested to prepare a 
complete list of the gifts, both in money and equipment, which 
have been made to the College from the Alumnae and non- 
graduate students, through the Association, or the Clubs, or as 
individuals, and report the same at the next annual meeting 
of the Association; that it shall hereafter be the duty of the 
Historical Committee to preserve this list, as a part of the per- 
manent record of the Association, maintaining it from year to 
year, and to present annually to the Association a statement 
of the gifts received from these sources for the preceding year. 

The Organ Committee submitted a report which may be 
found on page 22 of this Supplement. 

The College Settlements Association Fellowship Commit tec 
submitted a report which may be found on page 24 of this 


The report of the sixteen Wellesley clubs was read, all show- 
ing a hearty interest in Wellesley and a desire to help in active 
work for their Alma Mater. 

Miss Mabel M. Young, '98, was elected Alumnse Editor of 
the Wellesley Magazine. 

The result of the election of the Committee to superintend 
the election of an Alumnse Trustee was as follows: Miss 
Eliza Kendrick, '85; Mrs. Emily Norcross Newton, '80; Miss 
Laura Jones, '82 ; Miss Grace Caldwell, '95 ; Miss Mary Dew- 
son, '97. 

It was voted: 

To amend Sec. 6 of Article III of the Constitution by strik- 
ing out the phrase, "of more than one year's standing," so that 
the first clause shall read, "The duties of the Treasurer shall 
be to request an annual subscription of one dollar from all 

The Executive Board recommended: 

A. That the question of the entertainment of the graduat- 
ing class be left permanently to the discretion of the Executive 
Board, instead of being acted upon each year. This recom- 
mendation was unanimously adopted. 

B. That Article VIII, Sec. 1 of the Constitution be 
amended by striking out the words "two lists," and substitut- 
ing the words, "a list," making the first clause read : "Nom- 
inations for office shall be made by the Executive Committee, 
who shall previously prepare and present to the Association a 
list of candidates, etc." 

C. That the question of payment of life subscriptions to 
the Association be considered. After some discussion it was 
voted that a committee of three be appointed by the Chair to 
consider the question of life membership subscriptions and 
present their conclusions to the Association next June. 

The question of adequate payment of the Alumnae Editor of 
the Wellesley Magazine and of College News was discussed 


at length, and a motion to guarantee a small salary for the 
next two years to this Editor was lost. 

The motion was made and carried that, as the organization 
of chapters of Phi Beta Kappa in other colleges has included 
a certain number of Alumnae in all classes prior to the year of 
organization, the Alumnae of Wellesley would respectfully in- 
quire why membership in the Wellesley Chapter is not simi- 
larly inclusive. 

President Hazard came before the Association to present 
the status of the Library Fund. The Trustees had authorized 
the acceptance of the gift of $125,000 for a library by Mr. 
Andrew Carnegie, a gift made with the provision that the Col- 
lege raise an equal amount. The offer was made May 20, and 
on June 27 $27,000 was already pledged. Miss Hazard ex- 
plained that the urgent need of a library made every possible 
assistance necessary. It was voted that an Alumnae commit- 
tee be appointed by the Executive Board in consultation with 
the College to have in charge the raising of funds to aid in 
meeting Mr. Carnegie's offer, — funds so raised to be credited 
to the Alumnae General Endowment Fund. It was also voted 
that the Secretary of the Association be requested at once to 
inform the Secretary of each class and of each Wellesley Club 
of the inauguration of the Alumnae General Endowment Fund, 
and ask that they designate their gifts for this purpose. 

Helen M. Capron, 

Recording Secretary. 


September }, 1904 — September J, J 905. 


Received from Outgoing Board .... 
Received for Alice Freeman Palmer Memorial Fund 
Sale of Mrs. North's Historical Address 
Sales of Registers .... 

Sale of Alumnae Luncheon tickets 
Interest on deposits .... 
Alumnae Association dues 

Total receipts 


Miss Howard's annuity 

Alice Freeman Palmer Memorial Fund 

Stationery and postage 

Printed envelopes and letterheads 

2,000 postal receipts forms . . . 

2,495 postals for Register addresses 

Postage, reports of annual meeting 

" second appeal for dues 

" on Register 

" on Record notices 

" general correspondence 

1,500 reply postals for Register 

Stationery, Secretary's bill 


2,000 postal receipt forms 
2,495 postals for Register addresses 
2,700 bills .... 
2,500 reports annual meeting 
1,500 reply postals for Register 
2.500 notices Alumnae meeting 
1,500 blanks for Alumnae Record 
1,500 slips "To Wellesley Alumnae" 
1,500 printed envelopes for Record 
1,800 slips, "Second Appeal" 
600 luncheon tickets 

Luncheon programs and music 
Printing Register 

Clerical work .... 


Miscellaneous .... 

Commencement expenses 
Office expenses 
Flowers and napkins 
Carpenter's work in dining room 
Service in dining room and kitchen 
Caterer's bill .... 
Total disbursements 

On hand September 1, 1905, 















#2,161 43 

$300 00 

229 28 


#19 75 

20 00 

2 4 95 

23 89 

31 80 

32 36 

16 80 

9 3° 

30 00 

1 26 

379 39 

2 18 

5 11 

6 00 

13 75 

4 00 

17 25 

* 75 

2 75 

4 00 

5 25 

2 25 

17 50 

290 60 

42 '55 

7 20 

6 65 

280 32 

2 77 

4 80 

6 50 

27 00 

239 25 

#i,455 5° 
$705 93 

Respectfully submitted, 




Anna Palen, '88, Chairman 

As this is the fifth year of the Income Fund, and as your 
committee is sometimes called upon to answer the question, 
"Just what is the Income Fund?" it may not be out of order 
to preface the annual statement with a brief account of the ori- 
gin, purpose and history of the Fund. 

The idea of this Fund was the outgrowth of the work of 
the Endowment Fund Committee. This committee, a joint 
one of the Trustees and Alumnae, was formed in the spring 
of 1899 for the purpose of raising $200,000; one hundred 
thousand to cancel the floating indebtedness of the College, 
and one hundred thousand for endowment. In June, 1900, 
the successful completion of this task was announced. So cor- 
dial and ready had been the response of the Alumnae to the 
appeals of the committee, that the latter felt that advantage 
should be taken of the great enthusiasm created. To ask 
for a further large sum toward the Endowment Fund did not 
seem wise, after the great effort which had been made ; but 
the plan to make an annual gift to the College equal to the 
interest on a substantial endowment seemed a most feasible 
one. Those who were present at the Barn when this plan was 
proposed will remember with what enthusiasm it was received ; 
that the committee were justified in their expectations was 
shown by the fact that the pledges made on Alumnae Day in 
1900 amounted to $1,000. 

A committee was appointed at that time to make recommend- 
ations as to the management of the Fund. Mrs. Pearmain. 
who had been Secretary of the Endowment Fund, carried the 


work of the Fund through its initial year, sending out to all 
Alumnae a statement in regard to the Income Fund, a portion 
of which read as follows: 

"This plan for an income fund is proposed for the following 
reasons : 

First. While the enthusiasm and interest of all concerned 
has undoubtedly been equal to raising the promised endow- 
ment of $100,000, that sum has been provided by the gener- 
osity of a single individual, Mr. John D. Rockefeller. Ac- 
cordingly many of us feel that it would be a great satisfaction 
if we personally, in fulfillment of our first plan, could provide 
the College with the interest, if not the principal, of an addi- 
tional endowment of at least $100,000. 

Second. The income of the College is not yet sufficient to 
cover necessary expenses, and a sufficient Income Fund will 
meet the deficiency. 

Third. An Income Fund gives the opportunity, desired by 
so many, to make small contributions from time to time di- 
rectly to the College. These contributions eventually will 
prove a great source of strength to the College, not only in 
money value but in holding the personal, active interest of a 
large body of Alumnae, former friends and students. 

Fourth. A similar plan has for ten years proved a great 
success at Yale University. During the past year $12,400 
were raised, a part of which amount went to a permanent en- 
dowment and the remainder to the College authorities for cur- 
rent expenses. A feature of each Yale Commencement is the 
announcement by classes of the amount raised for this fund." 

In response to this circular many more pledges were re- 
ceived. In 1 90 1 an Income Fund committee was appointed 
according to the recommendations of the committee appointed 
in 1900. This is a standing committee of the Alumnae Asso- 
ciation and serves for a period of two years. Mrs. Pearmain 
was chosen chairman, and her committee succeeded in still 
further increasing the number of subscribers, by communicat- 
ing with every former student of the College not a graduate. 


By this time, every one who had been in any way connected 
with the College had had some communication in regard to 
the Income Fund. Since that time the Fund has been pre- 
sented to the outgoing Senior class either by the President of 
the Alumnae Association, or by Dean Pendleton, who repre- 
sents the Fund at the College. 

When the Fund was started the Helen A. Shafer Memorial 
Fund was not yet completed, and those who subscribed to the 
Income Fund might so indicate if they wished their subscrip- 
tion to be applied to the Helen A. Shafer Fund. So, until the 
completion of this Fund, amounts so subscribed have been 
turned over to it each year. Last year the final payment was 
made. Now all money received, except that needed for ex- 
penses, is turned over to the Trustees for the current expenses 
of the College. 

Yearly Statement. 


The total amount received in 1901 was $2,068 74 

Paid Shafer Memorial Fund 404 00 

Expenses 74 57 

Amount turned over to Trustees J^ l 7 


The total amount received in 1902 was $2,915 93 

Paid Shafer Memorial Fund 323 00 

Expenses 79 76 

Amount turned over to Trustees $2,513 17 


The total amount received in 1903 was $2,482 68 

Paid Shafer Memorial Fund 241 00 

Expenses 41 68 

Amount turned over to Trustees $2,200 00 

Last year on Alumnae Day were reported $2,052.25. By 
August 1st, the date on which our annual gift is made to the 
College, there had come in $2,144.02, and the report for 1904 
is as follows: 


Total amount received in 1904 was $2,142 92 

Paid Shafer Memorial Fund (final payment) 162 20 

Expenses 5° 93 

Amount turned over to Trustees $ T >9 2 3 79 

The report for 1905 to date is as follows : 
Received on 1905 pledges, overdue pledges and ad- 
vance payments $ x >9°o 9° 

Expenses as follows: 

Postage — 182 Third notices for 1904 3 85 

Postage — 1,265 First notices for 1905 26 80 

Postage — 429 Second notices for 1905 8 89 

Extra postage 55 

Printing 1,500 notices and 1,500 statements. ... 7 50 

Total $47 59 

Leaving balance available for our annual gift. . . . $1,919 31 

During the year four pledges amounting to $9 have been 
canceled by death; 26 pledges amounting to $71.50 have been 
withdrawn. This is more than balanced by the 88 pledges 
from the class of 1904, amounting to $109. It is extremely 
difficult to estimate just how many subscribers there are to the 
Fund, as names must be carried until notice of withdrawal is 
given. A rough estimate would be 1,450 subscribers, who 
have, at one time or another, pledged to the Fund. Many of 
these have been canceled by withdrawal or "failure to pay for 
some years. There are still 22 unpaid subscriptions for 1903 ; 
83 for 1904; 324 for 1905. During the year payments have 
been received from 874 subscribers, plus some few who have 
paid in advance. Some pledges also have matured this year, 
having been made for a certain period of years. 

The sum announced as our annual gift to the College each 
year may not seem very large, but it has averaged over $2,000, 
and that sum is equal to the interest at four per cent, on a 
fund of $50,000. 


The committee recommends, as usual, that the balance in 
the treasury on the first of August, after all expenses are 
paid, shall be turned over to the Trustees as the annual gift 
of the Income Fund to be applied toward the current expenses 
of the College. 

As the College fiscal year closes the first of August and as 
at that time our gift is turned over to the Trustees, our com- 
mittee recommends that the new Income Fund committee as- 
sume its duties at that date. 

Note. The amount turned over to the college Aug. i, 1905, was $2,039.31. 



Mary Warren Capen, '98, Chairman 

At the meeting of the Alumnae Association in '96 a commit- 
tee of five was appointed : ( 1 ) To keep themselves informed 
as to the aesthetic condition of the college buildings and 
grounds, and to make a record of such objects as would add to 
their beauty; (2) To inform on these subjects any friends of 
Wellesley — especially the Wellesley Clubs — that might have 
the ability and desire to aid in developing this side of college 
life, and wish to know how their money might best be placed 
to secure this end. 

These objects were kept in view by the committee, but as 
opportunities for a broader service were suggested the Asso- 
ciation was requested to change the name. 

In 1900 the name of Aesthetic Committee was changed to 
Historical Committee, and the committee was made perma- 
nent by the appointment of a new member each year to serve 
for five years. The duties of the committee were enlarged to 
include the making of a permanent collection of all printed 
matter relating to the Alumnae Association and to important 
events at the College, and the collecting of a file of Wellesley 
Magazines, class books and Alumnae Registers. 

As this collection of Wellesley memorabilia grew, it was 
arranged and catalogued by the committee and housed in a 
case set apart in the College library. 

In 1903 the recommendations under which the committee 
is at present working were adopted by the Association, 
namely : ( 1 ) That the Director of Music be instructed to file 
all College concert programs for the past year and hereafter, 


(2) That each Corresponding Secretary be urged to file all 
printed matter from her class, (3) That the Secretaries of the 
classes now in College be requested to furnish all class data 
at the close of the year, and (4) That the business managers 
of the College publications be invited to present a file of the 
year's publications. 

This year the committee issued an appeal requesting each 
alumna to bring or send to the College by Commencement, 
copies of her publications, whether books or contributions to 
papers or periodicals, however insignificant such publications 
might seem to the writer. 

A few books, magazine articles and clippings have been re- 
ceived, but they came from only ten alumnae. 

The committee recommends that each year the chairman be 
allowed to spend, for anything needed for the collection, a 
sum not exceeding an average of $5 per year. 

Alice Clement Truitt, '91, Chairman 

At a meeting of the Wellesley Alumnae Association in June, 
1897, a committee of five alumnae was appointed to investigate 
the means and to properly effect the transfer of the Chapel 
Fund to the Alumnae Association and to use the money so ob- 
tained in the purchase of an organ for the new Houghtbn 
Memorial Chapel. 

The aforesaid Chapel Fund had been accumulating for ap- 
proximately ten years and was in the trusteeship of Hon. Wil- 
liam Claflin, of Boston. A full account of the proper trans- 
fer of said fund to the control of the Alumnae Association is 
contained in the filed report to the Alumnae Association sub- 
mitted by the Organ Committee in June, 1898. The fund, as 
transferred to the Alumnae Association, was approximately 
$10,000. Acting under constant advice from five superior or- 
ganists and musicians, and with the entire approval of the 
Advisory Committee from the Board of Trustees, the Commit- 
tee awarded the building of the organ on June 16, 1898, to 
George S. Hutchings, of Boston. 

The contract for the building of an $8,000 electric-action or- 
gan was signed by Alpheus Hardy, of Boston, acting as pres- 
ent custodian of the fund and as official agent of the Organ 

The beautiful organ in the Houghton Memorial Chapel was 
builded during the following months. At the meeting of the 
Alumnae Association in June, 1898, the committee which had 
charge of the building of the organ was made a permanent 
committee in charge of the surplus (about $2,000) remaining 
from the Organ Fund. Miss Alice S. Clement was made 
chairman of this committee, on account of the withdrawal of 


Mrs. Page. In accordance with the committee's recommenda- 
tion, the Association voted to devote the income of the $2,000 
to the future care of the organ. 

Thanks to Mr. Claflin's exceptional original investments, 
that $2,000 yields annually $130. It is held intact in the Col- 
lege treasury and the disbursement of the income is made by 
the College cashier on bills approved by Mr. H. C. McDou- 
gall, now the College organist and the Director of the School 
of Music. The annual cost for keeping the organ in repair 
has far exceeded the $130 income of our $2,000 fund. The in- 
dispensable electric action is in itself a complex mechanism, 
expensive to keep in order. Unforeseen outlay has been occa- 
sioned by the swelling and contraction of the wooden parts 
caused by the dampness of the cellar under the organ. As 
the cement floor did not, as had been expected, obviate this 
difficulty, some newly adapted electric heaters are now being 
used to dry the cellar space. All expense in excess of the in- 
come from the Organ Fund has been met by the general treas- 
ury of the College, so that the principal remains intact. It is 
encouraging to' note that the sum expended yearly for main- 
tenance and repairs has diminished. 

I submit the following figures from Mr. Gould, the College 
cashier : 

Expenditures on the organ for repairing, tuning, etc., in the 
college year 1900-1901 approximately $200*; 1901-1902 ap- 
proximately $280; 1902-1903 approximately $150; 1903-1904 
approximately $150. 

Mr. McDougall, the organist, is enthusiastic in his praise of 
the organ's uncommon beauty of tone and its capacity for 
many varied effects. He especially commends also the elec- 
tric action and the movable console. 

* I would add that in 1900-1901 #325 was expended in addition to the $200 mentioned above 
for a new stop requested by some visiting organist, who came to give a recital. 


Emily Poole Baxter, '97, Chairman 

The College Settlements Association, realizing the impor- 
tance of the scientific sociological investigation which had 
been carried on by its Fellows, proposed in 1903 to establish 
a Fellowship Fund in co-operation with the alumnae of each 
one of the large colleges for women. At the annual meeting 
of that same year the Wellesley College Alumnae Association 
entered heartily into the plan of the College Settlements As- 
sociation and appointed a committee of three, with Miss 
Shultz, the Wellesley Alumnae Elector of the College Settle- 
ments Association, as Chairman, to raise money and to make 
the necessary arrangements for the Fellowship. The cost of 
the Fellowship was to be four hundred dollars per annum; of 
a Scholarship, three hundred; and this expense the College 
Settlements Association and the Wellesley Alumnae Associa- 
tion were to divide equally. 

Work was at once begun by the committee in charge. Cir- 
culars describing the Fellowship were mailed, through the 
kindness of the Alumnae Association, to all- Alumnae. Ap- 
peals were sent to every member of the Wellesley Chapter of 
the College Settlements Association asking for contributions, 
either for current expenses, annual subscriptions, or an En- 
dowment Fund. Personal notes were written to Wellesley 
Clubs and to friends, both of Wellesley and of the Settlement 
movement. Classes holding re-unions in June, 1904, received 
appeals for aid, the classes of '94, '98, 1902 and 1904 respond- 
ing with donations for current expenses; the Class of 1901 
contributing to the Endowment Fund, and 1903 offering an 
annual subscription. 


By a vote of the Wellesley College Settlements Association 
Chapter the officers were empowered to pay over to the Fel- 
lowship Fund any money in the Treasury which they thought 
could be spared after paying the running expenses of the 
Chapter. In accordance with this vote the Chapter has been 
able to aid the Fellowship materially. The surplus for 1904 
amounted to fifty-five dollars, and for this year to forty dol- 

By the summer of 1904 the Committee had secured the two 
hundred dollars necessary for the first year, though no pro- 
vision had been made for the future, and the Joint College 
Settlements and Wellesley Alumnae Association Fellowship 
was successfully launched with Miss Clara More, 1904, as the 
first Scholar. The present Wellesley Elector succeeded Miss 
Shultz as Chairman of the Fellowship Committee, the latter 
generously consenting to remain on the committee as Treas- 

The College Settlements Association, at its meeting in Oc- 
tober, 1904, voted to pay its half of the Fellowship, two hun- 
dred dollars, only to the first four who should present them- 
selves with their share already secured, not to every college 
raising the required other half. This meant prompt action if 
Wellesley did not wish to be left to secure, unaided, the en- 
tire four hundred dollars requisite for the full Fellowship. 
Letters were sent to several Wellesley Clubs, with the grati- 
fying result of not a single refusal. The Denver, Philadel- 
phia, and Pittsburg Clubs responded generously, the last- 
named with its splendid gift of one hundred dollars, enabling 
Wellesley to stake her claim and secure the coveted offer of 
the College Settlements Association for this coming year. The 
New York Club also endeavored to aid the Fund, and it is be- 
lieved that a gift from its treasury is to come before long. 

During the past year appeals have again been made to 
friends, and the sum accruing from these gifts, together with 
the donations already received from clubs, classes and the 
Wellesley Chapter amounts to six hundred and thirty-one dol- 
lars and sixty-six cents ($631.66). Deducting from this the 


one hundred and fifty dollars ($150), the half of the Scholar- 
ship paid to the College Settlements Association, there is left 
a balance on hand of five hundred and ninety-one dollars and 
sixty-six cents ($591.66). 

This is felt to be an excellent start, especially as there is 
hope that the Classes holding re-unions this June may swell 
the already goodly amount. Yet the future is precarious if 
the Fellowship is to depend upon desultory appeals to friends 
and the generous but usually depleted treasuries of Wellesley 
Clubs and Classes. It is the hope of the committee to secure 
the permanence of the Fellowship by an Endowment Fund. 

It is with much pleasure that the Fellowship Committee pre- 
sents so good a showing at the close of its second year's work. 
But, because a measure of financial success alone never arouses 
a deep interest in any cause, it seemed advisable to outline the 
actual relation between the College and the Settlement as em- 
bodied in the Scholarship principle. 

CLASS OF 1905 

When two addresses are given, it may be understood that the second is the permanent one. 

Abbott, Marie Louise, 214 Hicks St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Allen, Mary Bruce, 127 Langley Road, Newton Centre, Mass. 
Baker, Winifred Cornelia, Cor. Adams St. and Broadway, 
Somerville, Mass. ; Wellesley Hills, Mass. 
Ball, Edith Preble, 214 Windermere Ave., Wayne, Pa. 

Bartlett, Hazel, 834 N. East St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Beck, Forence Emery, Forest Park Univ., St. Louis, Mo. 

213 Forster St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Bishop, Mabel, 849 Myrtle Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 

Bostwick, Juliette Coryell, 307 Court St., Janesville, Wis. 

Bradford, Ruth Perkins, 22 Carson St., Dorchester, Mass. 
Breck, Mary Alice, 

Greensburg, Pa.; 1371 Capouse Ave., Scranton, Pa. 
Brenan, Mrs. Edward H. (Helen A. Sawyer) Littleton, Mass. 
Brooks, Rachel Bancroft, Amherst, Mass. 

Brown, Helen Lucretia, 2^ Elm St., Penacook, N. H. 

Brown, Isabel Carswell, 84 Pleasant St., Woburn, Mass. 

Bruce, Clara Harding, 30^ Shepard St., Cambridge, Mass. 

^2 Woodland St., Worcester, Mass. 
Brunquist, Hattie Louise, 8 Holden St., Attleboro, Mass. 

Buchanan, Alice Vint, 1023 So. 29th St., Omaha, Neb. 
Calhoun, Emma May, 23 West Willis Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Camp, Elizabeth Lewis, Seymour, Conn. 

Cantieny, Florence, 3327 Eliot Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Champney, Bessie Coe, 874 Case Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Chapman, Olive Lee, 102 1 9th Ave., East Oakland, Cal. 

Chase, Clara Seaman, 21 Fuller St., Brockton, Mass. 

Chipman, Ruth Linda, Hotel Hamilton, Brockton, Mass. 

Clause, Alice Elizabeth, 2J Thorn St., Sewickley, Pa. 

Cole, Elizabeth, 960 Bryden Road, Columbus, Ohio. 

Collier, Maude Winifred, Kinderhook, N. Y. 

Condit, Abbie Harrison, 34 Lincoln St., East Orange, N. J. 
Conway, Marion, Lansdowne', Pa. 

Cook, Helen Dodd, 100 Park St., Montclair, N. T- 

Couillard, Ada Sturges, 330 W. 85th St., New York, N. Y. 
Cowan, Lena Laight, 134 Highland Ave., Waterbury, Conn. 
Crane, Henrietta Mead, 38 Church St., Montclair, N. J. 


Crosby, Ruth Susan, 590 High St., West Medford, Mass. 

Currey, Rachel, 1308 Judson Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Curtiss, Lucy Sackett, Warren, Conn. 

Daniels, Helen Louise, Douglas Road, Glen Ridge, N. J. 

Darling, Blanche Mildred, 

Nahant, Mass.; West Hartford, Conn. 
DeBow, Emma Greenwood, 989 N. 5th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Dewey, Olive Cornelia, Toulon, 111. 

Marshall, Mich. 

51 High St., Geneva, N. Y. 

j6 Berkeley Ave., Orange, N. J. 

North Bend, Neb. 

Bridgewater, Mass. 

1509 Gilpin Ave., Wilmington, Del. 

842 Clinton Ave., S. Rochester, N. Y. 

Dibble, Josephine, 
Dilman, Clara Ada, 
Dowd, Maria Louise, 
Eaton, Gertrude Francena, 
Eaton, Jane Sprague 
Eckman, Jeannette, 
Eisenberg, Louise, 

Ellison, Ida Leek, 1038 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Emerson, Mabel Elizabeth, 109 S. Broadway, Lawrence, Mass. 
Farmer, Helena Elizabeth Damai, 

267 Orange Road, Montclair, N. J. 
116 Orchard St., Newark, N. J. 
154 Pleasant St., Attleboro, Mass. 
154 Pleasant St., Attleboro. Mass. 
29 Summit Road, Medford, Mass. 
Erving, Mass. 
Caldwell, N. J. 
Wellesley Hills, Mass. 
Central Park W., New York, N. Y. 
22 W. 47th St., New York, N. Y. 
302 High St., Marshall, Mich. 
Gardner, Charlotte Yale, 81 Edgewood PL, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Gerhard, Charlotte, 1824 Longfellow Blvd,, St. Louis, Mo. 
Gibbs, Esther Preston, - Norwalk, Ohio. 

Gillespie, Mary Hanna, 5226 Westminster PL Pittsburg, Pa. 
Gilpin, Caroline Emma, Newfoundland, Pa. 

Glancy, Anna Estelle, 53 Cushing St., Waltham, Mass. 

Goodman, Myrtle Stewart, Union Block, Walla Walla, Wash. 
Green, Clara Belle, 605 Christian St., Shreveport, La. 

Greene, Louise Phillips, Akron, Ohio. 

222 Oneida St., Utica, N. Y. 
Greene, Ruth, Waterford, 

Grover, Bessie Charlotte, 71 Bay St., Glens Falls, 
Gnrlitz, Amy Landon, Jr., 109 Clark St., Brooklyn, 
Hall, Jessie Dalziel, 820 Princess St., Wilmington, 

Felmly, Amy, 
Fisher, Gertrude Horton, 
Fisher, Grace Ellen, 
Folger, Ethel Howland, 
Foss, Harriet Angeline, 
Francisco, Ruth Edna, 
French, Luna Knight, 
Fulton, Elizabeth, 15 
Gage, Nina Diadamia, 
Gallup, Mary Berenice, 

Halsey, Bessie Cadmus, 

North Paterson, N. J. 


2 9 

Hamblen, Anna Wellington, 

33 Magazine St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Hamilton, Corinne Florence, 532 Morris Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. 
Hardison, Matie Louise, Abbott Road, Wellesley Hills, Mass. 
Hardman, Elisabeth, 47 Montana St., North Adams, Mass 
Haulenbeek, Ruth, Walton, N. Y. 

Hewitt, Evelyn Eunice, 7° Crown St., Meriden, Conn. 

Hibbard, Laura Alandis, 271 Oakwood Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Higman, Bertha, St. Joseph, Mich. ; Benton Harbor, Mich. 
Hillery, Cora Maud, 207 Sigourney St., Hartford, Conn. 

Hogan, Cora Jefferson, 4569 Pine St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Holden, Elizabeth Sumner, 222 Cumberland St., Portland, Me. 
Hollick, Eleanor Adeline, New Brighton, N. Y. 

Holmes, Edna Darling, 162 Clifton Ave., Campello, Mass. 

Honeyman, Maud Louise, 54 Grove St., Plainfield, N. J. 

Houghton, Cecile Florence, Sharon, Conn. 

19 Oak Ave., Worcester, Mass. 
Hubbs, Nellie Adele, 364 Jefferson Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Humphrey, Flora Loomis, 

265 W. Main St., New Britain, Conn. 
Flumphrey, Grace Caroline, 725 S. 7th St., Springfield, 111. 
Hunter, Bonnie Marie, 5125 Jefferson Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Hutchinson, Ida, 1207 Mulberry St., Muscatine, Iowa. 

Jacobs, May Louise, 253 Collins St., Hartford, Conn. 

Jefferis, Helen La Dora, 226 Windermere Ave., Wayne, Pa. 
Johnson, Grace Alice, 156 W. Canton St., Boston, Mass. 

Johnston, Helen Marie, Brokeley Inst., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

91 So. Fitzhugh St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Judkins, Frances Matsell, Cragin Post Office, Chicago, 111. 
Kast, Bessie Edna, Pottsdam, Pa. 

1 33 1 Susquehanna St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Kellogg, Elizabeth, 64 Court St., Plattsburg, N. Y. 

Kelly, Mary Elizabeth, Saltsburg, Pa. 

Kingsbury, Edith Maud, 589 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

Knight, Sally Gertrude, 573 W. Ferry St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Knowlton, Edith Jennings, Haddon Heights, N. J. 

Knowlton, Jessie Louise, West Acton, Mass. 

Knox, Antoinette, Conklin, N. Y. 

Knox, Carrie Luella, Vinton, Iowa. 

Knox, Grace Darling, 14 Chestnut St., Auburn, N. Y. 

Lape, Esther Everett, 6715 Lansdowne Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Leonard, Elizabeth Eleanora, 5346 Drexel Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Lewis, Gertrude, Castine, Me. 

Little, Eva Fay, 515 S. 10th St., Burlington, Iowa. 


Lodwick, Eugenie Keating, Florissant Road, Ferguson, Mo. 
Loos, Louise Mayers, 455 Arcade Flats, Dayton, Ohio. 

Lovejoy, Mary Emerson, 64 Broad St., Lynn, Mass. 

McCague, Eliza Jane, 409 Morewood Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

McCague, Mary Katharine, 409 Morewood Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 
McCormick, Florence Hall, 155 10th St., Dallas, Tex. 

McCoy, Margaret Evangeline, 

317 Mulberry Hill, Lancaster, Ohio. 
McCurdy, Lena Jane, 922 Riverside, Evansville, Ind. 

Mclntyre, Jeannie Louise, Hillside St., Milton, Mass. 

Mackie, Mary Maria, 47 Lansing St., Utica, N. Y. 

Mainhardt, Florence, 131 2 Cherry St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Manchester, Ellen Russell, 13 Newport Ave., Newport, R. I. 
Marston, Elizabeth LeBreton, 12 10 Ash St., San Diego, Cal. 
Martin, Florence Agnes, 268 Highland Ave., Fall River, Mass. 
Maxwell, Janet, 372 Castle St., Geneva, N. Y. 

Miller, Emma Harper, Grace Church Parish, New York City. 

309 E. 7th St., Plainfield, N. J. 
Milliken, Marie Hammond, 

305 Wimbiddle Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Moody, Lallie Joe, R. F. D. No. 1, Paris, Texas. 

Morrow, Marie Janet, 17 W. 84th St., New York, N. Y. 

Morse, Ethel Almira, 9 Whittemore St., West Roxbury, Mass. 
Muzzy, Adrienne Florence, 47 Prospect Place, Bristol, Conn. 
Neal, Mary Hester, 45 N. 5th St., Newark, Ohio. 

Nelson, Carolyn Peyton, Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass. 

Warrenton, Va. 
Nevin, Olive Adair, 618 Aiken Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Noble, Katharine Northrop, 173 Main St., Easthampton, Mass. 
Norton, Helen Rich, 314 Marlborough St., Boston, Mass. 

411 Main St., Burlington, Vt. 
Orvis, Edna May, Equinox House, Manchester, Vt. 

Pflaum, Rachel Witter, 441 Maple Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Philipps, Mary Oolaita (Mrs. S. C. Wheeler) 
Pillsbury, Helen Cutler, 73 Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Pinkham, Anna Woodbury, 

79 Winthrop Ave., Wollaston, Mass. 
Pinkham, Isabella Sampson, 64 Nahant St., Lynn, Mass. 

Potter, Helen Frances, 834 N. East St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Poynter, Juliet Jameson, Shelbyville, Ky. 

Reed, Ethel Foster, 69 Elm St., Mechanic Falls, Me. 

Reed, Sara Allen, Whittier Hall, 1230 Amsterdam Ave., New 

York ; Clinton, N. Y. 
Reynolds, Roby Jessie, 217 Seymour St., Syracuse, N. Y. 


Richardson, Mary Cleaves, Middletown, Conn.; Castinc, Me. 
Ricker, Ethel Adele, 19 Boyd St., Newton, Mass. 

Risley, Florence, Harcourt PI. Sch., Gambier, Ohio. 

6 Lakeview Road, Winchester, Mass. 
Robertson, Helen Louise, Ridley Park Pa. 

Rochemont, Ruth de Portsmouth, X. 11. 

Rockwell, Julia Charlton, East Windsor Hill, Conn. 

Rollins, Harriet, Great Harrington, Mass.; Ellsworth. 
Rothermei, Edith, 438 N. Kenilworth Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Ryan, Bertha Edetha, 218 Wyoming St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Sawyer, Helen Angelia (Mrs. Edwd. H. Brenan) 
Scanlin, Marguerite Kitchenman, 

1024 W. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Seagrave, Mabel, Toledo, Ohio. 

1818 Jefferson St., Seattle, Wash. 
Seward, Marie Louise, Marengo, 111. 

Sillcox, Georgina Washington, Middletown, Conn. 

Jay St., New Brighton, N. Y. 
Small, Frances Clyde, Addison, Me. 

Smith, Agnes Hussey, Harvard, Mass. 

8 Mellen St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Smith, Olive Branum Woodward, 203 2d St., Jeannette, Pa. 
Spence, Rose Ethel, Rockland, Mas^ 

Squier, Cora Belle, Petersham, Mass. 

243 Lincoln St., Worcester, Mass. 
Stansfield, Marian, 11 16 Park Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 

Steane, Jessie Sybella, 29 Collins St., Hartford, Conn. 

Stearns, Alice Alberta, Center Lovell, Me. 

Stoddard, Abbie Otis, Middletown, Conn. 

120 High St., Belfast, Me. 
Stone, Isabelle, Needham, Mass. 

Strachan, Mary Agnes Curr, 

404 N. Weber St., Colorado Springs, Col. 
Strohm, Edna Pearl, 702 S. Richard St., Joliet. 111. 

Sullivan, Ethel Van Zandt, Montclair, X. J, 

Summy, Edna, 1935 Oakdale Ave., Chicago, Til. 

Sykes, Maia Robinson, 26 Cherry St., North Adams. Mass. 
Sylvester, Louise Emma 306 Webster Ave., Scranton, Pa. 

Thomas, Helen, 40 Mather St.. New Dorchester, Mass, 

Thomas, Laura Parsons, O. S. V. Grounds, Columbus, I )hio. 
Thrall, Miriam Hunt, 71 Dwight St.. New Haven. Conn. 

Townsend, Mary Evelyn, 

432 Westminster Ave.. Elizabeth, X. 1 
Trovillo, Bessie, Abingdon. Ill, 


Tucker, Bessie Holmes, Wellesley, Mass. 

Tufts, Hilda Alford, Wolfville, N. S. 

Turner, Vera, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Colfax, Iowa. 

Tyler, Alma Gertrude, Exeter, N. H. 

Venn, Marguerite Florence, 911 Edison Ave., Indianapolis, InH. 
Walcott, Ruth Alice, 260 Main St., Hudson, Mass. 

Waldo, Bertha, 1834 5th Ave., Troy, N. Y. 

Watson, Helen, East Braintree, Mass. 

Waxham, Ethel Phoebe, 1901 Colfax Ave., Denver, Col. 

Welch, Laura Adella, 5108 Hibbard Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Wells, Emily Potter, Kingston, R. I. 

Wells, Gladys, Melbourne, Fla. 

Wenner, Blanche Howard, Ogden, Utah. 

Wentz, Zella, Aurora, Neb. 

Wheeler, Mrs. Samuel C. (Mary O. Phillips) 

207 Lorraine Ave., Upper Montclair, N. J. 
Williams, Gertrude Edith, 4 Orne St., Worcester, Mass. 

Wilson, Kate Georgia, 197 Ewing Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Wolfson, Flora Janet, 3032 Flora Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Wood, Agnes Rollit, Milbank, S. D. 

Woodward, Sarah Jones, Whittier Hall, 1230 Amsterdam Ave., 

New York; 172 N. Main St., Concord, N. H. 
Young, Anna Martha, 37 Crescent Ave., Newton Centre, Mass. 
Zimmerman, Juliet Pauline, Farmington, N. H. 

1 105 Acushnet Ave., New Bedford, Mass. 


When two addresses are given, it may he understood that the second is the Permanent one. 
The star (*) indicates the death of the alumna before whose name it is placed. 

Abbott, Ruth Beatrice, '04, 

1447 Detroit St., Denver, Colo.; Ouray, Colo. 
Adams, Mrs. William A. (Blanche S. Griffin) 

365 E. Chicago Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Almy, Maud Emerson, '98 East Greenwich, R. I. 

Armstrong, Mrs. James E. (Lydia C. Auten) 

Government Indian School, Phoenix, Arizona. 
"Bagnall, Mrs. Francis A. (Mary F. Taft) Died 1905. 
Ball, Katharine Frances, '00, 97 Rock View, Plainfield, N. J. 
Bankson, Mrs. John P. (Frances L. Woodford) 

Ardmore, Pa. 
Bean, Mrs. William H. (Mary E. Stinson) 

44 Runnemede Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. 
Bennett, Mrs. Fred F. (Alice E. Whiting) 

252 Oak St., Holyoke, Mass. 
Bradbury, Marion Elizabeth, '93 Alleghany, Prep. School, 
Alleghany, Penn. ; 296 Main St., Melrose, Mass. 
Brooks, Emma Christy, '95 (Mrs. J. A. Capps) 
Brooks, Frances Eleanor, '98 (Mrs. Walter V. Gulick) 
Brougham, Mrs. (Nettie I. Hill) 

21 E. 9th St., New York, N. Y. 

Brown, Sara Mary, '02 (Mrs. H. A. Gilbert) 

Bruce, Lillian Hortensia, '03, Y. W. C. A., 204 Oglethorpe 

Ave., W., Savannah, Ga. ; J2 Woodland St., Worcester, 


Buerger, Mrs. Franz G. E. (Mary E. Bowles) El Fuerte, 

Sinaloa, Mex. ; 41 16 Main St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Cannon, Mary Galpin, '95, 26 Fayette St., Cambridge, Mass.; 

69 Stanley St., New Haven, Conn. 
Capps, Mrs. Joseph A. (E. Christy Brooks) 

21 16 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Carter, Gertrude, '96 (Mrs. Alfred A. Gilman) 
Castle, Mrs. Mabel Wing (Mabel R. Wing) 

Box 657, Honolulu, I. H. 


Chapin, Grace Maude, '98, Northfield Sem., East Northfield, 

Mass.; Saxton's River, Vt. 
Chapman, Alice Darling, '04 

233 Washington Ave., Elyria, O. 
Chapman, Mrs. Robert, Jr. (Clarissa S. Hastings) 

11 Rosemere St., Newtonville, Mass. 
Cheever, Annie Mabel, '97 High School, Quincy, Mass.; 

4 Park St., North Attleboro, Mass. 
Child, Susan Wade, '90; M. A., '97 

262 Newbury St., Boston, Mass. 
*Clarke, Harriet Belle, '96. Died 1903. 
Clarke, Mary Franklin, '99 107 Chestnut St., Gardiner, Mass. 

73 Main St., Webster, Mass. 
*Clay, Blanche Louise, '92. Died 1904. 
Coleman, Mrs. Edson N. (Emily M. Robinson) 

15 17 Perry St., Davenport, Iowa. 
Conkling, Ermina, '85 (Mrs. Henry N. Lee) 
Conover, Elizabeth Dickson, '03 

1629 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Cook, Grace Louise, '99. 417 W. 118th St., New York, N. Y. ; 

Wellesley, Mass. 
Cook, Mrs. James N. (Bertha M. Stevens) 

32 Riverside Ave., Concord Junction, Mass. 
Cook, Louise, B. S., '94 585 Hancock St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Count, Clara Beardsley, '93 Lake Forest, 111. 

Cushing, Marv Gertrude, B. S., '92 ; M. A., '95 

Mt. Holyoke College, So. Hadley, Mass.; Care C. B. 
Cushing, 85 Cedar St., New York, N. Y. 
Cushman, Marion Bartlett, '01 (Mrs. C. E. Garvin) 
Damon, Helen Gertrude, '98 (Mrs. Harry T. Smith) 
Davidson, Mary Emily, '04 

45 1 1 Chester Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Davies, Mrs. Owen J. (Caroline S. Crocker) 

49 Astor St., Chicago, 111. 
Davis, Mrs. Olin S. (Bessie Scribner) Laconia, N. H. 

Day, Lydia Ward, 'oi (Mrs. F. H. Stevens) 
De Bolt, Mrs. George (Mary W. Moderwell) 

Fairmont, W. Va. 
Dixon, Ethel Mendenhall, '03 Town and Country Club, 

12 E. 22d St., New York, N. Y. ; Lakeville, Conn. 
Douglass, Mrs. Willard R. (Floyd Smith) 

3087 Wyandotte St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Drew, Caroline Brooks, B. S. '89 902 Adams St., 

Springfield, Mass.; 58 Silver St., Dover, N. H. 

35 1818650 

Dwyer, Elsie Marion, '84 

78 Plymouth St., Montclair, N. J.; Grafton, Mass. 
Emerson, Mary Alice, '92 Normal Hall, 

Bridgewater, Mass. ; 524 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 
Everall, Mrs. George L. (Amy M. Ford) Clinton, Iowa. 
Favour, Florence, '99 (Mrs. F. H. Packard) 
Ferguson, Mrs. Robert H. (Carrie J. Newell) 

122 Melville Ave., Boston, Mass. 
Ferrero, Mrs. Felice (Frances C. Lance) 
Friednan, Freyestrasse 55 I Berlin, Germany. 

Finlay, Mary, '98 (Mrs. Paul M. Pilcher) 
Fleming, Maude Ray, '02 (Mrs. Edward R Guade) 
Ford, Amy Mable, '02 (Mrs. Geo. L. Everall) 
Fraser, Georgine Zetelle, B. S., '90 

1 541 Clarkson St., Denver, Colo. 
Frye, Mrs. F. W. (Helen Grover) 

15 Maple St., Arlington, Mass. 
Fyock, Alice May, '97 25 Whalley Ave., New Haven, Ct. 
Garvin, Mrs. Charles E. (Marian B. Cushman) 

72 Jason St., Arlington, Mass. 
Gere, Louisa Brewster, '89 

1 161 Amsterdam Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Gilbert, Mrs. Harold A. (Sara Mary Brown) Corry, Pa. 
Gilson, Mrs. Claude U. (Sara S. Emery) 

West 103d St., New York, N. Y. 
Goddard, Marie Anthony, '03 High School, 

Hyde Park, Mass.; Wellesley Hills, Mass. 
Grover, Helen Louise, '02 (Mrs. Franklin W. Frye) 
Gulick, Mrs. Walter V. (Frances E. Brooks) 

Rochester, Minn. 

Hardee, Elisabeth Bailey, B. S., '94 Park Gate, 12 Hemen- 

way St., Boston, Mass.; 214 Gwinnett St. E., Savannah, 


Hardy, Henrietta Eliza, '90 26 High St., Springfield, Mass. ; 

29 Bartlett Ave., Arlington, Mass. 
Hartman, Mrs. Edwin M. (Helen R. Stahr) 

437 W. James St., Lancaster, Pa. 
Harvey, Mrs. George B. (Evangeline Lukens) 

Chester, Pa. 
Hastings, Florence Emily, '97 

Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass. 
Heslip, Mrs. John (Angie Wood) 

Hewett, Mary Seaver, '99 65 North Fullerton Ave., 

Montclair, N. J. ; Bridgewater, Mass. 


Hewitt, Julia Ann Wood, '03 Wellesley College, 

Wellesley, Mass.; R. F. D. 1, Norwich, Conn. 

Higgins, Mrs. Henry J. (Willa L. Haskell) 

El Palacio, Mere, Llanes, Asturias, Spain. 
Hill, Nettie Isabel, '99 (Mrs. Brougham) 
Hinton, Mrs. Charles O. (Annie B. McClure) Paris, Ky. 
Hobart, Mrs. Edward (Mabel H. Kimball) 

Box 52, East Bridgewater, Mass. 
Holland, Dorothy Stebbins, '99 

269 East Market St., York, Penn. 
Hough, Mrs. Clarence A. (Virginia Dodge) 

127 S. East Ave., Oak Park, 111. 

Howland, Edith Archer, '97 27 Pleasant St., Springfield, 

Mass. ; 1642 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 

Hume, Elizabeth Norris, '00, B. D., Hartford Theological 

Seminary, '03 (Mrs. Byron Hunsberger) 

Hutsinpiller, Florence Windsor, '04 175 Maple St., 

Springfield, Mass.; 45 N. 5th St., Ironton, Ohio. 

Hyatt, Bertha Evelyn, '96; B. L. S., Univ. State of N. Y., '01 

358 Madison Ave., Albany, N. Y. 
Johnson, Mrs. George E. (Alice E. Williams) 

223 Park View Ave., Lowell, Mass. 
Kerr, Annie Cowper, '96 (Mrs. C. O. Ransom) 
Kimball, Mabel Howard, '01 (Mrs. Edward Hobart) 
Kramer, Estella Cinq Mars, '04 The Perrenond, Denver, Colo. 
Landis, May Virginia, '03 St. Helen's Hall, 

Portland, Oregon; 1030 22nd St., San Diego, Cal. 

Lauderburn, Mary Delia, B. S., '90 (Mrs. W. C. Rhodes) 
Learoyd, Mabel Woodbury, '94 

E. Northfield, Mass. ; 122 Pine St., Danvers, Mass. 
Linn, Mrs. Allen Booth (Grace G. Rickey) 

1307 Michigan Ave., South Bend, Ind. 
Lorenzen, Clara Henrietta, '02 517 4th Ave., Clinton, Iowa. 
Lukens, Gertrude, '04 (Mrs. George B. Harvey) 
McClary, Maude E., '99 Whittier Hall, 1230 Amsterdam 
Ave., New York, N. Y. ; 1 Terrall St., Malone, N. Y. 
McClure, Annie Bruce, '04 (Mrs. C. O. Hinton) 
McCready, Mrs. Edward W. (Caroline Pitkin) 

428 Kenilworth Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
MaeDonald, Eleanor Worthington, '04 

395 Columbia St., Portland, Oregon; Chillicothe, O. 
Mclntire, Marcia Currier, '02 (Mrs. Harry O. Osgood) 
Margesson, Helen Pearson, '96 

100 Melville Ave., Dorchester Centre, Mass. 


Mason, Elizabeth Browning, '90 Herncion, Iowa. 

Middlebrook, Mrs. George H. (Charlotte E. Miller) 

N. E. Cor. 2d Ave. and 85th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Miller, Mrs. Wm. D. (Celena M. Whitney) 

Ashburnham, Mass. 
Mortimer, Mrs. Edmund (Mignonette Smith) 

Charleston, S. C. ; Doungan Hills, S. L, N. Y. 
Newkirk, Eliza J., 'oo 

Mt. Holyoke College, S. Hadley, Mass. ; Wyncote, Pa. 
Nickerson, Marjorie Louise, '03 

Catherine Aiken School, Stamford, Conn. ; Milton, Mass. 
Noble, Sarah Gibson, '02 Miss Marshall's School, 

Oak Lane, Pa. ; 55 Fullerton Ave., S., Montclair, N. J. 
Norton, Mrs. Fred L. (Mary R. Russell) 

147 Winchester Ave., Brookline, Mass. 
O'Leary, Mrs. T. S. (Clara M. Oldham) 

Norfolk Navy Yard, Norfolk, Va. 
Oliphant, Mary Ripley, '00 1212 E. 14th St., Denver, Colo. 
Osgood, Mrs. Harry O. (Marcia C. Mclntire) 

33 Washington St., Peabody, Mass. 
Packard, Mrs. Frederick H. (Florence Favour) 

Trapelo Road, Waverly, Mass. 
Pilcher, Mrs. Paul M. (Mary Finlay) 

376 Grand Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Pitkin, Caroline Estelle, '02 (Mrs. E. W. McCready) 
Potter, Marion Elizabeth, '04, Wells School, 

Aurora-on-Cayuga, N. Y.; 185 S. nth St., Newark, N.J. 
Prichard, Eva Zitella, '98, 

High School, Springfield, Mass; Reading, Mass. 
Randall, Pearl Belle, '01 (Mrs. Watson L. Wasson) 
Ransom, Mrs. Chauncy O. (Annie C. Kerr) 

243 Hamilton Ave., Paterson, N. J. 
Remick, Mrs. Jesse C. (Ednah F. Whidden) 

Wallisville, Texas. 
Rhodes, Mrs. Winfred C. (Mary D. Lauderburn) 

6 Humboldt Ave., Boston, Mass. 
Rice, Harriet Allyne, '87 75 Spring St., Newport, R. I. 

Rickey, Grace Gertrude, '93 (Mrs. Allen B. Linn) 
Rollins, Hannah Evans, '97 National Park Seminary, 

Forest Glen, Md. ; Box 105, Dover, N. H. 
Russell, Cora Jeannette, '98 St. Timothy's School, 

Catonsville, Md. ; 50 Pleasant St., Concord, N. H. 
Sage, Pauline, '01 

Wellesley College; Mt. Auburn, Cincinnati, O. 


Schopperle, Gertrude Clara, '03 Radcliffe College, 

Cambridge, Mass; 63 Grove Ave., Oil City, Pa. 
Scribner, Bessie Blanche, '91 (Mrs. O. S. Davis) 
Sites, Elsie Maude, '99 12 Kent St., Brookline, Mass.; 

84 Trumbull St., New Haven, Conn. 
Smith, Floyd, '97 (Mrs. Willard R. Douglass) 
Smith, Mrs. Harry T. (Helen Damon) 

275 Broadway, Arlington, Mass. 
Snyder, Anna Elizab th, Care American Express Co., 11 Rue 
Scribe, Paris, France; 725 3d Ave., Cedar Rapids, la. 
Stahr, Helen Russell, '94 (Mrs. Edwin M. Hartman) 
Stern, Elsie Langdon, '99; M. A. '02 

Care American Express Co., 11 Rue Scribe, Paris, 
France; 157 Franklin St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Stevens, Bertha May, '02 (Mrs. James N. Cook) 
Stevens, Mrs. Francis H. (Lydia Day) Wellesley, Mass. 
Stevens, Margaret Osborn, '04 

Chapman School, Westbrook, Conn. ; Clinton, Conn. 

Stone, Mrs. Mason S. (Alma G. Wright) Castleton, Vt. 

*Taft, Mary Field, '90 (Mrs. Francis A. Bagnall) Died 1905 

*Thorn, Sophia Lord, B. S., '92 Died 1905 

Thrall, Harriet Mulford, '03 

71 Dwight St., New Haven, Conn. 
Todd, Alice Love joy, '95 

High School, Quincy, Mass. ; Calais, Me. 
Todd, Bertha May, '03 (Mrs. Osborne Wilson) 
Torrence, Anne Rebecca, '03 State Normal Schools 

New Paltz, N. Y. ; 522 Branson St., Marion, Ind." 
Torrey, Elizabeth Crosby, '03 Lakehurst, N. J. 

Towne, Mrs. William R. (Alice C. Jones) 

616 Terry Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
Van Winkle, Mrs. Charles T. (Elva H. Young) 

Silverton, Colo. 
Wasson, Mrs. Watson L. (Pearl Randall) Waterbury, Vt. 
Weed, Sarah Chamberlin, '95 

Park Gate, 12 Hemenway St., Boston, Mass. 
Wells, Mabel, '96 239 W. Biddle St., Baltimore, Md. 

Whidden, Ednah F., '03 (Mrs. Jessie Remick) 
Whipple, Laura Lydia, B. S., '93 

600 Olive St., Kansas City, Mo. 
White, Rebecca Merritt, '00 3305 Baring St., 

W. Philadelphia, Pa.; 1553 Beacon St., Brookline, Mass. 
Whiting, Alice Elizabeth, '00 (Mrs. Fred F. Bennett) 
Whitney, Celena Mower, '97 (Mrs. William D. Miller) 


Williamson, Caroline Lucretia, '89; M. A., '94 (Mrs. F. H. 


(Wilson, Mrs. Osborne (Bertha May Todd) Seattle, Mich. 
[Wood, Angie Fletcher, '96 (Mrs. John Heslip) 
Woodbury, Mabel Blanche, '92; M. A., '04 

Union High School, Redlands, Cal. ; Holliston, Mass. 
Young, Elva Hulburd, '96 (Mrs. Charles T. Van Winkle) 



Additions and Corrections ...... 33-39 

Alumnae Trustees ........ 2 

Method of Choosing ...... 6-8 

Class List of 1905 . . . . . . . . 27-32 

Condensed Report of the Twenty-fifth Annual Meeting 10-13 
Constitution ........ 

Corresponding Secretaries . . . 

Officers of Alumnae Association ..... 

Report of Income Fund Committee . . . 

Report of the Historical Committee 

Report of the Organ Committee . . 

Report of the College Settlements Association Fellowship 

Committee , . . . . . . . 24-26 

Treasurer's Report . . . , . . . 14 

Wellesley Clubs 9 





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